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81  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / Is a pandemic of Mass-IP bans & Comment Blocking at 'Infowars' a positive Thing? on: October 19, 2012, 08:37:57 am
Confirmed reports of blocking and bannings of potentially many thousands of IP related comments and Forum accounts at Infowars & PrisonPlanet which occurs just before the latest 'MONEY-BOMB', funds raising effort in a couple more days may go some way to prove that these hardly surrepticious but rather more like Blantant in Your Face Blocking of said IP related accounts are most probably part of an ONGOING and LONG-TERM effort on the part of management/Web-Masters to remove the contributions and 'free-will' influence of the Non-Psychotic type from the Ranks of Alex Jones' Private Army of nfoworrier Morons.

Poor old AJ himself openly declared that (on subscribers own funds - which they will gladly provide) He is:
" ... Thinking of Building a Nuclear Bunker and moving my Wife and Children to a safe-haven in South-America".

That's good, right!? But so is the Pentagon. That's very secure too. Very secure, YES very secure.

— This was about two-weeks ago! Just before the money-bomb public announcment but at the same time, more or less, as the MONEY-BOMB emails were sent out. 
Yes, you've got it. That's what JB thinks of about 80%, at a rough round figure of the type of people who leave approved comments on the article boards such as one I saw a couple-weeks ago:
—  "I can't wait to bury the enemy in mass graves once we start shooting back ..."

More intelligent thought provoking comments are seemingly amongst those related to IP's banned in regular cycles of ostracism.

Posters demonstrating signs of "Independent-thought" over time and not licking boots tend to get Blocked.

Hence the subject of JB's Heading: Is this a Positive Thing? Can it be seen in a positive light? Of course!

So, who's behind it? And why would you think it's the way forward to claim it as a positive thing to behave so?
Well for those who wish to follow the will and desires of God the Creator rather than the Loves of Flesh and Combative so-called 'human behaviour' we wouldn't want anything whatsoever in the longer-term to do with propaganists of their ilk. They are not worth the time of day, for that matter. Rather find something creative to do?

We would wish to look away from SATAN'S World Order and regard the heavens instead!

Do the works and interests of small-minded agenda-driven political propagandists not just reflect a deep investment in Satans' World and all the delightful little delusional pleasures and fascinations with self that Political Propaganda fosters in the Human Mind and Consciousness?

Much as Alex Jones and Infowars has contributed to the concept of organised and well distributed information, the organisation is criticised by other internet contributors and observers as "Agenda Driven".

If this means that there is a FIXED MINDSET running the whole apparatus, then why would true representatives of change want to stay within such a Restrained and Inflexible paradigm creating framework?

I think mass bannings of thousands of IP related accounts just before a 'MONEY-BOMB' goes all the way to inferring that INFOWARS producers and Directors are ENTIRELY AGENDA DRIVEN and see the acquisition of MILLIONS of DOLLARS of mostly americans' MONEY as their solution to the problem of losing large numbers of followers who do not take subscriptions or who hold non-agenda thoughts and consciousness.

I'd avoid INFOWARS if I were you. They clearly enjoy moving clandestinely, like an army in the darkness.

Don't even bother involving yourself with them. Do your own thing. You won't become a millionaire overnight but neither will you be doomed to hypocrisy 'hidden in plain sight'.
82  General / General Discussion / Getting 'HTML/CryptedGen' type virus warnings when opening pages on this 'forum' on: October 19, 2012, 08:30:27 am
Anyone getting 'HTML/CryptedGen' type virus warnings when opening pages on this 'forum'.

If these messages crop up in your Anti-Virus software then just select 'Move to Quarantine' and "remember action for future" or similar instructions. It should pass in a couple days.

JB has no access to the servers. That is maintained by someone in America. say no more.
83  General / Other Countries / Hoorah! And Finally, some Good-News for Sys-Admin & Hacker; - Garry Mckinnon. on: October 16, 2012, 08:14:21 am
 [1st thoughts]
 — After Ten years of Holding Systems Administrator and Computer 'Hacker' Garry McKinnon Hostage to the Dreadfully stressful threats of Rendition to the former United-States under charges of espionage and the rest of the fabricated Set-up, The British Home-Secretary has had, under medical advice, been forced to announce, finally, a reversal of any accedance to such Wanton American Desires. I'm almost certain the 'murican establishment, and largely the witless people too, will float an intimidating appeal process but we all have come to understand their Propensity for Fostering and Carrying forth Socio-Psychopathic Behaviour against the Innocent and those presumably unable to defend themselves ... for centuries now.

For further Support, and Free-Garry type campaign details:

Gary McKinnon saved from extradition to US on hacking charges
12:45PM BST 16 Oct 2012

'The Home Secretary told MPs that medical reports warning the computer hacker would kill himself if sent to the US were sufficient grounds to keep him in the UK.

She also announced plans to change extradition rules to allow courts to block extradition attempts if it is in the interests of justice.

The move is a victory for Mr McKinnon’s campaign team, including Janis Sharp, Mr McKinnon’s mother and his MP David Burrowes, who had threatened to quit the Government over the affair.

The Daily Telegraph has also led a campaign urging a rethink after a succession of British businessmen were extradited to America to face charges.

Mrs May told MPs that she had decided that extraditing Mr McKinnon to America would have breached his human rights.'

She said that there was “no doubt” that Mr McKinnon was “seriously ill” and suffered from depressive illness.

She said that after taking extensive legal advice “I have concluded that Mr McKinnon’s extradition would give rise to such a high risk of him ending his life.

“The decision to extradite Mr McKinnon would be incompatible with his human rights. I have therefore withdrawn the extradition order against Mr McKinnon.”

Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosecutions, will now have to review the case file to decide whether charges should be brought against Mr McKinnon.

Gary McKinnon was accused in 2002 of using his home computer to hack into 97 American military and Nasa computers (Katie Collins / PA)

The Asperger's sufferer hacked into NASA and Pentagon computers from his north London bedroom while searching for evidence of 'little green men'.

A succession of Labour Home Secretaries had all insisted they were powerless to halt Mr McKinnon's removal under the hugely controversial Extradition Act.

Hopes that Mr McKinnon would win his fight against extradition were raised in recent days after Home Office-appointed psychiatrists warned that he would be very likely to attempt suicide if sent to the US.

The medical report, written by Professor Declan Murphy and Professor Tom Fahy, spelled out the risks to the Government.

Mrs May also announced that in future such extraditions would no longer be taken by the Home secretary and instead would be transferred to the courts.

She also said that a new “forum bar” would be introduced to make it easier for courts to try people in the UK if they commit crimes in the UK to rather than extradited outside the European Union.

He said: “I have decided to introduce a forum bar. This will mean that where prosecution is possible in the UK and other states British courts will be able to bar prosecution overseas if they believe it is in the interests of justice to do so.”

This would require a new forum bar would be debated by MPs and used to amend existing extradition legislation. Mr Starmer would also issue new guidance for prosecutors.

84  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / Re: And this year's 2012 NOBEL PRIZE Goes to ... THE EUROPEAN UNION ....? Huh!? Yup! on: October 15, 2012, 04:37:36 pm
GLOBAL RESEARCH have conducted some thorough investigations, upon the hearing of this news, more than JB cares to do on his tod. And this is what they produced. Well worth a read:

'The Norwegian Nobel Committee has a responsibility to ascertain “the eligibility of candidates” in accordance with the Will of Alfred Bernhard Nobel (Paris, 27 November, 1895).'

The whole of my remaining realizable estate shall be dealt with in the following way: the capital, invested in safe securities by my executors, shall constitute a fund, the interest on which shall be annually distributed in the form of prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind….

The said interest shall be divided into five equal parts, which shall be apportioned as follows: one part to the person who shall have made the most important discovery or invention within the field of physics; one part to the person who shall have made the most important chemical discovery or improvement; one part to the person who shall have made the most important discovery within the domain of physiology or medicine; one part to the person who shall have produced in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction; and one part to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.
Read Full article: »

Yes, you have learned to read English and understand it, you got this far. Well done.
And today's lesson is: The 'EU' is not a PERSON; - unless it's the 'Ere You' commonly found shouted to kids as they run through allotment gardens in Lancashire.
85  Science & Technology / Outer Space / A word of encouragement for New-Age Space-Wayfarers from the inventor of Gravity on: October 15, 2012, 03:15:26 pm
 "And if your dispersed peoples should be at the end of the heavens, from there JHWH your God will collect you and from there he will take you." — Deuteronomy; 30:4
(New World Translation)

The incorrect translation/interpretation of this phrase as quoted by some more conservative/edited/commerical versions of The Bible, have rendered this as for instance:

New Living Translation (©2007)
'Even though you are banished to the ends of the earth, the LORD your God will gather you from there and bring you back again'.
— This strange new version seems to infer to a GULAG version of people movement for the new Millenium, where people are banished to such places reminiscent of The Russian Siberian Steppe.

However by far the most Bible Translations remain true to the original Hebrew, and illustrate how these ancient and supposedly supersticious peoples (you false-scientists), could conceive of travel to, and indeed habitation and collonisation of the stars in the distant heavens ...

How else can you interpret the Terminology: "... peoples should be at the end of the heavens ..." ...

  ... except in the manner attempted by some modern American Bible Translators who have been quick and keen to flagelate themselves to excitement with messages of displacement, extraordinary-rendition, internement and presumably forced-labour too !!!!

For a whole list and reproduction of this Deuteronomy Text from some 19 other Bible translations and Commentaries see:
86  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Felix Baumgartner: 'The Man Who FREEFELL to Mars'? SkyDive from 24ml @ 834 M.P.H on: October 15, 2012, 08:02:03 am
Sunday, 14 Oct, 2012.
Well, every MSM news page and lazy-days Web-site is using the ubiquitous 'The Man who fell to earth' Title:
And besides, could NASA have interest in this mission, as a possible issue in a feasible manned trip to Mars?

Pretty Good Publicity for The Little Ale'Inn, restaurant too, as this was hosted in ROSWELL, N.M.

Truly it has been said by the advertising Hoards: "Red-Bull Gives you Wings".

Yes, JB does admire with great admiration handles on, although the only record he didn't break is for the longest FREEFALL in history, - which he fell 20s short of. Apparently not an objective since the purpose of this FREEFALL was to be the 1st Human to Break the Sound-Barrier in FREEFALL.

I'm sure NASA/JAXA look on with great interest as this could herald the first trial for successful emergency bailouts from Strucken Space-Vehicles in low Planetary-Orbit, for the future.

87  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / Public Shaming of Jimmy Saville is Pop-Media Sham; AKIN TO TRIAL BY Shariah-Law. on: October 15, 2012, 03:16:23 am
 Your Lying Days are coming to a Sudden, and Startling End.

I don't need to say much more about it. But the dozens if not hundreds of people, who only now; - now that Jimmy Saville is dead, are coming from the woodwork like termites to claim that he abused them when he was clearly actually promoting and helping large numbers as individuals, goes a long way to preparing this current generation of slanderous backstabbers in denial of reality to accept a Shariah-Law like mentality, where people are lied about, slandered, physically-attacked and then retrosectively blamed for 'bringing it upon themselves' by their behaviour - mindset. It's beyond the so-called 'nitpicking' that some of you may enjoy.

"Jimmy Savile, star of children’s television favourite Jim’ll Fix It, sued the Sun in 2008 over a series of articles linking him to Haut de la Garenne, the Jersey children’s home where human remains were found and children were allegedly tortured and sexually abused. He initially denied ever visiting the home, despite photographic evidence to the contrary.

In fact, Savile had close links to managers at the home. A journalist who reported on the case told me there are gruesome revelations waiting to surface that no newspaper felt able to publish at the time, given UK libel law

(WOW! A photograph of him at the place), and the ALLEGED unreveiled testimony of a Journalist.
 — That's all you need then to lynch someone? Moveover Blacks!)
The Media has got itself some new N·I·G·G·E·R·S. They are called 'The Dead'.

OK so Jimmy Saville was actively involved in RAPING, TORTURING and BURNING the remains? Must be, photo of him with children in 'Jim will Fix it' Photo-shoot is sufficient for the new Satanic-Abuse & Witch-Hunts; - always rolled out by writers and authors in times of CONSERVATIVE government, as some kind of mass-psychological manipulation Handy tool.

- who base their "wild assumptions on no evidence, when the Official Government Enquiry has revealed the true facts for the public"?

OH NO! Now you go straight to the public stonings, beatings and lynchmob. jUST AS IN SHARIAH LAW.
Just bypass the fact-checking bit and forget any libel trials - Because he's Dead.

— Oh, But How Convenient!

This is what the Police currently have decided is best PR message:
Quote: - "Labelling a person a pædophile, can get you in a lot of trouble".

That is the way the future actually looks, that will be reality. The entire British Media fell hook, line and sinker for the lies and slander before even a single bit of tangible evidence is brought forth, only the word of people who were pre-teens or teenagers at the time. There is current whole generation of kids who (because I know one, a 'friend of the family') who walk around convinced that they were grabbed and taken into the bushes and tampered with on the way back from school by some bogey-man who we adults now doesn't even exist on that ½ mile stretch of isolated quiet country road in the back-of-beyond.

The British Media, particulary the BBC are prolonging a fantasaical world, where "ONE IN FOUR" (a name of one of the support groups apparently); Yes, -"ONE IN FOUR" young people have been sexually abused by adults.

It's ridiculous unless it's SOCIAL SERVICES DOING THE ABUSING. Which is the only feasible statistical rationale behind such an explosion of adult on child abuse in the last ¼ century. It's another fantasy to help in DENIAL of reality, which people must enjoy if they are to actively continue in their own SUBCONSCIOUS PARTICIPATION in a denial of every real thing that has actually happened in the real-world in the last quarter-century ....

The Mainstream (lamestream) are digging their own graves. It's only commerical advertising which will keep them and the BBC (when they're bought out by NewsCorp, finally) which keeps them in receipt of fat pay-packets.

Wake up Please!

88  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / And this year's 2012 NOBEL PRIZE Goes to ... THE EUROPEAN UNION ....? Huh!? Yup! on: October 14, 2012, 01:26:51 pm
 But isn't the NOBEL PRIZE reserved for Human Beings? No matter, the last one went to Presy O'Bummer just two months into his now failed presidency ... so NO humans aren't considered worthy applicants now.

And anyway it's common knowledge amongst the EuroPolitical Class that the EU Citizenry's Brains have been successfully reduced to the consistency of Bread that's been left out in the rain for a few days ...

Read it and weep or laugh ...

The Nobel Peace Prize 2012 was awarded to European Union (EU) "for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe".


89  Science & Technology / Big Brother / Police State Tech / FACEBOOK offers new Timeline Feature. Testify 'The Facts' about your Life online on: October 14, 2012, 08:24:21 am
 Following the Recent Remarks by some outspoken Representatives of Employers' Organisations that:
- "— People who do not post to Facebook should be regarded with suspicion":

 Facebook NOW offers a NEW FEATURE to help you document, (if you wish), as much of your Personal life history as you feel comfortable with, on the FARCEBOOK site using FUSSBOOK TIMELINE:

You may gather that JB is one of those with such low Job-Prospects that he doesn't have to play submissive & gleefully accepting to every new glitch or curve-ball that the technocrats can throw at him.

Remember one thing. It's the People Making up stories about you who are your biggest ENEMY.
So it may seem tantilisasing in an age of Treachery and Slanderous Gossip unparalleled since Biblical times, to want to post your ACTUAL personal 'TIMELINE'.
— But who is to say, as a third-party observer, - what you post about yourself and your 'associate contemporaries' is either TRUE or FALSE?

So, Don't fall so quickly for the seeming need to let all the Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence Gathering Computers and Networks know all about you. No, not right away! Stop and think if it's within your capability ....

You now have Timeline, a new kind of profile.

"Timeline is your collection of the photos, posts and experiences that tell your story. Visit Facebook to choose your cover photo, add important events and photos from your past and more."
90  Health, Family & Eugenics / Criminal GMO Corporations / IBM and Monsanto at 'Global Harvest Initiative' to resolve Future Poor Harvests. on: October 11, 2012, 07:56:47 am
UN warns of rising food costs after year's extreme weather
According to today's UK Guardian, The UN is not only warning the UK but the world that we'll be seeing large food commodity price-hikes this winter after the poorest global harvest since the 1980's.

IBM join Monsanto at GHI.

IBM will work alongside founding member companies Archer Daniels Midland, DuPont, John Deere and Monsanto to advance its mission of sustainably doubling agricultural output to meet the needs of the more than nine billion people estimated to inhabit the earth by 2050.

Recognized as one of the world's leading technology companies, IBM engages in food security by enhancing the nutritional value of grains and farm-to-table tracking systems. Hopefully they will make sure that GMO or genetically modified products are not in the distribution chain; right?! Uh huh! You know what I mean people!!

So IBM is busting out their analytics technology to help optimize food operations from planting, watering and harvesting to storage, tracking and distribution, resulting in enhanced efficiencies in the use of increasingly scarce land, water and other inputs.

"We are extremely pleased that IBM has joined the Global Harvest Initiative," said GHI Chairman of the Board, Dr. William G. Lesher. "IBM brings a unique set of skills and expertise that will undoubtedly help us work toward implementing solutions that will increase global agricultural productivity, improve food security and meet the needs of a growing world."

"IBM is pleased to be able to lend our expertise, talent and global perspective to the vitally important agenda of the Global Harvest Initiative," said Stanley Litow, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs and President, IBM International Foundation.

Source: The Global Harvest Initiative
91  The Economy / Stimulus Plans & Bailouts / British Establishment go into overdrive for QE, ignoring the BANKING SHEISTERS. on: October 09, 2012, 04:30:53 am

 In the UK in response to the 'Banking Meltdown' of 2008 » 20×× (no end in sight or predicted), a new financial compliance Agency *(FCA) has been just last week inaugurated to replace the FSA and 'go beyond the overseeing' as in the past of the banksters.

*Not to be confused with Star-Trek's FCA or the "Ferengi Commerce Authority" , although it needs to be at least as canny as that highly humorous Sci-Fi invention.

 But today the whole mass Flare, Distraction campaign is of course about moving on from the Global Collapse and all the establishment is concerned only with Stimulus & Quantitative Easing Strategies to ease us through the hard times and 'back into prosperity'.


The 'Bankergate' Global Imploding of all international economies tied to the Reserve Currencies was designed to not only once again re-inforce Higher Prices through Inflation, food shortages, and higher fuel prices, as we've always had it, with every Recession in the last century but to also massively consolidate the Global Banks Agenda for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and One-World Banking System, controlled at it's core by the dictates of the now highly Influential (through Financial leverage) European central bank, IMF and World Bank models, of those which we are aware.

Do not trust models whose first effort in exertion requires the bankrolling of the financial institutions themselves from public and private funds, and also requires the power of economic governance to be put in the hands of MANY NOW CONVICTED CRIMINALS. If there is an upside, but really ...

I don't know if wealth redistrubion is well defined Trillions of Dollars and Pounds Sterling Languishing in  Swiss bank accounts which are thus stuffed to the brim with 'Carbon-Taxes Tariffs' and Bailout Packages.
— All of which are going nowhere, not being redistributed at all but rather earning interest for the Mega-Stealthy like the Bank-Owners Rockerfellers and Rothschilds. That's all real. It's just sad and real. It's not going away unless these people are prosecuted.

The Banks have cooperated with a technocratic Political Clique of scientifically Mis-informed population Agenda megalomaniacs and Environmentalist Extremist Groups and have colluded in instigating the most serious of crimes against the financial stability of the planet we've seen since 1929. Except this crisis may well not be forgiven or moved on from so quickly ...

.... But Selfish short-sighted 'human-nature' being what it is, all things, sadly are still POSSIBLE.
It is more than possible that the people of the world will forget, forgive, misinterpret historic events, and quckly decide to move on in denial of the truth of what continues to be done to them ...

Because YOU are told that is 'HUMAN NATURE'. Those humans, ..

Symptoms we will have plenty of, and the illness will go on forever. All symptoms of a chronically sick mankind will be prolonged into the long-term to the benefit of other predatory opportunists.

The Investigations into the Crimes of certain Banks and their Sheister Banksters need to be continued at full pace by fully independant bodies instructed to seek the truth and convictions.
— We cannot afford to turn our gaze completely askew.
92  Science & Technology / Chemtrails / Weather Modification / Re: JETSTREAM FALLS SOUTH OVER UK. Summer 2012 Turns to Winter. DAILY UPDATE GRAPHIC on: October 08, 2012, 02:41:38 pm

 And as if you needed my assurance that the direct interaction between the N.Atlantic Jet Stream and UK/Western/S.Scandinavian Weather exists. Here's today's daily screengrabbed:

And I can confirm that for the beginning of the second week of October, today has been a very Sunny, and quite warm Autumn's day with lots of New Fall leaves Crimson/Cyan Red from the Anthrocyano... whatsit which determines the color when it's prominent in the leaves chemical nutrient mix, - like the Carotogen turns them yellow or like Clorophil turns them green.

Have it!
93  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / Office of Central Propaganda aka NewsCorp/SkyNews Illustrate 'Bought & Paid for' on: October 08, 2012, 01:21:24 am
Whilst these are the last days of the European Fascist Fantasy, and it's EuroWet Dreams, the British Office of Central information (accessed round through the back door of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage building on bloody Millbank, or wherever it's hiding in plainview) is faced yet again, for another week, in misleading the public, with statistics regarding The Globalist's British Deficit and how we're going to be glad to cut our throats by slashing the BENEFITS BUDGET yet again.

But here's the detail. Exactly the same news item on all radio stations, at the same time, (hence 'the office of central information and propaganda') which on radio is all sourced from SKY/Newscorp:

At midnight on Classic FM:
  "David Cameron is faced this week at the opening of the Conservative Party conference with addressing the need cut the WELFARE BUDGET by a further £SIXTEEN Billion ...."

At 6 and 7 am on BBC and Classic FM ('Global' owned Sister station to age-old London-based LBC):
"David Cameron is going to announce during the first day of the Tory Party Conference today his plans to make further cuts of £TEN Billion to the WELFARE BUDGET ..."

See that rabbit out of the hat? The Planned cuts magically dropped by £6 Billion whilst everyone WAS ASLEEP. How so? Because that's deliberate!
Always, and I point this out to all those I meet who think they are aspiring to influence, and get their £30K+ wage-wad to confirm it.
Of course this +/ve PROPAGANDA is done deliberately because NEW FIRST TIME announcements on WELFARE CUTS by Government Office of Central Information and Propaganda ie NewsCorp SKy/BBC (ooh, slipped in, no-one will notice) are always made over the weekend, when if you are a vulnerable or mentally fatigued person you find you have no-one at work in any citizens advice bureau to ring up about it ...

They don't care ....
THESE F·U·C·K·I·N·G MORONS actually think it's responsible and efficient in this Orwellian Double-think world to harangue the sick and ailing public with Negative Propaganda for years and years on end DURING THEIR WEEKENDS, for whatever bloody reason ...

They want locking up .... or putting in a pit in the ground. And listen folks, courtesy of the EURO and the GERMAN based European Central Bank, you're probably going to see that too.

So good luck with it all. (just in case it's taken seriously, 'good-luck' won't be enough to get you through this one, and the next, and the next, and the next ...)
94  Science & Technology / Big Brother / Police State Tech / Military DRONES Taking-off but FAA ruled a total Commercial UAV's Ban for 2012. on: October 06, 2012, 10:16:12 am
Warning: FAA Says US Airspace Is Closed To ALL Commercial UAV's.
January 24th, 2012

"Yesterday I had a phone conversation from NYTimes reporter, Nick Wingfield, who is working on a story about the fact that the FAA has shutdown of US Airspace to Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). I told Nick that over the last few posts I’ve done on UAVs that there were some knowledgeable sounding pilots and hobbyist’s commented that there was a FAA policy of some sort restricting the use of UAVs. I tried to find a clear FAA statement about this but couldn’t find anything I could understand.

I referred Nick to Rusty Freeman  because I knew Rusty was heavy into UAVs and did that kind of work in the LA area. After I hung up the phone with Nick I looked at Rusty’s site and saw that in fact Rusty’s UAV business shutdown by the FAA. All of Rusty’s aerial photography is now done with  piloted full size helicopters.

I contacted Rusty and he told me:

The summer 2011, I got a phone call + e-mail from the FAA, to call them. We did talk then, which I did not like what I heard a warning. Then in September 2011, another call, very firm to stop flying. I requested to talk with the head person, which I finally did. Lance Nuckolls at the FAA, is the top guy in Washington DC office, he is writing the new pending regulations.

On one of several phone calls with Lance, the final conclusion was, no matter how high, or what we were doing did not matter, the RC Helicopter flying in the USA airspace ground zero feet, to 90,000 feet, they controlled it, and for commercial use, we could not fly in it, period, until they figured out how to regulate no one can fly in the USA airspace.

Yesterday Nick told me his call to Lance @ FAA office, spoke with the gal there, not Lance, but the pending new regulations will not be out till Spring 2012.

I understand they will be model somewhat after what Australia is doing now. Basic, you will need a normal FAA Pilot License, yea… to fly a regular plane with an RC Helicopter endorsement on your license.

If you have a FAA Pilot License now, you get endorsements is normal, to fly a bigger aircraft, multi-engine aircraft, helicopter etc, so it is just an added certification that goes on your license.

FAA new rules, 2013? 2014? who knows. I do know of one other major aerial company out of business too, these guys in New York.

One more item. In discussions with staffers about FAA regulations they indicated that a first time offense minimum fine is $10,000, up to $100,000, plus carries a possible 3 to 10 years in the pen. Not a light thing to consider, even if you get probation for the time !

This morning (1/24) I got several emails from real estate photographers and real estate agents in the LA area pointing out that  the California Association of Realtors® today sent out a notice saying:

Los Angeles authorities have asked C.A.R. to communicate this warning to REALTORS® who hire unmanned aircraft operators to take aerial photographs for marketing high-end properties. Using these devices (also known as drones) for flight in the air with no onboard pilot may violate, among other things, the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) policy on unmanned aircrafts, and Los Angeles’s local ordinance requiring permits for filming commercial motion pictures and still photographs…

Under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s current policy, no one can operate an unmanned aircraft in the National Airspace System without specific authority. Operators who wish to fly an unmanned aircraft for civil use must obtain an FAA experimental airworthiness certificate, which will not be issued to an unmanned aircraft used for compensation or hire. Although the FAA allows hobbyists to fly model airplanes for recreational purposes under specific guidelines, that authority does not extend to operators flying unmanned aircraft for business purposes…

My understanding at this point is that hobbyists (UAVs not for hire) are exempt from this FAA regulation.  FAA allows hobbyists to fly model airplanes for recreational purposes under specific guidelines: 1981 Dept of Transportation Advisory Circular.

I wanted to get all this information out there as soon as possible because I suspect the “sky is falling in LA” because there is just more commercial UAV  photography going on in the LA area than any other place. But it’s clear that enforcement of these FAA regulations are coming soon to a US location near you!

FAA has restricted all RC Helicopter flight in the USA airspace
Posted in Helicopter, RC Helicopter Rental
Friday, December 2, 2011

"Hello, this is Russell again, after many many many phone call’s and e-mail, thank you to all.  Here are the people whom have decided to stop all “commercial use” of an RC HELICOPTER or RC AIRCRAFT from flight anywhere in the USA, at any altitude.  Does not matter we maybe in a controlled space, on a film location set for a movie, flying at 40 feet above the grown, no where near an airport, NO FLIGHT OF ANY TYPE ANY WHERE, is the answer we got.

As I stated in a prior blog post, I have had several very long phone conversations with the folks at FAA in Washington DC & Southern California field office there is no budge in the conditions of RC for aerial photography , aerial video no matter how small scale.  The USA air-space is closed to all RC ‘s for any commercial use.

read all:
95  General / General Discussion / Scottish Scientists secure £2.3M from EU to emulate Black-Holes on Kitchen Table on: October 05, 2012, 03:39:19 pm
IT IS the most destructive force in the known universe, containing forces so powerful that not even light can escape – and now scientists are hoping to re-create the conditions of a black hole in the heart of the SCOTS Capital.

Two Bottomless Black-Pits collide - an artists impression.

Researchers at Heriot- Watt University have secured funding for experiments they hope will revolutionise computing and improve understanding of the astronomical phenomena.

While the £2.35 million funding from the European Research Council will involve cutting-edge experiments, however, those behind the project have insisted there’s no cause for alarm – describing their version as “an analogue” black hole, which mimics the effects of a real one without the threat of ripping space and time apart in west Edinburgh.

Dr Brian Gerardot and Dr Daniele Faccio, from the Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences, hope this research will eventually help to revolutionise information and communication, as well as testing some of the fundamental laws of physics.

Dr Faccio, who specialises in engineering and physical sciences, will be using the money to discover what we can learn by combining black hole physics and laser physics for the first time.

He told the News: “The basic idea is that we’ll be doing some fundamental research, trying to understand more about black hole physics by applying what we already know about laser physics. Lasers are also still an object of intense research, and people keep building bigger and better ones.”

Dr Faccio hopes the laser he is currently working on will eventually emit over 100 pulses per second, each pulse measured in trillions of watts, the power of which will be used to create the “analogue” black hole.

“There’s a lot we still want to learn about cosmological black holes, but we can’t go to the centre of the universe and test them – yet. We’re trying to generate exactly the same conditions that you would find around a gravitational black hole so we can control and tune the conditions and try to make these black holes do something useful for us.”

Dr Gerardot, who specialises in condensed matter physics, will use his part of the funding to test new quantum technology, which he says could have huge implications for creating everything from faster computers to new drugs.

“In the long term, our experiments on processing information could lead, for example, to exponentially faster searching algorithms. Or if, for example, a new virus was created we could simulate drugs and medicines that would combat it from the ground up.

“Normal computers can’t do this because they don’t have the informational capacity to cope with the number of different atoms involved and all the possible ways they could link up, but a quantum computer could.

“For a relatively small budget and using a relatively small space – our lab bench is the size of a kitchen table – we can do some ground-breaking experiments.”

I don't know, it all sounds a bit like a euphemism for some perverted sex-act on the kitchen table for people who can't get too perverted for their own likes ...

But I'll tell you what ...

I'm to build a 100W laser that will blast any more Scots Perverts and Sex-Offenders trying to break-down my door.
I'm building that on my Half-Kitchen Table sized workbench too, but I'm more aptly getting funding from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Agency.

So stick that in your Pipe and smoke it!!!!

96  Health, Family & Eugenics / Genetically Modified Organisms / GM Hot-Wiring of permanent Stressors into our diet and ultimately ourselves. on: October 05, 2012, 03:10:51 pm
Cutting-edge science is revealing layer upon layer of adaptive mechanisms within the cell which can be passed on to future generations, but which don't alter the genetic code.

Rice research. Photo by IRRI images on Flickr.

Cutting-edge science is revealing layer upon layer of adaptive mechanisms within the cell which can be passed on to future generations, but which don't alter the genetic code.

Research on lower animals is showing how the expression of DNA (genes and non-gene sequences) triggers a cascade of events and feed-back loops in the cell: the cascade not only alters the RNA messenger molecules and proteins, but comes back full-circle to re-formulate the DNA's own structure (but not its base sequence) and the chromosomes which carry it.

At all these stages, permanent changes can be made resulting in permanent and heritable alterations to the whole DNA-based machinery. For example, in one experiment, the deletion of key genes in a species of worm which led to increased life-span, also led to changes which continued to impart longevity to future generations even after the missing genes had been bred back into the offspring.

Adding an even bigger layer of complexity to this picture is the influence of environmental factors: diet, early development and stress all alter DNA expression, and their effects can be permanent and heritable.

Most of the information emerging is from animal studies. However, given the ubiquitous nature of DNA and the fundamental cell structure common to all higher organisms, parallel forces are bound to be at work in plants. An artificial 'diet' of agri-chemicals and a life-long assault from toxic sprays and monoculture-banqueting pests, which is the lot of the average crop-plant, will certainly cause heritable, non-genetic changes in their cells. Add to these the inevitable permanent effects from the weed-killer accumulating in herbicide-tolerant GM plants and from the insecticidal 'Bt' protein generated in insect-resistant plants (see WHAT GLYPHOSATE DOES TO PLANTS - GMFS News Archive, December 2010, Bt IS TOXIC TO PLANTS - July 2011)

Plants developed through modern 'breeding' technologies have all been subject to DNA-damaging treatments: chemicals or radiation (mutagenesis), bombardment with DNA-coated metal particles (genetic transformation and Rapid Trait Development Systems*), infection with pathogenic bacteria (genetic transformation), and tissue culture in which the cells are grown in growth-promoting media unconnected with any whole-plant or natural environment. Changes in DNA, RNA and proteins during these procedures are well known to occur. It is accepted, for example, that unexpected physical and physiological characteristics are an inevitable outcome. One study showed clearly that genes associated with stress remained changed for several generations after radiation and Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation (see STRESSED PLANTS, STRESSED PEOPLE - GMFS News Archive, June 2010). The inescapable conclusion is that our food is chronically stressed, and GM food particularly so.

*Check out SMART BREEDING TOOL - August 2012

Dr. Eva Sirinathsinghji, Non-genetic Inheritance of Longevity, Institute of Science in Society Report 8.05.12
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Caring Mothers Reduce Response to Stress for Life, Science in Society Report, 7.09.04
97  General / From Freedom to Fascism / How a Ministry for Social Welfare became an extermination cult: José Lopez Rega. on: October 05, 2012, 07:36:42 am
And a must listen, if you can bear the throw back and the apparently irreconcilable conclusions or South-American Tyrannical History.

Catholic Icon worship and Personality Cultism versus the Power of embedded State Occultism & Terror.

Evita's Odyssey. - 'Listen Again' facility.

One of the most prominent examples of a knightly overlap with the extreme right is the case of José López Rega, a leader of the Umbanda voodoo cult which was strong in Argentina in the 1970s. López Rega made his career in the ranks of the Argentinian federal police, but left the police force in 1961 at the age of forty-five. In 1965, he became acquainted with María Estela Martínez, the third wife of Juan Perón, who became enthralled by the occultist. He became her personal bodyguard, and soon after he became private secretary to President Perón himself. When Perón returned to Argentina in 1973, López Rega became a minister in his new government.

José Lopez Rega: Occultist and Chief Administrator at the Ministry of Social Welfare.

To “keep communism at bay”, López Rega founded the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance (AAA), which was responsible for a series of brutal murders. On 20 June 1973, more than 300 people were killed in Ezeiza. This and more meant that, in 1975, he had to flee to Spain, living in the Perón villa where he decided to bring the AAA to Spain. Together with Stefano Delle Chiaie, he began the fight against ETA, the Basque freedom fighters, and the rest is another sad history.

The knightly connections come in the form of López Rega being a prominent member of the Italian Freemasonic lodge Propagande Due (P2), which in Italy was linked with a string of terrorist activities. It was López Rega who brought the Peróns into contact with Licio Gelli, the P2 leader. Gelli became an adviser to Perón, and he was the only non-Argentinian on the aircraft that brought Perón back to Argentina.
Gelli and López Rega then founded the Argentinian wing of P2, the Pro-Patria lodge. Immediately, high rollers from the military as well as government ministers were admitted. The organisation’s primary agenda was to create ties with the oil and weapons industries. After Perón’s fall, López Rega was often seen around Lake Geneva at Gelli’s house, underlining the close bond which the two men had.
98  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / So-Called 'Alternative Media' fall hook and sinker for The Patsy "O'BamaPhoner". on: October 01, 2012, 07:10:06 am
Actually, I'm not surprised. You see, the women in the video is mentally ill.

The 'Gone Viral' "O'Bama Phone" person.

The Idea is to not appeal to outdated, outmoded 'right-wing racism' but to the New Order of Predjudice against the myriads of newly classified, or indeed longer term mentally ill people that so-called 'Conservative American Talk-Show Hosts', legions of youtubthumpers and all the Other TURKEYS whose heads turn automatically to prompt in the same direction, have stereo-typed and categorised as a prime-cause of concern for politically motivated false-flag events such as mass-shootings.

"I bet your life that when the facts all come out, the person who did (said event) is a mentally ill person who has been on medication and supervision for some time".
— Anonymous 'Right-Wing' Radio hosts, name a few ...

The idea has at least two handy handles:
1) The Mentallly ill have become the target of RIGHT-WING conspiracy theorist PREJUDICE. (Watch for that)
2) The Mentally ill are now 'proven with incontrovertible evidence' (watch for that) 'bought and paid for' willing participants & willing conscripts to a Pro-Social Security, anti-CAPITALIST paradigm controller.

There may well be other façets to this. But by criticising the women, so-called 'Libertarians' clearly are outed as 'Right-Wing' anti-Freedom, anti-HealthCare anti-common-sense extremists.
This is the sort of label that the Fusion-Centres or whoever else is watching, (maybe your ex-alcoholic neighbour),  will find extremely useful in creating lists of pre-crime suspects, (if that's your ambition, go right ahead, be my guest moron) or in a more political context, these statistics can be used to polarise popular public opinion against the willing masses of Political Opponents.

We live in a world where the current generation who man the shops on the street are the imbecile sons and daughters of a generation who have accepted that Yes, 'Men are evil carbon-sinners, and climate-change is the cause of the Common-Cold.' The odds of you getting through the day without rubbing up with a brain-dead mutant are receeding with each and every new dawn. Quelle Catastrophe!

Jonnie Goodboy doesn't do this stuff. I don't do any of this sort of rubbish, but you will see Infoworriers going for it hook, line and sinker. I will not leave you to figure out why.

It's all about competition. It's the very beginning and end of what is considered normal 'healthy and aggressive' human behaviour, and politics itself is just full of devious 'one-upmanship' behaviour, leading to a possible conclusion that competition is the only thing, however detrimental it can be, that the human-race has going for it.

But I see beyond that, and it's not because I'm your typical lazy whimp. It's because I have every reason to believe that there are enough worthy human beings out there who also know how to work constructively and in cooperation.

A) Competition is NOT ALWAYS healthy.
B) Trying to be Number One, is not in the least bit important, but it is seen as the true human spirit, and anything or anyone who seeks to move beyond or transcend the base animal 'one-upmanship, or 'lizard-brain', (as a evolutionary biologist might be happy to term it), is labelled as a Transhumanist or Wanna-Be Elite.

I'd say, this is why the internet has been so useful and is indeed aptly named 'the web'; for it serves truly as a 'fly-trap' for all those masses of seemingly lost aimless, useless creatures fluttering around and being blown this way and that by whatever breeze or gust comes along. You want to stick to something other than fly-paper for a change.

That's how I see humanity adapting to the pathetic challenges of the 2IC here. Each one-another pretending to be one-step up on the self-righteous ladder from anybody else he/she meets, unless they're sufficiently educated to understand the concept of the rights and privileges of the concept of the individual & prinicples of self-determination.

So, I'd say this is the ideal opportunity to promote my info and my perspective. I am not going to have all my attention introverted into Insane levels of Neurosis, and my future tends forwards not backwards, why rarely even sideways.

For the so-called 'alternative-media' (a synonym identified as representing gays and irreligious by many christian groups), life is all about politics. For JonnieGoodboy, life is far from so. For JonnieGoodboy it's about the 'Ascent of Man', and this is going to leave a lot of turkeys behind. I hope you won't be disappointed.

Stay-tuned, Divert YOUR ATTENTION and 'Keep listening to the Stars'.
99  Science & Technology / Outer Space / New comet might blaze brighter than the full Moon .. & might Herald Big Changes? on: September 30, 2012, 05:16:41 pm
A new comet has been discovered that is predicted to blaze incredibly brilliantly in the skies during late 2013.

With a perihelion passage of less than two million kilometres from the Sun on 28 November 2013, current predictions are of an object that will dazzle the eye at up to magnitude —16. That's far brighter than the full Moon. If predictions hold true then C/2012 S1 will certainly be one of the greatest comets in human history, far outshining the memorable Comet Hale-Bopp of 1997 and very likely to outdo the long-awaited Comet Pan-STARRS (C/2011 L4) which is set to stun in March 2013.

Comet Hale-Bopp which wowed observers in 1997. Image: Kazuhiro Seto.

The new comet, named C/2012 S1 (ISON) was found by the International Scientific Optical Network (ISON) in Russia on 21 September when astronomers Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok captured it on CCD images taken through a 0.4-metre reflector. Its near-parabolic orbit suggests that it has arrived fresh from the Oort Cloud, a vast zone of icy objects orbiting the Sun, pristine remnants of the formation of the Solar System.

C/2012 S1 currently resides in the northwestern corner of Cancer. At magnitude +18 it is too dim to be seen visually but it will be within the reach of experienced amateur astronomers with CCD equipment in the coming months as it brightens. It is expected to reach binocular visibility by late summer 2013 and a naked eye object in early November of that year. Northern hemisphere observers are highly favoured. Following its peak brightness in late November it will remain visible without optical aid until mid-January 2014.

Comet brightness predictions sometimes exceed their performance. Amateur astronomers of a certain age may remember the Comet Kohoutek hype of 1973 – not quite the 'damp squib' it has been portrayed, since it reached naked eye visibility! Even if C/2012 S1 takes on the same light curve as Kohoutek it is certain to be spectacular, quite possibly a once-in-a-civilisation's-lifetime event.
100  The War Room / Iran / JB explains the 'Attack Iran' VIDEO by Patrick Clawson of the Neo-con WINES Inst on: September 29, 2012, 05:43:13 am

They didn't wait for Pearl-Harbour ... that was a LIHOP. Radar stood down, on orders.

What this guy is outlining is making the Iranians the JEWS of tomorrow.

It's just dawned on me, no-thanks to the fact that no-one has spoken of the huge Iranian Presence in for example in Tehrangeles, that's the Los-Angeles which Iranians have made partly their own. (Which is a term from antiquity meaning to become personally involved with something; and does not in this case refer to a literal appropriation).

Go search: Tehrangeles

Their presence in Los-Angeles and the 'Persian' presence in America is highly successful, though they, like the Jews in Hitlers' Germany, whilst being HIGHLY successful financially, and property wise,  still don't feel like they are WELCOME,

NASA's recent Mars 'Curiosity' Flight Director is an Iranian immigrant called Berbok Ferdowski, who sports a slightly unfashionable Mohawk Haircut. Very Post-Modern 1980's revivalist, that I think is absolutely a brilliant idea, ....



Listen to today's BBC interview with US Iranian Comedian Maz Jobrani, he makes it easy.

h·t·t·p:// (available later today in a listen again facility).

I didn't know any of this. And this information explains why the slightly fearful sounding LUNATIC WAR-THINKER, in the video, went public with Foreign Policy threats and promises, - to wind up tension perhaps FEAR and resultantly possibly some Anger, amongst US Immigrant Iranians. And to test the publics' ability to cope.

But that way, a FALSE_FLAG involving a Patsy Iranian immigrant, like the 9/11 Hijackers could be setup. Then the US rednecks and all, would have their excuse for invasion of Iran.

In WW2, Japs went to Camps, even in Britain, Italians went to Concentration camps.

That's why Patrick Clawson has been motivated by his influential and fearful peers to 'Boast so confidently' about a "UNITED STATES" (Military Industrialist) False-Flag Iranian plan, to open a new front in the Neo-Con Globalist Agenda, which actually equates to 100-yrs of warfighting according to the generals in charge of the US response to 9/11.

But anyway, the next real enemy, believe it or not, should be RUSSIA.
It might as well be.
101  Health, Family & Eugenics / Eugenics / Depopulation / War On Family / Eco-Fascism: - A True Safe-Haven for a Venal, Treachorous & Braindead Mankind? on: September 27, 2012, 04:06:34 am
 Surely! Obviously. Where they will hide behind Whitewash.

 Environmentalists are just born with an Extremist attitude right?! It's become the hallmark of a human loathing cult, though once when environmental groups like GP were campaigning against Japanese Nuclear Waste Dumping in the NE Atlantic, or against Sellafield, or against Japanese hunting of Whales, they had half-a-decent set of causes but now it's all about balancing the supply and demand for crumby food vs the need for population reduction.

 But no-where is safe for long in this world.

 But these environmentalists really don't know which predator is going to be after them next, and which will affect them next. Whether it be Monsanto and the GM corn, or One-Child family (if your're very lucky) imported policies. Or whether the threat should come from miriads of angry and disgruntled humans who have been denied a normal healthy life under the influence of these forces exerted as they have for a couple or three decades already. What kind of a nightmare life in hiding are we going to give you Eco-Fascists?!

 They would be better off in camps.

The elite say that a cull of Humanity will be painless, - meaning simply that those who as a matter of course and routine never feel any pain, through empathy, namely the Banksters, certain Socialist and Communist oriented Political Classes; - they will feel no pain. But the rest of the bipeds; - why you'd be safer off in camps for what's coming to you bottom-feeders. The true misery of this world hasn't even begun to throttle-up & come into view yet.
Whilst the relentless zombie-like wandering Eco-Fascist movement actually know you'll learn to love it!

102  Science & Technology / Chemtrails / Weather Modification / Re: JETSTREAM FALLS SOUTH OVER UK. Summer 2012 Turns to Winter. DAILY UPDATE GRAPHIC on: September 25, 2012, 07:00:33 am
So it's the 25th September, and there are 74 ƒlood-warnings across the UK, mostly in the NE England and SW Scotland, which exactly coincides with today's Atlantic Jet-Stream low-pressure, low air-speed data shown on the daily's.

The question is, and I don't want the childish pavlovian-response of 'Climate-Change', what is the reason for the Gulf-Stream flailing around and so low over Mid-Western Europe for the entirely of this Year?
103  Health, Family & Eugenics / Genetically Modified Organisms / EU Parliament's Schizophrenic Policy: Approving of DRONES but thumbs-down to GM! on: September 24, 2012, 08:02:24 am
Jonnie Goodboy is no expert on GM-Foods, he only knows that he don't touch them ... at least not to his best knowledge ... but what about labelling of foods ...? Fingers crossed? He hopes not!

But he does know that MONSANTO are constantly lobbying parliament and paying UK farmers to run trials, despite the documented 'Transgenic' risks, where GM DNA is pollinated into non-GM, less frequently organic crops producing hybrids.
— (Organic farmers in the UK are leaving the business in droves because of high production prices and returning to non-organic methods)

Quick FLASHBACK to last years GM news:

GM crops: EU parliament backs national bans


'Euro MPs have voted to give EU member states more flexibility to restrict or ban genetically modified crops on environmental or health grounds.

The draft legislation, still to be discussed by EU governments, would enable countries to go beyond the EU-wide mechanism for regulating GM crops.

Arguments about the safety of GM foods continue in many of the EU's 27 states.

The EU Commission had proposed that the EU should decide on approvals or bans on environmental or health grounds.

Currently a type of maize called MON 810 is the only GM food cultivated commercially in the EU'

read the original full ...
104  Science & Technology / Big Brother / Police State Tech / DRONE WORLD. UK Telegraph details Drone warfighting & Forward battlefield Plans. on: September 24, 2012, 01:42:59 am
The Path is lain out and as detailed here in a previous article, a week ago. The European Banker owned Militarist Dictatorship is clear about it, - Drones should be deployed across 'civilian skies' throughout the EUROPEAN ARENA and FUTURE GLOBALIST BATTLEFIELD by 2016.
So what you need is a break-down on how a Drone-Pilotless Total Battlefield Management Plan looks like.
Remember civilians are the target now. Since the end of WWII, a long time already 90% of victims of war are civvies. You are the future target, because you are soft, but can be presented and spun as legitimate hard 'battened down' military targets. But is there such a thing as true 'Non-Accountability'?

Serving 'Reaper' Drone, lethal strike craft on patrol in Afghanistan; part of the DARPA IXO Hi-tech  'Total Battlefield Management' training environment.

Extracts of Long article

"Since 2007 the RAF has operated 39 Squadron, a detachment of five US-built MQ-9 Reaper aircraft at Kandahar Airfield. While America has a sprawling UAV programme targeting Islamic militants everywhere from Pakistan to Somalia, British Reapers have only ever been used as part of the official combat mission against the Taliban over Afghanistan.

The vast majority of the 38,500 hours of operations flown by the RAF Reapers have been in intelligence-gathering rather than in attacking targets. Most of the 35 RAF Reaper pilots are based at Creech, an airfield near Las Vegas, where they control the aircraft via satellite as they fly over Afghanistan.

But the two-second delay between a pilot moving a joystick in Nevada and an aircraft responding in Afghanistan is enough to cause a crash during take-off and landing. Crews in Afghanistan control 'launch and recovery’ through direct contact with antennae on the aircraft. Half an hour after take-off, control of the Reaper is handed to a crew in Nevada; half an hour before landing, it returns to the crews on the ground in Kandahar


"It does, however, seem plausible that risk-free, long-distance strikes using UAVs could insulate the Western public from the human toll of war. If we can kill with such ease while protecting Western lives and avoiding the costs of deploying troops, will the bar be lower for governments to make war? Already, the creep towards a permanent state of war, via drone strike, can be seen. This year alone, the Obama administration has conducted drone strikes against al-Qaeda and its allies in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia. The Ministry of Defence candidly warns of these dangers in its report: 'We must ensure that by removing some of the horror, or at least keeping it at a distance, we do not risk losing our controlling humanity and make war more likely.’

These speculations become even more complex with the Frankenstein fear that, as UAVs become more advanced, they will be able to launch weapons without human input. There is a danger of an 'incremental and involuntary journey towards a Terminator-like reality’, the paper warns, and Britain must 'quickly establish a policy on what will constitute “acceptable machine behaviour"

"Keep watching the Skies" - 2016 onwards should be quite an eyeball spinner.
105  General / International News / A Set of Mistakes that Globalised Social Services Organisations continue Making. on: September 20, 2012, 03:11:19 am
 1) Holding on to the passed down the food chain belief that 'all human behaviour is on a spectrum':
To further clarify: During a recent meeting with local Social-Services, I had to raise issue when the workers in reference to how criminals apparently regard my law-abiding and hard working attitude and how they have been treating me and my property, used the phrase:

"If these people have difficulty with your choice of lifestyle ...". I have it on tape.

You see, this turn of phrase they used is born of the twisted belief-system that in the equally valuable criminals' mind, there is something at fault with law-abiding behaviour. They are removing the distinction of a attempt at a worthwhile productive lifestyle and that of the house-breaker and local small-time H·E·R·O·I·N dealer.

                       This is a massively Incorrect approach & I will attempt to invalidate it:
— In the real world of moral behaviour and values, there is and always has been a good and a bad standard of behaviour. Which even most human beings still, amongst those above 35 yrs of age can perceive. Social Services now use anti-religious, anti-ethics hypocrisy to obscure this to a point where violent criminals are as worthy humans as their victims.

 2) Human beings can adapt to any situation, including one where Crime-Families are embedded in the community around them. Social Services finance this via Social Housing. In a local Social Housing complex it is reckoned that 80% of the tenants have been convicted and have often served time as criminals.

 3 They are wrong in assuming that I will be content to be, and expect to be quite reasonably happy with an arrangement where I am in the eyes of Local Government Departments, of no more value than a violent Felon.

 4) It would be a mistake on Social-Services part or on the part of anybody else in assuming that one cannot muster up the energy to fathom out the problem, and they would also be in error if they underestimate the ability of determined intelligent people to be able to elucidate any forthcoming complaints. Get it!?

 NB, It is usually the 'Justice' Section of your Local Social-Services that promote the interests of 'rehabilitation in the community' of offenders. They and other departments will be designed to be compartmentalised, so that in the parlance of the civil-servant, they 'don't step on one-anothers' feet'. But their common values system means that they quite happy already to go-along with things, not to mention the quarantee of a regular pay-check.
106  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / How easy actually, is it to upset a Muslim into carrying out an act of Violence? on: September 15, 2012, 01:42:59 am

Muslims are really easily inflamed?

And then there's the true story of the Christian who was sat at a Xmas Lunch table, with the only Muslim he personally knew in the world, sitting opposite him. This chap was married to one of the daughters of the household.

We're getting towards the end of the meal, and so trying to sort through the chicken legs to see which one had any meat on it, our Christian picks one leg up and has a look, but then puts it back in the Oven dish, at the centre of table.

Your Muslim explodes at ou.r Christian, quoting all manner of out of the air aspersions against ancestry, custom and tradition and then with just a little more impetus takes the opportunity to cut some territory out by making a daytime attack wielding a chair in the air over the head of our Christian-type.

Apparently, the the clue from all this is, just never mention 'Shariah Law' during an argument over a non-vegetarian Xmas lunch in the presence of a Muslim. The Next thing you'll know is you'll be defending your head from chair blows.

That was the true story as 'forwarded' to me.
107  Science & Technology / Big Brother / Police State Tech / Re: Militarised 'Terminator' robotics - AND NOW A BREAK FOR MUSICAL INTERLUDE. on: September 14, 2012, 03:16:41 am
American British Dance & Rag Craze - Harry Roy and his band performing Run Rabbit Run at a London club during WW2.

Here's a message from our sponsor:
'We're broke already, you Idiots'!
108  Science & Technology / Big Brother / Police State Tech / Militarised 'Terminator' robotics move ahead Apace, as DARPA is keen to show YOU on: September 12, 2012, 07:35:23 am
The AlphaDog Proto is a lab prototype for the Legged Squad Support System, a robot being developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA and the US Marine Corps. When fully developed the system will carry 400 lbs of payload on 20-mile missions in rough terrain. The first version of the complete robot will be ready in 2012.
This video depicts field testing of the DARPA Legged Squad Support System (LS3). The goal of the LS3 program is to demonstrate that a legged robot can unburden dismounted squad members by carrying their gear, autonomously following them through rugged terrain, and interpreting verbal and visual commands.

What! No weapons platform integration to excite the fluoridate YouTube heads?
I think that's a clear show of weakness in the face of a biped threat

But either way; I believe any common sense Biped can now see in which direction this DARPA national security strategum needs to develop ...

... And with just the addition of a Hide and a Head, we can clearly see the wonders of Design Concept, Creation & Pseudo-Mutagenic Adaptational Development (P-MAD) at work !!!

 And see, on the Warg, the size of the rider. That's how big the human being now is in the schema!
 A long road ahead, better taken with big strides? Or maybe you'll just give in, once again, to your jolly self-indulgent responses to a threat. Perhaps some idiot will have an analysis?

 Robots are just a garnish on the fact that Human's Worst enemy is human ingenuity's ability to manifest predator behaviour in so many guises and then in time, pass it all off as natural behaviour...

Phase III Please! I'm waiting already!

109  Science & Technology / Big Brother / Police State Tech / Re: EU to open skies to Civilian Surveillance drones by 2016 say European Commission on: September 12, 2012, 03:36:28 am

Military Surveillance Drones are a beautiful thing, don't you think; - reflecting the symbiotic relationship between Gaia & mankind?!

Leading British Commedienne lookalike gets to pilot them, from his teenage bedroom!

A drone pilot at the base at Hancook Field, near Syracuse, working the controls of a craft flying over Afghanistan.

In addition to the unmanned aerial vehicles, United Drones will operate several unmanned ground vehicles, called Wraiths, at the convention. The Wraiths can travel up to 65 mph “and climb just about anything,” said Winter.

And the official Excuse; illegal immigration because every unbelieving witless wonder needs one.

But immigrants in dingies don't cross borders overland do they? Yes, of course they do, if we say so.

A 'Reaper' drone in Afghanistan in 2008.
- Afghanistan, since the beginning of this great new war, has been a Darpa-Toys Testing and Development Ground.

A whole new-frontier Battlefield is opening up and it's the duty of a soldier to pick his targets.

I see mothers with children, I see fathers with children, I see fathers with mothers, I see kids playing soccer … [but] I feel no emotional attachment to the enemy. I have a duty, and I execute the duty.” By their own accounts, drone pilots spend weeks stalking their targets — observing the intimate patterns of their daily life such as playing with their children, meeting neighbors, talking to their wives — before finding a moment when the family is away to launch the missile that will end their target’s life. Afterward they drive home like any other commuter, perhaps stopping at a fast food restaurant or convenience store before coming home to their families for the night. “I feel like I’m doing the same thing I’ve always done, I just don’t deploy to do it.”

Recently, the Guardian published a piece about Bradley Strawser, an assistant professor of philosophy at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif., which made the argument that drone strikes are not just moral but that the U.S. should in fact consider itself morally obliged to use them in combat. “It’s all upside. There’s no downside. Both ethically and normatively, there’s a tremendous value … You’re not risking the pilot. The pilot is safe.”


The President and his aides draw up a Kill List in which they play the role of prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner. People on this secret Kill List have never been charged, tried or convicted in a court of law, and are given no opportunity to surrender;
The labeling of all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants, thus justifying their murder, is an extreme and macabre form of profiling;
Drone strikes kill not only their intended targets, but innocent people, including children, violating the sanctity of human life;
Drone strikes violate other nations’ sovereignty (Pakistan’s elected leaders, for example, have repeatedly called for an end to the strikes);
Drones in the hands the CIA and the Joint Special Operations Command keep the program veiled in secrecy. The lack of transparency and accountability violate the basic tenets of a democratic society;
Drones make killing more abstract, impersonal, antiseptic, convenient and “easy”;
The Administration insists that because drones do not risk American lives, Congress need not be consulted, leading to a dangerous abuse of executive power;
Drone strikes have replaced Guantanamo as the recruiting tool of choice for militants. They fuel anti-American sentiment, radicalize local populations and perpetuate an endless cycle of violence.
The example being set by the United States that a nation can go anywhere it wants and kill anyone it wants on the basis of secret information is leading to a world of chaos and lawlessness.

Drones in European Skies by 2016?
You are going to LOVE IT. Whether you like it or not. Because it represents FEAR & INTIMIDATION.
And as you will recognise, intuitively, anything that terrorises an innocent victim, whether a lie or not, is GOOOOD!
YOU WILL love it and respect it's divine nature - its machine-on-Human Predatorial Representation.
110  General / Art / Satire / Cartoons / Parodies / GGForum pays a Visit to The National Museum Of The Middle Class In Schaumburg IL on: September 10, 2012, 03:15:02 pm
"The splendid and intriguing middle class may be gone, but it will never be forgotten," said Harold Greeley, curator of the exhibit titled "Where The Streets Had Trees' Names." "From their weekend barbecues at homes with backyards to their outdated belief in social mobility, the middle class will forever be remembered as an important part of American history."

A waitress from Chicago learns what the middle class was.

Museum guests expressed delight over the traditions and peculiarities of the middle class, a group once so prevalent that entire TV networks were programmed to satisfy its hunger for sitcoms.
"It's fascinating to think that these people once drove the same streets as we do today," said Natasha Ohman, a multi-millionaire whose husband's grandfather invented the trigger-safety lock on handguns. "I enjoyed learning how the middle class lived, what their customs were, and what sorts of diversions and entertainment they enjoyed. Being part of this middle class must have been fascinating!"
During the modern industrial age, the middle class grew steadily, reaching its heyday in the 1950s, when its numbers soared into the tens of millions. According to a study commissioned by the U.S. Census Bureau, middle-class people inhabited great swaths of North America, with settlements in the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, the Pacific Northwest, and even the nation's urban centers.

"No one predicted the disappearance of the middle class," said Dr. Bradford Elsby, a history professor at the University of Pennsylvania. "The danger of eliminating workers' unions, which had protected the middle class from its natural predators for years, was severely underestimated. We believe that removal of the social safety net, combined with rapid political-climate changes, made life very difficult for the middle class, and eventually eradicated it altogether."

One of the 15 permanent exhibits, titled "Working For 'The Weekend,'" examines the routines of middle-class wage-earners, who labored for roughly eight hours a day, five days a week. In return, they were afforded leisure time on Saturdays and Sundays. According to many anthropologists, these "weekends" were often spent taking "day trips,"eating at chain family restaurants, or watching "baseball" with the nuclear family.

"Unlike members of the lower class, middle-class people earned enough money in five days to take two days off to 'hang out,'" said Benson Watercross, who took a private jet from his home in Aspen to visit the museum. "Their adequate wages provided a level of comfort and stability, and allowed them to enjoy diversions or purchase goods, thereby briefly escaping the mundanity."

Several members of the upper class learn how people without yachts used to pass the time.

Several members of the upper class learn how people without yachts used to pass the time.
Many museum visitors found the worldview of the middle class—with its reliance on education, stable employment, and ample pensions—difficult to comprehend.

Thirty-five Booker T. Washington Junior High School seventh-graders, chosen from among 5,600 students who asked to attend the school's annual field trip, visited the museum Tuesday. Rico Chavez, a 14-year-old from the inner-city Chicago school, said he was skeptical of one exhibit in particular.
"They expect us to believe this is how people lived 10 years ago?" Chavez asked. "That 'Safe, Decent Public Schools' part was total science fiction. No metal detectors, no cops or dogs, and whole classes devoted to art and music? Look, I may have flunked a couple grades, but I'm not that stupid."
Others among the 99 percent of U.S. citizens who make less than $28,000 per year shared Chavez's sense of disbelief.

"Frankly, I think they're selling us a load of baloney," said laid-off textile worker Elsie Johnson, who visited the museum Tuesday with her five asthmatic children. "They expect us to believe the government used to help pay for college? Come on. The funniest exhibit I saw was 'Visiting The Family Doctor.' Imagine being able to choose your own doctor and see him without a four-hour wait in the emergency room. Gimme a friggin' break!"

While some were incredulous, others described the Museum of the Middle Class as "a trip down memory lane." William Harrison, a retired social worker with middle-class heritage, said he was moved to tears by several of the exhibits.

"You wouldn't know it to look at me, but my parents were middle class," Harrison said. "Even though my family fell into poverty, I cherish those roots. Seeing that section on middle-class eating habits really brought it all back: the Tuna Helper, the Capri Sun, and the cookie dough in tubes. Oh, and the 2-percent milk and reduced-cholesterol butter spread! I was thankful for the chance to rediscover my past, even if the middle class is gone forever."

The Museum of the Middle Class was funded primarily by the Ford Foundation, the charitable arm of the Ford automotive company, which sold cars to the middle class for nearly 100 years.

[El tribute]:,1244/
111  Science & Technology / Big Brother / Police State Tech / FBI launches $1 billion face recognition project - New Scientist article & some on: September 09, 2012, 07:42:09 am
The Next Generation Identification programme will include a nationwide database of criminal faces and other biometrics, ...

"FACE recognition is 'now'," declared Alessandro Acquisti of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh in a testimony before the US Senate in July.

It certainly seems that way. As part of an update to the national fingerprint database, the FBI has begun rolling out facial recognition to identify criminals.

It will form part of the bureau's long-awaited, $1 billion Next Generation Identification (NGI) programme, which will also add biometrics such as iris scans, DNA analysis and voice identification to the toolkit.

 A handful of states began uploading their photos as part of a pilot programme this February and it is expected to be rolled out nationwide by 2014. In addition to scanning mugshots for a match, FBI officials have indicated that they are keen to track a suspect by picking out their face in a crowd.

Another application would be the reverse: images of a person of interest from security cameras or public photos uploaded onto the internet could be compared against a national repository of images held by the FBI. An algorithm would perform an automatic search and return a list of potential hits for an officer to sort through and use as possible leads for an investigation.

Ideally, such technological advancements will allow law enforcement to identify criminals more accurately and lead to quicker arrests. But privacy advocates are worried by the broad scope of the FBI's plans. They are concerned that people with no criminal record who are caught on camera alongside a person of interest could end up in a federal database, or be subject to unwarranted surveillance.

The FBI's Jerome Pender told the Senate in July that the searchable photo database used in the pilot studies only includes mugshots of known criminals. But it's unclear from the NGI's privacy statement whether that will remain the case once the entire system is up and running or if civilian photos might be added, says attorney Jennifer Lynch of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The FBI was unable to answer New Scientist's questions before the magazine went to press.

The FBI hasn't shared details of the algorithms it is using, but its technology could be very accurate if applied to photographs taken in controlled situations such as passport photos or police shots.

Tests in 2010 showed that the best algorithms can pick someone out in a pool of 1.6 million mugshots 92 per cent of the time. It's possible to match a mugshot to a photo of a person who isn't looking at the camera too. Algorithms such as one developed by Marios Savvides's lab at Carnegie Mellon can analyse features of a front and side view set of mugshots, create a 3D model of the face, rotate it as much as 70 degrees to match the angle of the face in the photo, and then match the new 2D image with a fairly high degree of accuracy. The most difficult faces to match are those in low light. Merging photos from visible and infrared spectra can sharpen these images, but infrared cameras are still very expensive.

Of course, it is easier to match up posed images and the FBI has already partnered with issuers of state drivers' licences for photo comparison. Jay Stanley of the American Civil Liberties Union urges caution: "Once you start plugging this into the FBI database, it becomes tantamount to a national photographic database."

The issues around this, go beyond the identification of 'criminals' in the conventional sense, and will inevitably stray into the area(s) of the very definition of who a criminal is ...
Under a one-world government, it will be necessary to have global total-information awareness of all of your movements at anytime, so those making up the laws as they go along, in this ideal 'Brave-New-World' can decide on the fly who is in the good books this week and who is a recividist 'Bad-Guy'.

It's beautiful, don't you think ...!? Git Yer Bug-Eyes on.

Freedom of anonymity, becomes a repugnant thing you see! Vile, Dirty, unclean!
War is Peace, Up is Down, Left is Right, and Truth is Lies, and therefore Lies are Truth.
The working-class will love it. They'll lap it up unless someone educates them; if even that's possible.
112  Multimedia Center / Books & Literature / Re: For those stupid enough as to Pronounce that NWO leaders are not Satan Inspired. on: September 08, 2012, 02:23:34 pm

Originally published in Germany in 1923 by Dr. Ernst Schertel, Magic: History / Theory / Practice, in its original German edition, was a hardcover book consisting of 154 pages.

Schertel identifies heavily with the "demonic" in Magic, espousing the belief that "communion with the demon" is the most important aspect of magical/religious practice.

In 2003 it was revealed that Schertel had sent a dedicated copy of the book to Adolf Hitler. Hitler read the book and marked several passages.[1] A total of sixty-six annotations were made by Hitler in his copy. Eventually the Hitler copy was obtained from the John Hay Library at Brown University and the book was translated into English with his annotations added.

Some of the passages marked by Hitler include:
“False images are necessary for the recognition of truth.”
“He who does not have the demonic seed within himself will never give birth to a magical world.”
“Satan is the beginning…”

Source [wikipedia],_Theory_and_Practice
113  Multimedia Center / Books & Literature / For those stupid enough as to Pronounce that NWO leaders are not Satan Inspired. on: September 08, 2012, 02:05:46 pm

Magic - History, Theory, Practice
Author - Ernst Schertel (Author)
Publisher - COTUM
Publication date - 13 May 2009
Language - English
Format - Paperback, 142 pages
ISBN - 978-0-578-02457-8

Book description

In May of 2003, Timothy Ryback, the author of "Hitler's Private Library: The Books That Shaped His Life" had an article published in The Atlantic Monthly. In the article he detailed several of the books held in a portion of Hitler's library at Brown University. Mr. Ryback also mentioned some of the passages Hitler marked in these books. One particular passage was worthy of attention: "He who does not carry demonic seeds within him will never give birth to a new world."

This of course, without me having read the book, be an inference intended to negate any possibility of avoidance of the Bible's Assertion that all those serving the current socio-political order or establishment, inevitably form part of 'Satan's World'.
114  Science & Technology / Big Brother / Police State Tech / EU to open skies to Civilian Surveillance drones by 2016 say European Commission on: September 08, 2012, 12:39:08 pm
 Well, I presume it's not to keep an eye on school children absenteeing ... or the occasional working-class shaven headed twerp as he throws a brick ....

In an obscure working document, the European Commission has announced it is working on plans to open European civil airspace to unmanned drones by 2016.  This follows the signing by President Obama earlier this year of the FAA Appropriations bill which mandated that US airspace must be opened to drones by 2015.

The European Commission (EC) plan was revealed in a Staff Working Paper published on September 4th 2012 entitled  “Towards a European strategy for the development of civil applications of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems”.

The document  summaries the conclusions of the year-long European Unmanned Air Systems Panel which began meeting in July 2011and recommends setting up a European RPAS [Remotely Piloted Air Systems] Steering Group (ERSG).  The aim of the ERSG, writes Peter van Blyenburgh, President of UVS International, (the main European drone lobby group) on the UAVS Vision website is to “foster the development of civil RPAS by planning and coordinating all the activities necessary to achieve the safe and incremental integration of RPAS into European air traffic by 2016″

A drone in Afghanistan. - Getty images.

 It's about monitoring your use of cars, bikes, etc, and pronouncing elegant clean sterile final solutions to the problem of your existance in a Green Gaian Globalist Gulag. It's also about agitating you, making you ... nervous.  Shocked

Head for the Hills ....
115  Science & Technology / Internet / Internet II / Infographic: FACEBOOK & Social network users provide all the info Thieves Need. on: September 08, 2012, 11:47:47 am
by Stephanie Mlot, 07 September, 2012

Social networking sites are a hacker's dream: an online community where unsuspecting people post personal information. But what information can and should be posted on social networks?

Cloud security firm Trend Micro examined popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Pinterest and found that most require identifying information like location, employment, birthday, and education. Tumblr is the only site that does not ask for any details, aside from username.

According to Trend Micro, one in four Facebook users location-tag their posts each month, while 16 per cent of Pinterest browsers offer their address. The two sites also carry the same average of 229 friends or followers.

In the US alone, more than 20 million Facebook users include their birthday in their profile, which can be the key for hackers to infiltrate your network, or other personal data.

Birthdays, schools, and family members are the most-shared topics in the social networking world, Trend Micro reported, followed by hometowns, favourite entertainment (TV shows, musicians, books), vacation plans, and pet names – almost all candidates for possible password combinations.

There are consequences to making information publicly available, Trend Micro said. Identify theft, cyber bullying, and targeted advertising can all stem from providing personal data on a social-networking site. Not to mention cybercriminals who may be looking to burgle your home during your next holiday, which you bragged about on Twitter. Hiring managers might also turn down a candidate because they posted Facebook references to illegal drugs or alcohol consumption.

Some people are already taking precautions. A recent Pew Research Center survey pointed out that a growing number of smartphone users are taking steps to ensure their mobile data security

For more, check out the infographic below.

Published under license from Ziff Davis, Inc., New York, All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2012 Ziff Davis, Inc
116  The War Room / Afghanistan / Iraq / French Alps Multiple shooting is State-Sponsored Assasination suggests The Mail. on: September 06, 2012, 01:43:43 pm
The bullet-ridden car of British family targeted by hitman in Alpine holiday bloodbath: Assassin killed Iraqi-born satellite expert, wife, mother-in-law and witness cyclist...

"French police today escorted the bullet-ridden BMW estate (centre) where the massacre took place away from the scene near Lake Annecy in the French Alps. The father, Saad Al Hilli, his wife, Iqbal, and her mother were found dead inside the vehicle. Their eight-year-old daughter, Zeinab, was in a critical condition, while her four-year-old sister, Zeena, was finally discovered hiding under her mother's legs several hours after police arrived on scene. Neighbours near Mr Al Hilli's house (right) in upmarket Claygate, Surrey, said he had fled his native Iraq during the Saddam regime and had been working for a satellite company." [...]

"Although he worked on a freelance basis, Mr Al-Hilli carried out a lot of work for Guildford-based Surrey Satellite Technology." [...]

"He is also believed to have been the secretary of a Wiltshire-based aerial photography company, AMS 1087, since 2007." [...]

'Bright kid': Mr Al Hilli worked at Swindon-based aerial photography company, AMS 1087, which is linked to this accountancy business [...]

"Jack Saltman, whose house backs on to the family home in Claygate, said Mr al-Hilli had said something to him before he went on holiday that he would be informing the police about."

Speaking to Sam Walker on the Richard Bacon Show on Radio 5 Live, he said: 'I know one little thing which I am not prepared to speak (about) at the moment. I will tell the police about it. [...]

"The BMW attack involved a semi-automatic machine pistol and was clearly fired by an experienced gunman" [...]

The male driver was found slumped over the wheel of the car, while the two women were in the back seat. [...]

"Meanwhile, the body of cyclist Mr Mollier was found a few yards from the car, which was in a remote woodland car park near the town of Chevaline, close to the mountain resort town of Albertville." [...]

"When asked if he (George Aicolina) thought anyone would have tried to hurt the family he replied: 'It doesn't add up. They wouldn't have had any enemies. He's not Mr tinker, tailor, soldier, spy. I doubt the establishment wanted to get rid of him."
117  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Mind Control / Re: 'Corporate Neuroscience' with MegaBucks R+D expects to explain all Human emotion on: September 06, 2012, 07:59:03 am

 Maybe the system (or you even) has noticed how Drug-Pushers, - the erstwhile close associate of the alcoholic community steal their way into handler-business-relationships with your local community, via a proxy of false promises and fake characters, —

 ... because they don't have any genuine social ability, genuineness or character of their own, (?)

 ...because they're liars, thieves and willing killers!!!
118  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Mind Control / Re: 'Corporate Neuroscience' with MegaBucks R+D expects to explain all Human emotion on: September 06, 2012, 03:05:56 am

 ... Which is of course an age-old method with accompanying dissonant message way of telling you:

  "Neuroscience" and Big-Pharmaceuticals are going to get Stinkin' Rich and You the consumer get to take our specially customised PILLS - for all your mental health requirements.
119  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Mind Control / 'Corporate Neuroscience' with MegaBucks R+D expects to explain all Human emotion on: September 05, 2012, 04:26:40 pm
NHS darlings, German Electrotechnics Company SIEMENS are working with Oxford University to prove that all human feeling originates from biological processes, and is not dependant on other extraneous factors; - so the wealthy and eminent scientists in the Neuroscience community are today assuring the adoring and glazey-eyed media lovvies.

A golden age of discovery in neuroscience
5 September 2012

"Fundamentally it shows that bipolar disorder, and in fact all mental illnesses, are brain disorders of a biological nature that warrant proper investigation including scanning. And that that will be of clinical utility in the near future."

Sounds good, they even went so far, during an interview at about 6am today on radio4, (Oh no, I don't sleep, no super-soldier does; you know) in which the same Oxford scientists stated the slightly less than obvious statement "All human mental state is controlled by straight forward parameters; for example: How much money you have".

120  General / General Discussion / Re: Removal of Middle-Classes gives Occultist Elite Direct Access to Working-Classes on: August 27, 2012, 02:22:47 pm
 The 'Working-Class' love a good lie. They KNOW a lie sounds better than a truism.
 Once the Occult Lying Bankster Class and their Political Stoogies control all flow of information to the working-class ... It's over ....

    Of course, it all happened long ago, already.

And dispute my allegations (actually observations) about the willing doomed stupidness of the 'Working-Class' as much as you will but I think there's an equally real case for concern about the Middle-Classes' contiguous 'Pavlovian Dog Response' and the dumb 'land-grab' of the 1990's through till the Crash of 2008, which manifested as Property speculation.
— Very entrepreneurial but just what exactly was the point; how did that protect the Middle-Classes' future?

I wasn't involved and had little contact, but for what I saw, it's pretty hard to say if it was ambitious working-Class building Contractors, or just disenfranchised members of 'The-Middle', or a bit of both, that spear-headed the Property Speculators' market of the last two decades. But I don't see how Property Speculation benefitted the future of the Muddle-Classes when it's all about 'moving-on', fixing-up and 'moving-on' to the next property; - hardly representative of a settled and pluralist INDUSTRY.
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