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Hit-Squads for Benefit Frauds, & 4-Yrs of Servitude, and a NSS Cyber-Strategy !

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Author Topic: Hit-Squads for Benefit Frauds, & 4-Yrs of Servitude, and a NSS Cyber-Strategy !  (Read 784 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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The Gulag Archipelago, - had 'Paradise Islands'.

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« on: October 17, 2010, 10:07:32 am »


Today is Sunday, once rumoured as G for God's day, but now it seems the Fifth Columnists of the NWO have hijacked it as their own holy day.

So today, Foreign Secretary William Haig announced on the BBC Radio, several times, the latest status of the National Security Strategy to include a new method of predicting crime ('Pre-Crime') before it happens, without going into any detail of the methodology or techniques and also announced a clampdown on the web, another pre-emptive move against the home-grown and foreign threat of 'cybercrime'. The NSS by the way is the framework adopted by the MoD during and prior to the Swine-Flu outbreak of earlier this year as a way of implementing co-ordinated 'resilience' and 'Resilience' across communities, councils, the Government and Military.

Meanwhile, also today the Chancellor George Osbourne announced the formation of 'Hit Squads' to target so-called benefit frauds. I don't know what a benefit fraudster looks like: do you know how hard it is to even get benefit if you have cancer, ME, Parkinson's or any other debilitating disease, I'll give you a hint, - it's a fight.

The above mentioned 'Hit-Squad' will consist according to BBC and the Telegraph of 200 new recruits, no doubt retrained ex-Police or Military to move into areas where benefit claims &/or alleged 'fraud' are highest. Anybody actually accused of 'benefit fraud' may be deprived of their rights to any benefits; for 4-years, according to the morning's first reports, later on it reduced miraculously to 3-years (sign that they're making stuff up in fear as they go along?). If when filling out a benefits claim form a claimant makes even the slightest error, he/she will be hit by an immediate £50 ($100) fine.

And this they call news? This is only news from Satan's new world order. I thought the Pre-Tribunal, Pre-evacuation to the Siberian Gulags, and final deprivation of privileges phase was well documented & historically verified as fact from the beginning through to the middle of the last century by Solzhenitsyn.

Welcome to the Gulag. Don't worry, you silly you! You'll love it - Promise!
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
— Prov 29:2

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Jonnie Goodboy
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The Gulag Archipelago, - had 'Paradise Islands'.

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« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2010, 04:29:10 am »

Another sunday another holy day for the NWO Elite. You see, they know, like you would be political sheep, that there is no god, and that they are god. So, it's time for more announcements to tone down the after-effects of your ebullient 'out on the town, whilst on benefits' lifestyle with the news that ...

Leader of the Conservative Party from September 2001 to October 2003, Ian Duncan Smith (IDS) has announced that The Long-Term-Unemployed are as announced pre-election (20 months ago) to be forced to do 'community service' for a minimum of 30-hrs p/er week, in order to qualify for any state-benefits at all.
01:12 UK time, Sunday, 7 November 2010

( Which will encourage and garner a great deal of respect from all the Jocks, who just love being told what to do, unquestioningly, with no thought for their own well-being).

All the intellectual **** aside, what this is preparing you for is labour camps, in about 3 - 5 years time, or maybe you'll just be kept in your home and forced to work 'in the community' for free, until the cows come home, unlikely though since this is not the New World Order agenda for the future of the 'useless eaters'. The plan as all the informed know is much more sordid and wicked.

Either way, it's just a step on the way. I have been warning about this coming since early 2009.
No-one cares and no one listens because ....

™Google SheepView image.©

... This is the way the mass behave ... it really comes naturally, you are presumed born to it, and with just a little encouragement you will like the Jews go to your mass graves saying, as the jews did reportedly from history, as they lined up between the barbed wire lines outside Auschwitz-Berkenau: "Stop complaining, these people know what they're doing, and it's the best thing for us".

It's a great and wonderful opportunity for you to get that sectarian knife out and stick it right in the back of your co-slave enforced 'community labourer'. You have no cohesion, you are against eachother and IDS wants to see you piliing up in pyramids as the survivor seeks to attain the remaining free air of the extermination chamber. They love it; You love it. You'll go along with anything. Isn't this the greatest!

And you know what .... as long as you do nothing about this ... who would I be to disagree with the?!

So, it's Sunday and these are your new Street Savvy gods. And you awake to their whispers and rumours.
But I don't want to hear the approval of the crowd as they point and cheer: "What's wronng with him, it's a wonderful idea, - slave labour for the melingerers, quite rightly, and twice nightly hargh di hargh"!

Will you worship and honour them or will you join the resistance? Of course not! 80% will not, it's statistically proven, and Ian Duncan Smith wants to see these stats lived out in front of his eyes ...

80% of the population don't even know what a 'resistance' is.
— Though some clever ones think it's something you find on a printed circuit board.

There's precious little left for the wee willy winkle Duncan Smith to do, with his empty fake iconic religion and street savvy protocols. Let's all join him. Meanwhile I'm going underground.

I promise you, this is how the Occult works, and it is revealed on sundays. Scary no!

See you in Civilian Inmate Labour Camp Babe! You're going to love it ....

Ian Duncan Smith, the man, the poet, the visionary and deeply fundamentalist catholic Scotsman: A Profile: -
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
— Prov 29:2
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« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2010, 04:13:03 am »

Exactly the same menial tasks as handed out by the Magistrates as Sentence Alternatives to Prison. The difference being that the criminals get a softer sentence. The criminals only have to do one day a week and the maximum hours is something like 200 hours.

****... what crime did the poor commit ?

Its not as if there are more jobs than applicants, so this is like a sociopathic musical chairs.
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