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Trouble at Millbank. 52K Volunteer students take London.

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Author Topic: Trouble at Millbank. 52K Volunteer students take London.  (Read 1697 times)
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« on: November 11, 2010, 04:32:40 am »

In an overnight response (made up on the fly) to the Trouble at Millbank student riots IDS (Ian Duncan Smith) is announcing a massive draconian 'punishment regime' for the supposedly sympathetic camp of the unemployed, .... anyone on work related benefits will get 3 years suspension of all benefits if they don't comply...

Just on Tuesday, I was warning an unemployed part-time MsC maths student of how the forced-labour plans proposed just last week would go from 1-month to 3, then to six-months and then full-time as you can read also on these forums.

Now, out of the blue entirely this is what IDS has just announced today, Thursday, just four days after the SUNDAY announcement of 1-month forced labour and 3-month penalties benefit seizure.

"Ian Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, said today it was a "sin" that people failed to take up available jobs as he prepared to announce a tougher-than-expected squeeze on the unemployed.

This will see the jobless face the threat of losing all benefits for as long as three years if they refuse community work or the offer of a job, or fail to apply for a post if advised to do so.

In the most severe welfare sanctions ever imposed by a British government, unemployed people will lose benefits for three months if they fail to take up one of the options for the first time, six months if they refuse an offer twice, and three years if they refuse an offer three times."

We haven't even had a hint of the organisation of a sympathy movement between the students and the unemployed yet.

Organise now or you will all, even those who haven't lost their jobs yet, because these laws will be extended to include the SHORT-TERM unemployed from certain categories of civilian class within a short time, although this is being denied by the DWP, a spokeswoman for whom attempted to appease and assuage such fears on BBC Radio Two today by stipulating that the "upto 3-Yrs loss of ALL BENEFITS" term (Labour Camp?) will only affect those who refuse full-time employment. Those on 16 hrs or less, work per week, which is defined as Part-Time, will not be affected by these DRACONIAN OPPRESSIVE MEASURES. Or will they? Will IDS draught another bill in his sleep, and rush it through Parliament by 6am in time for the BBC Radio News. "Even Part-Time Workers will now be obliged to take jobs or lose all benefits for the rest of their lives". This is literally the shape of what they are doing right now.

But here's the Deal: This is all part of the Dreadful sounding 'Universal Benefit' plan, a plan so smooth running in respect of the way in which whole swathes of the populus can loose all state-benefits at the .... SWISH ... of a pen-stroke or ....SWISH.... of a keyboard click.

Now, this is tyranny. And I don't care what you stoolpigeons think about benefits, most of you are on them anyways, HB etc., but you're gonna need them for sure, and in a decent system of provision, for what is coming down the pipes in the next 3 years in this country, is pure Feudalistic Tyranny.

They are not interested in your welfare, they are interested in your forced enslaveent, -cause of the difficult economic times and financial crisis.

They want a war with the people. I suggest we take it to them soooner rather than later. But the organising of this won't and can't be done on the internet, for that is where all the intellligence and pre-crime activities are focussed.

"We are going into unchartered waters ... making up history as we go along"
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
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