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So-Called 'Alternative Media' fall hook and sinker for The Patsy "O'BamaPhoner".

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Author Topic: So-Called 'Alternative Media' fall hook and sinker for The Patsy "O'BamaPhoner".  (Read 441 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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« on: October 01, 2012, 07:10:06 am »

Actually, I'm not surprised. You see, the women in the video is mentally ill.

The 'Gone Viral' "O'Bama Phone" person.

The Idea is to not appeal to outdated, outmoded 'right-wing racism' but to the New Order of Predjudice against the myriads of newly classified, or indeed longer term mentally ill people that so-called 'Conservative American Talk-Show Hosts', legions of youtubthumpers and all the Other TURKEYS whose heads turn automatically to prompt in the same direction, have stereo-typed and categorised as a prime-cause of concern for politically motivated false-flag events such as mass-shootings.

"I bet your life that when the facts all come out, the person who did (said event) is a mentally ill person who has been on medication and supervision for some time".
— Anonymous 'Right-Wing' Radio hosts, name a few ...

The idea has at least two handy handles:
1) The Mentallly ill have become the target of RIGHT-WING conspiracy theorist PREJUDICE. (Watch for that)
2) The Mentally ill are now 'proven with incontrovertible evidence' (watch for that) 'bought and paid for' willing participants & willing conscripts to a Pro-Social Security, anti-CAPITALIST paradigm controller.

There may well be other façets to this. But by criticising the women, so-called 'Libertarians' clearly are outed as 'Right-Wing' anti-Freedom, anti-HealthCare anti-common-sense extremists.
This is the sort of label that the Fusion-Centres or whoever else is watching, (maybe your ex-alcoholic neighbour),  will find extremely useful in creating lists of pre-crime suspects, (if that's your ambition, go right ahead, be my guest moron) or in a more political context, these statistics can be used to polarise popular public opinion against the willing masses of Political Opponents.

We live in a world where the current generation who man the shops on the street are the imbecile sons and daughters of a generation who have accepted that Yes, 'Men are evil carbon-sinners, and climate-change is the cause of the Common-Cold.' The odds of you getting through the day without rubbing up with a brain-dead mutant are receeding with each and every new dawn. Quelle Catastrophe!

Jonnie Goodboy doesn't do this stuff. I don't do any of this sort of rubbish, but you will see Infoworriers going for it hook, line and sinker. I will not leave you to figure out why.

It's all about competition. It's the very beginning and end of what is considered normal 'healthy and aggressive' human behaviour, and politics itself is just full of devious 'one-upmanship' behaviour, leading to a possible conclusion that competition is the only thing, however detrimental it can be, that the human-race has going for it.

But I see beyond that, and it's not because I'm your typical lazy whimp. It's because I have every reason to believe that there are enough worthy human beings out there who also know how to work constructively and in cooperation.

A) Competition is NOT ALWAYS healthy.
B) Trying to be Number One, is not in the least bit important, but it is seen as the true human spirit, and anything or anyone who seeks to move beyond or transcend the base animal 'one-upmanship, or 'lizard-brain', (as a evolutionary biologist might be happy to term it), is labelled as a Transhumanist or Wanna-Be Elite.

I'd say, this is why the internet has been so useful and is indeed aptly named 'the web'; for it serves truly as a 'fly-trap' for all those masses of seemingly lost aimless, useless creatures fluttering around and being blown this way and that by whatever breeze or gust comes along. You want to stick to something other than fly-paper for a change.

That's how I see humanity adapting to the pathetic challenges of the 2IC here. Each one-another pretending to be one-step up on the self-righteous ladder from anybody else he/she meets, unless they're sufficiently educated to understand the concept of the rights and privileges of the concept of the individual & prinicples of self-determination.

So, I'd say this is the ideal opportunity to promote my info and my perspective. I am not going to have all my attention introverted into Insane levels of Neurosis, and my future tends forwards not backwards, why rarely even sideways.

For the so-called 'alternative-media' (a synonym identified as representing gays and irreligious by many christian groups), life is all about politics. For JonnieGoodboy, life is far from so. For JonnieGoodboy it's about the 'Ascent of Man', and this is going to leave a lot of turkeys behind. I hope you won't be disappointed.

Stay-tuned, Divert YOUR ATTENTION and 'Keep listening to the Stars'.
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
— Prov 29:2

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