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Lord Monkton - LIFE as apologist for Margaret Thatcher's Appeasement of the US

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Author Topic: Lord Monkton - LIFE as apologist for Margaret Thatcher's Appeasement of the US  (Read 550 times)
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« on: June 16, 2012, 09:56:12 am »

Intro: Don't get me wrong. I don't dislike the Military. Far from it, I have to honour my parents, both of whom were in the employ of the Ministry of Defence and formerly on my Mothers' side, the Ministry of War. Got a nice ring to it hasn't it. I think so. But don't be tempted. And I wouldn't say my folks had their fingers on the Big Red Button.
This isn't about how you're not going to be affected by the BIG CHANGES in Global Governance coming in. Military Government under the auspices of the United Nations is going to be used, eventually, and wisely so, soon enough to eradicate Criminal elements of corruption, fakery, insider Trading and Slandering/Backstabbing and the hatching of plots from behind closed doors, right across society; across the board. Sound cool? You better get yourselves straight then, anyone with er, what shall we say -
"Plans for Your Future Criminal Activities".

  Who am I to stand in the way of Progress. Believe me, I wouldn't even if I thought I could.

        The US-AIR (Con-Air) sort of motto: 'Doing Bad things to Bad people', was all very fine. But you need to be able to recall the ability to entertain your own independant thought; seeing beyond someone elses' need to gain reputation and honor by whatever means, if you are to be remembered in this world, and the next, as anything other than a Gullible Lobotomised Lumux.

  I was in Britain, in the UK, my supposed 'homeland' (sic) in the 1980's when Thatcher Waged the Fake but very real war on the Coal-Miners, literally invoking a totalitarian Police-State the likes of which America is only now beginning to see a mirror type image of, with TSA road blocks. IT was a fake war because it was done in the name of a anti Trade-Unionism (and who in their right minds doesn't hate them nowadays) and CLAMPDOWN on Trade-Unionism, when really it was the first salvo fired in the name of FAKE CLIMATE CHANGE arguments - the real reason.

  But she also did it to continue her APPEASEMENT of RONALD REAGAN, another now resurected hero of the INFOWORRIER class, (comparitively or relativistically speaking), and his literal WAR against the GREAT SATAN of RUSSIA, or if you will the vestiges of 'Communism' already massively in decline at the time. Not needing much of a push.

  It was a few decades of Propaganda-War that reached culmination in 1984 (?) with the Publication in THE TIMES OF LONDON, (no less) of a full Two-Page Centre-Spread of 'Larger-than-Life' A3-sized newspaper print: written by or with major contribution from the Personal Priest to RONALD REAGAN. The Priest in Question advocated full-out Nuclear Conflict with RUSSIA whom he labelled then in the newspaper asTHE GREAT SATAN (fact). I had a copy and read it whilst sitting on my rustic wooden seat or oil barrel perhaps, in the priviledged Rubbish Dump where I demeured at that time; already enjoying a glimpse of the actual future. However, it was my choice to live like that. But Margaret Thatcher was now Come, heralding Like an ancient Britanic Emporess, to save us from these Leftovers of Socialist Imposed Barbarity and Poverty.

Hooray? But at first, there was work for her to do by appeasing the Fake Prophets of the Day.

  She also APPEASED REAGAN'S deployment at Lakenheath and GREENHAM-COMMON of whole batteries, nay - legions of CRUISE MISSILES aimed at Russian Primary targets in Eastern Europe to further that Agenda.

  This made the UK, from any point of View, then 'Airstrip One' as Orwell had Forewarned, as the likely 1st-Strike in any Nuclear War. Because also, 'Airstrip-One' (RAF Lakenheath, Mildenhall and many many others) were the Home to what would be the first -wave of any Response to a First-Strike Nuclear or Otherwise from 'The Soviets'.

  A similar situation was mirrored in Eastern Europe for the Psychological Benefit of the Citizens of Bulgaria, Hungary, etc. They were just looking westwards, their gaze to pass metaphorically 'over the Berlin Wall' some few hundred miles out West.

  All this and a lot more added up to a REIGN of TERROR against the PEACE-MOVEMENT and as you would know them today, INFOWORRIERS (because you worry me, more often than not, for your lack of information about actual recent history, before you were conscious of the world around) and so-called Political LIBERTARIANS. Yes, we had them then too, it was a significant movement in the late 70's & 80's.
I knew many. Mostly they had huge sympathies with limp-wristed Gay Politics and were more concerned with how you walked than where you marched, but generally were appeasers of Militant Socialism.
A Newspaper Printfactory Workers strike rode the crest of the wave for these types back then.

  THATCHER was not protecting anyone but her clique, as Lord-Monkton Points out: "The Ruling-Class of which I am a Member" (GCN AJ show today.)

  I was there. It was a violent psy-war of debilitating proportions meant to install Fluoridated Feckwit American values into Britain, by the Side-Channel in order to destroy and force the EXPATRIATION of people already marginalised from their own SOCIETY, - THE FOURTH WORLDERS, as the term was coined then, particularly in reproach to this phenomena. People forced to leave their own country of Britain, going into hiding to maybe adopt, what I coined 'Socio-Economic-Political Refugee' status. Not many people would admit it though. Mental Illness!

  Monkton and Jones don't actually do anymore than spin Glossy-Revisionist-Stories about the recent-past, in order to use them in THEIR OWN shared AGENDA(S) of deceptive PROPAGANDA or INFOWAR.

  But the end of all this, is not what it seems, The purposes you should consider are more sinister than the fake daily in and out politics of DETHROANING Russian influence in Eastern Europe, - for it went further than that, but cut close to the bone, at home. It went all the way to an overt ATTACK by criminal mindset on certain Budding and Influential Thinkers, sons of the so-called Middle-Class, such as I. Or maybe I was just Nave? How convenient for you tossers.

  And this, this time, for once only, IS ALL ABOUT ME. Cos I know. You believe in Monkton's ROMANTIC re-telling (over and over, till it covers over) of his Revisionist View of this History as repeated endlessly on AJ's show, to your own risk.

  It is way above and beyond EMBELLISHMENT. I never heard of Thatcher being Patriotic, except to the MILITARY who she adored, and they worshipped HER, like a SexBomb. That adjective doesn't do it honour. It's about WICKEDNESS. It's also just about the old AMERICAN prime activity of COPPING HEADS.

  The object of HEAD-COPPING is the successful completion, against your own better judgement, of the displacement of your own NATIVE FIRST-HAND experience, and to VOLUNTARILY see your concepts be replaced with CIA-Hosted anti-liberty propaganda. And it included in those days, the first signs of PEAK-OIL climate change Hysteria, though hysteria was far from Vogue, back then, and between the Devil, The Deep-Blue Sea & the CIA, that was completely or widely recognised.

  We (the British People) needed urgent relief from 18-Yrs (comparable to Ferdinand Marcos' Phillippines Reign of Despotism) and THEY wanted it at the next General election. The Big Fraud of 'Democratic' Electoral Process, again. This time We Believed in its' POWER.

  That's why THATCHER was TAKEN OUT, of OFFICE, literally in tears. People had had enough. I even voted Socialist NEW-LABOUR to ensure that the Government which feigned Freedom, but which actually at home mimicked some of the Worst Attributes of Communism, was removed. It didn't matter what came after. You see. You ask anybody on the street from Now until Time Indefinite. They are all CORRUPT, all THE SAME, effectively except for the cosmetics and perhaps the Gender from time to time.

  Did you know that the CIA owned and were actively using (NOT until a few years ago? It was a propaganda in the FAKE 'War-on-Terror' website with a lot of MILITARY links, but was being dissolved and taken down when I visited it, or a very short while later - because it had gone next time I looked, in about 2005. Maybe they were trying to compete with AJ's info; or corner the TLD market, and later decided it a bad strategy, maybe leading soldiers to the wrong outlet!!!!!

  But whoever it is, they do it to deceive you and capture you into their metaphorical web. I don't care when it is but I hope you all get what you deserve just when you think that you're really getting it on, really rubbing it up close, with some close criminal affiliate you rely upon as ears, eyes and brain, you head-shrunken, pin-headed morons.
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