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Global Cult "Devils Messiah" Pastor Williams: '2012 End of America' Myth exposed

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Author Topic: Global Cult "Devils Messiah" Pastor Williams: '2012 End of America' Myth exposed  (Read 598 times)
Jonnie Goodboy
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« on: December 31, 2011, 05:01:28 am »

This is not a diatribe or attack on Jones. So bad luck there, no bait for you. Now read on.

According to an orthodox American Minister, (Lindsay Williams) on GCN AJ show last week, the OCCULT studied, and driven Elite are preparing operation 'Devil's Messiah' for 2012. A period Williams describes as one of deliberate 'Demoralisation of the American people'.  Because they believe, according to this report, that the Elite have divined the beginning of Jesus' period of Ministerial Proselytising as having begun at age 12.

New Millenium plus 12, gives 2012, and the Olympics in London. Wow, is that coincidence and where is Frank Black when you need him? And where's a Jewish Rabbi when you need him too?

The 'pastor' Lindsay Williams is working by the Jewish orthodox celebration of a boy leaving childhood. 
The Bar Mitzvah. He claims incoherently, wrongly, that therefore Christ began his Ministry at age 12.

What is that? Since when did coming into manhood, in any culture suddenly rise a child to status of in this case, 'Annointed One' or Christ, or 'Great Teacher'?  These were just two of the buttons Jesus Christ wore, later on in HIS life.

Yes, Christ studied the Bible for many years, and became fluent in it, even debating in THE TEMPLE with other Scholars. But his MINISTRY DID NOT begin at that point.

Does an electronics wizz-kid be recognised as an adept in all the convergent fields of the electronician's trade, fit to lecture and educate and inform the world of his understanding, following his first visit to the local electronics club; Or after working at his first Job, even? Not so! You are laughed at, and ridiculed in this life, for a long time, unless you're born to wealth. And Christ was not born to wealth, not even a wealthy Jewish family, and certainly not into Roman Citizenship and Political Power like the Apostle PAUL.
(Paul's Father was personally awarded a medal by Ceasar to recognise his contribution in the then recent and Great 'Greek War'.)

BUT JESUS's ministry only began after the BAPTISM. This doesn't concur with the report on GCN.
Think about it, his parents taking him to the Temple at age 12, hardly would classify a qualification for such a post!

Christ had to be visited by the Dove of the Holy-Spirit upon the act of BAPTISM by JOHN THE BAPTIST.
This occured at 30CE (common era = CE). Christs' period of ministry then became so intense and outfront, in the faces of the Jewish Orthodox Establishment, challenging every false doctrine they promoted, that CHRIST (meaning 'The Annointed' - From Water Baptism, by John), only lived 3 years after that momentous event in human history.

If that fact, is not enough to expose collusion with false-Babylonian understanding of religion, and to encourage such propaganda by having the same pastor back on, then why not? Could it be, that because American Influence over Britain, believe me, is so omnipotent?
That to scare people sufficiently, in (this one model of how to awake or motivate the masses) it is also seen as acceptable, for an American so-called Pastor of American Fundamentalism to spread the FALSE story of a connection between  1) 2012, 2) The Elite and 3) Some 'Judgement-Day' courtesy of joining the first two together ....?

I say it is not working. To quote jesus christ. "You cannot conquer the Demons by means of The Demons".
from a public speech called 'The Sermon on the Mount', which actually did occur.

Well actually deception does work, because the masses respond to it well, And that's why God gave us the Christ to speak with power, and unmuddled clarity, and CALMLY. And it was all recorded over 2000 years ago and accurate translations render this information into current language, and with precision too.

I just hope the scriptwriters of your world don't concoct a story about Invaders from Mars, on spindly legs, storming chicago and manhatten. That would really suck, at this particular moment in time ....

That's why we call one fiction and one fact. And the fact is, 2012 does not commemorate the beginning of Christ's Ministerial Period.

The Problem with 'Pastor' Williams report is, wherever he 'preaches' it, is that he actually believes this propaganda.
That's why he was Minister to the Elite, as he likes to Brag so openly, to you Muppets.
And that's how he kept his job. Doing the work of Demons, and in the end, doing no good for nothing whatsoever, by it.

And that is how we come to have a Sanity Clause. - Thanks to Graucho Marx for that one.
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"When the righteous become many, the people rejoice; but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh".
Prov 29:2

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