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Science Should Not Be An Unappealing Matrix Applied To Our Canvas Like Manure!

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Author Topic: Science Should Not Be An Unappealing Matrix Applied To Our Canvas Like Manure!  (Read 521 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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« on: December 08, 2012, 04:13:45 am »

First of all, this will be the Last Post, this year, JG Hopes, very much.

My Advice for people who mistakenly believe that at this time of the year they are about due to frog-marched into celebrating the Miraculous Virgin Birth of Christ are not to be forgiven for their ignorance, since it has been widely accepted as truth for a significant number of years now, particularly amongst Theologians, that christ was born in Sept/Oct. What you are about to be frog-marched into, has been labelled by the French amongst others, as 'The Festival of Capitalism'. Not the place here to Create a Diatribe on that subject so Go look at my latest post:

"12 Legitimate Reasons to Drop/Hate Xmas".

 And so, whilst the Lost and Lonely, The Shaven-Headed, The Freezing-half-to-Death and The Early End-of-Season Femacamp Goers are all out Painting the The Town-Hall in This Season's Whitewash; - Let's take a quiet moment to reflect on something fundamentally important to the Human-Species' Development and its' Continuation ...

 ... Or is the appreciation or understanding of Science applied in Society like so much wattle & Daub using a method so unimaginative that it is bound to insult the delicate, supercilious systems of the 'FLOWER TENDING AGGRARIAN GENERATION ...' who inevitably make up the greater part of the EcoSphere as we stumble onwards half-sober, half-unconscious and more than half-broke further into the Twenty-First Century.

 And how much of it, is just PURE WAFFLE. "Talk, talk and more talk.."

 Yes, it's pretty bad. JG could have written the previous paragraph at age sixteen; sadly probably not earlier. The Modern Capital-Acquiring Economies of the World, are largely interested in developing technologies which will help the non-technically savvy of their populations, appreciate new means of helping their Peers part with, or lose permanently their rightful inheritance of wealth and money, - obviously.

It's no coincidence that the Proponents of the Levying of Carbon-Taxes are often Self-confessed TechnoPhobes.

The Appearance simultaneously, during this last half-century, of Myriads of Scientific Luddites who understand not even how an electric toaster works but who are non-the-less confident enough in their loathing of advancement to be self-appointed as arbitrators of Carbon Laws and collectors of Carbon-Taxes should come as no great surprise but is non the less heart-breaking ....

 It's a dangerous return to the DARK_AGES.

 JG heard a certain Well known Blowhard 'Leader of American Political Talk' refer two-days ago to the Prism as:
- "a thing which distorts and messes up the pure light that enters it."

 As if the Prism was something Truly evil.

 No doubt that american 'Talk-Radio' host, would have little problem with the fact that JG finds it hugely funny that someone is trying to Accrue New Friends & their Money based on his feigned appeal as Luddite Compatriot.


 In reality the Science of The Prism was first revealed in Sir Isaac Newton's Teenage Experiment conducted in his Attic; - one which came to him intuitively, whereby he of course split light into its beautiful component spectrum. And after trying then to further split up one individual colour of that newly revealed spectrum, using another prism, Newton concluded that light-spectra cannot be broken down further beyond its component Violet to Red.
— (Extending out to Ultra-Violet & Infra-Red beyond the ranges of our mortal vision)
— An analogy for political wanna-be's might be that a Prism 'decompartmentalises' light into its discrete components.

 Many People are genuinely afraid of Science and prefer it so. Actually JG believes they're afraid of anything that might just lead to technological advancement of the human species, which would be something de-facto beyond their control already. You want control, and you'll do anything to prevent advancement without your blessing. Imagine that!

- However, regarding Science & the well-trained and obeisant masses; - they do see though the opportunity for TAXES at every-step-of-the-way. And humans as a pretentious, yet witless, out manœvered Predator species, for a large part, doomed either by Luditeness or Genetic Inbreeding, prefer to play the game of supporting the Status-Quo, and accordingly they have chosen to align themselves with it for the last 50-years.

 Hence, the cancelling of a Human-Space-Exploration Program, back in the 1970's was not widely noticed or appreciated for what it truly represented. Neither still will it be today.

 What happens when you mix a Humble Faithful Religious Attitude with a Sincere Desire for Scientific Achievement?
— And even with Space-Exploration!?

Now; - how about we stop having our Supposed Solitary Moments of Insight, and go do something about it!!?

  "Our Science is Your Friend".
— (This last Phrase, - Americans no doubt won't fail to spot, is seething with Irony)

[Research for this]: Don't ever take yourself too seriously.
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
— Prov 29:2

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