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BBC demonstrates Political Back-Scratching in L-R Control Debate over Legal Aid.

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Author Topic: BBC demonstrates Political Back-Scratching in L-R Control Debate over Legal Aid.  (Read 396 times)
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« on: March 06, 2012, 10:24:00 am »


Oftentimes it is difficult to see exploitations of so-called "Control Paradigms" being exerted in the public domain. What exactly constitutes a CP and it's really not always easy to see which scenarios are and which are just accidental convergences of conflicting ideas. It also displays the inability of the Modern Political State in times of Globalist Engineered Austerity, to change the coarse of previously made mistakes from the 'previous administration'.

'PM' - 17:00 Monday, 5th March
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 IMHO This here example is a great clarifier of the issue.
We know that the 'New Labour' Red Hot Socialist Party introduced a swathing range of cuts to public funded Legal Aid in Britain in the early/mid 'noughties that was literally Global, affecting every corner of the UK. It was a TOTAL CUT to my best knowledge. It's very very hard to get legal aid. This meant that LA compensation claims would no longer be available to Solicitors, Barristers and Lawyers in the whole of the British Isles. This translated on the street into a situation where citizens who wanted to have a Solicitor draft a legalese official looking letter or to represent them in anything but the most serious of issues, such as Domestic Violence, would be a no-no, unless that citizen was now willing to fork out the gross cost of such representation themselves, - with no help, any longer being available from the state.

So Labour did this. -


Now, in this interview with current Conservative Home-Secretary Kenneth Clarke, the BBC, ramming home all I have said about the above scenario, are suggesting that particularly VULNERABLE MINORITIES such as the DOMESTICALLY ABUSED are falling victim to the changes previously created.

Labour Peer Lord Bark:

"We're not against the cutting of Legal Aid, infact we did some cutting of it (sic) whilst we were in Government. Where we think The Government have Completely and Dangerously gone wrong is in cutting the wrong part of Legal Aid. The Government intend to attack the availability of LA for that advice: "
... ( (legal aid for benefits advice, housing, education, unemployment, debt and advice for needy people).

There's the Tailoring of the Response. Such Legal Aid was Barred years ago. All such advice in Scotland by my experience for instance went out with the proverbial bathing-waters way back in the early 'noughties. So there you have a good example of tailoring of the RESPONSE (definition involves misrepresentation, exaggeration & embellishment¿)

It's well known by the section of the public who are not entirely stupid, gormless and asleep, that these contiguous 'Governments' pass the buck and the blame from one 4-yr session to the next, and whilst pretending to be at odds with one-another as a party and individually, politicians these days are all extremely chummy when the get to the Common's Bar. Maybe they remain good though rather stiff-necked actors!? It's like any career, they must play the role and they are picked for their convictions in that department primarily. You must keep your head down and get on with holding onto the reigns of power, under the influence of the party 'whips' even if you disagree with policy and that, every day. Pretty obvious stuff.


Ken Clarke:

"I think with great respect to Mum's Net and Lord Bart, they were factually wrong in most of the things they said and they're not talking of what we're debating. I've just been listening to the debate in the House of Lords and with great respect [...] most of those were proceeding on a false footing and several of them said inaccurate things."

"The Government is not withdrawing legal aid for people making complaints of Domestic Violence, seeking injunctions or Protective Orders of any kind indeed we're keeping LA non Means-Tested. We take Legal Aid extremely Seriously, it's a Social Evil (¿Great Slip Up?), That's why we're putting more money into support groups and setting up special courts ...."

"We will keep legal aid for Domestic Violence". We do have to reduce LA funding [...] but the Labour Party [...] are all in favour of cutting legal aid except in every way in which we cut it and THEY DIDN'T CUT IT WHILST THEY WERE IN OFFICE .... the result in this country the Tax-Payer spends more financing lawyers and litigation of all kinds than would be regarded remotely sensible in any other democratic country"

So The Solution encompasses the analysis by the Home Secretary that New Labour didn't make the Necessary Cuts but that the Conservatives will be glad to do so. (But they're only continuing the work)

Anyone see why so many people get a headache just at the simple mention of politics and why so many former Middle-Class clever so and so's think that if the country was run by the KRAY TWINS, we'd all be living in a crime-free and happy society within no time at all ...
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