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Beware of FOUNDATION OPERATIVES in "liberal" or "progressive" clothing!

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Author Topic: Beware of FOUNDATION OPERATIVES in "liberal" or "progressive" clothing!  (Read 2141 times)
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« on: August 24, 2010, 09:23:49 am »

To all you self-righteous, insult-spewing, race-obsessed “liberals” out there who shamelessly wrap in the flag of “anti-racism” virtually each and every corporate fascist economic policy, Bush-style police state policy and imperialist foreign policy the Democrat-controlled Congress and White House propose, perpetuate or expand, I have a few questions for you:

If you’re as concerned with exposing and eliminating “racism” as you would have everyone believe, why do neither you nor the General Electric-financed Thought Police at MSNBC speak a word of protest against Obama's continuation of the racist drug war?


Why no word of protest against Obama's continuation and -- in the case of Afghanistan and Pakistan -- expansion of Bush’s terroristic war on “brown people”?

Why no word of protest against Obama's plan to impose IMF-style austerity measures on behalf of his Wall Street cronies, particularly in view of the fact that these measures will fall harder on poor black communities than on any other sector of society?

Why no word of protest against the anti-labor/pro-land speculation tax system that also falls hardest on poor black communities?

Why no word of protest against how neither Obama nor Democratic Congressional “leaders” have done anything (legislatively, not rhetorically!) to reverse the NAFTA-induced offshoring of countless millions of jobs -- yet another engineered trend that, as any black person from Detroit will readily attest, falls harder on poor, inner-city blacks than anyone else?

Why do you ignore the racist origins of your beloved victim disarmament "gun control" laws?

Why do you ignore the California origins of **** eugenics?

Why do you ignore the eery obsession that many of today’s limousine liberals continue to have with eugenics?

And last but certainly not least, why do you ignore the shameful, decades-old tradition among aristocrat-funded “foundations” -- particularly the Ford Foundation -- of employing the divide-and-rule/anti-MLK tactic of fomenting racial hatred within and between the lower and middle classes; and how this historical fact sheds a particularly unflattering light on all the racial provocateuring and hatemongering being engaged in by La Raza -- a hispanic supremecy group which is financed not only by the Ford Foundation, but by overprivileged corporations such as slave goods-selling Wal-Mart and toxic derivatives-peddling Citigroup?

Could it be that the real racists are you, and that your mindless accusations of racism against anyone who dares criticize God’s Obama's corporate fascist economic policies, Bush-style police state policies and terroristic foreign policies are thus nothing more than Freudian projection on your part?

Or is that yet another question you have neither the courage nor intellectual honesty to answer?
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"For the first years of [Ludwig von] Mises’s life in the United States...he was almost totally dependent on annual research grants from the Rockefeller Foundation.” -- Richard M. Ebeling
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