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Logs N Stuff.. (bottom to top order: bottom=first, top=last)

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Author Topic: Logs N Stuff.. (bottom to top order: bottom=first, top=last)  (Read 695 times)
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« on: September 17, 2011, 01:21:46 am »

I guess she didn't know jet fuel ran all the way down one elevator shaft to the lobby. Same principal as a gun. Ignite one end, charge comes out other end.

@bonsai108 I guess you don't know that claim is ridiculous. Multiple witnesses report explosions before the plane impacts. There's video of the ground shake of a massive explosion BEFORE the first impact. The seismic data shows massive explosions BEFORE each plane impact. Your claim requires that the "jet-fuel" time-travelled back in time to BEFORE THE PLANE IMPACTS.

You are an idiot.

@bonsai108 was it supposed to explode, because the lobby is way down, before the fuel can reach it would end up half away, ok i get it the fuel may did it, what cause the explosion and fireball when the plane hit it

@idrismetalcore From what I understand there was 3 fuel tanks full to capacity. The gas molecules have to be interacted with oxygen to burn. They gas that was still surrounded by it's own self would continue to flow until it was touching oxygen and fire to combust. Gallons of jet fuel flowed down the elevator shaft and the fire from above lit it. Since most of the gas in the shaft was at the bottom that fireball blew out to the lobby. Gas went out and down both exploding.

and then you can look at building 7 (which held important government documents btw) No plane hit it, but it still collapsed the same way. Is that not odd?

@xPinto182 Read about the power plant in the basement. It collapsed bottom to top. Twin towers were top to bottom. The top of the tower continuously hammered the bottom into the basement. Overloaded power plant transformers could easily have blown the base into the hole it was built over. Imagine all the electrical loads from the severed dual 110 story buildings, each floor being an acre in size.


when you watch how the towers fell to me as a professional builder I see an engineered inplosion the towers fell on themselves

Well then you're either lying about being a "professional builder" or by "professional builder" you mean that you build little houses and have no experience in commercial buildings at all...

...interesting how the people that actually ENGINEERED, SUPERVISED, and BUILT the WTC have never said the towers were imploded or that they shouldn't have fallen the way they did...but we should believe a self-professed "professional builder", right???


@CrazyRay7979 I go by physics, you go by fairytales. Thousands of experts have publicly stated that the destruction of those buildings could onlybe controlled demolitions. Nothing in the stupid government fairytale can be true, because ALL OF IT is impossible and ridiculous. You must be one of those true morons, sucking up what they tell you to believe on the idiot-box.

Get a llife, and stop spouting this nonsensical belief in a fairytale that's only bull**** served with an official stamp.

@majwing1 The buildings fell upon themselves because they were built with a rail system for the cores of the building. The person who called CNN who was in it at the time (and died) said the core was gone on his floor. Read about the core and the floors expanding out. Each beam held 3 floors and they broke at the welds.

Comment removed

@bagintree Because it's far from the only one where witnesses reported powerful explosions in the lobby/basement BEFORE each plane impact. It matches with video evidence and seismic data, also showing that extremely powerful explosions happened before each plane impact. Let's not forget the Israelis caught with a van PACKED WITH EXPLOSIVES as well. Unlike with OBL the FBI did indeed link these Israelis to the 9/11 attacks. Thousands of Israelis were deported soon after. Then that was hushed up.

Keep in mind conspiracy theorists the ways of brainwashing used to get people to fly planes into buildings. If you cannot understand airplanes bringing down the towers after everything we've witnessed then maybe they have figured how to brainwash you against your own country.

I believe the problem is that many people out there dont believe that we could get attacked in this manner So they come up with all these elaborate conspiracy theories about bombs and explosives and govt coverups. It blows up their belief that we are invulnerable so it must be the govt. Its a new day and everybody's fair game. I guess Oklahoma City was an inside job also. Wake up. There were so many warnings of what was to come(check FBI). That video with those office workers was edited.
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