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I am a NOBODY. By these issues, how much are YOU & Worldly Importance affected?

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Author Topic: I am a NOBODY. By these issues, how much are YOU & Worldly Importance affected?  (Read 567 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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« on: June 04, 2012, 06:57:17 am »

 I really am a nobody. That's not just self-pity looking for a way out. I am a very little person, of little consequence. I even disappeared off the radar for 10 years, -yet no worldly human twitched a whisker because of that and came searching for me. I am no disgruntled arms-trade worker, or Government department stooge.

 My Mother died when I was 6 from cancer she got from a civil servants' job with 'The Ministry'.
I was deprived at an early age and have much less than inner resident pride, expectation of power, or surety that my ultimate destiny is to propagate my families' reputation and honour, or even what tidbit I possess of my own.

 I had no career, I sought none. I became a socio-political-economic refugee, or 'Fourth-Worlder' from my own country. In the 1970's I was harassed and chased down by some Police for being a nobody. For being a victim of great personal misfortune, and bereavement.

If these issues I have covered on this board and the thousands and thousands of posts of previous incarnations of it, seem somehow important to me:
Then how much important should they be for people, with so much more to lose?

Do you have living family? I don't; - it's too late, most likely. I have no living relatives. My skills are largely autodedact, that is self-taught, mostly. I own no house, I never will. I have none of the expectations of relatives to appease, no familial reputation to live up to. And no family to let down. I am "a slow country lad" to quote a Vietnam Veteran Medical chap who once I shared house with.

My patriarchal family: They are literally and honestly all dead, killed by modern disease or even arguably, in my mother's case - Warfare and the preparation for ...!

If I, a noboby, a REAL nobody, sees the issues related in these thousands of news articles, as deserving attention, sometimes holding importance, then how much more so for YOU - SHOULD they?!
Of course, many would prefer to keep their heads down, safe in the sand. I know I have done so in the past.

And maybe in the future too?!

People are possessed by the materialism, that I can only clutch at like a fumbling child; they hold proud to their inheritances of creedos and patrimony. So, we'll see what happens to the mass of self-important humanity, and whether they are capable of doing more than answering a call to switch on their televisions to watch some Kings and Queens float down river on some anti-typical Teutonic Ceremonial Barge.

We'll see. Time will tell; but time is passing quickly, more quickly now.

So long for now ... folky folks. (Credits to Spike Milligan for that snippet.)
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
Prov 29:2

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