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 on: December 24, 2012, 08:54:57 pm 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
If I really believed in the spirit of Christmas this is the Present I'd give to all readers whether AI, PC-world, MacOS or Half-Beta release Half-Monkey. This really is the movie I'd give as a present to you any day of the Year!

A WETA digital Workshop entreé for Peter Jackson Director of 'The Hobbit' and 'Lord of The Rings'
Full length Film. Plug it into your Widescreen TV.
 - Rent it or watch it on your Satellite, whatever.

All cloned-Infoworriers must by design hate this movie.
Of course; - it's political view is all about retarded Fundamentalism, un-Patriotic Elites and Scientists.

JG has only seen this 3-times now and it just gets better. Enjoy it.
A clear vision of the budding talents too that became Peter Jackson at WETA, New-Zealand.

 on: December 24, 2012, 06:56:08 am 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
 For a Kick-off, I can firmly say with a great deal of confidence that it was JG using a former Avatar/Screen-Name, and then elsewhere, who brought to light the whole PAGAN history of XMAS in this particular media Arena. Because He had a passion for this subject having become suspicious of the 'true-meaning-of-christmas'.

 Jones was still ranting on about giving Infowars DVD's as Xmas presents up until 2011. I'm not blaming you!

 The Romans celebrated Saturnalia or the Pagan 'Festival of the unconquered Sun' which they inherited in the process of cultural integration as they moved West into Post-Bronze-Age, Post-Stone-Age Britain.

This is why True-Christians know that the 25th of December is based around the Western Orthodox Church's Inheritance, in-turn, of the Roman Tradition, and has nothing to do with Christ.
The Bible Timeline proves by simple mathematical subtraction that Christ was born in Late-September or October.

 However, SATURNALIA is not as such celebrated today! We don't celebrate Saturnalia. Perhaps NASA do!?
 If NASA are carrying out Covert SATURNALIEN Celebrations around the back of the Bike-Sheds perhaps we shouldn't be relying too much on NASA for promoting our PR as an advanced & evolved, empathetic, adapted & clear-thinking civilisation if we should ever find ourselves "Going Forth, where Non have trodden Before "?

Perhaps NASA too wanted to try and be clever? It's called 'taking-the-p·i·s·s' in english Slang.

Anyway ALL the political forces on our planet are Clearly going Hell-for-Leather to make sure that YOU never attain that glorious status.

If that's the case, then you need in order to prevent having your 'head-copped', develop a sense of humour. However warfare is a bitter and unforgiving, HIGHLY ILLOGICAL business as much invested in creating Grievances or 'chips-on-the-shoulder' for the future exploitation of, as it is for the winning of turf in the present.
 My exposé was done on PROPAGANDAMATRIX.COM's own Forum pages, owned by PJW of Infowars/PrisonPlanet. The site was later infiltrated by a Infowars frequent poster 'Femacamper' who had won over administrative Moderator Privileges from PJW, (the passwords etc) and the forum was PULLED a few short months later, never to re-appear.

 At's forum, in great length I outlined the history of the 'Festival of the Unconquered Sun'. I learned it because I was frequenting the Bible-Study Group Jehovah Witnesses, who I believe, giving CREDIT WHERE it's DUE, were the first to make the whole subject PUBLIC DOMAIN knowledge. I was just regurgatating in my own words what I had learnt from their magazines and so forth ...

 However, Icke&Jones© are still getting it wrong! Icke on his 21 Dec Appearance on the show is brought on to explain to the Plebs and 'expose all' about the Occult Symbolism of a 'new' NASA IMAGE.

Cassini Mission Image with Shadow applied to Reveal unhitherto seen detail in The 'Cassini-Rings'.

(JG is a New Budding Astronomer, with a Restored Meade 900mm Refracting Telescope in the shack.)

Icke refers in that day's show as Saturn being 'A dead sun', a gas GIANT. Ahah! And in his discourse 'The Unconquered Sun' becomes SATURN. He doesn't understand because he has no interest in a humbling true RELIGIOUS faith to guide his clear thinking. He's just a GURU, leaning on Jones' shoulder for a cash-handout.

'Todays' guest ... is David Icke'. Let me finish!

 'The Unconquered Sun', I would have nontheless thought is obviously enough OUR SUN or SOL, if you want.
 In the ancient pagan rituals which the Romans integrated and invested in, after conquering Western Europes' simple folk of the time, 'The Unconquered Sun' is our own sun's re-appearance around the measuring apparatus of the Newbury Stones, or maybe even Stonehenge. I believe it's on the 31st Dec that OUR SUN re-appears at a new measuring point on the horizon, marked by a stone appropriately placed by our Stone-Age Astronomers, and is considered RE-BORN.

  "Look People, it didn't die, celebrate, let us give thanks to the Spiritual Rebirth and honour the great Plume of Aggasoria"
 - That's a parody theme from Star-Trek enterprise Season One, 10th episode where priests travel across the galaxy to witness the once in eleven years (coincidence with Sol's Solar-Cycle) re-appearance of a kind of Coronal Mass Ejection on a Huge Scale, from a Star inside a Nebulae. There's a lot of interesting References to our own Historical past, failure to embrace difference & cultural diversity and the Dilemmas of our lives in ST!!!

 I don't personally believe NASA have been given the necessary authority to mislead millions of people into an occult workship ritual more than Jones was doing so by promoting CHRISTMAS all these years. It's just NOT important!

 They all want full spectrum dominance, we agree!?

 "This is all about Power and Control" - Alex Jones.

 In which case we all need guidance to be able to participate healthily in a Future that is yet Unwritten.

 Yes, I begin to see that this could all get JG in a lot of trouble ... I have however lived a life of trouble.

 And as it says in the bible "Glory is given him who conquers".

 So stick that in your pipe and smoke it. I'm surprised that in these days of frugality and austerity anyone has the time to waste reading misinterpretations of the Pagan Ritualistic Inheritance of Xmas.

 I think just more respect for one-another is going to be an absolute pre-requisite for the future since bully-boys and numb-nuts clearly believe they uniquelly have been given the keys to the re-interpretation of recorded history and a millenia of knowledge ...

"I've been JG; Good-Night".

 on: December 22, 2012, 05:12:03 am 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
 Because in NATIONAL Socialist Party run Scotland where he has to live JG has to put up being surrounded by a Community of Alcoholic Hirelings, Shaven-Headed Local THUG PATRIOTS who think throwing Bricks through Jonnies' Bay window is a kind of anti-People with SMARTS SPORT. Well whatever it is!

 It would be exactly the same if He was living in Conservative Ruled England.

And I know by experience, that sometimes you have to lose what you BELIEVE is yours by inheritance, in order that you can get what you need through Hard Work, and a Predominance of Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Just face it! I'm smarter than you by Light-Years, and YOU and your MUG-SHOT mates wanna be Jealous!

 Following the effects of the 1990's Dunblane Shooting, which lead to total hand-gun Bans in the ENTIRE UK, the CONSERVATIVE Government of the day did nothing at all to stand in the way of removal of the vestiges of rights to own a Hand-Gun in certain circumstances, god knows what those laxed rules were - Probably Rights for people like the Dunblane School-Kiddie Shooter who had full shotgun privileges already since he was a prominent Boy-Scouts troup leader and Local Hero.

There did once exist a thing called 'Queen's Regulations' which until perhaps the same time as the aftermath of Dunblane, allowed an ex-serving SAS soldier or possibly even anyone with rank of Major or above upon leaving the armed forces, to hold possession of a Hand-Firearm, or maybe the privilege does still exist, though the pathetic Police would still deny it ever existed even when enshrined in Law.
I say pathetic because the Conservative Government just this year withdrew The Police's mandate to use TASERS in anything but the most extreme circumstances, because the Police were accused of misusing these TASER weapons and killing people ...

And (How convenient for The Conservatives who did not oppose any such moves)

 Yes the Government handed over to John Major by a TEARFUL, sentimentally and emotionally disturbed  MARGARET THATCHER DID NOT OPPOSE a MASSIVE PUSH to ban all hand Firearms after the Dunblane Shooting of 13 March 1996 (13/3/96).

 And now in BRITAIN, the POLICE & ARMY want all the guns, just in case they get called upon to put down some MASS UPRISING when the time comes to you have you wastrels put in LABOUR CAMPS upon order and mandate of the EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK.

Now the Police don't even have the right to use thier Tasers, - Which have been taken away from them because of REPETITIVE MISSUSE and ABUSE in the hands of COPS who used them repeatedly to KILL PEOPLE.

 The POLICE in the UK have been Rebuked!  Cool

 As for the rest of you! The Human race has sucked for generations ...

 You too have been rebuked!  Cheesy

 Yes, Here on the SATANIC PLANET - GUNS - LEGALLY OWNED GUNS, should be a given right for those who can SHOW, and by passing a TEST that they are fit to carry, - and give Jonnie the Right to own one too, for as sure as eggs is eggs I'd be a really good shot.

 HERE IN SCOTLAND and the UK, all we have is the right to hear of Farmers/Landowners/Gamekeepers and Legal Hunting/Sport Shotgun privileges.

 I think the 2nd Ammendment Is a fine thing.







 Or you prefer perhaps to listen to the MEDIA who are arseholes?!


- who has exerted himself, beyond what is considered normal and remember it's all for FREE. I don't get a £½Million House for doing this, though I deserve something better than what I do get. I think it's fair to say!

 on: December 21, 2012, 01:01:07 pm 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
 "The Best Place Mr Mulder to Hide A LIE, is BETWEEN TWO TRUTHS".
 — Remember that? The Old X-Files Season One.

 If you watch the Mayan Indian YouTube I posted on here, a week or so back, he talks of a moment of clarity during the day, which will pass. It's effect the chap said, will linger a while.
 - Icke & Jones© were quite evidently not the ones to deliver any of that Clarity this day the 21 Dec, 2012.

 Yet, even the Dumbest Son of the Working-Class who has ever taken up Bible-Study (and JG has met MANY), as an adult or at any time, understands as his primary lesson that 'A New-Heavens & A New-Earth' & 'The old Order will pass away with a Hissing Sound' MAY refer to the replacement of the so-called SPIRITUAL ('heavenly') and the POLITICAL ('earthly') order of our times with something 'different' ...
... that's all we know at this time.

One Internet Artists impression of 'A new Heavens & a New Earth'.

Listen to this snippet taken a few minutes ago on TODAY'S GCN Infowars Live.

 David Icke - GCN 21/12/12. The Grandness of the Universe is illusory - A Holographic (Projection)
 Right Click » Save As: *._mp3 (375kb mono)

 Then why do those Blow-Hard 'Brain-surgeons' Icke & Jones© want to touch on the subject of the Vastness of Creation but not to acknowledge the Grand Intelligent Design of Creation for what it is, but rather to try and re-shape, yes even limit YOUR MOST BASIC UNDERSTANDING of ANYTHING Beyond THIS PLANET and ITS SORDID HISTORY OF FRACTICIDAL POLITICS. It was going to go on forever ....
 -Tell me why?! Go on, torment me!

 Because by tomorrow, Icke & Jones™, those Wild-West salesmen will be getting you to part with your cash after having convinced you that they Love You SOooo Murch, though maybe you're not so sure about it yourself?

 The view they offer and Propound with raised voices, is actually a very Pre-Copernican, Flat-Earth, Earth-at-centre-of-Universe view, a standpoint which of course accompanied the Catholic Inquisitions of the early 1600's. The recent History of Humanity it must be remembered from any rational point of view has been extremely volatile. JG has his suspicions that we are our own worst enemy, and that there are few 'bad-guys' to be had 'out there'.

 I'll tell you this much for free. Maybe it's 'This Attitude' that Prof Brian May partly refers to when he talks of things we shouldn't take as baggage when we go off into space, exploring.

And know for sure. If JONES and his friends went, they would know one thing:

 Now, THAT rings true doesn't it!   Even IF all else I say were disputible.

 Or do they just presume that you are a whole loft dafter than even the lowest-grade education couldn't provide you? Or is it an attack on the concept of Deep Space Travel, and that whole VERY POSSIBLE physical and Scientifically Verifiable Reality?

 It's a sort of SCAVENGER News Interpretation that they are constantly Repeating and Re-Creating.
 To what purposeful end?
 I can't tune in for 3 minutes without hearing some ABYSSMAL Garbage mixed in with Half-Truths.

 This is their Political Solution to understanding the UNIVERSE and JEHOVAH GOD'S CREATION as a MATRIX ILLUSION conjured by Occultist Clowns in some hidden secret society at Yale, no doubt!
 I'm sorry I listened! I promise I won't EVER AGAIN!

It's the Dream! People may be led to think it's still got a look in ...

And you will walk away, head blown up like a balloon, thinking:
'Wow, What a Great-Guy. Amazing!'

Yes! I do know!

 And JG so wanted to get something to eat today!
— Another Illusory Concept, this time in the Front Square 2-inches of his Hippocampus or Lizard Brain, no doubt!?

 on: December 21, 2012, 09:56:05 am 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
 So you see, really,TODAY was the END of the WORLD.

- Today is the end of your little world if you're looking for someone with Apparent Political Clout, to join the dots together and make it simple for you.

— Or maybe you want to hear someone (Alex Jones) when introducing a show-visitor; - saying things like:
 - "This guy dropped Napalm from Aircraft over VC territory, day-after-day. Now how Cool is that!"

I heard that myself, a few weeks ago on GCN. Yeah buster, so this is about you already?!

The Old World is Dead and Gone.
And in that particular instance two-million vietnamese men, women & children went too.

 You must surely want a very simplistic World View, if you think the way to acceptance and a million-bucks is appeasement. And IF You're still kow-towing to and carrying around the old Predjudices after you read this,
- you died with that World-view.

 I was born as any child is, with latent potential for developmental disorder and the Death of my Mum when I was 6-yrs Pushed me into a Prolonged phase of PTSD, (which any Childhood bereavement may, as according to the conclusions of the excellent 5-Year Intensive Yale University Study around 1975 and reported in the Book 'When a Child's parent Dies' by Urna Furman).
- The results of that study never reached British Shores; it was all very much hushed up. Read the book.
 JG did, as he sat in a full-leg caste, with severe leg-fracture for 9-months, after being assaulted at Xmas 2002.
I had all the time in the world to read that book from cover to cover and thoroughly digest and savour it.
 —  Two-Years full (24-months) it took before I could walk again without crutches or a stick.

The combination of Single-child status mixed with the two aboves led to a very much different character developing than if everything had gone fine ...

 ... like my parents expected it to, them both.

 Of course, that's exactly what didn't happen.

 It's no use JG having to pretend to be entirely normal, something he tried, given no choice at for 53 years ...

 The End of YOUR LITTLE WORLD VIEW and it's MEDIA-Forged Biases, and Propagated-Perceptions.

 Obviously it would be almost Blasphemy for JG to seek to re-establish an old-order or work to maintain an order which made his life an unbearable trial for a long, long time, and it's only because of the IMMENSE RESILIANCE built up as a result of things like early Childhood Bereavement (hardening of the heart), an entirely science-based education and a life pretty much 'on-the-road', and JG means very much the Kerouac type of journey; - only because of all that and much more, that JG can confidently say that those who accompany him, could and may well get to that New World. Who knows, down the line, maybe I will in my lifetime see humans living on another Physical Planet. Not just a metaphorical or metaphysically conjured up one.

I hope so. Meantime, eat lots of Protein, it's good for the maintenance of Brain, Body and Soul.

- Who is JG to deny a several thousand year-old prophecy!?

 on: December 21, 2012, 02:03:25 am 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
It's end of the world day.

 But don't despair, it's only 7.30 AM, JG Universal GMT time.

    It might still happen ...

        Or consider this. For Aspergers's and Autistics Broad-Spectrum ...

            The World-Over, life as normal; as it should have been, ended long-ago.

                 We even it seems have a Star-Trek like planet of our own, namely: 'Aspersia' . Even Better!

Let's count down those last moments, as You Political Bankers rub away furiously at those genie-lamps ..

... And at this very same moment an Evil Autistic-Savant plans to detonate a Nuclear-Bomb somewhere in the endless spirals of the CERN Taurus, Switzerland, the explosion set to coincide with the very moment the Quantum Physicists intend to open up a miniature Black-Hole; — later today.

That's right! It's a REAL THREAT that Infoworriers world-wide needed to be woken up to.
So I did! I betrayed my people ...!

"Oh, The Judas within ..."

... All Because I love my Country and the Lady Loves Milk-Tray SOOooo Murch!


 on: December 19, 2012, 01:17:22 pm 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
JG pre-article comment: Bob Dylan said:
"There are NO TRUTHS outside the Gates of Eden".

For all the Gun-Nuts who now think Autistics are being used to 'take our guns'.
The following Official Boston News report from 2006 shows how autistic and other young people have been treated in conditions which make the much maligned 'Fema-Camp' of the 'Mad-Max' American Zeitgeist look like a BUPA camp.
 - (BUPA = American holiday camps for teens).


Judge Rotenberg Center report - the horror is hard to read

This is the report from recent visits by a professional team investigating practices at the Judge Rotenberg Center. It is truly horrific what they are doing. I am shocked that was is happening there is worse than we ever knew.

This report was made on the 6th June 2006.

Extracts -

Observations and Findings of Out-of-State Program Visitation
Judge Rotenberg Educational Center

Summary of Findings
Following is a summary of the findings1 of concern primarily relating to the behavioral interventions and related instructional practices used at JRC.

JRC employs a general use of Level III aversive behavioral interventions (electric shock devices and restraint chairs) to students with a broad range of disabilities, many without a clear history of self-injurious behaviors.
� JRC employs a general use of Level III aversive behavioral interventions to students for behaviors that are not aggressive, health dangerous or destructive, such as nagging, swearing and failing to maintain a neat appearance.
� The use of the electric skin shock conditioning devices as used at JRC raises health and safety concerns.
� The Contingent Food Program and Specialized Food Program (withholding food) may impose unnecessary risks affecting the normal growth and development and overall nutritional/health status of students subjected to this aversive behavior intervention.

JRC promotes a setting that discourages social interaction between staff and students and among students.
� Students are provided insufficient academic and special education instruction, including limited provision of related services.

Most of these students have the disability classification �Emotional Disturbance� with IQ scores that fall in the low average to average range of intelligence. There are also a number of students with the classification of Autism with cognitive abilities falling in the range of mild to profound mental retardation. Many of the students from NYS have diagnoses of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and bipolar disorder. A number of students also have histories of abuse and abandonment.

JRC�s marketing representatives provide information through presentations to staff at some NYS psychiatric facilities that in turn discuss the program with the families. JRC�s marketing representatives visit the family in their homes and as indicated in representatives� case notes, provide the family with information and gifts for the family and student (e.g., a gift bag for the family, basketball for the student).

One student�s behavior chart documenting total inappropriate behaviors showed an increase from 800 per week during the first weeks after admission to JRC to average of 12,000 per week. Clinician notes only document the number of inappropriate behaviors. They did not denote any positive behaviors or academic progress.

Level III Aversive Procedures Used by JRC Staff
Upon receipt of parental consent, JRC applies to a Massachusetts Probate Court through a substituted judgment petition to use Level III aversives in the student�s behavioral program. Level III aversives constitute a broad spectrum of punishment techniques that include movement limitation (i.e. mechanical and physical restraint), contingent food, helmet, and electric skin shock. The use of Behavior Rehearsal Lesson (BRL)3 and combined use of aversive techniques are also Level III interventions.

Electric skin shock
The most common Level III aversive procedure used at JRC is skin shock in which one or more electrical stimulations are administered to a student after he or she engages in a targeted behavior. Skin shocks are delivered through a graduated electronic deceleration (GED) device that consists of a transmitter operated by JRC staff and a receiver worn by the JRC student. The receiver delivers an electrical current to the student�s skin upon command from the transmitter. Electrodes are worn by the student on various parts of the body, notably the arms, legs and stomach area, and can range in number and placement dependent upon the students� behavior program guidelines.
Students wear the GED device for the majority of their sleeping and waking hours, and some students are required to wear it during shower/bath time. The GED receivers range in size and are placed in either �fanny� packs or knapsacks. Staff carry the GED transmitters in a plastic box. Students may have multiple GED devices (electrodes) on their bodies. For example, one NYS student�s behavior program states, �C will wear two GED devices. C will wear 3 spread, GED electrodes at all times and take a GED shower for her full self care.�
The GED is manufactured by the JRC. While JRC has information posted on their website and in written articles which represents the GED device as "approved", it has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA has cleared the device for marketing as �substantially equivalent to devices marketed or classified as �aversive conditioning devices.� FDA's clearance prohibits JRC from representing the device as FDA approved. JRC�s GED was modified from other similar devices on the market by doubling the intensity (amperage and voltage) and increasing the duration by 10 times (from .2 to 2 seconds) of the shock administered and by expanding the positions on the body where the electrodes could be placed. JRC also uses a device called the GED-4, which applies an even greater intensity shock to the student when the student fails to respond to the lower level shock.

At the time of team�s April visit there were 148 NYS students enrolled at JRC. At that time, 77 were approved to receive Level III behavioral interventions from staff at JRC. Of these 77 students, 53 were receiving skin shock through the GED that is adjustable with an average intensity of 15.25 mill amperes RMS, a duration of .2 seconds to 2 seconds, an average peak of 30.5 milliamperes, and 24 students are receiving GED (referred to as a GED-4) skin shock which has a maximum current of 45.0 milliamperes RMS, an average peak of 91 milliamperes, and a maximum duration of 2 seconds. The higher-level shock is used when it is determined that the student is not responding to the lower level shock.

Use of automated electronic devices & automatic negative reinforcement
At JRC, an additional form of electrical circuitry is used to automatically administer a series of aversives (e.g., skin shocks) as soon as a behavior is initiated. Shocks are administered at regular intervals (e.g., one every three seconds). The automatic negative reinforcement shocks terminate as soon as the behavior stops occurring. This device is not operated by JRC staff. For example, some students are made to sit on a GED cushion seat that will automatically administer a skin shock for the targeted behavior of �standing up�, while others wear waist holsters that will administer a skin shock if the student pulls his/her hands out of the holster. NYSED could not find evidence, nor did JRC provide the evidence as requested, that this automated electric shock device has been cleared for marketing by FDA or approved by FDA. FDA regulations prohibit the use of an aversive conditioning device that has not been approved or cleared by FDA.

Movement limitation
Movement limitation is another commonly used Level III intervention that may be applied manually or mechanically. When applied manually, staff members physically hold the student. With mechanical movement limitation the student is strapped into/onto some form of physical apparatus. For example, a four-point platform board designed specifically for this purpose; or a helmet with thick padding and narrow facial grid that reduces sensory stimuli to the ears and eyes. Another form of mechanical restraint occurs when the student is in a five-point restraint in a chair. Students may be restrained for extensive periods of time (e.g., hours or intermittently for days) when restraint is used as a punishing consequence. Many students are required to carry their own �restraint bag� in which the restraint straps are contained.
Under the terms of the Court Order, JRC must notify the Court Monitor if a student requires more than eight continuous hours of movement limitation procedures in a 24-hour period. In addition, the Court must also be notified if the student spends five or more days in movement limitation in a seven-day period. The school nurse stated that she is responsible to monitor any skin burns caused by the GED and abrasions due to restraints. She also advises staff on the positioning of restraints and potential complications for each student. Based upon the nurse�s recommendation, a student may be restrained in a prone, seated, or upright position.

JG Post article comment:

(It's been hard work coming on this Darned forum every day for forever.
 JG doesn't do it because he's autistic, no, he does it because of the concept of Truth telling.
 And Because that's always been a dying art. Especially when the people in charge of telling us how it is, are a band  of overpaid cronies who have little or no idea of how insulting I'd like to be right now ....)


 on: December 19, 2012, 07:24:33 am 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
 And another Stooge in the current Débacle is Mike Adams who wants to get in on the Big Xmas-Season Joke!!

 You want a joke? Here's one:
 - Come to my door, and you can spend this Noël listening to how your Joke Sounds from a Hospital Bed!

 So the Dream-agenda of becoming the Predominant News Scavenger, would imply all others; namely FOX, MSNBC, all the other pin-heads with the American Talk-Shoes and the other American Idiots would be kow-towing to his extremely façile and limited Political agenda.

 How best to do it?
 None better surely, than to inflate a viewpoint widely held already that autistics, because they are always getting the short straw must be close to breaking point by now? And all the Medication!

 Aren't Asperger's folk up to their eyeballs in anti-depressants!?  No!
 Why would YOU suggest they have to be?

 I've been c·r·a·c·k·i·n·g up for decades. I'm starting to understand why! And just what the solution will be!

 And it's got nothing to do with you or your backward Gung-ho crazy RIP-OFF Power-Trip Plans for making a Mint.

 Oh, and here's one for you. Think I'm dangerous? Why sure! Case in Question:
 - When Three-White youths took to attacking JG with Heavy Zinc Iron Bars way back in the 1980's, (they did plan on finishing a young JG off, I believe); - I got rid of all three of them without having to raise a finger ... They ran off in fear when I just made eye contact with them, raised my voice and called upon the name of God.

I think some of you people need to go watch Steve Speilberg's 'Taken' this Xmas. As a fable at least, it's a very good metaphor for what a lot of people will perceive as their own 'alternate reality' during this lifetime.

Or take a few bottles into a quiet room, then flush your head down the khazi later on, it's up to you.

 on: December 19, 2012, 04:35:39 am 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
 Like any ignorant Band of Self-Appointed Toss Pots, they Try to Refocus the attention of their CAPTIVE AUDIENCE on a conveniently Created Vulnerable Group.

 And anyone who challenges them, just like a stereotypical Tyrannt, is labelled as 'Mentally Ill'.
 How very convenient! It's a self-fulfilling circular argument.

 Watch-out Infoworriers! Another Mentally Ill Resistance Movement Member on Prozac threatening to raise a rebel army with baseball bats against you!

 I don't enjoy having to point this out, or do this, since I also feel a vain sense of relief in doing so, thus mimicking their behaviour a little. Though the Infowar/Prisonplanet crowd have never been truly trodden down.
 None of them, most probably, certainly none of their presenters or editors in chief have ever Truly BEEN DOWN AT HEEL.

 I bet none of them has ever had to dig huge rocks and stones out of an acre field by hand, for a day's £20 wage.

 JG has. And a lot more like that besides.

 Yes, I know, they're american and by definition they are going to save mankind from the Bad-Guys.

 They don't know what it's like to be in a groupment of people who for decades have been on the losing side.

 They are just another bunch of Arseholes who rely on advertising from 'Gun-Nut-Safaris' and the like to finance their luxurious "DECADENT" lifestyles. And it's going to get worse.

 And there's a point of note. It's a SPORT to them. Just as in the Bible.
 Humankinds' GODLESS behaviour becomes AKIN TO SPORT. It's a SPORT to these creatures.
 JG has had enough of these Infowars/PrisonPlanet self-aggrandising Bully Boys but this will NOT serve to detract from the accuracy and quality of the Website he will be setting up next year, 2013.

 Infact JG is tired of the proliferation of vacuous websites focussed on nothing except polarisation of public views and perceptions. These are just appealing to, and appeasing the gullible ways of a VERY LOST MANKIND.
 It's too late for these people. They've had their day, they've had their chance to make a million bucks ...

 They now realise they haven't changed things through THEIR CURRENT POLITICAL approach?
— Oh, HOW CONVENIENT For them!

 Don't work out other people's Subconscious.

 I can hear the Shiny-New Fecking Cash Tills Jingling away there Moriarty!


 on: December 18, 2012, 09:21:28 am 
Started by Jonnie Goodboy - Last post by Jonnie Goodboy
Connecticut Shooting Raises Questions About Autism
By Michelle Diament
December 17, 2012

While the majority of statistics prove that we are infinitely more prone to be the victims of violence than the perpetrators of violence, we are not immune from becoming people capable of making terrible, horrible choices. No one is,” said Michael John Carley, executive director of the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership."

[JG running-commentary]

You need 'a balanced viewpoint'?
— Then how about try standing on a window-ledge 75' above-ground whilst writing a piece ...?¬!

Or, why not go pick on someone with your own Insidious Violence Oriented Mental Attitude!?
 - There are whole massed batallions out there waiting to reward risk with a pittance ...

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