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Beware of Fake Patriots toting Head-Shrunk Racism fuelled by Alcohol & Tobacco !

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Author Topic: Beware of Fake Patriots toting Head-Shrunk Racism fuelled by Alcohol & Tobacco !  (Read 952 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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« on: December 13, 2012, 03:34:28 pm »

 NB: ( - The following piece is intended to apply to Brits, primarily, but equally any of the human species with a strong leaning, yeah tendency towards bigottry and blind dogpack like fear and loathing ... In the case of Fluoridated Americans, we can safely assume that these are all what has been described as 'Psychic-Amputees'*, lacking any residual or native ability to display Empathy or other Higher Brain Function  ... This also applies to people from Birmingham and Solihull England who are forced against what was once their will, to imbibe Fluoride through the Public water supply which is 100% affected in these areas).
* - Where 'Psychic'* refers to innate Mental activity, not some magical telepathy.*
For those of you who wish to be assured of a possibility for the personal development of empathetic abilities, JG suggests you seek to locate an alternate source to your current water supply, thus avoiding the Fluoride Carrying H2O you would presently pretend to enjoy.

Your GLOBAL 'undemocratic' fluoridation Quota.

  - Fluoride being of course a well documented NeuroToxin and Carcinogen ...
NB (There are other color tone versions of the same map which don't differentiate between the Dark Red of N.America and the Pink of Brazil). Infowars' Map is the only one JG could find that makes the difference clear.)

Now, those lucky non-fluoridated ones amongst you readers, pray continue:

 JG for one only had to tolerate these Puffed Up with Ignorance and Hatred "Patriotic Bigots" once in his life. Remember he is old as you need to be to be qualified to be able to make such statements based on personal experience.


 1) So many of these feckers haven't worked in 30 years or more that they hardly have a leg to stand on in the way of an argument as they're picking out the 'PaKKies and HiPPies'  ...

 2) You really shouldn't try to repeat history ,,,, Because this is what happens on a huge Scale when you do ....

 A) Of course any one claiming Patriotism is instantly tarnished with the Broad Stroke of the Fabianist's Two-tones only Pallet of Black and Red ...

 B) Fake and Capricious Bigottry posing as 'Patriotism' means sometimes more work for those who are clearly interested in rescuing their country from the International Banker and Globalist Stooges.

 JG doesn't get to go through it twice.
"Once bitten, Twice shy" goes the old adage.

Having said that I don't want this country seething with SHariah-Law, Macheté wielding Muslim Psychopaths .... The Problem being is that even this simple thought message is distorted by the Bigots as an excuse to NOT DIFFERENTIATE between people who have been here for Generations, even since the 1950's, or earlier, and those former mentioned Muslim Psychos' we do occasionally now run into in this country who have been brought here specifically because of the likely size of the Chip on their shoulders since 2001/3, The WTC and Irag War II.

 Is there any point in this, JG posting this? Because you either tolerate bigottry and find it an amusing sport or you find it abhorent but either way you don't have to work out other people's problems for them.

 Remember self-destruction is a whole Lifestyle Choice .... and has always been highly encouraged financially and in a legality sense by the Establishment ...

 Let them pay the price together and separate your-selves out of Babylon my people, unless YOU WISH to suffer in her Woes that is ... Then feel free to fully indulge yourselves in what is inevitably to come upon a band of twats all in a sticky mess, who don't understand even where they are, let alone what they do ... ...
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
— Prov 29:2

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