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Is American Financial Support for IRISH/CELTS SECTARIANISM the root of all EVIL?

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Author Topic: Is American Financial Support for IRISH/CELTS SECTARIANISM the root of all EVIL?  (Read 467 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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« on: July 11, 2012, 08:36:50 am »

 .. And the Establishment organs know from 30 years of 'the troubles' in Celtic Ireland just what can be done by manipulation of the dumb ORK-LIKE "Patriotic & Proud" Blood Lusting, Centuries old Slothful Internecine Hatred that makes up the BACKBONE of BRITISH SOCIETY.

  That's why the American's funded, and probably are encouraged to still do so, the Dissident Terrorists Mindset that make up so much and poses for so much of Irish and Scottish, not forgetting Welsh Breakaway Nationalist Identity.

 That's how The Northern Ireland Parades Commission which oversees Planned marches that move cross-community in threatening manners, are considering allowing a PROTESTANT ORANGE ORDER LODGE MARCH To take place for the FIRST TIME ever, in DUBLIN, that's the Pope Adherent South of Ireland.

 The trouble with these people is, the STATE is Encouraging them to believe in THEIR OWN VANITY and their BLOOD FEUDING history, as being the true-identity that should be expected of this season. This season (The Last 2000yrs) When Alienation from GOD is seen as YOUR VERY REASON FOR BEING, YOUR VERY ESSENCE.

Prognosis due to our skittish look into recent so-called 'Christian' history: 'God is Rubbish'.
Sure, are you!?!

Whatever you say, HEAP BIG CHIEF!

 This stuff, this twisted, revisiting of Falsehood, whilst you are encouraged to laugh at the likes of me as INCONSEQUENTIAL FRUSTRATED and GIBBERING IDIOTS, just goes to show, how easy it's going to be for the Human Race to get a taste for Globalist/Sectarian Government Sanctioned Militarist Tyranny. You're already preparing in your spare time, to rationalise it all away. You're being prepared for something very big indeed. At least I hope so.

And by the way. You're going to get a mouth full of the worst Satan Has in store for you. And whilst you're burning down people's homes, you'll think your future as rulers of culture and posterity is assured as next week's rainfall.

I'm so sick of your Social Services flavoured 'Human Race Extinct in 30 Years' - Let's help ourselves, prognosis.

The Big one is Coming, whether from God or from VAINGLORIOUS MANKIND. What will it take to stop the infatuation with Predator on Prey activity? It's not even 'Human-Nature'. The Neanderthals were driven to extinction over the search for a lack of resources in a Too Cold a Climate. The 'newly appeared' Homo-Sapiens were not Predating them.

Now, in this season of the last 2000 years we have suffered under a completely new phenomenon.

It's coming and it's gonna sweep all our inheritances away unless you willing slaves to HUMAN WEAKNESS, freaking wake up and stop massaging your Orklike Ego of Dependency upon The Great Lie.
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
Prov 29:2

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