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Darpa IXO. Most comprehensive video explaining high tech NWO tyranny

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Author Topic: Darpa IXO. Most comprehensive video explaining high tech NWO tyranny  (Read 591 times)
birther truther tenther
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« on: December 07, 2010, 08:47:13 pm »

DARPA Control Grid
DARPA’s iXo Artificial Intelligence Control Grid: ‘The Official Version’

This was constructed almost entirely using government / military quotes, animations, videos, images and photos. The narrative is sourced  ... all » from government quotes from start to finish. It is the “official version”, if you will, but in an unprecedented format.

It unveils the governments numerous and ongoing programs related to A.I., “NBIC”, the “Global Information Grid”, nanotechnology, biotechnology, autonomous drones, “naval sea-bases”, space weapons, weather modification… or more directly: domestic and global totalitarian technological domination. American Imperialism meets Artificial Intelligence.

The only debate is: what are we going to do to stop it? Time’s running out…

It mostly centers around DARPA materials, as they’re the fountainhead of all of this, but this is all a broad multi-agency effort. Some of the video content, the “OS” of the video, was screen captured from the DARPA sites old iXo interactive flash presentation, from almost a yearago, but is now no longer available.

Video by Ignorance Isn't Bliss
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birther truther tenther
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« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2010, 08:47:50 pm »

Sources in Darpa IXO

This is the resources page that has all of the narrative quotes, and all the rest that I simply couldn't fit in the video. It will function as the "official" discussion / debate page (like there is any debate?) that will be permanently linked underneath it in my profile or wherever.

"We can no longer avoid the need to be prepared to fight in cities."

"The globalization of the world economy will also continue, with a widening between "haves" and "have-nots.""

"Although unlikely to be challenged by a global peer competitor, the United States will continue to be challenged regionally."

"Failed states have cultures and world views that are vastly different from those of the United States."

"Given the global population trends and the likely strategies and tactics of future threats Army forces will likely conduct operations in, around, and over urban areas – not as a matter of fate, but as a deliberate choice linked to national security objectives and strategy"

[The Government is aimed at] "conflicts in high density urban areas against enemies having social and cultural traditions that may be counter-intuitive to us, and whose actions often appear to be irrational because we don't understand their context."

"The objective of the Urban Reasoning and Geospatial Exploitation Technology (URGENT) program is to develop a 3D urban object recognition and exploitation system"

"Capabilities that, for example, allow us to establish surveillance that provides robust, dynamic situational awareness on all the scales of the city."

"Compared to our current airborne capabilities, the new sensor and surveillance systems required must provide far more detailed and fundamentally different information and coverage."

"In addition, we need a network of nonintrusive microsensors, creating the ability to map an entire city, and the activities within it, in all three dimensions and (all the) time."

"The goal is to extend our awareness to the level of a city block so our forces have unprecedented awareness as the fighting begins, a level of awareness that enables them to shape and control the conflict as it unfolds."

"Because of the shrunken time scale of urban operations, these dynamic capabilities must operate in near-real-time."

"Combat Zones That See (CTS) is a project of DARPA to track everything that moves ",shachtman,45399,1.html

"CTS will produce video understanding A.I. embedded in surveillance systems for automatically monitoring video feeds"

"CTS (develops A.I.) for utilizing large numbers (1000s) of cameras to provide the close-in sensing demanded for military operations in urban terrain."

"Global Engagement combines global surveillance with the potential for a space-based global precision strike capability."

"Biomedical status monitoring is the medical equivalent of the Global Positioning System (GPS)."

"The large investments already present in nano-, info- and biotechnology should be coordinated and coupled with efforts in cognition. DARPA, NASA, NIH, and NSF already have major programs that seek to integrate nano-, bio- and info- research."

"The goal of the human performance augmentation effort is to increase the speed, strength, and endurance of soldiers in combat environments."

"The DARPA Augmented Cognition program promises to develop technologies capable of extending the information management capacity of warfighters."

"The goal of this program is to discover new pharmacologic and training approaches that will lead to an extension in the individual warfighter's cognitive performance capability by at least 96 hours and potentially for more than 168 hours without sleep."

"The intent is to take brain signals (nanotechnology for augmented sensitivity and nonintrusive signal detection) and use them in a control strategy (information technology), and then impart back into the brain the sensation of feedback signals (biotechnology)."

"The future requires a symbiosis of human and machine in a way that synergistically exploits the strengths of each. "

"Two of the critical issues for exoskeletons are power for actuation and biomechanical control integration."

"DARPA has a brain-machine interface program about to start. This program seeks human ability to control complex entities by sending control actions without the delay for muscle activation."

"From local groups of linked enhanced individuals to a global collective intelligence"

"We are not alone. We are interconnected as are our cognitive systems."

"Prolific unattended sensors and uninhabited, automated surveillance vehicles under personal warfighter control will be providing high data streams on local situations."

"We believe that, in the future, artificial cognitive systems will continually monitor, record, and assess a warfighter and his activities."

"Embedded, real-time "cognitive" processing for both the warfighter and associated automated systems will be critical to success"

"The J-UCAS vision is that a collection of unmanned, weaponized, high performance aircraft, equipped with the latest contemporary autonomous capabilities"

"The enemy will be at risk from relatively small, relatively inexpensive, unmanned platforms that bring the fight to the opponent while keeping our capital assets out of harm's way."

"The uninhabited air vehicle will have an artificial brain that can emulate a skillful fighter pilot in the performance of its missions."

"Tasks such as take-off, navigation, situation awareness, target identification, and safe return landing will be done autonomously, with the possible exception of person-in-the-loop for strategic and firing decisions.

"Removing the pilot from assault and fighter aircraft will result in a more combat-agile aircraft with less weight and no g-force constraints, and will reduce the risk of injury or death to highly trained warfighters. American public opinion makes this a clear priority.

"Add mobility, and our autonomous platforms can act, not just observe."

"The fighter airplane will likely derive the greatest operational advantages, but similar benefits will accrue to uninhabited tanks, submarines, and other military platforms."

"The Government's vision of an ultimate prompt global reach capability (circa 2025 and beyond) is engendered in a reusable Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle (HCV). This autonomous aircraft would be capable of taking off from a conventional military runway and striking targets 9,000 nautical miles distant in less than two hours. It could carry a 12,000-pound payload consisting of Common Aero Vehicles (CAVs), cruise missiles, small diameter bombs or other munitions. This HCV will provide the country dominant capability to wage a sustained campaign from CONUS on an array of time-critical targets that are both large in number and diverse in nature while providing aircraft- like operability and mission recall capability."

"The BICA program intends to develop artificial systems that can respond to a variety of situations by simulating human cognition that will enable it to learn from experience, reflect on current strategies and adjust them if necessary, and mentally simulate alternate plans and decisions. As the use of autonomous, unmanned, and intelligent systems in the military increases, the need for systems that can understand and respond to new and unique situations is growing dramatically."

"Space provides 24/7, latent, global persistence, just what we need for low-intensity conflicts and the Global War on Terror."

"Space Power  (systems, capa-bilities, and forces) will be increasingly leveraged to close the ever-widening gap between diminishing resources and increasing military commitments."

"For most of history -the Greek, Roman, Spanish and British empires- to be a great power meant to be a sea-faring nation. Maritime dominance remains a critical way to project power. But, for all the reasons just discussed, if the United States is to be a superpower in the 21 st century, we must keep our lead as the world's premier space-faring nation."

[It will] "Strengthen the nation's space leadership and ensure that space capabilities are available in time to further U.S. national security, homeland security, and foreign policy objectives;"

"Enable unhindered U.S. operations in and through space to defend our interests there;"

"The use of space nuclear power systems shall be consistent with U.S. national and homeland security, and foreign policy interests, and take into account the potential risks."

"Control of Space is the ability to assure access to space, freedom of operations within the space medium, and an ability to deny others the use of space, if required."

"We have to retain this high ground, just as we must retain our maritime superiority."

"The world's oceans cover two-thirds of our planet."

"The sea offers strategic, operational, and tactical mobility to those who control it."

"Maritime dominance remains a critical way to project power. "

"It's the medium over which no sovereign can veto our movements. And it's the medium in which US dominance is exercised globally, with stealth."

"If we're to maintain maritime supremacy with a leaner Navy, it must be done by employing diverse contingents of autonomous offboard systems together with the capital platforms of the future Navy. Our naval force will be multiplied by having these systems interconnected by a robust, seamless maritime network that operates above the water, on the water, and in the water."

"Let's envision the future Naval Force. There will be fewer ships casting a wide net over the vast maritime battlespace; a net that's extendable, flexible, and impenetrable; a net that's extendable, flexible, and impenetrable -fleets, squadrons, or units- of autonomous systems distributed around the world doing their jobs."

"the extended reach of networked weapons and sensors will tremendously increase the impact of naval forces in joint campaigns."
"A U.S. warship is sovereign U.S. territory -------------, whether in a port of a friendly country or transiting international straits and the high seas. U.S. naval forces, operating from highly mobile "seabases" in forward areas, are therefore free of the political encumbrances that may inhibit and otherwise limit the scope of land-based operations in forward theaters."
"the extended reach of networked weapons and sensors will tremendously increase the impact of naval forces in joint campaigns. The will be realized by exploiting the largest maneuver area on the face of the earth: the sea."
"SEABASE serves as the foundation from which offensive and defensive fires are projected making SEA STRIKE and SEA SHIELD realities."
"SeaBasing capitalizes on the freedom of action achieved through sea control, and is vital to this nation's ability to fully exploit its unprecedented and unequaled military strength in support of an over-arching national security strategy.
"SeaBasing, which refers to the ability of naval forces to operate at sea, as sovereign entities, free from concerns of access and political constraints associated with using land bases in other countries."

"…[We must] leverage information technology and innovative network-centric concepts of operations to develop increasingly capable joint forces.Our ability to leverage the power of information and networks will be key to our success"
--Former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz

"Network Centric Warfare the key to DoD dominating future military operations."

"The Global Information Grid (GIG) vision implies a fundamental shift in information management, communication, and assurance"
--Former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz

"The next-generation DoD enterprise network will be taking in sensor information from a variety of sources ?satellites in space, manned and unmanned systems in the air, at sea and on the ground, soldiers in the field, and intelligence from a variety of places, all being transmitted to and from its edge nodes."
"the Global DoD Enterprise Network forms the backbone of the DoD Global Information Grid (GIG)."

"The Net-Centric Enterprise Services (NCES) program will provide secure, collaborative information-sharing environment and unprecedented access to decision-quality information. NCES will enable decision-making superiority that results in increased mission effectiveness and enhanced process execution. It is based upon an emerging concept in the DOD called "net-centricity," which enables systems to provide the right information to the right person at the right time.""

"The implementation must allow both human users of the GIG, and automated services acting on behalf of GIG users, to access information and services from anywhere, based on need and capability. "
--Former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz

"Transforming the network from a weapons support system into a weapon itself, that is the thread that runs through the programs that we pursue."

"we must enable the network to defend itself against those adversaries who seek to deny us the use of this valuable combat resource."

"This research thrust area will show automated cyber immune response and system regeneration. The technical approach will include biologically-inspired response strategies, machine learning, and cognitively-inspired proactive automatic contingency planning."

"Desired capabilities include self-optimization, self-diagnosis, "Cognitive immunity" and self-healing."
"As we move to an increasingly network-centric military, the vision of intelligent, cooperative computing systems responsible for their own maintenance is more relevant than ever."

"We need to move from a conventional view of data processing to a cognitive view, one that will allow our systems to be more responsible for their own configuration and maintenance and less vulnerable to failure and attack."

"Simultaneously, the network is invoking its memory, calling up huge databases and vast stores of knowledge. And, it is transmitting all of this to the various brains, the computers, which, in this case, may be distributed around the world."

"Artificial minds will be housed in artificial brains, and we may need some radical changes in our computing foundations to get there."

"These "fourth-generation" technologies will bring attributes of human cognition to bear on the problem of reconstituting systems that suffer the accumulated effects of imperfect software, human error, and accidental hardware faults, or the effects of a successful cyber attack."
"new fourth generation technologies will draw on biological metaphors such as natural diversity and immune systems to achieve robustness and adaptability; the structure of organisms and ecosystems to achieve scalability; and human cognitive attributes (reasoning, learning and introspection) to achieve the capacity to predict, diagnose, heal and improve the ability to provide service."

"The program concentrates on research needed to develop large-scale intelligent systems that can address practical Air Force needs."

"This cognitive program I told you about is actually showing that it is learning, and it is learning in a very difficult environment. This is the program Stanford Research runs for us. "
"We've got the technology to the point where we can now apply it in Iraq to a system that we also developed called CPOF, Command Post of the Future. It is a distributed command and control system."
"The cognitive program's whole purpose in life is really to increase the tooth-to-tail ratio [military-speak for the number of combat troops to the number of support troops]."
"Our cognitive programs whole aim is to have a computer "learn you," as opposed to you having to learn the computer."
"Cognitive computers can be thought of as systems that know what they're doing. Cognitive computing systems "reason" about their environments (including other systems), their goals, and their own capabilities. They will "learn" both from experience and by being taught. They will be capable of natural interactions with users, and will be able to "explain" their reasoning in natural terms."

"ACIP will incorporate biological, cognitive algorithm, and DoD mission challenge clues as inputs to establish the concepts of the effort."

"The goal of the BICA program is to develop integrated psychologically-based and neurobiology-based cognitive architectures that can simulate human cognition in a variety of situations."
"The BICA program intends to develop artificial systems that can respond to a variety of situations by simulating human cognition that will enable it to learn from experience, reflect on current strategies and adjust them if necessary, and mentally simulate alternate plans and decisions."

"The Integrated Learning program seeks to achieve revolutionary advances in Machine Learning by creating systems that opportunistically assemble knowledge from many different sources in order to learn."

"The goal of the Transfer Learning Program solicited by this BAA is to develop, implement, demonstrate and evaluate theories, architectures, algorithms, methods, and techniques that enable computers to apply knowledge learned for a particular, original set of tasks to achieve superior performance on new, previously unseen tasks."

"[They] Will be aware of themselves and able to reflect on their own behavior

{One product of this broad multi-agency initiative is NASA's "Intelligent Archives"}
"Stated goals of NASA's I.A.:
"adapting to events and anticipating user needs"
"Continuously mining archived data searching for hidden relationships and patterns"
"Identifying new data sources and information collaborators, and using available resources judiciously"
"aware of its own data content and usage"
"can extract new information from data Holdings"
"large scale data mining"
"acting on information discovered"
"extracting new information from its data holdings"
"coordination between intelligent archives and intelligent sensors"
"advanced weather prediction"


++++++++++WEATHER CONTROL++++++++++
"In the tele-immersive room, the scientists plan their research forecasts by summoning a vivid holographic 3-D projection of the Earth, and accessing projections of scaled real-time weather conditions."
"Space-based, airborne, and terrestrial sensors will produce weather-related data with varied resolutions, rates, bands, parameters, and volumes."
"Key aspects of a visionary system for advanced weather model building and operation would include:"
"Flexible, intelligent global observing system"
"Cyber infrastructures will comprise distributed system components (e.g., sensors, services, modeling, information & knowledge discovery tools) operating in a high-speed intelligence-based computing environment.
"This interconnected computing environment, in which I.A.'s also operate, provides the collective processing, data management, data persistence, and data interchange services necessary to meet the near-real-time requirements for advanced weather prediction.

"Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025"
"US aerospace forces can "own the weather," as they "own the night" now."
"It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes."
"Though a high-risk effort, the investment to do so would pay high rewards."
"Weather modification offers both the commercial sector and the military greatly enhanced capabilities."
"Its application in the military arena is a natural development as well. Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally"
"The ability to generate precipitation, fog, and storms on earth or to modify space weather, and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of technologies to achieve global awareness, reach, and power."
"For this to occur, technology advancements in five major areas are necessary. These are advanced nonlinear modeling techniques, computational capability, information gathering and transmission, a global sensor array, and weather intervention techniques. All of these will be greatly enhanced as we approach 2025. Current demographic, economic, and environmental trends will create global stresses that create the necessary impetus for weather modification to become a reality in the commercial sector. Its application in the military arena is a natural development as well. Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally, through alliance networks—particularly regional ones—or through an ad hoc coalition or a UN framework. It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog, and storms on earth or to modify space weather, improve communications through ionospheric modification (the use of ionospheric mirrors), and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of technologies which can provide substantial increase in US, or degraded capability in an adversary, to achieve global awareness, reach, and power. Weather modification will be a part of 2025 and is an area in which the US must invest if only to be able to counter adversaries seeking such a capability."


"In contrast to incremental or evolutionary military change brought about by normal modernization efforts, defense transformation is more likely to feature discontinuous or disruptive forms of change."

"The end result of these enablers and concepts is Full Spectrum Dominance."

"Computing is a key element in this revolution." - Newt Gingrich

"We want to live forever, and we're getting there." -Bill Cinton

"This funding will support the work of America's most creative minds as they explore promising areas such as nanotechnology, supercomputing..."
"Dubya" - 2006 State of the Union Address

{In 2001, Bush & the DOD blocked a congressional bill that would have made, space weapons, weather modification and other"exotic weapons" illegal}
Title: To preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space by the United States, and to require the President to take action to adopt and implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons.
Sponsor: Rep Kucinich, Dennis J. [OH-10] (introduced 10/2/2001)      Cosponsors (None)
Latest Major Action: 4/19/2002 House committee/subcommittee actions. Status: Unfavorable Executive Comment Received from DOD.
(B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as--
(i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons;
(ii) chemtrails;
(iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems;
(iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons;
(v) laser weapons systems;
(vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and
(vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons.
(C) The term `exotic weapons systems' includes weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space.
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