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BBC runs for cover with another Double-Dope on the CIA Recruited Airline Bomber.

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Author Topic: BBC runs for cover with another Double-Dope on the CIA Recruited Airline Bomber.  (Read 469 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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« on: May 09, 2012, 02:31:46 am »

On the Radio (I won't tell you which, try Radio 5 Live, or Radio 7 online) they are reporting word-for-word that the Derailed Al'Cu'ckoo plot was a CIA hatched plan. Wow, I thought, laying in bed with my anti-depressants, buckets of Coffee and a 'How to get off planet earth in 2 easy steps for Dummies', DIY manual,
- 'this can't be for real.'

And sure enough, true to the best of the BBC's monopoly on the 'humorous' take on truth and lies, It's not.

Got check the BBC News online website.
Al-Qaeda underwear bomber 'was double agent'
9 May 2012 Last updated at 04:05

From a report POSTED at 04.05hrs by the BBC (as more and more ditch their TV's, this is what You'll get instead), where the CIA operative was infact someone recruited from Al'Cu'ckoo in Saudi-Arabia ( Prinicipal 9/11-Links Rogue anti-NWO Government [sic]). Who gets to work at the BBC news desk at 04.00? Not many, I can tell you, because even in the height of terror-attacks most reports go up in the mid-morning.

So, it was all a massive a CointelPro (yeah, yeah) plan to fuddle my brain!? Or is there some healthy competition going on at the BBC? Unlikely, I don't think outside of the canteen and treadmills that anything healthy has ever gone on at the BBC, not for decades most probably.

Excuse the overtness, but the day the BBC report the EXISTENCE of this two-day old News FLASH, Press-Release BELOW, then I'll consider the news Realistically in touch, but not before. It's not uplifting news, far from it, it's massively depressing. Keep the sheeple in the dark, and they'll wander around as lost things. How empowering.

MASSIVELY DEPRESSING THINGS CAN BE BETTER WEATHERED if they are distributed over a larger number of people, he said wishfully.

I won't hold my breath then shall I not, BBC Producers, Editors and Presenters, 'one and all for one NewsBlackout'.


Like the 'red-cows' or red 'Stolypin' cars of the 1st Stage of Stalinist Gulag transports.

From the IRO manual. The new Homeland Prisoner of War Fashion Wear; Very Seasonal.

A 2010 FEMA document describing in hundreds of pages the entire contingency for rounding-up SOVIET GULAG-STYLE thousands if not hundreds-of-thousands, (given the size of infrastructure) Political DISSIDENTS (not armed White-Supremasist Groups) one of which who also just one day after this document emerged, suddenly got raided.

Oh, How Convenient for them. But watch out you witless Grass-Mowing Morons, or one-day you may find yourselves in a Politicals' Internment-Camp in Deepest Darkest, yourselves.
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
Prov 29:2

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