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EU to open skies to Civilian Surveillance drones by 2016 say European Commission

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Author Topic: EU to open skies to Civilian Surveillance drones by 2016 say European Commission  (Read 611 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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The Gulag Archipelago, - had 'Paradise Islands'.

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« on: September 08, 2012, 12:39:08 pm »

 Well, I presume it's not to keep an eye on school children absenteeing ... or the occasional working-class shaven headed twerp as he throws a brick ....

In an obscure working document, the European Commission has announced it is working on plans to open European civil airspace to unmanned drones by 2016.  This follows the signing by President Obama earlier this year of the FAA Appropriations bill which mandated that US airspace must be opened to drones by 2015.

The European Commission (EC) plan was revealed in a Staff Working Paper published on September 4th 2012 entitled  “Towards a European strategy for the development of civil applications of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems”.

The document  summaries the conclusions of the year-long European Unmanned Air Systems Panel which began meeting in July 2011and recommends setting up a European RPAS [Remotely Piloted Air Systems] Steering Group (ERSG).  The aim of the ERSG, writes Peter van Blyenburgh, President of UVS International, (the main European drone lobby group) on the UAVS Vision website is to “foster the development of civil RPAS by planning and coordinating all the activities necessary to achieve the safe and incremental integration of RPAS into European air traffic by 2016″

A drone in Afghanistan. - Getty images.

 It's about monitoring your use of cars, bikes, etc, and pronouncing elegant clean sterile final solutions to the problem of your existance in a Green Gaian Globalist Gulag. It's also about agitating you, making you ... nervous.  Shocked

Head for the Hills ....
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
— Prov 29:2

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Jonnie Goodboy
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The Gulag Archipelago, - had 'Paradise Islands'.

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« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2012, 03:36:28 am »

Military Surveillance Drones are a beautiful thing, don't you think; - reflecting the symbiotic relationship between Gaia & mankind?!

Leading British Commedienne lookalike gets to pilot them, from his teenage bedroom!

A drone pilot at the base at Hancook Field, near Syracuse, working the controls of a craft flying over Afghanistan.

In addition to the unmanned aerial vehicles, United Drones will operate several unmanned ground vehicles, called Wraiths, at the convention. The Wraiths can travel up to 65 mph “and climb just about anything,” said Winter.

And the official Excuse; illegal immigration because every unbelieving witless wonder needs one.

But immigrants in dingies don't cross borders overland do they? Yes, of course they do, if we say so.

A 'Reaper' drone in Afghanistan in 2008.
- Afghanistan, since the beginning of this great new war, has been a Darpa-Toys Testing and Development Ground.

A whole new-frontier Battlefield is opening up and it's the duty of a soldier to pick his targets.

I see mothers with children, I see fathers with children, I see fathers with mothers, I see kids playing soccer … [but] I feel no emotional attachment to the enemy. I have a duty, and I execute the duty.” By their own accounts, drone pilots spend weeks stalking their targets — observing the intimate patterns of their daily life such as playing with their children, meeting neighbors, talking to their wives — before finding a moment when the family is away to launch the missile that will end their target’s life. Afterward they drive home like any other commuter, perhaps stopping at a fast food restaurant or convenience store before coming home to their families for the night. “I feel like I’m doing the same thing I’ve always done, I just don’t deploy to do it.”

Recently, the Guardian published a piece about Bradley Strawser, an assistant professor of philosophy at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif., which made the argument that drone strikes are not just moral but that the U.S. should in fact consider itself morally obliged to use them in combat. “It’s all upside. There’s no downside. Both ethically and normatively, there’s a tremendous value … You’re not risking the pilot. The pilot is safe.”


The President and his aides draw up a Kill List in which they play the role of prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner. People on this secret Kill List have never been charged, tried or convicted in a court of law, and are given no opportunity to surrender;
The labeling of all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants, thus justifying their murder, is an extreme and macabre form of profiling;
Drone strikes kill not only their intended targets, but innocent people, including children, violating the sanctity of human life;
Drone strikes violate other nations’ sovereignty (Pakistan’s elected leaders, for example, have repeatedly called for an end to the strikes);
Drones in the hands the CIA and the Joint Special Operations Command keep the program veiled in secrecy. The lack of transparency and accountability violate the basic tenets of a democratic society;
Drones make killing more abstract, impersonal, antiseptic, convenient and “easy”;
The Administration insists that because drones do not risk American lives, Congress need not be consulted, leading to a dangerous abuse of executive power;
Drone strikes have replaced Guantanamo as the recruiting tool of choice for militants. They fuel anti-American sentiment, radicalize local populations and perpetuate an endless cycle of violence.
The example being set by the United States that a nation can go anywhere it wants and kill anyone it wants on the basis of secret information is leading to a world of chaos and lawlessness.

Drones in European Skies by 2016?
You are going to LOVE IT. Whether you like it or not. Because it represents FEAR & INTIMIDATION.
And as you will recognise, intuitively, anything that terrorises an innocent victim, whether a lie or not, is GOOOOD!
YOU WILL love it and respect it's divine nature - its machine-on-Human Predatorial Representation.
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
— Prov 29:2
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