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Social Housing: Easy Street for criminals who can't organise their own lives.

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Author Topic: Social Housing: Easy Street for criminals who can't organise their own lives.  (Read 598 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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« on: June 26, 2012, 09:02:56 am »

 In my day, that is during their first appearances, Housing Associations came out of the Housing Co-op movements which were all about people with little or no money and in need of housing taking the bull by the horns, organising with genuine trusted or near trust-worthy friends, to create a market for their own accomodation out of the huge surplus of uninhabited/uninhabitable dissused/abandoned properties which appeared particularly in the Inner-Cities during the 1970's.

 And frequently this nexus of cooperative movement had in sequence been born out of the 'heavily-under-siege' inner-city Squatter and Squatter's Rights Movements. And they were movements.

The Co-op I personally was at from the very first day back in ~1978 stands to this day, as testament to good works.
And when I passed down that road in 2007, for just a couple minutes walking down Grantham Rd, SW9. London, People of immigrant and Native Origins, who I'd never met before were saying a bright "hello" as we passed in the street. Never seen 'em before. And that's Stockwell where the Menedes Shooting took place just 50 yards or less away. An organic soulful thing repairing itself, withstanding apparently well, all the ravages of time and tide.

So no-one need Lecture me about what IS and what can never be. Why Bother Trying?

It was all HEAVY hard WORK. Really heavy, really hard, perpetual graft out of which came stable and long-lasting accomodation. It meant building, renovation, learning such skills and putting in the hours, whilst on meagre subsistence state-benefits, effectively working for nothing when you toted up the hours.

Nowadays, although there are plenty of good people in so-called Social-Housing, people that go out each day, or stay in for that matter to WORK HARD, the whole Housing Association movement, at least an example I am thinking of, and I'm sure this is mirrored elsewhere, has been hijacked by Social-Service oriented and 'for profit' motivated groups. Privatised Housing Associations.

And the SOCIAL-SERVICES element means that Social-Housing, nationwide, may, inevitably enough, be being filled up with some serious type ex-jailbird offenders, junkies, and alcoholics because SOCIAL-SERVICES are upon invite of local Government, particularly in Justice gone to Hell Scotland, cornering the market for re-housing and reform of convicted criminals, in order to allow the Justice System to spin this model of economic 'Finger-Light-Treatment' of these ex-criminals as they seemingly, almost immediately re-enter the 'civil-society'.

This sadly makes modern society look like it's all about pitting the elements within it, against one-another.

And then, when it all goes to Hades in a hand-cart, Social-Services mindset types can step in your door, and say condescendingly (as they do) to victims of crime, committed at the hands of those they handle, things  like: "But we've all got to learn to get along". BS. It was never my intention to 'Got to get along' with people who were peer-trained or doomed by genetic trait to target the sons and daughters of the middle-classes or whoever.

Using 'quick-route' criminal re-enstatement in society to get a reduction in the prison-population. How considerate!

But they play with fire, in order to eventually get THEIR fingers burned.

I give this information and these hints, because I'm better than common-criminal scum and I warn the authorities, whilst they sneer and snyde at me, that I know what happens if you put a bunch of criminals together. Yes, you get a mafioso, eventually, who actually believe they are contributing the greatest part to the security and peace of the community they move in on.

It's obviously not got that bad yet! But are there honest safeguards to prevent that quite possible 'evolution'?
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
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