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British Establishment go into overdrive for QE, ignoring the BANKING SHEISTERS.

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Author Topic: British Establishment go into overdrive for QE, ignoring the BANKING SHEISTERS.  (Read 619 times)
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« on: October 09, 2012, 04:30:53 am »

 In the UK in response to the 'Banking Meltdown' of 2008 20 (no end in sight or predicted), a new financial compliance Agency *(FCA) has been just last week inaugurated to replace the FSA and 'go beyond the overseeing' as in the past of the banksters.

*Not to be confused with Star-Trek's FCA or the "Ferengi Commerce Authority" , although it needs to be at least as canny as that highly humorous Sci-Fi invention.

 But today the whole mass Flare, Distraction campaign is of course about moving on from the Global Collapse and all the establishment is concerned only with Stimulus & Quantitative Easing Strategies to ease us through the hard times and 'back into prosperity'.


The 'Bankergate' Global Imploding of all international economies tied to the Reserve Currencies was designed to not only once again re-inforce Higher Prices through Inflation, food shortages, and higher fuel prices, as we've always had it, with every Recession in the last century but to also massively consolidate the Global Banks Agenda for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and One-World Banking System, controlled at it's core by the dictates of the now highly Influential (through Financial leverage) European central bank, IMF and World Bank models, of those which we are aware.

Do not trust models whose first effort in exertion requires the bankrolling of the financial institutions themselves from public and private funds, and also requires the power of economic governance to be put in the hands of MANY NOW CONVICTED CRIMINALS. If there is an upside, but really ...

I don't know if wealth redistrubion is well defined Trillions of Dollars and Pounds Sterling Languishing in  Swiss bank accounts which are thus stuffed to the brim with 'Carbon-Taxes Tariffs' and Bailout Packages.
All of which are going nowhere, not being redistributed at all but rather earning interest for the Mega-Stealthy like the Bank-Owners Rockerfellers and Rothschilds. That's all real. It's just sad and real. It's not going away unless these people are prosecuted.

The Banks have cooperated with a technocratic Political Clique of scientifically Mis-informed population Agenda megalomaniacs and Environmentalist Extremist Groups and have colluded in instigating the most serious of crimes against the financial stability of the planet we've seen since 1929. Except this crisis may well not be forgiven or moved on from so quickly ...

.... But Selfish short-sighted 'human-nature' being what it is, all things, sadly are still POSSIBLE.
It is more than possible that the people of the world will forget, forgive, misinterpret historic events, and quckly decide to move on in denial of the truth of what continues to be done to them ...

Because YOU are told that is 'HUMAN NATURE'. Those humans, ..

Symptoms we will have plenty of, and the illness will go on forever. All symptoms of a chronically sick mankind will be prolonged into the long-term to the benefit of other predatory opportunists.

The Investigations into the Crimes of certain Banks and their Sheister Banksters need to be continued at full pace by fully independant bodies instructed to seek the truth and convictions.
We cannot afford to turn our gaze completely askew.
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
Prov 29:2

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