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Monsanto and its Legacy with the FDA

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Author Topic: Monsanto and its Legacy with the FDA  (Read 319 times)
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« on: July 24, 2010, 09:21:41 am »

Monsanto and its Legacy with the FDA
July 23, 2010

By Terra Mealey

In our modern world we face total control by a group of corrupt elite who are hell bent on establishing a total police state control grid. We are told that they are there to protect us from all dangers, seen or unseen. Does all this control really protect us or is it a cover for a vast intrusion into our private lives? Can we really trust our government agencies to look out for our best interest or are they working towards their own personal interests? Worse, are they looking out for very the industries that they tasked to police. Lets look at Monsanto and its long term relationship with the Food and Drug agency.

Monsanto already controls the worlds seed production with the approval of the United Nations, so lets take a look at two other products that Monsanto has been so kind in bringing to our dinner table.  Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is labeled toxic by many prominent researchers and is even linked to symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Despite widespread concern throughout the FDA, this product was approved for sale in the United States. This chemical sweetener is widely used through out the USA in many food products, yet Monsanto was not required to do important lab testing in order to gauge the effects this chemical had on the human body.

The next product I would like to look at is Monsantoís genetically engineered Bovine growth. This hormone has been linked to breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer. The Bovine growth  hormone is given to dairy cows to increase their milk production. This product ,GBH, was approved by the FDA while still in its experimental stages. We must also note that GBH is not used in any other country besides the United States, in fact Monsanto went as far as to outlaw non GBH dairies from labeling their products non GBH. This leads us to the question, is the FDA controlling Monsanto or is Monsanto controlling the FDA?

After researching Monsanto, it is easy to see how they yield so much power, former employees are literally scattered throughout the government and some have even become leaders within the FDA.

For example, Margaret Miller was a former supervisor for Monsanto and was actively involved in the GBH program. In fact, she was the very person who created the report that was sent to the FDA seeking approval to use GBH in the milk industry. Soon after she finished the report, she left her job at Monsanto and went to work for the FDA as the new Deputy Director of Human Food Safety. Ironically, her first assignment with the FDA was to approve her own report, effectively poisoning our milk supply. Imagine that!  As you can see, oversight is virtually non existence, and in my opinion its not to be found what so ever in our current government.

Micheal Taylor was the legal advisor to the FDA who fought for the labeling guidelines that kept the non GBH dairy farmers from labeling their products GBH free. By passing this unconstitutional law, the FDA has effectively stopped consumers from making an educated choice in regards to their food. When it comes to food freedom there is none, the government has chosen to make that choice for us. After shilling for Monsanto, he was given as job as head of the Monsanto division in Washington DC.

Lets look at a few more Monsanto / government connections. Donald Rumsfield our former Secretary of Defense was on the Board of Monsantoís Searle pharmaceuticals, which is credited with bringing us the toxic sweetener  Aspartame. Before being elected to the Supreme Court, Judge Clarence Thomas was a lawyer for the Monsanto corporation and lets not forget Anne Veneman, who became the US Secretary of Agriculture after she left the Board of Monsanto.

When a corporation becomes entangled into our government it can only lead to profit in favor of the corporation and less over sight for the people the government is supposed to protect. The government is supposed to work for our interests and our safety, but as this article has shown, that hasnít taken place in years. Big corporation are controlling every aspect of our lives and we sure canít count on the government WE THE PEOPLE created to do its job. Become aware my friends and together we can stop this government of lies and its money hungry partner. corrupt big business.
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