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Scots Press Run "EU Human-Rights Regulators vote 141M Legal Aid to Criminals".

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Author Topic: Scots Press Run "EU Human-Rights Regulators vote 141M Legal Aid to Criminals".  (Read 478 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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« on: July 16, 2012, 02:56:39 pm »

 Why are the Press running headlines on Printed Versions of Today's Press which highlight the issue of the EU's Human Rights Legistatative, deciding that Scotland (OF ALL PLACES -) may be abusing CRIMINAL'S HUMAN RIGHTS by not giving them "Equal Access to Legal Aid as the rest of Scots Society already enjoy"?

 What a plan! What a Psychological Operation.

Scotland has one of the HIGHEST Crime rates in Europe, with an equally HIGH - LOWEST (that is) Rate of Prosecution or Satisfactory (from the view of the victims) sentencing rate in the Courts System.
Scotland's Judiciary is viewed by even the POLICE as a JOKE.

Moreover, Official figures made available in the Scots Press earlier this year, (I have the printed article here) showed that 40% of all violent crimes recorded here, were committed by Convicted criminals OUT ON BAIL, awaiting a sentence! What a Place to start from, when thinking about GIVING CRIMINALS MORE LEVERAGE IN THE COURTS.

As regards LEGAL AID. When I was attacked in my home by a time-served House-Breaker and Junkie who was put up to the Job of ATTACKING ME in my HOME; There was NO CHANCE at all for me to benefit by Free LEGAL AID from a Solicitor. But under these incoming changes approved by the EU, the CRIMINAL who assaulted me IN MY HOME, for no good reason at all, would now be entitled to all MANNER of help.

As it was then, predictably so too, the CRIMINAL ASSAILANT walked free, more or less, despite my CCTV system having caught him in the act, to which he pleaded guilty. He was also heard threatening to come back to 'DO ME' With a Knife. That's a threat of Murder. And he walked.

Now, it sounds like the Joke Judiciary, of this once proud land behind so much of 'The enlightenment' period of British History, wants with EU help to turn this society into a TRULY RETARDED AGRARIAN GULAG, where the innocent and the victims of serious crime are to be viewed as not worthy of being given ANY SUPPORT.

 Now, if I'm reading any of this correctly; What does this tell you; other than that Scotland is about to ENTER A WORLD OF PAIN!

Ans: That the Media, (whom the Scots Police admittedly hate, conveniently) are trying to STIR-UP Public opinion in such a manner that we might seek to defend ourselves.

And as all visitors to GLOBAL GULAG, here know, the rights of SELF-DEFENCE for the individual are being ERODED and are indeed expected by watchful eyes to be ERODED Even Further.

 Problem (Create Crime wave - with HEROiN), Reaction (Media play the role of perpetuating the public mood) and finally The Solution (EU Burocrats, step into the Mele to oversee continued oppression of victims), with reward for criminals under so-called 'HUMAN RIGHTS' Provisions.

EURO JOKE. But no-one but the criminals and their handlers will be laughing.

IN EUROPE THEY WON'T NEED IR camps as per Fema 3.39.40 in the US. The Brits and the Scottish Scum Feudalist Federalist Fabianist Perverts have all the infrastructure in place already. And the MEDIA, Well, they think it's a good day's work done, and they should be 'sleeping like a log'.

Don't you see: EUROZOMBIE TOO! And we all LURV a good ZOMBIE, don't we!
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
Prov 29:2

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