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'The Military are on OUR SIDE! THEY ARE going to help us RESTORE LIBERTY'. €¦¬ί

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Author Topic: 'The Military are on OUR SIDE! THEY ARE going to help us RESTORE LIBERTY'. €¦¬ί  (Read 849 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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The Gulag Archipelago, - had 'Paradise Islands'.

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« on: October 21, 2012, 01:38:36 pm »

 Just heard this VERY QUOTED TITLE (Above, Duh!) from the Lead Contributor on This Months Alex Jones' Special:
— I don't know who it was, a senior 'talking-head'.

From the man who brought you: 'The Spirit Moves me, so powerfully, but I really don't know what to do'
— Yeah it's THE MONEY BOMB show on GCN.

to quote Jack Nicholson in 'As good as it gets',:
" ... I don't know where you learn that crap, but GO SELL CRAZY SOMEWHERE ELSE; We're all Stocked Up"!

 Well, THAT WILL BE A FIRST won't it!
I mean think a minute. - AJ's bedraggled band of misfit Lieutenants, his Renegades ofModerator Captains and his Buffonish Blowhard Footsoldier Sweethearts are somehow going to impress the Military Industrial Profit Complex so much, that they are going to stop shipping in the ****, stop Running Gitmo and 199 Black-sites, all come a-Johnny Home to their thriving families and spouses and step straight out in the Bright Light of a New American Dawn to defend the 'Murican Patriotic Commune against the insurgent Bankers ...!?

The Realists are the first to go in this struggle apparently!!! And then The Military are Going to save AMERICA from Tyranny from within, and they are now suddenly and magically in a fabricated moment of Need, a MONEY BOMB, ... ON YOUR SIDE, fighting alongside you in your imaginary shoot-em up post apocalyptic New-Day!

I knew I hated this jerk-off mentality, but this confirms it.
Some Americans are willingly being emotionally press-ganged into parting with yet more of their dollars, now to finance an  extension of that SuperDuperHighWay that leads out from their dying fantasy of the ''murican dream' into a nexus of LIVING IN A FECKING WILD-WEST THEME PARK.

HERE COME THE CAVALRY to SAVE you from those Bad Injuns ...

Put the Circles in the Wagons ... WE'RE HEADING - SOUTH.... Yeeeeah! It's all cumin' up rosy down there. Godamned now I lost my horse, just when i needed her so bad ....

 It's a bit like AJ's willing acceptance of the idea that because The CDC website says in relation of hundreds of vaccines:
 'Tests have shown that in A VERY SMALL NUMBER OF CASES, there may be very minor side-effects'
 - unquote. [CDC Gives citation to tests results]

But in Alex's mind somehow that very same declaration from the CDC, translates as he puts it:
"They admit they're murdering you, it's right there in front of you, go read the document".

I wonder if this translates through to the alleged CFR Documents THAT HE ALONE has "STUDIED" and seen the deeper meaning clearly like some latter-day FAKE Translator of the Scriptures in Revelation ....
"They're gonna Kill You all, it's in the Documents".

Well, go on, make your feckin schizo mind up which is it: The Military are moving against you or the military are on battlefield, and are going to BACK-UP The Exit of The Hebrews from Egypt with EXPLOSIONS, thunder-bolt & Lightning; ... Ever so EXCITING ... It's like a BALLROOM BLITZ.

Yeah, just like the MILITARY are ON YOUR SIDE and they are GOING TO PROTECT LIBERTY because one or two soldiers have come on line and expressed a sympathy to distributing infowars DVD's to friends and family.

He's really getting on my Nerves now ...

When AMERICA does actually wake-up it's going to be a shock, nothing like the Capitalist Easy-Street Caper AJ and other Patriots have manufactured for the protection of their progeny.

The Military are on our side ...?

What like they did in 1953 to 1975 or 2003 to 2012 ....?

No, now JB's alter-ego is finding reasons to legitimise his independant thought ...

'The Military ARE on OUR SIDE! THEY ARE going to help us RESTORE LIBERTY'

God! Please somebody get me off this Godforsaken Rock. There must be more



No wait a minute let me TRY:

DON'T Hesitate Just DONATE!
- 'Give me a million bucks and I'll be your hero tonight'

legal note: These funds are much needed now for ...
 ... As I write I am with my Right-Hand Designing in HB (HyperBlast) pencil the plans for my 'Anti-Spiral, Gammon-Splitting, Spectaculator' which will devastate the armies of Tyranny when I send it back to 1984 with The JB Customised Time©-Deflagulator.™

And just in case you had any doubts about my SINCERE intention to SAVE THE WORLD I LOVE SO MUCH,
 - JB assures me He shall also be buying a BULLHORN!
Which will also be sent back in time after its use in the Battle of the Liberation of The City of London, ('Reclaim the Banks'), - to the Battle-of The Little Big-Horn where it will play a crucial part in changing the destiny of The Native American Woola Woolas ......
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
— Prov 29:2

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Jonnie Goodboy
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Posts: 833

The Gulag Archipelago, - had 'Paradise Islands'.

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« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2012, 12:27:31 am »

 BUT DON'T BE MISTAKEN. There is a REAL army of CIVVIES out there.

 It's an ARMY of people-managers all waiting in line to take the millions of sick-and-disabled, mentally infirm, unemployable and malcontents off to their Training and Rehabilitation centres. For this is exactly what will PROBABLY HAPPEN once the almost inevitable decision comes from Europe, via a firstly independant European Backdoor into the UK via Scottish independance (which Cameron and the Scots Nationalists have now agreed upon a Referendum date before or during 2014.)

The Euroean DeskoCrats will say: We know The Socialists tried putting millions of the Healthy on benefits because they can no longer cope being abused, and whilst we applaud the Conservatives subsequently taking away much of these benefits, allegedly (enough to motivate the Public Vote in antipathy), Austerity Measures and futher Derivative Banker Bailouts have forced us to announce that Britain must now accede to placing the first 100,000 fit enough to physically work, benefits recipients into arms production (say) to accelerate the front in East-Eurasia ...

... whatever ....

You get the picture ... I've met them. There are Hundreds of thousands of anti-Benefit scrounger, ex-business school and ex fallen industry PEOPLE MANAGERS out there, who absolutely want to control the public as it 'falls by the wayside'.

They're a standing army. A particularly misinformed one strangely. Because they don't get it that they will be in the Front-Line once the actual and Real Fighting Starts. When the bullets start to fly and I no longer care about my Christian Principles, then they will be getting bullets in the back of the Head and falling into Pits.

— Because that's Human Nature ... expressing itself.

And they will do what they are told by the EU-ZONE, if it means a steady supply of Big Euros.

So there is a real threat out there ... and they are grouping ..., and they are experienced ... and they don't give a **** about your human rights ... and the law? The Law to them is an impediment and they are campaigning to have EUROPE overturn the basic laws of provision of benefits.
— Because it will benefit THEM.

But this too, like so many of Jones' latter-day scenarios, IS also still only Hypothesis. But if it happens?:
— We're all in a world of **** & pain. And I too, like Mr Jones don't want to go there again ....

My Advice: Get a big wad of money and keep it safe. For Generations it's been called: 'Money for a rainy day'.

We have lived under the shadow of Fascism and its crime-nexus derivatives for a very long time in the UK.

So you'se better start getting up early, and start trying to get a business going ... cos these roguish shadowy yet suited 'People-Managers' are waiting for their moment ... they're always waiting, because IT'S WHAT THEY DO AS A JOB. THEY ARE TRAINED. They are looking for their opening.

They'd even fool YOU into believing that they're humanitarians saving the unwanted and unwashed from a wasted life ....

We do live in very precarious times, when so-called HUMAN NATURE may determine that Labour-Camps are the future of business, ... If I were you, I wouldn't take the risk of counting on a state-benefit being around for ever ....

Just because the Government is going to re-schedule next year all benefits, (except a couple, at this stage) under a new Slogan: 'THE UNIVERSAL BENEFIT', doesn't I think warrant THE SMART from assuming it's going to be everywhere, when and when WE demand it ...

At that level. Yes, THEY are intending, accidentally on purpose, through 'Let it Happen, or Make it Happen' on purpose; - to Kill us.

Why wouldn't they? They too have an audience to appease courtesy of ALL zombie MEDIA and zombie public.


And many of YOU are going to LOVE THEM.

I have succeeded once again in Warning Myself, about The Devilish inherited flaw within 'HUMAN-NATURE'.
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
— Prov 29:2
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