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EUROZONE Capital is Beach-Head for Confrontation with Shariah-Law GULAG in West.

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Author Topic: EUROZONE Capital is Beach-Head for Confrontation with Shariah-Law GULAG in West.  (Read 611 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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The Gulag Archipelago, - had 'Paradise Islands'.

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« on: November 24, 2012, 05:15:38 am » ShortWave Radio focussed on the Very Real Threat of Shariah-Law Takover of Europe today. The Term 'Terrorists' was used repeatedly by BibleVoice to describe the Shariah-Law Incumbents, most accurately if one accepts the supposed Reality of The 9/11 and 7/07 bombings in our Western Capitol Cities.

 But it's hardly news reserved for Morally Compromised Westerners.
The entire Planet should be on alert against a fully Strategically Organised takeover of Traditional European Cultural Values by Muslim/Shariah Fanatics with EUROZONE financial backing!

JG would be the last to deny it. After all, JG was attacked by a Chair Wielding Sharian Law Muslim at a Xmas Lunch in 2010 after he touched a leftover turkey-leg that he didn't then go on to consume.

The Muslim checked with his Koran, long after the attack, and came to the conclusion that he was wrong; - that there is no law in Shariah that says a Christian or other observer can be mortally wounded for checking out the food on the "CHRISTMAS" Table.
The Shariah-Law observer should have also concluded perhaps, that there is NO SANITY CLAUSE in SHARIAH too?! Yes, I think so.

— Interesting 'Coincidence' that The European 'Economic Community' HQ has always been in Brussels the now European Capital already boasting over 40% Shariah-Bound Population.

Shariah Law allows a Muslim man to take, at least up to FOUR WIVES, bearing of course as many offspring to each as he/(she) wishes.
Thus Shariah-Law is very appealing to the Contiguous ANTI-CHRIST convictions so prevalent in Europe today, where Christian Morality has for decades, been under attack, eroded and been replaced by Violence and Promiscuity all in the Name of a 'Democracy'.

— Some Christian fundamentalists blame the 1960's for our moral Compromise but surely that's small-minded orthodoxy talking. The reality must be in recognizing that the rot set in during the Victorian Era, when Gin-Fuelled Promiscuity & Prostitution really took Britain by Storm. Plus there was no 'consciousness-raising' follow-through as accompanied the 1960's Era of 'Love and Peace, Man', which came to fruition at the end of the Beat Era & which saw the Outbreak of The Vietnam War.

Watch the Tube.

The Kindle is lit. A gauntlet presumably thrown down too? Or maybe you can hedge your bets and hope that this wildly extravagent Multi-Cultural Experiment gone-mad will resolve without Bloodshed and by hoping the Muslim Extremism will suffer a watering down to accomodate our lax, easy-going, but irreligious Modern Euro-Culture.

Though realistically speaking; - You'll probably need more than Good Luck to exit this Shock-to-the-System and 'Transformational' Headlong Clash of Civilisations and Politics without a very large bandage wrapped around your Heads!

Hey but don't get me wrong. When in a Scottish Town Square in about 2004 JG was called Loudly in front of a so-called Christian Crowd, "You are the Worst Person in the World", by a Bible-Basher when he pointed out that the Romans Crucified their Victims on Stakes not on Crosses.
Evidently informing of the facts of history is another area of difficulty with the modern-day observers of religion.

- Your Donkey-Like Weakness that can be so easily dominated by the Race-Horses of this System of Things.

N'est-pas!?! Oui, oui; - C'est surement ça!
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
— Prov 29:2

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