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1  Multimedia Center / The Alex Jones Show / Re: Infowars Nightly News & Special Reports MP4 Video Archives (2011) on: September 03, 2011, 09:56:05 am
Excellent!  Thanks Route!!
2  General / General Discussion / Re: The Strange Tale of the Attempted Murder of Mr. Frank Rosenthal on: June 27, 2011, 08:16:41 pm

When you got your words blocked, did you also get instantaneously flooded with cellphone ads as I did?  (Not just pop-ups, but full webpages!)

I've just sent EvadingGrid the following PM:


Someone has apparently reset this forum's family filter to a level which has interfered with the discussion on a thread I started.  (I'm here referring to the thread under "General Discussion" entitled: "The Strange Tale of the Attempted Murder of Mr. Frank Rosenthal", which thread I urge you to review.)

Could you, or whoever controls this forum's family filter, please lighten up on it?


Bad Penny,

I did not get any flood of ads when my word was censored.  But it is weird how the word CASINO would be censored to begin with?   Undecided

Its to keep SpamBots out,..,
3  General / General Discussion / Re: The Strange Tale of the Attempted Murder of Mr. Frank Rosenthal on: June 26, 2011, 04:17:01 pm
Frank Rosenthal was an old-style "Kosher Nostra" guy who actually hosted a local television program(me) in Las Vegas, Nevada, which program(me) was viewed, by some, as a high profile advertisement for Mafia involvement in the Las Vegas **** skim.

My native city's own Mr. Frank Peter Balistrieri blamed Mr. Rosenthal for the then-current law enforcement interest in Las Vegas ****s, which interest was, in fact, due to the involvement of the primary supervisors of the Las Vegas skim on behalf of the Chicago Outfit, Anthony and Michael Spilotro, in residential burglaries.  (Don't ask me why a white-collar criminal would insist on committing blue-collar crimes of a type which would pressure local law enforcement to investigate.)  Anyways, Chicago Boss Tony Accardo eventually figured this out and had the Spilotro brothers whacked (i.e., beaten into semi-consciousness and then buried alive).  Afterwards, Mr. Balistrieri was placed in charge of the Las Vegas skim.  FBI Special Agent Joseph D. Pistore (better known as Bonanno Family wiseguy "Donnie Brasco") tried to get the Bonanno Family involved in Mr. Balistrieri's skim operation, but Mr. Balistrieri somehow magically knew to steer clear of that deal.

Anyways, here's the story of the attempted hit on Frank Rosenthal:


Rosenthal survived an assassination attempt, in October 1982, after his car was rigged with explosives.[3] He survived because his car was a 1981 Cadillac Eldorado which had a metal plate under the driver's seat (GM installed it to correct a balancing problem) which absorbed most of the force of the explosion. While nobody was ever charged, Milwaukee Mob Boss Frank Balistrieri was most likely responsible. Balistrieri, who was known as the "Mad Bomber" to law enforcement, was heard via wiretap blaming Rosenthal for the legal problems the mob controlled ****s were having. Similarly, just weeks before the attempt, Balistrieri told his sons he intended to get "full satisfaction" from Rosenthal's perceived wrongdoing.[4] Other less likely suspects include Spilotro, and outlaw bikers who were friends of Geri Rosenthal.

Wasn't this the guy portrayed by Robert DeNiro in the movie ****?

***** is C_A_S_I_N_O

Trying something...   CASINO <<<Bold each letter to get around the block.
4  Multimedia Center / The Rage Archives (Discontinued) / Tonight on the Rage: 19 February 2011 on: February 19, 2011, 08:55:20 pm
Tonight on the Rage, open lines!  What has you in a rage?  Call in!


Come chat with us here:

The Rage Chat:


We need people to call in who were outraged by Fox News this week with regards to last years CPAC polls!
5  Multimedia Center / The Rage Archives (Discontinued) / 12 February 2011 Tonight on the Rage on: February 12, 2011, 07:56:58 pm
Tonight on the Rage--Katch will be talking about Cooperatives (Co-Ops) and how they benefit a community and how they help stop monopolies.  They will be open lines so you can call in.  What is your rage?  Call in!


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6  Multimedia Center / The Rage Archives (Discontinued) / 15 January 2011 On the Rage on: January 15, 2011, 08:33:31 pm
Tonight on the Rage, open lines!  What has you in a rage?  Call in!


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7  Health, Family & Eugenics / The Air We Breathe / Re: Scientists are releasing gases and fluorescent particles into Bostons subway... on: January 11, 2011, 11:39:08 am
If these gases and fluorescent particles are having some positive effect than it is good. Specially to understand about the airflow in environment.

Nothing that the officials do are done for the good of the people....their track record speaks volumes to me! 

This is probably nothing more then a test to see how they could do more harm than good.
8  Multimedia Center / The Rage Archives (Discontinued) / 18 December 2010 - Tonight on the Rage on: December 18, 2010, 08:49:30 pm

Your Remedy is in the LAW

Join the Nite Crew to welcome

 Michael Edwards

learn how to fight back

if you don't want to go it alone 

Get a Coach

self help to complete services

Credit Problems - Foreclosures,63.0.html

Chat here:

Or Chat here:

9  General / General Discussion / Re: When the economy falls - What you need to know on: December 16, 2010, 11:28:06 pm
Oh I like this title better!

When the bow breaks...the cradle will fall...

Just kidding... Grin
10  General / General Discussion / Re: When the economy falls - What you need to know on: December 16, 2010, 11:20:02 pm
I am quite optimistic...I see a sea change everyday in people!  We have to be self-reliant and self-sufficient and that is what your article is all about! 
11  General / General Discussion / Re: When the economy falls - What you need to know on: December 16, 2010, 10:50:53 pm

Excellent info for those wanting to stock up on things that may become scarce if the dollar falls or collapses.

Over in the PPF, one of the mods felt the need to change your written (words) title, because they thought you were caving in to defeatism.  Roll Eyes  I think quite to the contrary--but there are Powers than be in all walks of life it appears.

I am a mod here, and I will not change titles that people post, I think it is rude and uncalled for, unless someone is trying to incite violence, and we are all about truth and peaceful resistance and getting prepared for hard times ahead.
12  Multimedia Center / The Rage Archives (Discontinued) / Tonight on the Rage! - 11 December 2010 on: December 11, 2010, 09:44:12 pm
Tonight on the Rage:



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13  General / TSA Watch / Re: TSA Grooms Children to Cooperate with Sex Predators on: December 02, 2010, 10:24:24 am
Disgusting!!!   Angry
14  General / General Discussion / Re: DO YOU KNOW WHO JAVIER SOLANA IS ? on: November 27, 2010, 08:40:01 pm
Bookmarked for later.

15  The War Room / Korean Peninsula / Re: North Korean dictator-in-waiting linked to deadly artillery attack on: November 23, 2010, 10:17:32 am
Wow!  And while this is going on, a false flag will occur on the West coast of America and they will blame it on North Korea?
16  Multimedia Center / The Rage Archives (Discontinued) / On the Rage tonight 20 November 2010 on: November 20, 2010, 07:03:12 pm
Tonight on the Rage, Katch's guest will be: Stewart Rhodes from Oath Keepers, and Steven Jacobson an expert in mind control.

The show starts at 10PM to 1 AM EST.

Come join us!

Call in number is: 1-800-818-2255

You can listen by going here:

You can chat live with us here:
17  Health, Family & Eugenics / Health / Food Tyranny / URGENT ACTION ALERT ON FOOD SAFETY LEGISLATION on: November 15, 2010, 09:33:33 am

The Senate is coming back for the lame duck session, and the Food Safety Modernization Act (S.510) is scheduled for a cloture vote this week.  We have asked you to take action on this issue several times this year, and now were in the final push.  It is critical that you call your Senators NOW to urge them to amend or oppose S.510!

S.510 greatly expands FDAs authority over both processed foods and fresh fruits and vegetables, and would give FDA authority to impose extensive, burdensome requirements on even the smallest processing facilities and farms that sell to local consumers.

We need the Tester-Hagan amendment to protect our vulnerable local food producers!


Please call BOTH of your Senators.  You can find their contact information at or by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Urge your Senators to amend or oppose S.510, and specifically to:

1) SUPPORT the TESTER-HAGAN AMENDMENT to prevent the imposition of new federal regulations on small-scale, direct-marketing producers.

2) OPPOSE any amendment to add criminal penalties to S.510.

As it is currently written, S.510 would make our food supply LESS safe by harming local producers, increasing our reliance on imported foods due to the burden on domestic producers, and giving FDA new powers without holding the agency accountable for its failures.

1.  Small, local food producers have not contributed to the highly publicized foodborne illness outbreaks and should not be subjected to extensive new federal regulation.   Although S. 510 includes some provisions that call for flexibility, the bills current language still imposes extensive new requirements on even the smallest farmers and food producers.  State and local regulation have already proven to be enough for local food producers; we dont need new federal regulations.

2.  Increased regulations and record-keeping obligations could destroy small businesses that bring both jobs and food to local communities.  In this time of economic hardship, we need more local food businesses! Congress should work to reduce regulatory burdens on them, not increase them.

3.  Food safety and security both come from a diversified, vibrant local food system.  Local foods give consumers the choice to buy from producers they know, creating a transparent, accountable food system without federal government oversight.

4.  Additional FDA regulation is counterproductive.  FDA has not used its existing authority well.  Instead of focusing its resources on the problems posed by imported foods and large processing facilities, FDA has chosen to target small processors.  While approving unlabeled GMOs to enter our food supply, it has opposed raw milk and interfered with the free choice of informed adults who want access to this healthy food.  Simply giving FDA increased authority and power will not improve the food supply unless Congress requires the agency to focus on Agribusiness and not small, local producers.

5.  Increased regulation of our domestic food suppliers will lead to greater dependence on imported foods, harming both our economy and our security.  The bill will create incentives for retailers to import more food from other countries, because it will burden family farms and small business and because it will be practically impossible to hold foreign food facilities to the same standards and inspections.  The bill will create a considerable competitive disadvantage for ALL U.S. agriculture and food production (see analysis at

6.  S.510 does not address many of the fundamental problems with our food.  The bill does not cover the factory livestock farms that are the source of dangerous E. coli 0157:H7, nor does it address issues such as BPA, pesticide and herbicide contamination, GMOs, or the many other contaminants that impact our health.  It is not productive to focus on bacterial contamination and nothing else.
18  Multimedia Center / Video / Internet TV / Re: TRU.TV - Jesse Ventura and the FEMA camp Documentary on: November 13, 2010, 10:19:19 pm
Jesse Ventura's:  Conspiracy Theory exposing the FEMA Camps

19  Multimedia Center / The Rage Archives (Discontinued) / Re: Welcome to Global Gulag katch22! on: November 13, 2010, 12:02:23 am

Glad to see you made it!  Wink
20  General / General Discussion / The Hidden Meanings in the New $100 Bill! Bix Weir on: November 11, 2010, 06:26:16 pm
The Hidden Meanings in the New $100 Bill!
Bix Weir

First of all, I must admit that I am one of those "Conspiracy Nuts" who loves to read meaning into the back of the US $1 bill like I'm trying to solve a centuries old puzzle. The "All Seeing Eye", the pyramid, "One World Government", Masonic symbols, the implications of the Latin words, even the words "In God We Trust" added in 1955...all of it...I'm a big fan of secret meaning. Just Google "US Dollar Hidden Meaning" and you will find almost EVERY INTERPRETATION you can imagine. Since I don't know which is true...I tend to believe ALL OF THEM. More fun that way. If you think this is all hogwash and there is no meaning to the back of the $1 bill..."Duh, it's just a nice picture"...then this article is not for you.

So, of course, I was more than excited when the new $100 bill was FINALLY announced and IT HAD ALL THAT GOLD ON IT!

I admit that I am slightly biased on this. One of the central themes of my work at the Road to Roota Letters is that there is a group of people working to end the fiat money system and return the US back to the Gold Standard. For those unfamiliar with the concept read:

The Road to Roota Theory

A subscriber tipped me off years ago that the new $100 bill would be "special" when it finally got released and he wasn't lying. I LOVE this bill! Check out how it turns gold in the light...

Ok. So it may be a coincidence and I may have an over active imagination but bear with me while we explore further. Take a real close look at the new bill keeping in mind that the US has a special history of hidden meaning behind their bills and there's a real possibility of a currency crash (with a return to the Gold Standard) in the very near future.

Let's start with the most glaring difference even from the other new colored bills: that huge Blue Stripe down the right center. For those not familiar with the symbolism of the American flag colors: Red symbolizes Hardiness and Valor, White symbolizes Purity and Innocence and Blue represents Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice. Is it possible that the big Blue Stripe may have more significance that you might expect?

When it comes to monetary theory there are really only two serious camps. The first believes in fiat/paper money and the second believes in a "hard money" backed by gold. Lets assume these two opposing ideologies are represented on this bill. Look closely at the left side of the Blue Stripe.

Let's say the left side represents the fiat/paper money camp. There is no new coloring at all just the same ole drab green. The same ole fiat money. It's all there...the words "Federal Reserve Note", the Official Fed Seal, Ooo..looks like the US Treasury Secretary signature has been moved from the right to the left side(come on...which camp did you think Geithner would be put in?!). And for you currency buffs, even Benjamin Franklin is positioned on the left of the Blue Stripe with that quizzical grin...why you ask?

Well, not many know it but Ben Franklin was a BIG supporter of paper money in his day. Don't get me wrong, he was a great and loyal American who was very much anti-banker but in his day the battle was reversed. It was the English bankers who were all about forcing the colonists onto a Gold/Silver standard but Franklin knew that the overseas trade would leave no physical money for the colonies to conduct domestic commerce with. It was probably the TRUE cause of the American Revolution! Here's a good representation of what happened:

Truthfully, it's high time we rewrite the all the US History books and tell the world the REAL STORY. The American Revolution was actually...A REBELLION AGAINST THE BANKSTERS!

Back to the "Greenback"...

So you can see that everything on the left side of the new $100 bill relates to the continuance of fiat money.

Now let's look at the right side of that Blue Stripe...the "Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice" side!

OH MY GOODNESS...GOLD GALORE!! A Gold Ink Well, Gold Liberty Bell, Gold Feather Pen, Gold "100", Gold Watermark, Gold Writing in the background, Gold "July 4, 1776"...there's even a HUGE gold "100" on the back of the right side. The right side of this bill is so full of gold it will probably droop when you hand it to the cashier!

Here's my take on all the Gold symbolism:

- The US has long prepared to return to a Gold Standard and the time has come.

- The Gold Ink Well symbolizes the power of Congress to pass laws that can dismantle the Fiat Money System with the stoke of a pen.

- The Gold Liberty Bell within the ink well symbolizes Congresses ability to write laws that destroy the banking cabal's strangle hold on the Liberty of citizens in the United States.

- Notice the words "THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS,PUBLIC AND PRIVATE" has also been moved from the left to the right side (or the gold standard side!)

- Notice how the color of the "100" on the bottom front changes from GREEN to GOLD...still not convinced?

- And now my favorite... look at the wording right above the "100" on the far right.

Do you see it?

"...the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new..."

That, my friends, comes directly from our Declaration of Independence and says the following:

"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

Has there ever been a time in the last 100 years that the people were more ready to "alter or abolish" our government?!

Can "They" make it more obvious...GET READY FOR A GOLD STANDARD!

The odd fact that the US Treasury chose to "anti-counterfeit" the $100 bill last is very telling. The US $100 is the MOST counterfeited bill in the world by far. So much so that the fake bills even have their own name...the "SUPERDOLLAR" or "SUPERNOTE".

The new $100's were going to be released on Feb 10, 2011 but the Federal Reserve announced a "delay due to production problems". Why wait so long? In this video it sure looks like they are in full production already. (what's with the "Wizard of Oz-esque" green drapes? No, I won't run with that!)

Oh, did you notice that the bill in all the sample photos was printed in "SERIES 2009"? I believe that the new $100's are ready to go and HAVE BEEN READY SINCE THE ONSET OF THE CREDIT CRISIS! They were waiting for the crash and the return to a gold standard. With this announcement they might as well say ...WE ARE READY TO COLLAPSE THE SYSTEM!!

The monetary camps split by the Blue Stripe, the Liberty Bell in the Gold Inkwell, the quotes of overthrowing the government, the delayed implementation of the $100 bill...

Get ready for a Gold Standard because we are just about there!

**sign up for FREE UPDATES from Road to Roota Letters below :-)

May the Road you choose be the Right Road

Bix Weir
21  Multimedia Center / The Rage Archives (Discontinued) / Re: On The Rage Tonight... (Oct. 30, 2010) on: November 06, 2010, 08:50:57 pm

Thank you, Route!  Kiss
22  General / Introductions / Re: Hey Guys! on: November 04, 2010, 10:34:49 pm
Good to see you, Plasma!  Welcome aboard, Matey!   Smiley
23  The Wall / Off Topic / Whining / Re: My Perfect Recipe for Roast Chicken: Chicken Providence on: November 04, 2010, 10:32:23 pm
By kitbashing a(n) Heston Blumental recipe (in turn, and in part relevant to this recipe, derived from what Chef Blumenthal says is a traditional Chinese recipe for roast duck) with a recipe I came up with on my own via technical advice from the "America's Test Kitchen" television program(me), I managed to create what I believe to be the perfect recipe for roast chicken, which, since I invented it in Providence, I'll call "Chicken Providence".

I'll give the recipe for a single portion, in order to facilitate the math(s) for multiple portions.

Begin with an approximately one-half US pound (1/5 to 1/4 kilo) bone-in chicken thigh.  (I prefer thighs to whole chickens due to their flavo(u)r, and also due to the fact that they have skin on only one side, which means that all the skin will be exposed to the oven heat (which makes it crispy), where as a whole bird is surrounded in skin, which means the part of the skin touching the pan won't become crispy unless you use Chef Blumenthal's method of post-roasting searing in a pan of near-smoking-point oil.)  Brine (in your refrigerator) for six hours in an 8% saline solution (which gives a rather salty taste (not so salty as to be unpleasant, but salty enough to overwhelm the other spices in my mix without overwhelming the chickeny flavo(u)r, which still comes through massively), so I'll experiment with lower saline solutions of 4 to 6 percent, and I should also add that in US volumetric terms an 8% solution is equal to one-quarter cup of regular salt plus 2 and 7/8 cups of water, while a 4% solution is equal to 1/8 cup (= 2 tbsp) salt plus 3 cups water, and a 6% solution is approximately equal to 3 tbsp salt plus 3 cups water).  Following the brining, rinse the chicken piece thoroughly in cold running water, and then soak in cold fresh water for one hour, changing the water every 15 minutes.  Immediately following the soaking, immerse each chicken piece in boiling water for 30 seconds, then immediately immerse in iced water until cool to the touch.  Then plunge the cooled piece back into the boiling water for another 30 seconds, and then immediately plunge the piece into the ice water bath until cool.  (Perform this operation for each piece of chicken separately!)  Once each piece has been subjected to this operation (known as "blanching"), wrap each piece in paper toweling (to about 4-ply thickness) and place on a plate, and then place the plate into your refrigerator overnight to dry.

Once the chicken pieces are thoroughly dried, take 1/2 tbsp (which is equal to 1 and 1/2 restaurant-sized pats of butter, or 1/16 of a 1/4 pound stick of butter, or 7 grammes) of butter.  (The butter must remain cooler than room temperature to the point that it remains solid throughout the following operation.)  Then, drop spices onto the butter, to the extent of 1/8 tsp (0.75g) ground black pepper, 1/8 tsp garlic powder, and 1/8 tsp dried oregano (UK readers, you get the point: volumes of garlic powder and dried oregano equal to the volume of the 0.75g of ground black pepper).  Roughly mix the spices and the butter with your fingertips, and then, having created with your fingers a pocket of space between the skin and the meat, spread (as evenly as you can, but don't worry about unevenness) one-half the mix underneath the skin, and the other half onto the outer surface of the skin.

Once all the pieces have been thusly coated in the spiced butter, place them, evenly spaced on a baking sheet, onto the middle rack of an oven preheated to 190 degrees C/375 degrees F for one hour.  Rest for five minutes, and serve.  Pour the buttery/chickeny/spicey grease left in the pan into small bowls for use as a dipping sauce (my equivalent of Chef Blumenthal's butter melted with chicken wing tips, which he then injects into the meat).

Sounds wonderful.  I will give Chicken Providence a try.  Thanks for posting--I am always looking for new and innovating ways to cook chicken!
24  Health, Family & Eugenics / Alternative Health / Natural Food / Aromatherapy in Your Kitchen: Cooking with Herbs & Spices on: November 03, 2010, 08:53:16 am
Aromatherapy in Your Kitchen: Cooking with Herbs & Spices

Pat Thomas
The Ecologist
Fri, 29 Oct 2010 00:10 CDT

How to make your food your medicine and medicine your food, starting with six common herbs you can use in your recipes and everyday cooking

The smell of our food is inexorably linked to our enjoyment of it. In fact, taste and smell are the two most directly linked of our senses. Aroma is the essence of food, but as well as making food taste good, it can also enhance our sense of well-being.

While the concept of aromatherapy has become something of a catch-all phrase for a wide range of healing techniques, such as massage and steam inhalation, which involve the use of highly concentrated oils derived from plants and flowers, rarely if ever do we think of our food as having aromatherapeutic properties.

The health benefits of flavorful food are well known in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. While it is unlikely that you will be eating herbs and spices in anything like medicinal quantities, many have been shown to be concentrated sources of antioxidants, and if taken regularly in great enough quantities, some can have medicinal effects. Cinnamon, for example, helps regulate blood sugar; in Germany, sage is licensed as a standard medicinal tea to treat gastrointestinal upsets and night sweats.

Taste may also be important to feelings of satiety and therefore be influential in managing overeating and obesity. There is evidence to suggest that foods that are flavorful, taken in small bites, may increase a person's satisfaction with a meal and help regulate food intake.

Although it is an area that would benefit from more study, smell disorders have been linked with many health problems including obesity, and one small study found that in 20 per cent of participating children the ability to fully detect the aromas of their food was impaired.

Another study found that those who had the most taste buds, and therefore the greatest sensitivity to food tastes/smells, had the lowest body mass index.

One reason why we eat so many fried foods may be because frying can bring out the complex, satisfying aromas of food (for more on food flavors, see this extract from Eric Sclosser's book Fast Food Nation). So if your food preparation rarely goes beyond salting and peppering consider these alternatives and remember - whatever you are eating, don't overcook, and chew fully and slowly to release all the beneficial aromas and flavors.

Healthy herbs

Herbs will add subtle flavors to almost any dish. Unlike spices, which often come from far away, herbs can be grown easily in your garden and picked fresh when you need them. Always use the fresh herb and tear, don't cut the leaves. Gently crushing the leaves by scrunching them up in your hand or lightly bruising them using a mortar and pestle is a good way to releasing their aromas.

Basil fortifies the digestive and nervous systems and can be a good remedy for headaches and insomnia. It is also a good diuretic. When using it in cooking, opt for the fresh leaves and wait until the very last moment before adding them to your dish. Try scattering it on tomato salads, in soups and to egg, rice and mushroom dishes. Make your own pesto sauce, or put some fresh leaves into olive oil for a pungent salad dressing (don't worry if the leaves turn black).

Dill has a sharp/sweet taste, somewhere between mint and aniseed. It is a natural bactericide, diuretic and digestive soother and can be effective against cystitis and other bladder infections. Use it liberally with seafood, especially salmon. Sprinkle it onto salads or lightly steamed vegetables especially new or baked potatoes. You can also add the seeds to stews, soups or as a topping on cooked vegetables or in rice dishes.

Fennel is a relative of dill and has a slightly milder flavor. Its traditional uses are for lack of appetite, poor digestion, fatigue, fluid retention, headaches and bladder infections. It is also helpful in cases of anemia. Fennel is great baked on its own or with fish but is equally appetizing raw in a range of fresh salads. As an alternative, put the seeds into a pepper mill and grind over meats, pulse dishes or fish.

Lemon Balm is useful for depression and anxiety. It can also ease the symptoms of stress, such as headache, migraine and insomnia. Use the fresh leaves in (non-alcoholic) cocktails, in stuffing and in both savory and fruit salads. It goes well with fish and can be infused in milk for a lemony milk pudding.

Mint is a sedative and is good for the nervous system. It is traditionally considered an aid to detoxification and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Mint is the traditional sauce for lamb but has many other uses. Fresh mint can be brewed as a tea or put in tall, cool drinks in the summer. Mix it with Bulgar wheat for a delicious salad. Sprinkle over new potatoes or peas or use in salads or dressings. It is also delicious mixed in with chutneys as a cooling accompaniment to spicy foods, such as curries.

Parsley has numerous uses including as a general tonic, diuretic and digestive aid. It is an effective treatment for constipation and the French revere it in much the same way that the Chinese revere ginseng. Don't just plop it on the side of your plate; stir it into a omelets, vegetable and rice dishes. Mix it with some butter, spread this on some crusty bread and bake briefly for a quick snack. Add it to mashed potato and use it when making fish or meat balls.

Rosemary is a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It's a staple in Mediterranean cooking and can be used to infuse everything from lamb, poultry, pork, veal, and beef to roasted potatoes, green beans, peas, and mushrooms with a fresh flavor. Brew it as a tea to calm frayed nerves and relieve wind. Use it to make flavorful oils and vinegars or try something really different and use it to flavor custard.

Sage is an ancient remedy used to 'normalize' the female reproductive system. Eaten raw it can also be effective in rheumatic conditions, catarrh, excessive sweating and tummy upsets. Add to salads, soups and stuffing for rich meats like pork and goose. Make a seasoning by grinding up dried sage leaves with coarse sea salt. This can be used on almost any savory dish. Alternatively, make a uniquely flavored honey by adding freshly dried sage leaves. This can then be used in herbal teas and sweet dishes to give them a therapeutic boost.

Tarragon can settle the stomach and relieve constipation. It can clear the body of intestinal parasites, ease fluid retention and improve the appetite. Because it is so savory you may not need to use as much salt in cooked dishes - a bonus for those suffering from hypertension. Its most popular use is with chicken, but it can also be used in salads and omelets. Put some in a bottle of good quality vinegar for a tasty condiment.

Thyme is a general tonic and an aid to digestion. It is also useful for colds, coughs, flu, asthma and sinus headaches. Some sources claim it also acts as an antioxidant. Thyme is best used fresh in marinades and sauces, stocks and stuffing. It is a staple of slow cooked casseroles and stews and is reputed to 'fix' the iron in meat as well as making it more digestible. Crushed leaves make excellent herb oils and vinegars.

Spices don't simply add flavour to your food - they also aid digestion, protect against bacteria and prevent a range of illnesses

Cooking with Spices

Spices generally add a more pungent taste to foods. Wherever possible, it is best to buy the whole spice and grind or crush it yourself. This way the aroma will be stronger and you will benefit from more of the active ingredients.

As food activist Vandana Shiva has pointed out, unlike buying pineapple chunks from impoverished Ghanaian farmers or green beans from rain-starved Kenya, buying herbs and spices that are legitimate indigenous agricultural products is a good way to invest in developing countries and to give them access to the world market without destroying their food cultures in the process.

Our appreciation of the taste and smell of food actually begins in the womb. Not only does what you eat provide the building blocks for your baby's growth, it also provides, quite literally, a taste of the environment it will be born into, since amniotic fluid becomes flavored according to what the mother eats. In this way it is thought that babies become acclimatised to the food preferences of their culture.

While herbs are the leaves of herbaceous plants, spices come from the other parts of the plant, such as the bark, root, bud or berry. Unlike fresh herbs, spices are generally used in their dried form. This means their essential oils content is highly concentrated, and if stored properly - in airtight containers, away from light - they can keep their pungent odors for a very long time.

There are a wealth of spices you can use to make meals more appealing and many of these are also commonly used for their healing properties in traditional medicine.

Caraway has traditionally been used to aid digestion and relieve wind. Sprinkle fresh leaves over cabbage, potato and beetroot dishes. If you grow your own, you can also eat the tap roots as you would parsnip.

Cardamom is a good digestive stimulant and diuretic. It is effective against H. Pylori, the bacterium that causes ulcers, and may help to prevent atherosclerosis. Buy the whole green or bleached white seeds to use, lightly crushed, in rice dishes, curries and meat stews. Freshly ground cardamom can give a surprisingly tangy lift to an everyday fruit salad.

Cinnamon is a first-class antiseptic and digestive aid. It is rich in antioxidants, which may be why one of its traditional uses is to aid recovery from colds and flu. There is some evidence that cinnamon is useful in helping to normalize blood glucose levels. It is equally nice in savory dishes, such as stews, stuffing, pickles and relishes, as it is in sweet dishes, such as stewed fruits and pies. It's lovely mixed with sugar on hot buttered toast and can be used to spice up rice or milk puddings. Try using a cinnamon stick to stir hot chocolate or coffee.

Coriander can stimulate appetite, help increase secretion of gastric juices and aid digestion. It is traditionally used as a diuretic and is a strong antibacterial shown to be effective against salmonella. The seeds can be used in curries, chutneys, stews and soups. They blend well with smoked meats and game and even fish. Ground coriander seeds also add a nice dimension to breads, desserts and sweet pastries.

Cumin is a good general tonic. It is antiseptic, antibacterial and is reputed to help improve circulation. It has antioxidant properties and studies show it can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, at least in the lab. It can be delicious added to a marinade for barbecues or kebabs. You can make a spicy eastern-style salad with tomatoes, green peppers, courgettes and/or aubergines, with a little powdered cumin sprinkled on top. Use the whole seeds in pickles or preserves.

Ginger can be used to combat nausea, vomiting and morning sickness. It can be as twice as effective as Dramamine in preventing motion sickness. It is antiseptic and also full of antioxidants. Its anti-inflammatory effects make it useful in treating arthritis and post-exercise stiffness. It is a digestive aid and can relieve symptoms of sore throats, colds and flu. Ginger is also tasty in pickles and cheese dishes, and can be used effectively in all forms of baking, particularly cakes and breads.

Juniper berries
are detoxifying and effective in combating rheumatic conditions such as arthritis. Juniper is traditionally used to aid digestion. It is an effective diuretic and can treat urinary tract infections. The fresh berries are best lightly crushed and cooked with meat and game. Used with garlic and sea salt they are a wonderful accompaniment to cabbage and other green vegetables. Juniper can also be used in a variety of stuffing, sauces, marinades and pâtés.

Nutmeg acts as a stimulant, tonic and digestive. It can be beneficial for convalescents and those who are over-tired, can ease wind and is reportedly good for the heart. It is also reputed to be an aphrodisiac. Nutmeg can transform mashed potatoes and other vegetable dishes. Sprinkle over hot chocolate for a quick pick-me-up.

Peppercorns come in green, black, white and pink, and are actually a fruit. Pepper aids digestion and stimulates appetite. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and is traditionally used to aid detoxification, to ease lung and bronchial infections, and relieve shock and stress. Use in savory stocks and marinades, and liberally over salads and hot vegetable dishes. Coat meats thoroughly before grilling, and add crushed peppercorns to vinegars and oils to make spicy dressings. Always buy whole peppercorns and grind as required. Pre-ground spice quickly loses its active properties.

Star anise is traditionally used to ease wind, hiccups and fluid retention. It may also have antiviral properties that make it useful against flu (in fact, it is the starting material for the drug Tamiflu). Star anise has a spicy, licorice-like taste. The seeds go particularly well with figs. Use the whole spice or the seeds with fish and in vegetable dishes, soups, rice dishes and curries.

About the author

Pat Thomas is a freelance journalist, author and broadcaster. She is also a former editor of The Ecologist.
25  Multimedia Center / The Rage Archives (Discontinued) / On The Rage Tonight... (Oct. 30, 2010) on: October 30, 2010, 10:08:57 am
30 October 2010

Tonight on The Rage: Katch will be discussing chemtrails and the G. Edward Griffin documentary, "What In The World Are They Spraying?"

I would encourage anyone with good chemtail information to call in, and bring your information to the table so that we can make more people aware of these deadly chemtrails!

The show starts at 10 pm (EST) to 1 am (EST)

Katch-22 is the host and I will be on tonight too, to discuss these issues!

Call-in number is 800-818-2255

Listen here: |

Live chat here:

*Also you can go to the live chat here, at Global Gulag to chat with us live.
26  The Wall / Off Topic / Whining / Re: Editing Thread/Post... on: October 30, 2010, 08:26:13 am
David this is fantastic!!! You have done a great service for the truth movement here!

I applaud all your hard work and dedication to getting the truth out!


27  General / General Discussion / Re: Rand Paul Backer Stomps on Woman's Head on: October 28, 2010, 10:13:28 am

Of course Rand Paul isn't responsible for this.

Of course his opponent is responsible for tipping his brother off to an impending narcotics raid.  (And, if his brother really was innocent, why bother tipping him off to a raid that should have proven his innocence?)

I understand the double-standard.

I just want the good guys to understand how not to give political ammunition to the bad guys.

Avoid provocation!

Bad penny,

My question was meant to be in general, not directed towards you.  But, I understand what you mean and agree.
28  General / General Discussion / Re: Rand Paul Backer Stomps on Woman's Head on: October 28, 2010, 09:40:57 am
Regardless of the issue at hand, is Rand Paul responsible for this?

What about the WAC member who was called a fagot, threatened and kicked in the shin for showing up to a Democratic rally?

Of course, the double-standards are in full force!  Angry
29  General / General Discussion / Towards Martial Law in America: Authority to Deploy Troops Domestically during on: October 27, 2010, 10:37:21 pm

Towards Martial Law in America: Authority to Deploy Troops Domestically during 'National Emergencies'

James Corbett
Wed, 27 Oct 2010 11:28 CDT

Earlier this month, the United States Coast Guard upheld its self-declared status as a 'special' branch of the military with the ability to prosecute civilians in military tribunals. This startling declaration, unreported in the media, came in a Decision on Appeal related to the case of Lieutenant Eric Shine, a commissioned Naval officer in the Merchant Marines and a graduate of Kings Point Military Service Academy, and was penned by the Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard. The decision can be downloaded and read here.

The Coast Guard began proceedings to strip Lieutenant Shine of his merchant mariner license in March, 2003, supposedly as the result of incidents related to his service on two private vessels in 2001. In actuality, as Lieutenant Shine points out, the charges were brought in retaliation for attempting to blow the whistle on illegal dumping and other practices he had been asked to engage in during his employment. The Coast Guard's case against him rested on two hostile witnesses (who had previously been named by Shine in his whistleblower litigation) and the Chief of the Coast Guard Medical Evaluations Office, an officer in the Coast Guard who had never examined Shine but was willing to testify to his medical incompetence.

Download an interview with Eric Shine about his case, the Coast Guard and the open implementation of martial law here.

The precedent-setting nature of Lieutenant Shine's case - with the Coast Guard prosecuting him as an alleged civilian in an Article 32 military tribunal - is disturbing enough. But when this case is set in the history and context of the Coast Guard and its repeated attempts at "crossing the Rubicon," an even more disturbing picture emerges.

In 49 B.C., Julius Caesar led the Roman Legion across the Rubicon and into Rome itself, defying the Roman Senate and soon thereafter declaring himself Emperor for life. This was the beginning of the changeover from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire and the phrase "Crossing the Rubicon" is now used to refer to a move by government toward military dictatorship and the suspension of civil liberties.

Unbeknownst to most Americans, the United States Coast Guard has been attempting to 'cross the Rubicon' for decades, and actually achieved that goal in a silent coup in 2003 when it was moved from the Department of Transportation into the newly-created Department of Homeland Security. This change was not merely bureaucratic; it allows the Coast Guard to now openly declare itself "one of the five armed forces of the United States and the only military organization within the Department of Homeland Security." The problem is that the Coast Guard is now attempting to straddle the line between a civil service agency (as it was set up to be and indeed has always been, except during times when it was specifically placed in the service of the Navy) and a branch of the military, conforming to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

For those who understand how the United States military has been set up, and the laws and prohibitions against military personnel engaging in the policing of civilians, the fact that the Coast Guard wants to act as a maritime police agency at the same time as it declares itself a branch of the military is a clear indication that the United States is now officially under martial law.

In 1878, Congress passed a law known as Posse Comitatus that prohibited the use of military personnel or assets in domestic law enforcement. At the time, it was clear that the act was an attempt to prohibit the military from policing civilians on U.S. soil, as happened in the South under Reconstruction. What has been taking place in earnest since 9/11, however, is an attempt to erode the spirit and the substance of Posse Comitatus so that the Executive branch can effectively 'cross the rubicon' and use military personnel in domestic policing operations.

As the video below demonstrates, both Democratic and Republican demonstrations have been attempting to overcome Posse Comitatus for decades, and 9/11 was the blank cheque they needed to kick their agenda into high gear:

On October 23, 2001, unconvicted war criminals John Yoo and Robert J. Delahunty  wrote to White House counsel Alberto Gonzales giving the legal opinion that "The president has ample constitutional and statutory authority to deploy the military against international or foreign terrorists operating within the United States." The Bush Administration then tried to use that very opinion to justify sending American troops into the suburbs of Buffalo  to seize a group of men who were claimed to be working with Al Qaeda. The decision was evidently made not to pursue that course of action at that time, but the legal opinion stood and the Administration waited for the opportunity to formalize the legality of deploying troops on home soil.

That opportunity came in 2006, after years of scaremongering over the "War on Terror" (which former Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge later admitted was done to influence voters at politically sensitive times). A section (1076) was slipped into the John Warner Defense Authorization Act  that granted the president the authority to deploy troops domestically during "national emergencies." In 2008, Congress attempted to take these powers away from the administration by passing legislation repealing the offending sections of the Act, but President Bush issued a signing statement when signing that legislation into law saying that his administration was not bound by it.

From that point on, the legal floodgates have been open and a stream of increasingly disturbing reports have confirmed that Posse Comitatus had been repealed and that the public is being conditioned to accept uniformed military personnel policing American civilians on the streets of America.

In September 2008, the Army Times reported that the 3rd Infantry Division's Brigade Combat Team had been reassigned to NORTHCOM to patrol the "homeland" in crowd control and civil unrest situations.

In December of 2008, the Marine Corps Air and Ground Combat Support Group dispatched uniformed troops to aid police checkpoints in California.

In September of 2009, the Army and Air Force provided assistance to the National Guard for security at the G20 in Pittsburgh.

Also in September of 2009, the Assistant Secretary of Defense in Obama's Defense Department requested authorization to deploy 379,000 troops inside the U.S.

But this issue is not merely an American one. There is currently a coordinated agenda across the Western world to harmonize these types of rubicon-crossing moves toward outright martial law across borders.

In March 2009, the Canadian military—which began a formal merger with the American military in February 2008 that would see American troops deployed on the streets of Canada and Canadian troops in America during 'national emergency'—announced that it, too was preparing special reserve units to provide for 'domestic security' during times of civil unrest. The troops are being trained in various crowd control and emergency measures, such as how to set up and maintain internment camps for Canadian citizens in the event of such things as enforced quarantines after a bioterror attack.

Also in March 2009 it was revealed that the British Army was being readied to deal with Brits should rioting break out in the UK.

What all of this case history reveals is that there is a coordinated agenda to knock down any remaining walls separating the general population of America, Canada and the UK from their own militaries. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the way the Coast Guard has quietly shifted from a federal policing agency into a self-declared branch of the military.

As Lieutenant Eric Shine rightfully asks in his own article on the subject, how does the Revenue Cutter Service, originally located in the Department of the Treasury, merge with the Lighthouse Service, the Ice-breaking Service and other civil service agencies to become a branch of military? How does a branch of the military end up in the Department of Homeland Security, whose mission is explicitly to police the "homeland" and its residents? How does this branch of the military get away with filing charges in a military tribunal against an alleged civilian who has never served in their uniform, and then proceed to prosecute, adjudicate and act as appellate of that tribunal?

And perhaps the most important question of all: When will the American public, and the peoples of the other Western powers, realize that the Rubicon has long since been crossed and that they are already living in a military dictatorship?

James Corbett is an independent journalist in Japan whose work can be found at Information on Lt. Shine's case can be found at
30  General / General Discussion / Re: First Mel, Now Charlie... on: October 27, 2010, 04:55:51 pm
Now the crucifixion begins by the armchair spectators!  Character assassination abounds!

Charlie Sheen Needs Prison
But don't expect CBS to take a stand and lose those profits
By John Johnson,  Newser Staff

Posted Oct 27, 2010 2:25 PM CDT

  (Newser)  – Surprise, surprise. Charlie Sheen is returning to work this week in spite of his latest little dust-up, reports People.

    * Time for jail: It's one thing if Sheen wants to quietly destroy his own life, writes psychiatrist Dale Archer at Fox News. But Sheen's repeated violent outbursts makes this different. "Sending him to another rehab facility with no jail time and no consequences for his actions" won't cut it. "This guy may really hurt someone, even kill someone in an intoxicated state if this is not addressed."

    * Money machine: Don't hold your breath waiting for CBS and Warner Brothers to disavow him, writes Lacey Rose at Forbes. He's too profitable. The only thing that matters to them is that Two and a Half Men is the most popular comedy in prime time. Until its ratings tank or he goes to jail for a while, "I don’t imagine you’ll be hearing much from those TV bosses of his."
* Hopeless? Sheen's behavior is familiar to anyone who's dealt with an addicted loved one, and his continued TV presence is "ridiculous at this point," writes Mary Elizabeth Williams at Salon. He can't seem to kick his problem, so why do we keep giving him chances? "Because even in the face of a seemingly fatal diagnosis, it's human nature to hope."
31  General / General Discussion / Re: First Mel, Now Charlie... on: October 27, 2010, 04:52:41 pm
Bad Penny,

Good points you brought up, you're right, I completely forgot that...and with all that toe stepping, Spitzer was set up and wound up caving under pressures and went to the dark side.  I would have more respect for him if he would have faded into the wood work, to come out another day with all his ducks in a row to blow the whistle!  It doesn't appear that he will do that any time soon, because, now they rewarded him with big bucks to be a talking head!   Angry
32  General / General Discussion / Re: First Mel, Now Charlie... on: October 26, 2010, 08:14:42 pm
Meanwhile, stuff like this gets swept under the rug:


Or how about Eliot Spitzer caught with a prostitute, while he was Governor of New York, he was not prosecuted, and then he started doing the talk show circuit, as a political analysis, then he is rewarded with his own CNN Show.    Roll Eyes
33  General / General Discussion / Re: First Mel, Now Charlie... on: October 26, 2010, 06:11:22 pm
Charlie Sheen -- No Drugs Found in Hotel Room

Cops did not find any evidence of drug use in Charlie Sheen's NY hotel room early this morning ... this according to law enforcement sources.

As we previously reported, cops arrived to Sheen's hotel room around 2:00 AM after receiving a 911 call for possible intoxication. Sheen reportedly trashed the hotel room.

Charlie's rep has stated that the whole incident stems from a bad reaction to medication.

Story developing ...
34  General / General Discussion / Re: First Mel, Now Charlie... on: October 26, 2010, 05:41:40 pm
What I am seeing here is a huge smear campaign.  Granted Charlie has had problems before, but they are really amplifying it now to crucify him like that have done Mel Gibson for daring to speak out against the establishment and shadow government.

Did anyone see the Net?  Remember what happened to Sandra Bullock's doctor friend (Dennis Miller) when he picked up his prescription?
35  General / Introductions / Re: Just found this site on: October 26, 2010, 02:10:45 pm
Welcome James!
36  Health, Family & Eugenics / Pharmaceuticals / Vaccines / Drug maker to pay $750 million for defective meds on: October 26, 2010, 02:03:31 pm
Drug maker to pay $750 million for defective meds

GSK settlement comes after federal probe into manufacturing plant in Puerto Rico

By Pete Williams   Justice correspondent
NBC News NBC News
updated 1 hour 9 minutes ago 2010-10-26T17:38:03

GlaxoSmithKline, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical makers, has agreed to pay $750 million to settle a Justice Department lawsuit accusing the company of selling adulterated and improperly made drugs, federal officials say.

The settlement, expected to be announced in Boston Tuesday, is the result of a long-running federal investigation of the company's drug manufacturing plant in Cidra, Puerto Rico.

The government claimed that the plant churned out medications that were mislabeled, mixed up in the wrong packaging, and even defective -- made either too weak or too strong. The allegations included such popular prescription drugs as Paxil and Avandia.

The Justice Department's original lawsuit claimed that the plant mixed different strengths of some pills together, such as both 30 mg and 10 mg tablets in the same bottle. The government also claimed that some drugs were contaminated with micro-organisms, including an ointment used to treat skin infections in small children and an injectable drug for treating nausea in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

A big factor in the lawsuit was the role of a former manager of quality assurance for GSK who became a whistleblower after she was fired.

The company has not yet responded to requests for comment.

© 2010  Reprints
37  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / Re: Faking News: CIA Assets in the Newsroom on: October 26, 2010, 01:58:26 pm
Imagine my shock (not!) at hearing this news!   Roll Eyes

At least it is out in the open now!
38  General / General Discussion / Re: First Mel, Now Charlie... on: October 26, 2010, 01:47:47 pm
Charlie Sheen hospitalized after 'adverse' drug reaction

From the CNN Wire Staff
October 26, 2010 1:35 p.m. EDT

New York (CNN) -- Actor Charlie Sheen suffered an "adverse allergic reaction" to medicine while at New York's Plaza Hotel and was taken to a hospital early Tuesday, his representative said.

An ambulance carried an "emotionally disturbed person" from the hotel to New York Downtown Hospital at 1:30 a.m., a New York Police Department spokesman said.

Police would only identify the man as a 45-year-old white male. Sheen is 45.

"What we are able to determine is that Charlie had an adverse allergic reaction to some medication and was taken to the hospital, where he is expected to be released tomorrow," Sheen representative Stan Rosenfield said.

Sheen spent at least a month this year at a Malibu, California, rehab center, but it was never disclosed what he was treated for there.

A Colorado judge allowed the actor to count his time at Promises of Malibu toward a 30-day jail sentence after he entered a guilty plea in August to a charge in Aspen, Colorado. The plea deal reduced the charges from felony domestic violence charges to a misdemeanor third-degree assault count.

The case stemmed from Sheen's arrest on Christmas Day after his wife, Brooke Mueller, told Aspen police he threatened her with a knife at their holiday home.

Sheen should complete his three months of unsupervised probation in November.

Police did not file charges relating to Tuesday's New York incident.

The son of actor Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen recently signed a new contract last summer to continue with his hit CBS sitcom "Two and a Half Men."
39  General / General Discussion / First Mel, Now Charlie... on: October 26, 2010, 01:30:48 pm
Charlie Sheen trashes Plaza Hotel suite during naked drunk rage before being taken away to hospital

BY Rocco Parascandola, Alison Gendar and Larry Mcshane

Originally Published:Tuesday, October 26th 2010, 10:02 AM

A naked and nutty Charlie Sheen tore up his pricey Plaza Hotel suite early Tuesday after a booze-and-blow binge with a hired date, police sources said.

Sheen, 45, erupted violently after returning to the posh hotel room with a woman and discovering his wallet and cell phone were missing, the source said.

The distraught woman called the front desk about the rampaging "Two and a Half Men" star - still on probation for a clash with his third wife.

The hotel made a 911 call at 1:34 a.m., and police arrived to find the room was a disaster area with clothes strewn about and a table turned over, the source said.

A police source described Sheen's date as an escort, and Life & Style Weekly said cops found her naked and locked inside a closet at the $995-a-night Eloise Suite on the 18th floor.

An equally unclad Sheen was "intoxicated and acting irrationally" when the cops arrived, a source said. The oft-rehabbed actor admitted he was drinking and using ****, sources said.

He was eventually calmed down and taken to a Manhattan hospital, according to the source.

The mystery woman hanging with Sheen was described by a police source as a "semi-pro."

"A woman who likes the celebrities, likes the gifts and not averse to talking some cash on the side as a 'thank you,'" the source said.

The crazed actor was accompanied to the hospital by his ex-wife Denise Richards, who was staying in a different room at the same hotel with their two kids, sources said.

Plaza staff reportedly brought Richards down to help out with the drunk and disorderly Sheen.

The estranged couple was spotted on Sunday night attending "Mary Poppins" on Broadway with their daughters.

It was unclear if Sheen would face criminal charges for the late-night explosion in the iconic hotel.

A Sheen spokesman told the volatile Sheen was hospitalized after suffering "an adverse allergic reaction to some medication."

He was expected to stay in the hospital overnight, the spokesman said.

During her nasty divorce from the Hollywood bad boy, Richards accused Sheen of bullying her between visits to hookers and high-stakes sports betting.

She also accused the hard-partying actor of popping an assortment of prescription pills that left him so paranoid that he kept a gun under their coffee table.

The Plaza episode was just the latest bizarre twist in a year that's seen Sheen in rehab, divorce court and criminal court.

In August, the actor known for his roles in "Wall Street" and "Platoon" cut a deal to avoid jail by taking a 30-day stretch in a Malibu rehab facility.

The deal capped a lurid saga that began with Sheen's Christmas Day arrest for allegedly holding a knife to wife Brooke Mueller's throat during an Aspen, Colo., family vacation.

Both checked into rehab after the attack.

The Plaza incident was the latest in a continuing series of problems besetting Sheen, the son of actor Martin Sheen.

Charlie Sheen has admitted to massive **** use, once overdosing in 1998.

And Sheen was linked to Heidi Fleiss, admitting he paid $50,000 for prostitutes provided by the Hollywood Madam.

His personal woes had little effect on his professional success. Sheen - the highest paid man on television - earns a reported $1.8 million per episode for his CBS sitcom.

Read more:


I am finding it hard to believe any of this.  If they can't shun him from Hollywood they will destroy his character.
40  Health, Family & Eugenics / Pharmaceuticals / Vaccines / Double polio vaccine proves most effective in study on: October 26, 2010, 12:04:55 pm
Double polio vaccine proves most effective in study

By Kate Kelland

LONDON | Tue Oct 26, 2010 4:32am IST

LONDON (Reuters) - A new double-strain polio vaccine is more effective than triple and single vaccines and means children in high-risk areas can be immunised against two key strains of the crippling virus in a single dose, scientists say.

In a study in the Lancet journal on Tuesday, World Health Organisation (WHO) scientists said research on the bivalent oral polio vaccine, known as bOPV, found it induced a "significantly higher immune response" than triple vaccines.

Researcher Roland Sutter said the findings showed that the new oral vaccine, which is made for WHO vaccination programmes by various drug firms including Britain's GlaxoSmithKline and India's Panacea Biotec, would be a potent weapon in the battle to eradicate the crippling virus.

"The main advantage of the bivalent is that it is so effective against type 1 and type 3 poliovirus at the same time," he told Reuters in a telephone interview.

"The impact has been quite dramatic already in India and in Nigeria with cases coming down to very low levels this year."

Polio, which spreads in areas with poor sanitation, attacks the nervous system and can cause irreversible paralysis within hours of infection. Children under five are the most vulnerable.

In 1988, when the WHO and its partners formed the Global Polio Eradication Initiative to lead a drive to eradicate polio, the virus was endemic in 125 countries and paralysed nearly 1,000 children every day.

Mass vaccination with older triple, or trivalent, oral polio vaccines have helped reduced the number of countries where polio is endemic to just four. But despite the use of these triple vaccines as well as monovalent, or single strain vaccines, polio virus types 1 and 3 are still circulating in the polio-endemic countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Nigeria.

In their study, conducted between August and December 2008, Sutter and colleagues analysed data from 830 newborn babies from three centres in India who received either the monovalent, bivalent or trivalent vaccines in two doses, one at birth and one 30 days later.

Blood samples were taken before vaccination and after the first and second doses to measure rises in antibody levels and the researchers found that, in targeting polio types 1 and 3, bOPV was better than both the triple and single vaccines.

In a commentary in the Lancet, Nigel Crawford and Jim Buttery from the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia, said the potential effectiveness of the bivalent vaccine was already being shown in India where it is being used on a large scale. Latest polo data show just 32 cases so far this year, compared with 260 in 2009, they wrote.

But they said the global financial crisis had left a big funding gap for immunisation programmes worldwide which needed to be closed if the aim of eradicating polio was to be reached.

"The plan of action for polio eradication -- with bOPV as the centrepiece -- is only 50 percent funded for 2010-12," they wrote. They described the potential of the new bivalent vaccine as "an important step forward" but said "a final concerted effort, both locally and worldwide, is required" to succeed in finally eradicating the virus.

(Editing by Alison Williams)
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