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Balkans rally to the EURO! Yugoslav integration to avoid Spectre of Srebrenica.

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Author Topic: Balkans rally to the EURO! Yugoslav integration to avoid Spectre of Srebrenica.  (Read 551 times)
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« on: August 03, 2012, 11:49:22 am »

Radio, that's EIRE or Southern Irish Radio of 252khz Medium Wave, this morning had an anti-typical Lord Monkton, sounding similar with the same burocrat disposition and elequence but lacking the 'beware of the Euro' message.
Rather, the speaker was pushing the idea from his own research and book, that it was corruption that largely led to the Former Yugloslavian implosion and annihilation scenario of the Balkans Conflict of the mid-nineties. He didn't believe that a 700yr old Grudge - the infamous and hardly believable, I must admit, 'Battle of Kosovo Field' had led to a massive civil war seven-hundred years later. No rather he said he had years of archived evidence to prove that it was not only religious sectarianism but also massive establishment corruption, and resultant inequality that led to that Civil-War.

You see, This 'Nouveau-Politique' of this Brave-New-World is all about the alleged, (imaginary made real for a moment) right for peoples to "fight for an independent homeland of their own". That's what the public believe when they go along with things. And logicians say: 'It is almost impossible to apply logic to a situation when the situation is constantly changing'.

What a barrow-load of old Balkans, I muse. Surely, you can't have your Carrot-Cake, and Eat it?

Total Euro-Integration is the carrot for the formalized Integration of all European Continental Nations into one homogenous clump. The Stick is of course the club to be used to smash our heads with the counter-argument - that it's all going to (if we don't integrate); explode in our faces with the most terrible consequences, the likes of which we witnessed during the Former Yugoslavian Civil-War for Independence of 1992-5.

The Balkans need our help, and moreover, the Balkans NEED YOUR ECB MONEY SOON, WHAT's LEFT OF IT!

 But integrating Yugolslavia will always be a huge task of Damage limitation, to the Body of the Eurozone which already so entrenched with allegations of 'back-scratching' and scandals is damaged enough already.
The Stability Pact for Balkan NATO & EUROZONE integration was formed in 1999, at the same time as The Euro.
It's apparently done a lot of good work in repairing the socio-economic-political infrastructure and allowing FREE-SPEECH. And other Minor Miracles.

 Let us just hope that the legacy of The Post General Tito Yugoslavia and the subsequent time of Milosovic, Kadovic and the other Feudalist War-Lords of the Bosnian War is now well healed, and that they can leave their 700++ Year patrimony of the Battle of Kosovo Fields well behind them before they join the Eurozombie March.

 And surely, the Masses, will say: "Whatever; - whatever you have to do".

The problem is, conjecturally, that the people who repeat this load of old Balkans, have absolutely no interest in the long-term future, they're just getting through another day, and so the 'whatever you have to do, do it' is just the public repeating its tiny 'Quotidiennel' (day by day) Point-of-view. That's why the public's opinion can be now safely ignored. Our strategies and methods are those required for a person who wants to, and needs only to get through till tomorrow. God-damned twerp public; lost your pensions & your offspring has no job to go to.

 Besides, the Brit's 'modern hero' is someone who has spent five years inside for house-breaking with violence.
He endured the risk for the reward. He/She is the modern day hero to these imbeciles.

Any corruption resident within the heart of the Eurozone Establishment Organs will, be defintion of this above argument seriously deter from any chance of a successful integration of the former Yugoslavia into the Eurozone.

And for a generation bread of and by violence and decayed values, The Balkan Nations joining the Euro should be like bringing a house of corruption to a table of bin-recycled goodies and try and pass it off to the gathered guests, as a beggers banquet. They'll all think it's the best thing since sliced bread.

If politicians start to sound like the Public, then you do need to start seriously worrying about the Future.
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
Prov 29:2

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