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Global Warming/Climate Change Agenda Is Geo-Cybernetics In Disguise

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Author Topic: Global Warming/Climate Change Agenda Is Geo-Cybernetics In Disguise  (Read 4217 times)
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« on: July 23, 2010, 08:21:05 pm »
Memorable quotes for THX 1138
SRT: How shall the new environment be programmed? It all happened so slowly that most men failed to realize that anything had happened at all.
The USC program guide that accompanied the premiere said the film was a "nightmare impression of a world in which a man is trying to escape a computerized world which constantly tracks his movements

Music by The Yardbirds, "Still I'm Sad" (opening credits)
Cinematography F. E. Zip Zimmerman

The Nexus I was looking for:

Stewart Brand - Sequouia Seminars and Esalen :
Stewart Brand - On the Waterfront
Published: April 15, 2009

Job description: I design stuff; I start stuff; I found stuff. On the passport I put “writer.”

Bad trip: That was my first trip. I had 400 micrograms of LSD under quite clinical circumstances at a psychological research institute in Menlo Park, Calif. It was in a white room with therapists sitting around.

Good trip: In 1963 or ’64 I showed up at the door of Ken Kesey, the novelist and LSD evangelist. I was involved in Kesey’s Acid Tests, which were happenings where LSD made its way around and everyone was there to entertain each other.

What was Bucky Fuller’s reaction to your button campaign that asked, “Why haven’t we seen an image of the whole earth yet?”

It was all because of LSD, see. I took some lysergic acid diethylamide on an otherwise boring afternoon and came to the notion that seeing an image of the Earth from space would change a lot of things.

So, on next to no budget, I printed up buttons and posters and sold them on street corners at the University of California, Berkeley. I went to Stanford and back east to Columbia, Harvard, and MIT.

I also mailed the materials to various people: Marshall McLuhan, Buckminster Fuller, senators, members of the U.S. and Soviet space programs. Out of everyone, I only heard back from Bucky Fuller, who wrote, “Dear boy, it’s a charming notion but you must realize you can never see more than half the earth from any particular point in space.”

I was amused, and then met him a few months later at a seminar at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. I sat across from his lunch table and pushed the button over to him, asking him what he thought about it. He said, “Oh yes, I wrote to that guy.” I said, “I’m the guy. So what do you think?

What kind of difference do you think it will make when we actually get photographs of the earth from space?”

There was this slow, lovely silence. Then he said, “Dear boy, how can I help you?”

Stewart Brand is founder of the Whole Earth Catalog and cofounder of The Long Now
Foundation, The WELL, and Global Business Network.

I know the Global Business Network does some work with the Pentagon.
What about the possibility of a long peace?

I love working with the Pentagon because they’re the only entity I know that is
completely eager to think in half-century terms. And there are several reasons for that.

They’re not a commercial entity so they’re not worried about the next quarter. They’re not a democratic entity so they’re not worried about the next election. There really is a socialist economy in the military, and the people that you encounter at the senior levels are extremely bright. They’ve come up in a very tough meritocratic pyramid, and are trained throughout their lives to think globally.

What sort of scenario planning do you do with them?

One of the scenarios that developed in the course of our work with the Pentagon was what we refer to as a rogue superpower. We were looking at the various threats from rogue states and one of us said, “Let’s see. What if you combined a lone superpower?

What about rogue states? What if they’re one and the same?” The answer is a rogue superpower! So we looked at this at great length and, lo and behold, in 2001 we received a call from a friend in the Pentagon. He said, “I think we’ve gotten to the rogue superpower scenario.”

What were your thoughts on 9/11?

We were thinking that it was sort of right on schedule. It was horrifying for a lot of people who had been working both in the Clinton Administration and in Congress on the  terrorism environment because we were saying for some time, “Look, the U.S. is not invulnerable in this.” So a lot of us just groaned because we had already thought about


Excerpted from Joan d’Arc’s book, Space Travelers and the Genesis of the Human Form as well as her upcoming book, Phenomenal World, to be released in Fall, 2000.

While we were being told “plastics” was the wave of the future, the physics of nonlocal consciousness was being commandeered by the secret government. In the 1960s, the CIA began backing young geniuses, buying a round of physics educations, and pairing them up with UFO lounge-lizards at the Esalen Institute, a conference center/resort in Big Sur, California. Physicist Jack Sarfatti claims he was visited by two men from Sandia Corporation as a child in the 1950s. He later received a full scholarship to Cornell at age 17, and studied under the major figures in the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos. He spent time at the Esalen Institute in the early 1970s.
The Esalen Institute

The “quantum conspiracy” runs back to the Esalen Institute. Since the early 1960s, the Esalen Institute has held seminars on various esoteric topics, including parapsychology, human potential, psychedelic experimentation, quantum physics, gestalt therapy and various mystical/esoteric topics.

According to a 1983 book by Walter Anderson entitled The Upstart Spring: Esalen and the American Awakening, the Esalen Institute was founded in 1964 by Mike Murphy and Dick Price. Anderson notes that every program leader in the first “human potential” seminar held at Esalen was involved in early LSD research, including Willis Harmon, who was later head of the Future’s Department at SRI, Gregory Bateson, Gerald Heard, Paul Kurtz, and Myron Stolaroff. Interestingly, according to Mind Race, by Russell Targ and Keith Harary, a 1982 workshop on psychic phenomena was taught at Esalen by Targ and LSD researcher Stanislav Grof. In this program, however, the goal was to show that psychic experiences did not need to be precipitated by a chemically altered state. Apparently, for twenty years, the CIA assumed that LSD was the short cut.

Other leaders of the drug culture and hippie movement gave seminars at Esalen, like Timothy Leary, John Lilly, Richard Alpert, and later, Terence McKenna, some of whom may have been, in Jack Sarfatti’s words, “young inexperienced naïve useful idiots,” and others who probably knew what was up and went along with it anyway. Although, Anderson writes, drug use was not “officially endorsed,” it was common knowledge that psychedelic drugs were widely used by both staff and students. Anderson also notes that even though this was common knowledge, the Institute was never raided by the authorities. Anderson even noted that Charles Manson and Family played an “impromptu concert” at Esalen just three days before the slaughter at the Tate household.

The weirdness at Esalen is a never-ending tale. Another report is that a parapsychology exchange program began between certain Russian officials, which lasted into the 1980s. This exchange program came to be called “hot tub diplomacy,” and it has been reported that Dr. John Mack attended these sessions. Esalen’s seminars in the latest quantum physics theories gave birth to Jack Sarfatti’s Physics/Consciousness Research Group. This group, financed by Werner Erhardt and George Koopman, nurtured the writing of a new wave of quantum-synchronistic-mystical tomes by such people as Fred Alan Wolf, Nick Herbert, Fritjof Capra, Robert Anton Wilson, Uri Geller and others. Sarfatti stated in his article, “In the Thick of It,” that Koopman provided publishing funds for the Physics/Consciousness Research Group through Air Force and Army contracts funneled through Koopman’s company, Insgroup.
As Carl Sagan once proposed, communication with extraterrestrial intelligence will require computer actuated machines with abilities approaching human intelligence. Sagan and others admitted in the 1970s that a deficiency in present-day computer technology is what prevents us from exploring the galaxy. Secret developments in mind-machine psychic interface, which includes research in the areas of computers, psychotronics, cybernetics and genetic engineering, would certainly solve this problem, and in all probability, have already solved it.

As Zdenek Rejdak stated in 1973 at the same world gathering of psychotronic gurus, one of the future goals of computer technology was to create a generation of computers capable of creating technological artifacts. This is directly connected to the idea of the vN probe and to the engineering of the “human modified for space.”

In his paper entitled “Psychotronics Reveals New Possibilities for Cybernetics,” Rejdak revealed the following:

Theoretical cyberneticians are proposing at present the construction of computers that would ‘create’ and would possess at least a degree of intuition. ... Psychotronics has a great opportunity to provide much essential knowledge about these processes, and thereby to help cybernetics in solving one of the most complicated tasks, that of teaching computers to create. ... The point is not merely to build more perfect computers, but primarily computers with qualitatively new functions.

It is very likely that this scenario has covertly jumped right out of the pages of science fiction (and CIA classified documents) to become reality. It is clear that the marriage of technology and human psychic potential was a focus of various early brain studies conducted by CIA fronts and cutouts, including LSD experimentation, Monarch trauma-based conditioning, sleep/dream studies and psychic research, in an effort to investigate the inner workings of the human mind, and as a side effect of that research, to investigate the possibilities for manipulation, harness and control of human psychic potential.

A current Washington Post article brings this all into focus. As co-founder of Sun Microsystems, Bill Joy, proclaimed in this 4/16/00 Washington Post article:

“We are dealing now with technologies that are so transformatively powerful that they threaten our species.”

“Where do we stop,” Joy asked, “by becoming robots or going extinct?”

In this article entitled “Are Humans Doomed?,” Mr. Joy, a widely respected “Silicon Valley” computer expert, presented his joyless warning against the out-of-control technocratic culture which he himself has helped to spawn, saying that,

“there are certain technologies so terrible that you must say no. We have to stop some research. It’s one strike and you’re out

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