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Infoworriers! Reality is breaking on the shoreline; It's time to Take a Paddle.

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Author Topic: Infoworriers! Reality is breaking on the shoreline; It's time to Take a Paddle.  (Read 466 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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« on: November 02, 2012, 07:37:10 am »

"That's how it already is in these backward totalitarian states like the British Isles ..."
 - AJ regarding us British and our alleged 'non-existant' rights to self defence.

 Well, of course, if that was the case I should just shut up shouldn't I, telling nobody about anything.
But no, it's always just been a big-joke for Jones, all that piled up British stiff-upper lip PR nonsense.

  Firstly the Conservative Government passed new laws a few months ago which now allow English and Welsh homeowners, business occupiers to protect themselves using 'Appropriate violence, as seemed reasonable in the circumstances '... etc.
In Britain it is now mostly defendable in an English court-of-law, to lethally protect against a house-breaker.

secondly, there is an active & at least partially effective compensation culture for victims of crime and violence ...

But this argument only gets me in deeper water because Literally AJ and hosts have me labelled as a mentally ill Illuminatus because I don't really want this....

But you see, my problem always was with 'REALITY', as it's painted by the majority ...
 - ... Thing is, we went through all or a large swath of this gun-rights to threaten one-another with back in the 1970's. I was there, and personally all my Friends or most of them, were Americans, who had decided that guns were not the solution to their own particular take on the world and its' problems.

Reality is breaking on the shoreline; It's time to Take a Paddle. So take my advice and take that paddle, but bear in mind just taking a paddle can, as happened to JB in 1992, when the water is infested with Human Sewage from the Town's outlet lead to severe physical disability, and conceivably for the less healthy, Death even.

As the Beach-Boys pronounced in a 1970's song: "Don't go near the Water". It was actually the title of the song.

"Don't go near the water,
 what's happened to the water;
- The water's Going bad.

- Don't go near the Water"

And here's another phrase Mr Jones came out with, a couple/three weeks back on GCN, I heard it first hand:
 "I shall spit you out for you are neither Hot nor Cold".*
 - Referring to his personal and organisational shunning of people who do not tow the Infoworriers' line and commit their lives to repeating his supposedly enigmatic insight on worldly political trends. 
Childish ambitions at best, in this context; - expecting generations of the formerly 'worldly-wise' to temporarily suspend sanity in order to present the Info-Worrier-Class' Political World Views to an unconverted mankind. Much as it's a job that needs to be done but not without some price to pay, and only on the warrior-classes heads let it be.
* That's a misquoted but semantically correct from Revelations 3:15.

Maybe it's he himself that should be seeking psychiatric help and he should stop ranting on about his deep understanding of the mental illnesses of other, who upon supposed simple prompt from 'Dark Budget' Masters will do all these terrible things, when let's face it, particularly regarding the ignorance, it's all just out in plain-sight Agenda & Propaganda, dividing people once again, setting them against one-another because you know the people are up for seeking out a scape-goat, especially in these dark-times.

 And this time it's JB who's had enough of it; - OkeyDokey?! Get it through yer damned thick Skulls Boneheads!

People ('s problems) killed John Lennon, not Guns ...

A run on guns, it's almost as certain an outcome as a money-bomb.

Give yourselves a pat on the back, because what has to be, in the end wil be, and there's nothing you can do.
Nothing you can do to stop it. Besides, you lot are just going to end hauled up in some gully or cave shooting off your last rounds whilst apocalpyse continues unabated over the next ridge right?

So good luck with it all; though personally, I think you need a nice long vacation.
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
Prov 29:2

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