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Is the Sci-Fi Community totally contaminated by Atheism and Alienation from God?

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Author Topic: Is the Sci-Fi Community totally contaminated by Atheism and Alienation from God?  (Read 379 times)
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« on: December 29, 2011, 02:50:06 pm »

The subject of the unsuitability of ATHEISM for prospective adventures into space, was extrapolated at length by Hollywood in the ~1997 flic, "Contact" in which Jodie Foster plays the young Bereaved daughter of 'Radio Ham' David Morse.

 Her emotional projection from the wish to meet her mother who died in childbirth is played-out by the lifelong search for extra-terrestrial life and career move, away from research Astrophysicist, to SETI, and to the Arecibo radio-telescope. But her character Ellie Arroway is a complete and utter devout atheist, and this conficts strongly with the story line of first-contact with ET and travel beyond our solar-system being the terrain reserved for the God-Fearing, that American and Japanese even, world leaders have concensus upon.

Well, as long as you have a good handle on what God is, and isn't, then I think that's the way to go.
The British viewpoint is as ever held back by our total lack of being able to even talk about a God, in public, let alone of that God in relation to the Cosmos, and the betterment of mankind.

Take for instance Arch evolutionary-biologist Richard Dawkins, who has started a project to promote even more Atheism in the scientific community and has also created a 'coming-out' portal, for the Disenfranchised Men and women of religion that want to leave behind their faith and join the so-called rational community of Religion bashers.

But here's the thing. The storyline of the movie 'Contact', though clearly financed, those years ago, by Hollywood thinkers, spiralled around the focal issue and viewpoint of prominent people, that Segregated and divisive views were not going to be taken into space if there was any chance they would in the process be transferred to another species, interact with other species or influence the development of said 'other species'.

This is correct. Only a fully open-minded debate should be reflected in our Space bound community. Leave behind all promises of blasting away the Dark-Ages of superstition by means of science alone.

The Evolutinary Biology Community have their own view of predation and 'the order of things' such as dictated by "the Survival of the Fittest" dogma, and this is not an absolute truth, just one possibility that can be, and is on a daily basis, challenged intellectually and physically in our down to earth world of social interaction and the search for justice, here on the Blue-Planet.

Inbreeding and segregation of ideas is already endemic within the anti-religion camp such as by the lesser example of Richard Dawkin's currrent wife, Lella ward, one time wife of early Doctor-Who Tom Baker, to whom she was introduced in the first instance by Douglas Adams, author of 'Hitch-hikers Guide to the galaxy', at a party.

Futuristic Projection of man's prospective life in the Cosmos, as portrayed in science-fiction is already a ground predominantly & unhealthily occupied by Atheists.

I prefer to look at the evidence for the existance of intelligent, deliberate creation, of which there is a good deal and of which Dawkins should be aware of ... and probably prefers to ignore, before jumping to conclusions that a totally closed mind instils, and which does not entirely exclude our position in the stellar picture as one of experimental subject under the microscope of some other remote and anonymous or distance species, or indeed of being a test-tube creation as if some bacteria or plague, in some alien warfare laboratory. This is what a total ALIENATION FROM GOD can do.

A belief in a Jealous God, in such scenarions, gives us at least some measure of dignity that extremist science by definition, must deny.

( ... a train of thought, to be developed upon, me thinks)
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