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41  General / Constitutional Matters / EUROZONE Capital is Beach-Head for Confrontation with Shariah-Law GULAG in West. on: November 24, 2012, 05:15:38 am ShortWave Radio focussed on the Very Real Threat of Shariah-Law Takover of Europe today. The Term 'Terrorists' was used repeatedly by BibleVoice to describe the Shariah-Law Incumbents, most accurately if one accepts the supposed Reality of The 9/11 and 7/07 bombings in our Western Capitol Cities.

 But it's hardly news reserved for Morally Compromised Westerners.
The entire Planet should be on alert against a fully Strategically Organised takeover of Traditional European Cultural Values by Muslim/Shariah Fanatics with EUROZONE financial backing!

JG would be the last to deny it. After all, JG was attacked by a Chair Wielding Sharian Law Muslim at a Xmas Lunch in 2010 after he touched a leftover turkey-leg that he didn't then go on to consume.

The Muslim checked with his Koran, long after the attack, and came to the conclusion that he was wrong; - that there is no law in Shariah that says a Christian or other observer can be mortally wounded for checking out the food on the "CHRISTMAS" Table.
The Shariah-Law observer should have also concluded perhaps, that there is NO SANITY CLAUSE in SHARIAH too?! Yes, I think so.

— Interesting 'Coincidence' that The European 'Economic Community' HQ has always been in Brussels the now European Capital already boasting over 40% Shariah-Bound Population.

Shariah Law allows a Muslim man to take, at least up to FOUR WIVES, bearing of course as many offspring to each as he/(she) wishes.
Thus Shariah-Law is very appealing to the Contiguous ANTI-CHRIST convictions so prevalent in Europe today, where Christian Morality has for decades, been under attack, eroded and been replaced by Violence and Promiscuity all in the Name of a 'Democracy'.

— Some Christian fundamentalists blame the 1960's for our moral Compromise but surely that's small-minded orthodoxy talking. The reality must be in recognizing that the rot set in during the Victorian Era, when Gin-Fuelled Promiscuity & Prostitution really took Britain by Storm. Plus there was no 'consciousness-raising' follow-through as accompanied the 1960's Era of 'Love and Peace, Man', which came to fruition at the end of the Beat Era & which saw the Outbreak of The Vietnam War.

Watch the Tube.

The Kindle is lit. A gauntlet presumably thrown down too? Or maybe you can hedge your bets and hope that this wildly extravagent Multi-Cultural Experiment gone-mad will resolve without Bloodshed and by hoping the Muslim Extremism will suffer a watering down to accomodate our lax, easy-going, but irreligious Modern Euro-Culture.

Though realistically speaking; - You'll probably need more than Good Luck to exit this Shock-to-the-System and 'Transformational' Headlong Clash of Civilisations and Politics without a very large bandage wrapped around your Heads!

Hey but don't get me wrong. When in a Scottish Town Square in about 2004 JG was called Loudly in front of a so-called Christian Crowd, "You are the Worst Person in the World", by a Bible-Basher when he pointed out that the Romans Crucified their Victims on Stakes not on Crosses.
Evidently informing of the facts of history is another area of difficulty with the modern-day observers of religion.

- Your Donkey-Like Weakness that can be so easily dominated by the Race-Horses of this System of Things.

N'est-pas!?! Oui, oui; - C'est surement ça!
42  General / Ridiculous News / Oddball Stuff / What happens to your Website Stats when your Website gets Scanned by 'The Cloud' on: November 23, 2012, 01:36:18 pm
 Just found for Yesterday, on the Statcounter at the JG home page.

See the 'Resolution' info.
Divide 30720 by 1024 the standard monitor width for a 768px height as shown ...
Gives 30 exactly. So that's 30 Monitors all looking at once, at Automattic; - an open source Cloud Computing Confab based in SF California.

Good Luck!
43  General / General Discussion / New 'Anti-Stalking' Laws for England & Wales. The Protection of Privacy Act 2012 on: November 23, 2012, 06:29:51 am
 Under the Protection of Privacy Act 2012 two new Policeable Misdemeanors for Stalking:
 A2 & A4.

These will make it a criminal offence to Follow repeatedly, Monitor, Spy-on for any motive, and to do any such in a way which causes Psychological Or Mental Distress and or which has caused a person to have to modify their daily regimen or behaviour.

|This law (ammendment) is not only about sexual oriented stalking but refers to, and encompasses, a wider range of this type of Predatory Behaviour which causes serious infringement into peoples' right to privacy and peace of mind.|

 NB This law will now need Case Precedents in England & Wales or 'Case-History' as it's referred to in Jock, to determine the effectiveness and durability of the law and Police must now be Instructed as to it's use, since their preferred strategy is to keep you in the dark regarding such subtleties in the law of the land as 'A Right to Be left The Heck alone'.

 Similar Laws have been empowered in Scotland since 2010.

Interestingly this news is taking its time to surface on the internet with neither of the two leading anti-stalking Helpline websites having any update whatsoever since March this year.

 You have been warned.

[Orig News source] - BBC Radio Four.
44  The Economy / Taxation / Radio Romania: Britain is Backward Empire builder & EU giving 406Bn to 3rd-World on: November 23, 2012, 05:14:34 am
The Official News Service from Radio Romania on Shortwave (6020 Khz) two nights ago reported that the British Stand-Off with Europe was an irritant and unproductive situation that requires an urgent resolution.

"They should decide now, whether to stay or whether to Leave" - (The Eurozone).

Whilst not Defending or denying that the EUROZONE, EMA, EMU, EEC or whatever they're calling it today, has serious financial and austerity problems since 2009, there was strong inference that Britain needs to be given an ultimatum by these would be promoters of the so-called "Unified Europe".
— The Diatribe rounded firmly on Britain's 'Backward Looking Collonial Inheritance' and its 'Inability to integrate modern change'. However, the Program Annunciator Made big also of the Up-side to Britain's current influence in the EUROZONE; - since EU needs primarily THE MILITARY PROWESS of BRITAIN to protect and expand the EU (a Military Expansionism won in the last decade by the War-on-Terror and Al'Qa'eda).

 Remember that This is the Country, now EU freeloader state, from which a Dictator was deposed by Murder at the hands of his own Country-peoples' mob - That was Romania, described by Wikipedia as 'THE SOVIET BLOC'S MOST SEVERE STALINIST REGIME' under the Old 1980's Government of Nicolae Ceaucescu.

What a Christmas-Vacation He had, when he and his wife were gunned down by Firing Squad, on XMAS DAY 1989.

Ah, the Good Old days.
 - How can we be misled into forgetting them in favour of watching the rise of Veiled Tyrants.

That's where the traitor 'WITCHCRAFT' behind the EU vision get their "Killing Fields" Mentality for the Future of Britain from. A former Stalinist Satellite, now PR'ing Britain as Militarist Henchman, useful Thug for an expansionist EU who want to give all YOUR MONEY TO THIRD-WORLD DESPOT GOVERNMENTS, run more and more increasingly by ROGUE MILITARY DICTATORS.

But "Times are Changing" Mr JG. Would no doubt be the official line from the Pseuds-Establishment  running Civvie Street in Britain.
45  Health, Family & Eugenics / Dehumanization / Why the Male Blow-Hard over Testoserone and Resulting 'Male Estrœgenophobia' ? on: November 16, 2012, 04:27:05 pm
Video found in Ads panels on PrisonPlanet.

-"Estrœgen Promoting Toxins"

  "If you didn't fall on your Ass recently; - hold on, you're about to"
 - Willie Nelson Biographer.

     "The Horror ... the horror ... The Horror ... the Horror."

        And there is a LOT OF RUBBISH IN THIS. Basically it promotes the idea that because you're in a war, and WE ARE, then it's possible for Delta's and Epsilons (of the Brave-new-World) to become Supermarket Alpha's by taking Chemical Supplements. So you'll be able to run around with your Clubs knocking things on the head but now know that you're doing it because you're as good as the Alphas.

Whilst in reality you are probably still no better than an Ork with 'Green Screen' Backdrop.
— A Health News Service for the Deeply & Jealously Disturbed!

          Though there is hope for HUMANITY which doesn't come from Body-Building Formulæ. FOR IF THE GENETICISTS are right, as evenly contested and suggested in JG's very prevous post on this forum, then the body CAN ADAPT to any circumstance. And JG is a living example of that. And you can come out on top by not following these 'Official' Mens' Health Issues. Men who take body building substances to excess, natural or not, will wear out their bodies and develop other forms of disorder.

 And also the video is all ABOUT SEXUAL PROWESS.  Sir Isaac Newton was one of the biggest success stories in the 'Evolution' of Mankind that JG can have come to mind in a split second. — And Newton was a Practicing Christian. JG does not necessarily picture as a "Super Successful Male", a Pro-Wrestler or 400M sprinter when prompted to ..

 They are just athletes!
JG once provided security on the helicopter-pad for Britains's fastest 400m Hurdles Sprinter: Sally Gunnell.

Sally Gunnell is one of Britains most popular female sportswomen of all time.
SHE IS TINY. SHORTER THAN JG. She must stand at little more than 5ft 4inches. JG stood next to her, as she disembarked the chopper, and on the lawn, JG looked down on her by a few inches. JG is diminutive, on a normal day!
Achievement: It's got very little to do with your Physical Prowess!
— It's all about OPPORTUNITY. Take away the Motivation that often accompanies Opportunity and you lose.

 JG is 56 yrs old. Has all his own hair, can run 100m in 13seconds, despite suffering a Major Leg Fracture in 2003 and Looks no older than 40, tops, on a good day.

 Reality is not about what the AGGRESSIVE DOMINATOR 'ALPHA' Competitor Virile male says it must be.

 You're as YOUNG as you feel Jim. And you affect how young you feel without focussing on Testosterone.
 — I believe.

Then again JG may well be the ubiquitous 'Fittest Man in The Valley', as He was once referred to by a Female Admirer, down in the Valleys ...

 The Video is AMERICAN CAPITALISM selling a Product on what will appeal to the target audience of competitor wanna-be Super-Men who are going to save the World in order to Breed their own unique Blend of Genetic Material further into the Inheritance of The Planet ....

 JG doesn't have a problem with Lovers of The Flesh, in particular, but would imagine that the Human Race could do with a bit of Improvement and Shaping-Up, and a Bit of a Work-Out in the Intelligence, comprehension, empathy, understanding, Imaginative, insightful & Visionary Outward-Looking Departments as well as the "Check Out my Six-Pack Babe". Having said that I'll give you a good kick up the Conk if you break my door in ...

"Skeleton walks into a Bar and asks for a Beer and a Mop".
— Willie Nelson

46  Health, Family & Eugenics / Eugenics / Depopulation / War On Family / JILL DANDO INST OF SECURITY AND CRIME reveal "Genes are turned on by Experience" on: November 15, 2012, 11:52:09 am
 "Genes need to be Switched on by Experience."

 But isn't this effect BIO-Chemical. It's not Physio-Psycho-Kinetic, - is it?!!

What is a Pædophile?Gill Dando Crime Science Inst. Director, on BBC R2.
Right Click › Save As: *_.mp3
Listen in to this comment at 14mins 30seconds but listen to the whole thing ...

 In the Biology found online, this 'turning-on' of genes is very subtle, more related to changes brought on by Pregnancy, or of DNA repair genes being turned off by Tobacco Smoke, and so forth, rather than a broad Brushstroke invoking images of some special GENETIC response to being Tortured, or being BEREAVED in Childhood, or other psychological causes.

The Genes 'being turned on by experience' seems to be physiological mostly, as JG already hinted above.

 So this is something to watch out for. Slip of the Tongue!

In a Previously unrelated and somewhat innacurate, PJW style of writing in which JG joined dots that reflected his un-nourished early morning Winter Brain (hibernating) it was nonetheless pointed out whilst listening to a BBC Radio Two programme talk/phone in on Paedophilia, that the Identity of Hidden Pædophiliac responses in Men (Laughably, rather than seriously, intimating the whole Male Human Species), is related to GENES BEING TURNED on BY EXPERIENCE.

"Misquote, Misquote, Misfire." And to quote the Police:
"Calling somebody a Paedophile can get YOU in a LOT of TROUBLE"

 The Gill Dando institute was formed after the assasination by Professional Gun-Sniper outside her house of BBC 'Crimewatch' show presenter Dando in 1999. The show was named after the American Show of the Same Title.

 The Latest explanation for Dando's Assasination according to The Times of London, is a Serbian Hitman who was acting in revenge for Dando having asked for public help in identifying of Milosovic's Henchmen responsible for War-Crimes, - resident in the UK ... the Usual Picture ... UK safe-haven for Socio-Psychopathic Journalists and Paranoid-Schizophrenic Politicians.

— And quite rightly so: Better keep them at home where the Police and Social Services can 'Keep an eye on them, rather than having them wandering around the world with their diplomatic Passes, abusing Children from Afghanistan to Alabama'.

Citations & References!

1) The promise—and the hype—of changing your DNA through behavior

2) How are genes turned on and off?
47  General / Art / Satire / Cartoons / Parodies / Brave New World Order Ushers in a Politically Naïve era of 'Stupid Knows Best'. on: November 13, 2012, 10:42:14 am

 But you're getting used to it!

 And as long as you can cope!

 No Problemo!
48  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / BBC 'WILL NOT LAST 100Yrs', & The only Staff to Give a Damn will be the Janitors on: November 12, 2012, 06:25:28 am

 The Shameless Self-promoting Program PRESENTER, and THE PERSONALITY CULT of LEADERSHIP.

I guess some modern US talk-hosts have realised that to be both of these, at the same time, could likely PREVENT THIS compartmentalisation phenomenon!?

Presenters may all be robust, gregarious, politically Clever personalities but they posess that crippling subordinate status in relation to their trusted superiors.
AGGRESIVE ALPHA MALES are better at it than females.

 Meanwhile Senior managers are being shuftied in who will inevitably have their backs turned, (also indulging their SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTIONAL INSTINCT), whilst all around them evolving Disaster and 'Scandals', a bit like the BRIDGE of THE TITANIC.
 And sensation, to boot, of course is the Greatest seller of NEWS-PAPERS, traditionally.
 And who are the Newspapers owned by, more and more? NEWSCORP

 PUBLIC FLAGELLATION, of the Lower PRESENTER ORDERS may even be seen as worthwhile by MANAGEMENT.

John Entwistle was paid over £8000 a day for his job as Director General at the BBC for his very short stint, and gets a £450,000 Golden Handshake for a few-weeks work.

 You still don't get it. The BBC vets will have an argument that YOU THE PUBLIC could be blamed!
 You didn't want to have to pay the exorbitant LICENCE FEE. SO, it was raised annually. Yes!
 At £170 a year or thereabouts, does that not surprise you. The Means justifies The End.

 IT's a work-a-day self-fulfilling business version of: - Problem » Reaction » Solution.

 The BBC has been FLOODED by STOOLPIGEONS who are anti-the BBC, in its current model but didn't realise the only solution is BUY-OUT by The Murdochs. Do you care; did they; does anyone ever ACTUALLY CARE about anything to do with things beyond 'ALLEGATION', and made up stories.

 YOU CAN Only 'Change the System from Inside', that overlaying MARXIST/LENINIST PHILOSOPHY.

And the BBC decided to focus on employing people who would, erm, help REVOLUTIONISE the GLOBAL ROLE of the BBC.

49  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / The LINE of LEAST RESISTANCE: TV Presenter Hands PM, INTERNET list of Pædophiles on: November 11, 2012, 09:27:40 am
JG shall Hereby adopt the use of the French Term L'indicateur or 'snoop'.

A 'indique' is a name possibly coined, and certainly used to excess during WWII, when 1½ Million French colabs or colaborators wrote 3 Million Letters to the German SS, (ShutzStaffle - or Hitler's Private Armed Militia*) ; - letters which INDICATED where the Jews were living, residing, hiding or seeking asylum during WWII. JG uses this m This is a fact the Mainstream Media in France both know about, are willing to talk about, but obviously are not particularly proud of.

The moment David Cameron is confronted by presenter Phillip Schofield on ITV's This Morning of Thursday 8 November 2012, with a "3-mins worth of research", list of names of politicians he says may be involved in child abuse.

See the Video:

Is this self-explanatory enough; - or do readers require an invective on the subject of blackmail, slander and the informing and passing of names ..?

The Internet needs to be REGULATED to protect;
 ... what have you ...!

*The SS occupying forces as deployed in France under the Vichy Government were formed especially by Hitlers' 3rd-Reich to run the hundreds of German Labour and Concentration Camps, and oversee the execution of the 'Final Solution'.
50  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / Watson Pædophile Network designed to BREAK Parliament & a 'FREE-PRESS' in the UK on: November 11, 2012, 07:13:41 am
 JG have been given information by the Police, that leads me to this conclusion ...
And has any sensient being noticed how the BBC has been upto now, and is continuing to VOLUNTEER it's GUILT around the Saville Allegations? What criminal do you know who pleads guilty and volunteers for Gaol before the accuser has even filed a formal legal proces? That's what happened in this case. GUILTY - DAY 1.

Is it just the bleeding out of guilty conscience of an organisation that's let people down; - or is it gullible humans unconsciously 'proving their worth' before their detractors, succumbing to intimidation from sheer fatigue?


This video shows the frenzy that Epsilons and Ipsilons of 'The Brave New World' are to be presumed to be willing to quickly follow .....
¿A stooge/Stoolie? He uses all the necessary terminology.
— To leave you with no alternative but to accept 'A witch-hunt'.

If you don't, then obviously you're a 'P' supporter, right! Yes, you are.
 - The mob will come into line on this issue, and other closely related ones, very shortly indeed!
 THE TERM CONSPIRACY is being hi-jacked once again. 
The intention is that Britain's FREE PRESS, and Parliament are going to come under total scrutiny and now unavoidable reform because it is COMPLETELY FULL of Pædophiles, though not one has yet been identified except by a LIST provided by TOM WATSON and now being bandied around the Internet, as FACT.

And of course it wouldn't be right if TOM wasn't a Dyed-in-the-Wool, Welsh Socialist from the Mining Valleys mad at Margaret Thatcher, and with a chip on his Celtic Shoulder big enough to sink Titanic II and III.
- (Both of which are being built, in Australia)

 "Self-Regulation doesn't Work". This is the TERM now, as I type being used on the BBC regarding investigations.

It's good, I want it, Do it now, REFORM. Now why would you want a latter day INQUISITION into the public  affairs of the so-called (BS) FREE PRESS in this country?

As a prelude to a FEDERAL EU/American-Style Declaration of Martial-Law in Europe as a whole during 'possible' WARTIME, or during 'potential' CIVIL UNREST or 'potential for' MASS MOBILIZATION of Pedestrian Masses, it will be necessary.

Quite simple.
It will be necessary for the 'Regional Controllers' of this Brave New World Order, to apply their skillset.
You don't believe it. That's why it's so very possible.
Conspiracy Nut !
Smokeless cigarette user closes M6. Passengers held 8 hrs.

This should be fun! Now. Let's get it on! Trust me! There's a LOT of PEOPLE out there, getting on in years now, who haven't seen the FULFILLMENT of their WISE vision for TOTAL MILITARY LAW as a means to AN END.

JG has met a few. Just trust him on that. When JG met them, they shocked him for their pride and haughty disdain.
 - They don't see you or any of your concerns and interests to be of the least value whatsoever. You are Nil.

Good Luck to you!
51  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / "Let me Take you Down": The 'Jimmy Saville' Intrigues & A Civil War Implode BBC on: November 11, 2012, 03:36:31 am
 "Let me Take you Down" - Saville was a Liverpudlian like the Beatles, and those were lyrics from 'Strawberry Fields'. ...
— My God, do I have to explain everything to you ipsilons (or is it epsilons?) of the Brave New World Order? I feel I do. Tragic!

George Entwistle resigns as BBC director general
11 Nov, 2012.

Entwistle announces 'I go now' after just 2-months as Director General.

  After just two-months as head Honcho at the BBC, and in the midst of a Self-Inflicted Intrigue over allegations of Misdeeds by a Dead-Man, the Director General of the BBC has resigned; - at 21.00Z Saturday, the evening before the Annual 'Remembrance Sunday' Extravaganza.
- Does this leave the BBC open to JG's alleged Murdoch Empire buy-out option, which the Murdoch's 'REQUIRE'?

Either which way, he's going because the NewsNight Program team internally decided to not air a special investigation into the Jimmy Saville Implosive News Intrigues; - and that is not good enough he claims!

Watch out Adele Armstrong; - for Elizabeth Murdoch is hot on your Tail.

Or was John Entwistle's short-game-only Plan for 'GLOBAL Performer' BBC, actually to make certain the BBC does become potential-prey to a 51% share-put buy-out from Newscorp?
Is that the eternal agenda, or the New Agenda, now that the Saville IMPLOSION is bringing down the BBC from the Top Management Floors First as a form of Sacrilege, as The public attempt to focus their eyes on a Austere and Silence-Inducing, Patriotic WWII commemoration Ceremony?

A veritable Staged Implosion. Very neat. JG should like very much to meet the Alpha's behind all this.

 Either way, despite the inevitable mockery; - JG (note) is still predicting the following as a possible outcome:

 NewsCorp _ BBC

And WOULD the BBC go to these lengths of public Self-Flagellation for any other reason, such as the opportunity for one final (or one more) go at media-labelled 'Conspiracy Theorists'? Prove JG wrong! Please, I only want the Truth to come out about my perceptions!

Remember, the BBC brought you the much Infoworrier maligned 'Conspiracy Files' series!
— Did FOX replicate?
Will a NewsCorp subsiduary ever get that far out of the Crabs' Basket before being pulled back down?

 - Pulled back down by whom?

There's no-one Higher-up the Global Media Pecking-order than the Murdochs! They probably don't even have to much account for anything even to their Financiers. You're pretty much on a-par when you live as these Alpha's do.
52  Science & Technology / Big Brother / Police State Tech / PRISONPLANET in attempt to Maintain The Status-Quo; Float old Science as 'NEWS' on: November 09, 2012, 08:22:02 am
Poll: 35% Of Americans Would Wear “Electric Shock Bracelet” in Order to Fly
November 9, 2012

 This is precisely why JB (should be JG, never noticed that: - typical scientist) is starting up PRISMPLANET, to counter, not necessarily to fall into the trap set, by the so often Opportunist Results of research which tries to Invigorate or Resucitate scientific results which have already proven that SADLY, (I don't enjoy it; - it just doesn't surprise me), HUMANS require only PERMISSION, to do the MOST HORRENDOUS Things to NOT ONLY themselves but also, if necessary to achieve their ends, then TO OTHERS ALSO.

Sinful Inherited Humankind are ALWAYS UP for it. The Figures on this have been in for FIFTY-YEARS.
Administration of a 'lethal 450V electric shock' upon Authority Command.

The 1961' STANLEY MILGRAM ELECTRIC SHOCK EXPERIMENT, which is SO WELL KNOWN, yet not referred to in the PP article is all the proof you need, that people are happy to compromise their own standards and THOSE of others (by peer association) to achieve an end, ....

Read about the STANLEY MILGRAM 1961 Experiment, and watch that tube:

Some call it 'Human-Nature'; - but is it really?!

Because, one of the objectives of PrisonPlanet seems to be, to keep folk hypnotised by stuff you already should know. If you're a survivalist, that is!

They are also VERY KEEN on stigmatisation of people who THEY THEMSELVES have, in again proving the MILGRAM EXPERIMENT results, labelled as the 'mentally ill' who can be treated in such-and-such a manner, and YOU WILL now attempt to further marginalise and ridicule that group to the Prescribed Agenda, UPON SUGGESTION rather than command. Remember Jones is a self-Confessed Lusty Capitalist. It can be presumed sadly that he, like most of mankind will MAKE ALL MANNER OF COMPROMISE to achieve THAT END Result. I don't care for who the heck you are!

It's all about competitive Captitalism isn't it. So let's do it, for Witless Morons' sakes. Money always gets the Girl. Talent doesn't come into it. Take reference to that classic Hollywood Marilyn Monroe & Yves Montand movie 'Let's Make Love' parodying the life of a Jean Marc Clement' a Presumed Filandering Misanthropic Millionaire Gigalo whose Social Graces and talents with everyone add up to Zip but whose money it is proven in the end, is ALL THAT IS NEEDED to get the DESIRED END RESULT as suggested at the very beginning of this classic Capitalist 'Morality' Tale.

So, let's see where your keen and sharply honed competitive blow-hard really gets us?

JB is also VERY aware that he is being a hypocrit, in responding ZEALOUSLY to stimuli regarding US-Election related Politically-Fired Race issues ...

That's a Hurdle.

Can JB/JG get over it, without falling for the Carrot and the Stick? Can any human? We shall see; - yes we shall.

PRISMPLANET, coming soon but obviously Neither SOON ENOUGH nor QUICKLY ENOUGH.

Afterafterthought ...
I don't even like 'J...' as a forename. For decades now I haven't trusted anyone whose forename began with a 'J'.
53  General / Acknowledge Defenders / Expose Enemies / McCarthy "Witchhunts" FAILED to Identify even ONE SINGLE COMMUNIST: Why? on: November 09, 2012, 04:37:27 am
  Because McCarthy and his colleagues did not want to find any.

  And because the Congnitive Dissonance Psychologists behind the operation wanted you to believe that therefore there Were NO and are NO COMMUNISTS, in The United States of America, at that time.

As if!

McCarthy: Failed to identify any communists ...

Also they were guaranteed to not identify any actual politically active communists, - by deliberately not looking in the right Places. They investigated Hollywood. That's a place of free artistic expression where an actor can even put on airs by Method acting, to utterly convince an audience of a role. One might for instance portray having extreme left-wing views, in a role. It's all totally unsubjective.

 To find communists you'd look in the POLITICAL HEARTLAND, the TRADE UNIONS, the workplace Shopfloor etc

 McCarthy had no intention of finding any communists.
Therefore the American people would be assured there were NO COMMUNISTS in AMERICA.

--- except those hiding in plain sight

54  General / Acknowledge Defenders / Expose Enemies / BBC Radio 4 Reports: 20K US Latinos to be registered to vote a Month for 2-years on: November 09, 2012, 03:08:48 am
This news was transmitted on Radio4 FM, late or early, I guess late, 'The World of Politics' kind of program the night before the US Presidentials, just passed. I heard it with my own ears, and clearly it was intended to inform us BRITS on the way the MEXICAN IMMINGRANT and other VOTE will be used to swing the US Presidentials in future towards - THE DEMOCRATS, the LEFT, whatever and whoever is going to give CASH PAYMENTS to latinos.

 It was talking about THE NEXT TWO Years, nothing to do with the past-tense.
20,000 Latino Voter Registrations a Month for Two-Years, under the Green-Card* system of immigration, totals up at 480,000, or nearly HALF a MILLION new LATINO VOTER REGISTRATIONS by Oct 2014.

* Which by the way I as a White Brit am not allowed access to, as a means of entry into the US, (as if I would go to that immigrant stained gulag latrine)
55  General / Free Speech / Censorship / PROTECT BRITAIN BY STARTING TALKING & BEING STRAIGHT WITH THE BLACK IMMIGRANTS. on: November 08, 2012, 11:27:56 am
 Since 2001 JB has only encountered 3 Blacks of African or Muslim Derivations in Scotland. So someone seems to have been flying the old traditional banners of the Scots for quite a while already. Scotland has a population of 5 Million and has at least the land acreage of England, and possibly Wales, if conjoined at the Hip.

 All encounters were accompanied with either initial direct violence, or verbal followed by physical against JB, without any due explanation or justifiable provocation:

1) Whilst Walking along D&G's Tourist Route, a 60 mile route that starts outside his door, JB was accosted by a Black riding a mountain bike, with a white friend. The Bastard shouted "Get out of the way, this is MY PATH, YOU'RE NOT supposed to walk on it". Actually, it's a shared path, which the sign-posting explains quite clearly. This Black person went on to continue shouting at me. A small chap I am.
Quite unprovocative, and usually, and certainly strived all his life to be so, - usually polite and humble, except when some abusive, Finger-Pointing Pervert wants a fight.

 2) Whilst sitting at the Christmas Meal table with 'Friends' some 3 years ago, I picked up a left-over chicken leg, to have a look if it was worth taking ... you know remnants ... I decided it was too scrawny and put it back. Now, across the table is the husband, who happens to be a rather Demented Muslim who is newly married to my friends' 3rd daughter. He takes immediate offence and conjuring up fantasaical ravings from the Shariah-Law and Koran, grabs his wooden chair races round the Christmas table and attempts to SMASH JB in the head for having taken a glance at a CHICKEN LEG. It was because as he explained later, because HE BELIEVES (and that's all it takes) that under SHARIAH-LAW it is ILLEGAL to pick-up Food if you're not going to eat it. Apparently it's PUNISHABLE BY PHYSICAL VIOLENCE.

Later he went away, came back and apologized, sublimating to me that he couldn't find any such commands in the KORAN, which he'd gone away to study. So! NO DEATH FATWA issued and JB got to make it into Boxing-Day.

Oh, Great Mercies from the INCOMING ISLAMIC GOD and MOHAMMED, that Plain Speaking Ignorant Moron. But what if the GREAT PROPHET had told our Muslim (who believes the voices presumably), that the White Boy had to die with a knife-through the heart, for the Sin of looking at a Chicken Leg.

This is no joke! This is a real story, that really happened. It's happening all the time, elsewhere then too, presumably.
Because JB does NOT attract violence to himself.
56  General / Free Speech / Censorship / Angela Merkel "CHRISTIANS ARE THE MOST PERSECUTED RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY WORLDWIDE" on: November 08, 2012, 10:42:05 am
Walter Russell Mead's Blog
Nov 8, 2012.

'In her six years in office, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has not exactly developed a reputation as a fiery or controversial orator. But her comments at a church on Monday have her critics fuming. The Times of Israel reports:

Opposition MPs have criticised the Chancellor, Angela Merkel, for claiming that Christianity is “the most persecuted religion worldwide”.

Merkel’s comments came at a meeting of the German Protestant Church late Monday in which she emphasized Germany’s needed to protect Christian minorities as part of its foreign policy.

Merkel, the daughter of a pastor, also spoke out against strict separation of church and state and said Europe was built on Christian foundations.

The critics have howled over Merkel’s comments and will no doubt continue to do so, but she’s right.

This doesn’t mean that persecutions of other religions is justified, of course. Via Meadia believes that everyone should be free to follow his or her own conscience and to follow whatever religion or secular philosophy he or she chooses. But it is true nonetheless that Christians face persecution and mob violence in countries all over the world, and it’s refreshing to hear an important world leader giving voice to this obvious but important truth.'

 This could be it. I may be moving to Germany, an old Fantasy of JB.s
57  General / General Discussion / PM Cameron extends his nexus of 'DEMENTED FRIENDS' to include SAUDI Extremists. on: November 08, 2012, 10:34:58 am
 Well done Cameron! You certainly know how to tug at the coat-tails.

 Funding Al'Qae'da rebels to fight Assad's Government in Syria? What a brilliant scheme!
—  Now your Bullingham Club credentials are beginning to show. Finally, all that Trashing of those Paki Restaurants with your Oxon Friends, and bailing out on the spot - the owner with sufficient cash that they won't make a Police Report. And what if they did? You were being groomed as a potential future British PM back in 1984 when the Bullingham Club Resto Trashing Antics were even being reported in the Daily Telegraph. Diplomatic Immunity.

So, what's Cameron funding in the Middle-East with all those British Aerospace / BaE Systems Figher aircraft.
Well, whatever is civilian or legitimate Elected or installed Government I suppose. After everyone seems to think that it's actually going to be 'Business as Usual' (ripping us all of and making us Blood-Guilty through Taxes).

Go stuff yourselves. You actually don't care what's coming down the road, as you stir-up the trouble.

 There is a HUGE Historical Divide between the two Countries and the divide is become a real tectonic hot-spot for the future according those heavily invested in reporting the daily tittle-tattle and titilation that fevorous predictions and false-prophecies of war, such as the Media War-Room Analysts must spin.

Syria's civil war: friends and enemies

"The UN General Assembly is meeting during a period of deadlock over the fate of Syria. The graphic above shows how, post-Arab Spring, political relations across the Middle East hinge on this critical pivot.

Saudi Arabia’s long-standing antipathy to Iran - its chief rival for dominance in the Persian Gulf and Middle East - has clouded its relationship with Syria.

The Saudi royal family has positioned itself as the protector of Syria's Sunni majority in a country whose ruling elite is dominated by Alawis, members of a Shi'ite minority.

The danger is that the Syrian conflict could evolve into a proxy battleground between Saudi-supported Sunnis and the pro-Iranian Shi'ite/Alawi faction.

If the pro-Iranian Bashar al-Assad was to fall, it would undermine the activities of Hezbollah in Lebanon (which Saudi Arabia opposes) and of Hamas in Gaza (which Saudi Arabia also opposes

Read the full version of this 'light weight analysis for simpletons' like JB.

Get your Guns. I've got my BaseBall Bats. Let's Rock. You too can be the Political Leader remembered for pushing Governments beyond the Pale, beyond 'what is reasonable', straight out over the Precipice. What a hero!
58  General / General Discussion / Re: PM Cameron forms One-Million Strong Volunteer Army of 'DEMENTED FRIENDS'. Cool! on: November 08, 2012, 10:17:38 am
 Well done Cameron! You certainly know how to tug at the coat-tails.

 Funding Al'Qae'da rebels to fight Assad's Government in Syria? What a brilliant scheme!
—  Now your Bullingham Club credentials are beginning to show. Finally, all that Trashing of those Paki Restaurants with your Oxon Friends, and bailing out on the spot - the owner with sufficient cash that they won't make a Police Report. And what if they did? You were being groomed as a potential future British PM back in 1984 when the Bullingham Club Resto Trashing Antics were even being reported in the Daily Telegraph. Diplomatic Immunity.

So, what's Cameron funding in the Middle-East with all those British Aerospace / BaE Systems Figher aircraft.
Well, whatever is civilian or legitimate Elected or installed Government I suppose. After everyone seems to think that it's actually going to be 'Business as Usual' (ripping us all of and making us Blood-Guilty through Taxes).

Go stuff yourselves. You actually don't care what's coming down the road, as you stir-up the trouble.

 There is a HUGE Historical Divide between the two Countries and the divide is become a real tectonic hot-spot for the future according those heavily invested in reporting the daily tittle-tattle and titilation that fevorous predictions and false-prophecies of war, such as the Media War-Room Analysts must spin.

Syria's civil war: friends and enemies

"The UN General Assembly is meeting during a period of deadlock over the fate of Syria. The graphic above shows how, post-Arab Spring, political relations across the Middle East hinge on this critical pivot.

Saudi Arabia’s long-standing antipathy to Iran - its chief rival for dominance in the Persian Gulf and Middle East - has clouded its relationship with Syria.

The Saudi royal family has positioned itself as the protector of Syria's Sunni majority in a country whose ruling elite is dominated by Alawis, members of a Shi'ite minority.

The danger is that the Syrian conflict could evolve into a proxy battleground between Saudi-supported Sunnis and the pro-Iranian Shi'ite/Alawi faction.

If the pro-Iranian Bashar al-Assad was to fall, it would undermine the activities of Hezbollah in Lebanon (which Saudi Arabia opposes) and of Hamas in Gaza (which Saudi Arabia also opposes

Read the full version of this 'light weight analysis for simpletons' like JB.

Get your Guns. I've got my BaseBall Bats. Let's Rock.
59  General / Acknowledge Defenders / Expose Enemies / An Open email reply to MICHAEL MOORE, viz his "NEANDERTHAL attitudes" comments ! on: November 08, 2012, 03:45:28 am
Quite a few people will have received the Mr Michael (Where's my Wallet, Dude) Moore email today:
Morning in America ...a note from Michael Moore

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

"Congratulations everyone!!

This country has truly changed, and I believe there will be no going back. Hate lost yesterday. That is amazing in and of itself. And all the women who were elected last night!  A total rebuke of Neanderthal attitudes.

JB whilst busy putting out the boxes and boxes of rubbish for the Dustbin-man with one hand, composed and sent this to Mr Moore, - with another hand:

"Dear Mr Moore.

   It is with great hesitation and trepidation that I reply to your email.

 Since I was too once a staunch believer in the America you would paint as the good old days before you all went to the wall.

 As a person who lived in France in a small Limousine village where the NEANDETHALS you refer to in your mail actually did stay, in still visible caves, during their passage from Pre-Teutonic Middle-Europe out down the ‘road past my house’ (sic), up and over the Pyrenees and finally crossing Spain into The Liberian Peninsula where these same Neanderthals you make metaphorical reference to ‘ a total rebuke of the attitudes of’ were to live their last mortal days, paddling on the sea-side of the Atlantic coast, & collecting sea-shells memorabilia.

 It is not commonly understood that the people doing the labelling of “You are Neanderthals” are in fact, themselves often found to be looking down the barrel of a very short sawn-off-shotgun themselves. More detail would only cloud MY metaphor, and sadly too, would be wasted on someone in such a state of rapture as you seem.

 With all the Patriotic Americans from Flint and Elsewhere who are now newly decorated with the somewhat unexpected rank of “Neanderthals” perhaps now is the time for you to draw the attention of these same primordial white Caucasian Nationals to the difficult issue of where Austerity will leave them regarding somewhere to live.

 I believe the desert caves and gullies are particularly abundant and quite dry and homely still, at this time of year, out in the Deserts of Nevada & Utah.

 These White Caucasian Latter-Day Neanderthals to whom you apparently refer, can and will no doubt, be getting ALL the necessary practice at living and heating their improvised homes by candlelight soon enough. Wouldn’t you agree!!

 Yours in deepest sympathy,

 General Lee Ivor Craven.

— For the British; Fourth Armoured Wheelie-Bins.


Go on then, Lap it up!
60  General / General Discussion / PM Cameron forms One-Million Strong Volunteer Army of 'DEMENTED FRIENDS'. Cool! on: November 08, 2012, 03:18:47 am
Million 'dementia friends' wanted for training
8 November 2012

"The government wants to train a million people in England by 2015 to become "dementia friends", able to spot signs of the illness and help sufferers.
It is part of plans to raise awareness of the condition, which affects nearly 700,000 people in England.
Prime Minister David Cameron has said dementia is a national crisis and awareness of it is "shockingly low

Well it's quite obvious isn't it, the signs of Dementia? It's not always so obvious as with that neighbour of yours that stands by their door, tongue lopping out, as they stare into space gargling 'You don't know do ya', You don't know'.

— Firstly there's the members who cycle into Parliament shouting 'You're Plebs' at passing Policemen.
- And then there are the 'Conservative' Politicians just returned from a BaE Systems Arms Dealing tour of Dubai (Saudi Arabia) and then who at first light move to announce and Celebrate the Ascension of 'Four More Years' of Untempered Glorious Socialist Light which will be shining from the Black Arse sitting on The Throne of The King of West , occupying that 'House-on-The-Hill'

Phase2 of a Global Technocrat's Brave New World.

Not so in Scotland; - where the eternally elected Labour MP's rejoice realising that now they won't have to do this grubby job of looking after the Mentally compromised themselves; - but can leave all the elbow grease up to unwanted 'English Invaders'. And here, The independant Hollyrood Parliament is proferring to Scots schools 'advice' instructing the Next Generation of up-coming Scottish Social-Workers (they all are) on how to address people whom they think might be suffering from Dementia &/or the symptoms of it's onset.

— "It Takes-one-to-know-one", It takes one to know one' - La-la, lala-la"
61  General / General Discussion / JB takes advantage of own Apathy to Launch Science site: — ! on: November 07, 2012, 08:48:19 am
The Human Race landed men on the Moon with computers no more powerful than a Sinclair ZX-81.

 - There is very expensive investigative and realistically, for most of us, unnecessary detail measurement type science, and that's commonly the reserve of R&D in Industry and the Educative Establishments.
— PrismPlanet will be focussing, as it slowly develops, on a Apollo 11 mentality. It's a can-do site for can-do people who can neither afford to, nor whom should be advised to become involved in all the over-zealous unnecessariness! JB is sadly no Rocket-Scientist. But there are rich deposits of Duranium Waste, just 6 miles from his home. His Father was involved in the Wartime development of Titanium. Where there's a will, there's a way!
"But truth's a menace, science is a public danger"— Mustafa Mond, in Brave New World. Aldous Huxley.

Because if you're looking for a Good-News item, you will never find one originating from the PrisonPlanet.

  The site will be dedicated to breaking down the Blinding Light of apparently Esoteric Science into easily reachable investigations into the human & Extra-Terrestrial environments already within the grasp of the average Circus Clown Performer presumed akin to himself ... to focus on getting Goood Spirited Humanity out of the Trenches and up into The Stars; - thus Fulfilling not only Buzz Aldrin's wishes and expectationary vision for mankind but also to fulfill those of God's.

 And if you were wondering about A more lucrative Domain name.
— Some enterprising Dwarf has that. And that TLD will probably cost hundreds or thousands of your monies to release.
62  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / JB Denies "Reality"; - Asserts Mainstream are Servants to The Poison Dwarf's Pen on: November 07, 2012, 02:10:33 am
 In the UK, we have a glut, a real lack, that is, of old FM style radio. JB gave up listening to any NEWS long ago. Because JB believes in his gut that it's all BAD NEWS designed to psychologically manipulate and control the gormless plebs, as JB's Ministry of Defence Father might have said
... All gone digital, so all JB gets, fortunately is about 4 FM Broadcasters.

 And that is already ENOUGH, because they ALL UNFORTUNATELY believe they HAVE A SPELL BOUND DUTY TO PROPAGATE so-called 'NEWS' as if it was Seed to the Birds, and as frequently and as monotonously as is inhumanly possible. So many Human Bird Like Creatures, pecking away, making it through one-more-day of brain stiltifying Propaganda and human loathing before their brains finally develop Dementia.

 Here's some evidence for my argument, viz the Title of this post.
 Because the Lame Stream News media are getting wise to the fact, that people, sensible enough to be, as no doubt the Jews did in the Ghetto, turning off their radios, when the news broadcasts arrived every 30 mins or so, in order not to hear the Satanic Propaganda from the Poison Dwarf,
 - the MSM lameheads are now sneaking it in, at odd interals ...

 I have no idea, and have no desire or curiosity to learn, - if a Jug-Eared Jungle-Bunny, Taff, Jock, Nip, Al'Qa'eda or rag-head is in the Whitehouse, and we don't wants to know precious no we don'ts wants to know
 .... G.o.l.l.u.m ...
Because master knows, yes, master knows what is going to happen to you all ... Yes .... 
— I'll feel sorry for you, how about that!?

 So the Lamestreading Media Twats lump THEIR TROUGH SWILL in at odd intervals around the clock, in an attempt to catch JB unawares ...
— News ALWAYS was reserved for on the hour and on the half-hour spots; - THUS IT ALWAYS WAS.
- Now you'll hear:

"It's ten minutes to eight and time for a round-up of the front-pages of today's newspapers" - or
"It's eight-forty and here's a summary of today's news headlines" - or
"It's seven-forty five and today's headlines" - the latter barely giving JB a chance to reach for the 'fade-control'; though one always manages still but because the ultimate button pushing BLANKER, that is JB, is always so quick on the draw, JB still gets to not know what the FECK THE POISON DWARF at the Ministry-of-Information has got in store in the way of ULTIMATE BAD NEWS for my mind to have struggle with RESISTING before it's even had a crumpet and jam to help it cope.

 You know the rest, JB's only and final remaining last ever comment to the Braindead twats in charge of The POISON DWARF'S Mainstream News Chanelling:
"Go Sell Crazy somewhere Else, we're all Stocked Up".

JB has just announced to the world watching with incredulous data gathering capability that he reckons he can get through November Seventh 2012  without ONCE, finding out which Gormless Subhuman Twat or Shariah-Law Ragheaded Gonk has made it to the OVAL OFFICE for a four-year term of self-aggrandisement through Satan-Worship or worse ...

And JB says he's got a 150% chance of not finding out! JB is extremely experienced in preparing for the day when all the Fecking Morons acting as repeaters for Satans's Broadcast Empire have been evicerated from the entire planets' surface ...

 And he also looks forward to a day when all the Criminal Lovers and Wops live on a Slave-Labour Planet of their very own  ... in perpetual Bliss ...

Now Go Jump off a Fecking Roof, and give me a laugh before I get out of bed.


And if JB does find out that things are just the same after as they were before the latest edition of The Idiot's Newsround, so he tells me; there'll be a Price-to-Pay, Probably A TV-Licence fee. Ha, Ha, Ha! Suckers!
63  General / General Discussion / -"The Negro had a Helicopter Accident, fell on his Head; - BUMP!" —Aldous Huxley on: November 06, 2012, 08:41:01 am
Direct quote from 'BRAVE NEW WORLD'.

 - By Aldous Huxley.

But as all Peace-Officers turned Bad-Guy will tell you: - 'The End justifies the means.'

Yes, after decades of JB's Conscious and Deliberate purging of even the slightest vestige of racist attitude He might have been under-priviledged inheritor to, or exposed to the influence of, the O'Bummer Presidency and the threat it poses to the future of a recognisable or intuitively evident improvement for the ascendent aspirations of Western Mankind, has finally and possibly irrevocably reversed, at least in political context, many of these personal efforts.

COLGAN 3407 - the final resting place for one resilient restless anti-gitmo and patriot, a week after she held personal council with O'Bumma.

Unlike BNW by Huxley; - You can't make this stuff up:
64  General / General Discussion / Capitalism & Communism created more Human Refugees than the TSA & FEMA ever will on: November 05, 2012, 07:38:24 am
Just an observation and opinion based on first hand experience.

    No human is Good by Inherited nature of Biological sin.

         We are in trouble and have been since Eden.


              There is no possible Political solution.

                    God takes no sides in war.

                       What have you got?

                            TSA & FEMA!

65  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Frankenstein & Sons of M'cr UK, behind The Famous Apollo and '2001' Space Suits on: November 03, 2012, 05:02:57 pm
 The UK's Home of Industrial Revolution in JB Specialist Space News Again. Thanks to Auntie Beebie C.

A spacesuit Odyssey
archived Oct, 2007.

  Surely the two most famous spacesuits ever made: one worn by astronauts in the Apollo 11 moon landing. The other, by actors in the sci-fi epic ‘2001: A Space Odyssey.’  ... Were Manufactured by Frankenstein & Sons Ltd.


 It’s a story which is intriguing curators at the Musuem of Science & Industry (MSIM) who are trying to track down the people who worked there in the 1960s and possibly created the two most famous spacesuits ever made.

They want to hear first hand from people who worked at the pioneering factory, to find out how the 2001 spacesuit was made and to record any interesting anecdotes for their Histories Revealed project.

"Not only did Frankenstein’s produce spacesuits for Kubrick, it was one of two Manchester companies that helped to design the Apollo spacesuits."
Susie Elliott, MSIM project officer

The Project aims to gather oral histories from people who worked at companies in East Manchester or from the textile industry.

Frankenstein Monster Masks. — They're churning them out at an alarming rate nowadays.

Project officer Susie Elliott said: “Frankenstein & Sons is really important for the history of Manchester’s textiles industry as it was at the forefront of producing some of the first garments made from innovative new fabrics.

Read more:

A true design for life, known only to ourselves, and hidden behind closed-doors.
66  Science & Technology / Big Brother / Police State Tech / NOMINET the UK's Domain Name Registrar: Just another Trading Company on the make on: November 03, 2012, 01:09:49 pm
— (A very old article dating back to pre-2005.)

"We would guess that most of the best names were registered before August 1996"


" the Naming committee were just glad to get rid of what had become a full time job, no official authority or consent was given".

When we pressed further and asked if there was any legislation that had been passed to authorise them the answer was again no.

The reply was "No, but the Government knows about us and they like us because we have taken a problem off their plate".

So it would appear that Nominet UK have no authority whatsoever to claim rights over domain names registered before they even existed, in fact they do not seem to have any authority at all, other than the powers they receive when someone agrees to their terms and conditions!

In fact they are just another trading company with two differences, they have a monopoly and they think it is o.k. to use that monopoly position to threaten to force registrants of pre-nominet names to give up rights to their own property.

Just imagine if you had bought a new telephone and a new phone company came along claiming monopoly rights and said "if you want to use our network you must give us your phone and pay us a rental for it." What would your reaction be?

What are pre-Nominet names?

When the internet first started to operate people applied to their own ISP for a domain name and the ISP would forward the proposed name to the "Naming Committee" for consideration. If no objection was received from any member of the committee within six days then the name was registered. The registrant or "owner"of the name did not pay a fee to the naming committee but often paid a substantial amount to the ISP for registering the name. The procedure was described in the Pitman case judgement. Nominet UK took over from the "Naming Committee in August 1996.

Extract from the Pitman case
Who is Nominet?
Nominet UK is the body currently attempting to control the UK namespace.

Their web site says:

"Nominet UK is the registry for .uk internet names. We manage the authoritative database of .uk domain name registrations.

We are a not-for-profit company and have members instead of shareholders. Nominet is officially recognised as the .uk domain name registry by the internet industry, users and the UK Government."[/

The bold highlighting is ours, of course. We have requested evidence of this official recognition but so far have seen none. We have been told by an officer of Nominet UK that there is none but that the Government "knows about us".
(Incidentally I find it rather difficult to understand how a user can "officially recognise" a company?)

You will also find the following statement on the Nominet UK website on the "Legal Statements" page: "We are not a regulatory or governing body"
    Nominet Web site

Conversation with Nominet's officer
Why don't we just agree to Nominet's terms and conditions, surely their terms and conditions can't be that bad?
A very sensible question. During the last eight years we have spent many thousands of pounds fighting three legal battles against predatory companies who claimed prior rights to certain of our pre-Nominet domain names and wanted them taken away from us.

It was money we have had to divert from growing our company but fortunately we won in each case. The market capitalisation of the parent companies of the last two companies that tried to stop us using one particular pre-Nominet name were CAN$2.5 billion and US$289 million respectively.

When we won the last case we breathed a sigh of relief. We thought, we own the domain name, the limited company and the trade mark, we can now relax and go back to doing business. (silly aren't we!)

Then along came Nominet with the demand that we sign their terms and conditions and effectively hand ownership of the names to them so that they can rent them back to us on a two yearly basis, and if we do not pay their charges whatever they may be and for whatever reason, the names can be taken away from us.

Also if someone wishes to challenge our rights to the name then we have to submit to Nominet's dispute resolution proceedure. We raised this question with Nominet and they responded that it would not be possible to make a special case for us. We suggested that probably a large number of the best domain names would have been snapped up early, before Nominet's appearance on the scene, and that we doubted that we were the only people with concerns. Nominet refused to tell us how many other names were affected.

[...] cont ... see URL at top.
67  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / Thunderclaps & Rain, FrankenMullahs, Haggis-Sacrifice & The Witchsmeller General on: November 03, 2012, 02:38:25 am
 Good Morning and before expanding on today's Headlines. The Weather:
Following last nights Hi-Voltage experiments in the heavens, rain can be expected for much of Scotland.

[The News]. - As it breaks. (We tried Superglue)

 With Jimmy Saville's Dowry of ~£4 Million all put on Hold as Jurists, Psychiatrists, Lowly High-Court Judges and hundreds of MOSTLY female women and girls line up to pillage the Graves of the Dead ...

 My Gut Tells me it mustn't stop there. We need Sacrifice of The True Haggis, and who has the gaul to Wield and plunge the Knife into the Heart of the conservative party?

Aye, It's Tom Watson who even hits the BBC/NewsCorp Newsround (John Craven v.3.02)

What we need to enforce the Witch Hunt mentality of this people of the British Isles is take the Pædophile chase directly to the heart of the Conservative Party and what better man to lead the charge than a devout Dyed-in-the-wool RED:

'Tom Watson MP dropped something of a bombshell during yesterday's PMQs (iPlayer). It was the sort of question which, had it come from just about any other parliamentarian, and had Mr Watson not been so thoroughly vindicated in his tireless pursuit of the Murdoch press, would have ensured the politician a place in the David Icke school of nutty conspiracy theory. But paedophilia is now irresistably topical, and all suspected offenders must be hunted, exposed and shamed - even if they're disguised as lizards during normal daylight hours and lurk in the cupbaords of Downing Steet or Buckingham Palace.

While MPs were fretting about GDP, growth, fuel tariffs and the West Coast Mainline, Tom Watson asked a question about a paedophile network with links to Downing Street and a former prime minister. He referred to the existence of ‘clear intelligence’, and urged the Prime Minister to investigate.

Mr Watson told a stunned House of Commons: "The evidence used to convict paedophile Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring. One of its members boasts of his links to a senior aide of a former prime minister who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad. The leads were not followed up, but if the file still exists I want to ensure that the Metropolitan Police secure the evidence, re-examine it and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No10." ....


Read Full long-winded article:

Big things on the Horizon, but it's considered imprudent to warn your opponent of what you're intending to do, if anything,  (hint) ...."Have you seen the new EU symbol with the hammer and Sickle in it? ..." ....
Jones - on GCN today.

Wow! It's true this guy is really unrepresentative of anything non-American Block-Head centric, AND clearly a New IRONY CURTAIN is attempting to be raised between the two-camps of Farmer/Predator and Captive-Prey audience ...

Stay-Tuned for JB's eventual, single-handed (like so many of you out there) response to This Global Institutional Swing in the Tide. A tide on a beach can be fatal, it can isolate you entirely if you unfamiliarised, and a guide is advisable.

And after all it is always worth your bookmarking the fact that actually, - JB most likely; wasn't born yesterday.
68  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / Infoworriers!— Reality is breaking on the shoreline; It's time to Take a Paddle. on: November 02, 2012, 07:37:10 am
"That's how it already is in these backward totalitarian states like the British Isles ..."
 - AJ regarding us British and our alleged 'non-existant' rights to self defence.

 Well, of course, if that was the case I should just shut up shouldn't I, telling nobody about anything.
But no, it's always just been a big-joke for Jones, all that piled up British stiff-upper lip PR nonsense.

—  Firstly the Conservative Government passed new laws a few months ago which now allow English and Welsh homeowners, business occupiers to protect themselves using 'Appropriate violence, as seemed reasonable in the circumstances '... etc.
— In Britain it is now mostly defendable in an English court-of-law, to lethally protect against a house-breaker.

— secondly, there is an active & at least partially effective compensation culture for victims of crime and violence ...

But this argument only gets me in deeper water because Literally AJ and hosts have me labelled as a mentally ill Illuminatus because I don't really want this....

But you see, my problem always was with 'REALITY', as it's painted by the majority ...
 - ... Thing is, we went through all or a large swath of this gun-rights to threaten one-another with back in the 1970's. I was there, and personally all my Friends or most of them, were Americans, who had decided that guns were not the solution to their own particular take on the world and its' problems.

Reality is breaking on the shoreline; It's time to Take a Paddle. So take my advice and take that paddle, but bear in mind just taking a paddle can, as happened to JB in 1992, when the water is infested with Human Sewage from the Town's outlet lead to severe physical disability, and conceivably for the less healthy, Death even.

As the Beach-Boys pronounced in a 1970's song: "Don't go near the Water". It was actually the title of the song.

"Don't go near the water,
 what's happened to the water;
- The water's Going bad.

- Don't go near the Water"

And here's another phrase Mr Jones came out with, a couple/three weeks back on GCN, I heard it first hand:
 "I shall spit you out for you are neither Hot nor Cold".*
 - Referring to his personal and organisational shunning of people who do not tow the Infoworriers' line and commit their lives to repeating his supposedly enigmatic insight on worldly political trends. 
Childish ambitions at best, in this context; - expecting generations of the formerly 'worldly-wise' to temporarily suspend sanity in order to present the Info-Worrier-Class' Political World Views to an unconverted mankind. Much as it's a job that needs to be done but not without some price to pay, and only on the warrior-classes heads let it be.
* — That's a misquoted but semantically correct from Revelations 3:15.

Maybe it's he himself that should be seeking psychiatric help and he should stop ranting on about his deep understanding of the mental illnesses of other, who upon supposed simple prompt from 'Dark Budget' Masters will do all these terrible things, when let's face it, particularly regarding the ignorance, it's all just out in plain-sight Agenda & Propaganda, dividing people once again, setting them against one-another because you know the people are up for seeking out a scape-goat, especially in these dark-times.

 And this time it's JB who's had enough of it; - OkeyDokey?! Get it through yer damned thick Skulls Boneheads!

People ('s problems) killed John Lennon, not Guns ...

A run on guns, it's almost as certain an outcome as a money-bomb.

Give yourselves a pat on the back, because what has to be, in the end wil be, and there's nothing you can do.
— Nothing you can do to stop it. Besides, you lot are just going to end hauled up in some gully or cave shooting off your last rounds whilst apocalpyse continues unabated over the next ridge right?

So good luck with it all; though personally, I think you need a nice long vacation.
69  The Economy / Taxation / EU FEDERAL MAFIOSO & Talking Head Politicos Keep The Big-Guns turned on Britain. on: November 01, 2012, 05:25:21 am
 Since the UK joined, via the 'back-door-man' route, the country has been PAYING £40Million STERLING DAILY into the EU Deskocrats and Federal Dictatorship's coffers.

 A SkyNews (NewsCorp) annoucement this morning states that Coalition Liberal Leader Nick Clegg has stated that "There is NO CHANCE", inferring insider knowlege or (less likely) predicting that his members will vote against any reduction in this contribution.


 Meanwhile the BBC (just to prove they're different to NewsCorp I suppose) are pushing the story that PM Cameron AND LABOUR agree on; -"We'll only do a deal if it's good for Britain".

— So already, they're preparing the GROUND for a CLASSIC L-R Paradigm as Labour inevitably revoke this 'Unspoken Promise', and as after such mistakes as this one, cause the UK electorate to see that CONSERVATIVES are not actually PATRIOTIC at all, since after all THEY PREFER SUPPORTING EU TECHNOCRATS and Dictatorship over HOME DETERMINATION.

How could Savings on a weekly expenditure Bill to EU Deskocrats of well over a QUARTER BILLION POUNDS not be good for Britain? ONE cannot cast out demons by means of THE DEMONS. So what to do? Answer above. You get to do NOTHING, JUST COUGH UP THE £40million by the end of the WEEK.

Otherwise, because of the volatile nature of our continent, 'there could be a war, started as usual in Europe'.
Mobster Para-Protectionism.

Here's the SKINNY.

IN other words, short of a CIVIL WAR over the issue, there's absolutely no chance THAT THE EU FISCAL DICTOCRATS who decide what these POLITICAL TALKING HEADS at home, get to say to the public, because they are given no choice; - are not going to allow any reduction.

You see THE EU is NOW, since 2009, (at very, very latest) controlled completely by the whim of Bankers. Bankers can in the worst case scenario say: 'You are going to put your unemployed, sick and infirm into labour, concetration camps'!! And if they did, there would be NOTHING, believe it or not that ANYONE, even Amnesty International could do about it. I mean who's going to save us, The Citizens' Advice Bureau?
— SO the talking Heads, the politicians 'whipped into shape' by threats of more AUSTERITY (at this stage) are only obliged to do one thing — and that is APPEASE the FEDERAL DICTATORSHIP and hope the GORMLESS DO NOT NOTICE or UNDERSTAND why BRITIAIN is paying £40Million A DAY to maintain A FEDERAL DICTATORSHIP.

And don't bother sitting back to dream up a fantasaical list of 'Good things' which the Federocrats do for us.


George Osborne says 'real test' on EU budget to come

I need a vacation ....
70  Science & Technology / Invasion of the Naked Body Scanners! / Body Scanners are no NEW GIMMICK. Here's a US Magnetometer Scanner from 1972. on: October 30, 2012, 11:37:52 am

Stapleton International Airport (1972)

from ebay.  DEC 20 1972 A guard watches as passengers and visitors file through one of the "magnetometer" tunnels at Stapleton International Airport. System, begun Tuesday, is to prevent hijackings. Credit: Denver Post . Photo is 10” x 8” in size.

Stapleton International Airport (1972)

This photo originates from the archives of the DENVER POST newspaper. Most photos have never been seen by the public.
71  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / "Truth-Movement" may become an Introverted & Neurotic Circus Mimicking Normality on: October 27, 2012, 09:14:37 am
Oh, and for one so young and beautiful, ... but it is what may happen if the attention flitting, page throwing in the air antics of American Radio-Talk Hosts dominate its evolution ...

Control Paradigm. [Source]: Wikipedia

Well, those fusion centres have got to get you donating your Money-Bomb cash somehow.
— It all takes organisation and the long hours put in, both behind the PC screen and on the Work-out machine.

Setting yourself up in Professional Fastidious Sanctimony takes Muscle, and It also costs Lots of money, I'm afraid! - So give generously now; as the Radio Jocks need to move on to the next flitting, news 'maybe' trivia.

And, as the ubiquitous News Gargoyle would repeat, and endlessly, in Guttural Gollumesque tones, now he has the stage; and in quoting from the false-prophet of doom:
"...You don't know do you?!"

Tell me in actuality, what common-ground in Truth; does Darkness hold with the Light?

— And don't forget;
- JB from Birth, is not only an ambitious auto-dedact and institutionally trained scientific clot but also an unemployable critic of everything pious yet faddy, aggrarian, 'au-courant' & terrestrial.
— JB's major source of income is a Baseball bat.

72  General / NWO Cultish Foundations / Symbolism / Hijacked Religions / The 'Elite' are superior to you. They don't have to pay to make you go away ... on: October 24, 2012, 04:26:05 pm

 Ever noticed, in those laughable online youtubes, where a band of scruffy anti-new-world-order freedom loving bacteria are shouting into the windows of the Anti-Bomb Blast Chassis reinforced Limousines as they cruise purposely, and stealthily into the Bilderberg Meetings?

 With all the baying and shouting, they don't so much as bat an eyelid.
 — And never ever make eye-contact. It's not actually because they're better than you, politically ....

...but certainly they cannot betray their complicity by showing reaction ... but it's beyond that.

 It's like when a cruel father beats his child and then later on rationalises it all and swears to not do it again .... He never beats his child again, and by my limited experience, then even finds it hard to even make eye-contact with the child that disgusts, frightens and threatens to BETRAY HIM and his  inheritance ...

 At that point he has certainly lost all sense of empathy ... well he barely had it in the first instance!

The Men in Buttle-Proof wagons hear from so-called scientists MORE LIKE DELPHIC soothsayers, to whom the more they pay the better the prognosis, and the more flattering the news; that they, THE MEEK, shall inherit the EARTH.

 What other evidence do they need!?

 — But who am i to stand in the way of their UNIMPEDABLE progress or is it regression, I seem to forget due to the influence of all that crap technology I have had augmented into me for a brain ....

 I only want to Please Father ...

73  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Apollo XI Orbiter Pilot Collins Auctions Nice Memorabilia if you've $35,000 cash on: October 23, 2012, 11:18:44 am

OR, IF you're less enfatuated with success, and Don't mind the occassional Bang, Miss, Splash event.

For $2500 or so ..

74  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / A town called 'Truth or Consequences' in N.M. Twinned with 'Jimmy Saville', BBC? on: October 23, 2012, 07:16:46 am
"There is very Strong Evidence To suggest that there was a PAEDOPHILE ring operating at THE BBC."
— Liz Dux: Lawyer Representing Victims of JIMMY Saville.

"It's the biggest scandal to hit the BBC in the 50's I've been with the Corporation"— David Attenborough.

Panorama & ...

“Jimmy Savile - What the BBC Knew”.

Bye-Bye BBC; - Hello NewsCorp-BBC.

There are no Photographs testifying to any actual event. That doesn't matter remember! As conspiracy theorists we should know how to make stuff up right? I've never done it, but obviously the media do a 'suggestive-mimicking' a kind of perversion of their own. Absence of Evidence .. means .. Free for All!

No photos, No police reports ever seen through, Just rhetorical reports from numerous witnesses too many to mention. You see! 88+% of the BBC staff will quickly agree to a BUYOUT and REPLACEMENT of management, with Absolutely ZERO RESISTANCE (quite likely) IF the only intelligent response for the BBC management to take to appease the forces pushing the SAVILLE IMPLOSION at the Corporation, is if they accept a MERGER/51% Buyout option by James and Elizabeth Murdoch within the next 36 months.

That's what I'd be looking into if I wanted to kiss 'my useless job' at the BBC bye-byes.

Some BBC presenters KNOW the end is NIGH.


JB Disclaimer:
Oh and yes, I know for a fact that I am informed of the possibility that He Was Quite possibly a Pædophile, although I have personally seen NO evidence to confirm any such allegations, I am of course absolutely sure JIMMY Saville was and is, despite his death a Pædophile. - But bear in mind, I may believe that 'HITLER WAS A GENIUS', because, when I was Nine Years old, My Ministry of Defence Employed Father, told me so.

— One Must not let down the family! Yes?

75  General / From Freedom to Fascism / Re: 'The Military are on OUR SIDE! THEY ARE going to help us RESTORE LIBERTY'. €¦¬ß on: October 22, 2012, 12:27:31 am
 BUT DON'T BE MISTAKEN. There is a REAL army of CIVVIES out there.

 It's an ARMY of people-managers all waiting in line to take the millions of sick-and-disabled, mentally infirm, unemployable and malcontents off to their Training and Rehabilitation centres. For this is exactly what will PROBABLY HAPPEN once the almost inevitable decision comes from Europe, via a firstly independant European Backdoor into the UK via Scottish independance (which Cameron and the Scots Nationalists have now agreed upon a Referendum date before or during 2014.)

The Euroean DeskoCrats will say: We know The Socialists tried putting millions of the Healthy on benefits because they can no longer cope being abused, and whilst we applaud the Conservatives subsequently taking away much of these benefits, allegedly (enough to motivate the Public Vote in antipathy), Austerity Measures and futher Derivative Banker Bailouts have forced us to announce that Britain must now accede to placing the first 100,000 fit enough to physically work, benefits recipients into arms production (say) to accelerate the front in East-Eurasia ...

... whatever ....

You get the picture ... I've met them. There are Hundreds of thousands of anti-Benefit scrounger, ex-business school and ex fallen industry PEOPLE MANAGERS out there, who absolutely want to control the public as it 'falls by the wayside'.

They're a standing army. A particularly misinformed one strangely. Because they don't get it that they will be in the Front-Line once the actual and Real Fighting Starts. When the bullets start to fly and I no longer care about my Christian Principles, then they will be getting bullets in the back of the Head and falling into Pits.

— Because that's Human Nature ... expressing itself.

And they will do what they are told by the EU-ZONE, if it means a steady supply of Big Euros.

So there is a real threat out there ... and they are grouping ..., and they are experienced ... and they don't give a **** about your human rights ... and the law? The Law to them is an impediment and they are campaigning to have EUROPE overturn the basic laws of provision of benefits.
— Because it will benefit THEM.

But this too, like so many of Jones' latter-day scenarios, IS also still only Hypothesis. But if it happens?:
— We're all in a world of **** & pain. And I too, like Mr Jones don't want to go there again ....

My Advice: Get a big wad of money and keep it safe. For Generations it's been called: 'Money for a rainy day'.

We have lived under the shadow of Fascism and its crime-nexus derivatives for a very long time in the UK.

So you'se better start getting up early, and start trying to get a business going ... cos these roguish shadowy yet suited 'People-Managers' are waiting for their moment ... they're always waiting, because IT'S WHAT THEY DO AS A JOB. THEY ARE TRAINED. They are looking for their opening.

They'd even fool YOU into believing that they're humanitarians saving the unwanted and unwashed from a wasted life ....

We do live in very precarious times, when so-called HUMAN NATURE may determine that Labour-Camps are the future of business, ... If I were you, I wouldn't take the risk of counting on a state-benefit being around for ever ....

Just because the Government is going to re-schedule next year all benefits, (except a couple, at this stage) under a new Slogan: 'THE UNIVERSAL BENEFIT', doesn't I think warrant THE SMART from assuming it's going to be everywhere, when and when WE demand it ...

At that level. Yes, THEY are intending, accidentally on purpose, through 'Let it Happen, or Make it Happen' on purpose; - to Kill us.

Why wouldn't they? They too have an audience to appease courtesy of ALL zombie MEDIA and zombie public.


And many of YOU are going to LOVE THEM.

I have succeeded once again in Warning Myself, about The Devilish inherited flaw within 'HUMAN-NATURE'.
76  General / From Freedom to Fascism / 'The Military are on OUR SIDE! THEY ARE going to help us RESTORE LIBERTY'. €¦¬ß on: October 21, 2012, 01:38:36 pm
 Just heard this VERY QUOTED TITLE (Above, Duh!) from the Lead Contributor on This Months Alex Jones' Special:
— I don't know who it was, a senior 'talking-head'.

From the man who brought you: 'The Spirit Moves me, so powerfully, but I really don't know what to do'
— Yeah it's THE MONEY BOMB show on GCN.

to quote Jack Nicholson in 'As good as it gets',:
" ... I don't know where you learn that crap, but GO SELL CRAZY SOMEWHERE ELSE; We're all Stocked Up"!

 Well, THAT WILL BE A FIRST won't it!
I mean think a minute. - AJ's bedraggled band of misfit Lieutenants, his Renegades ofModerator Captains and his Buffonish Blowhard Footsoldier Sweethearts are somehow going to impress the Military Industrial Profit Complex so much, that they are going to stop shipping in the ****, stop Running Gitmo and 199 Black-sites, all come a-Johnny Home to their thriving families and spouses and step straight out in the Bright Light of a New American Dawn to defend the 'Murican Patriotic Commune against the insurgent Bankers ...!?

The Realists are the first to go in this struggle apparently!!! And then The Military are Going to save AMERICA from Tyranny from within, and they are now suddenly and magically in a fabricated moment of Need, a MONEY BOMB, ... ON YOUR SIDE, fighting alongside you in your imaginary shoot-em up post apocalyptic New-Day!

I knew I hated this jerk-off mentality, but this confirms it.
Some Americans are willingly being emotionally press-ganged into parting with yet more of their dollars, now to finance an  extension of that SuperDuperHighWay that leads out from their dying fantasy of the ''murican dream' into a nexus of LIVING IN A FECKING WILD-WEST THEME PARK.

HERE COME THE CAVALRY to SAVE you from those Bad Injuns ...

Put the Circles in the Wagons ... WE'RE HEADING - SOUTH.... Yeeeeah! It's all cumin' up rosy down there. Godamned now I lost my horse, just when i needed her so bad ....

 It's a bit like AJ's willing acceptance of the idea that because The CDC website says in relation of hundreds of vaccines:
 'Tests have shown that in A VERY SMALL NUMBER OF CASES, there may be very minor side-effects'
 - unquote. [CDC Gives citation to tests results]

But in Alex's mind somehow that very same declaration from the CDC, translates as he puts it:
"They admit they're murdering you, it's right there in front of you, go read the document".

I wonder if this translates through to the alleged CFR Documents THAT HE ALONE has "STUDIED" and seen the deeper meaning clearly like some latter-day FAKE Translator of the Scriptures in Revelation ....
"They're gonna Kill You all, it's in the Documents".

Well, go on, make your feckin schizo mind up which is it: The Military are moving against you or the military are on battlefield, and are going to BACK-UP The Exit of The Hebrews from Egypt with EXPLOSIONS, thunder-bolt & Lightning; ... Ever so EXCITING ... It's like a BALLROOM BLITZ.

Yeah, just like the MILITARY are ON YOUR SIDE and they are GOING TO PROTECT LIBERTY because one or two soldiers have come on line and expressed a sympathy to distributing infowars DVD's to friends and family.

He's really getting on my Nerves now ...

When AMERICA does actually wake-up it's going to be a shock, nothing like the Capitalist Easy-Street Caper AJ and other Patriots have manufactured for the protection of their progeny.

The Military are on our side ...?

What like they did in 1953 to 1975 or 2003 to 2012 ....?

No, now JB's alter-ego is finding reasons to legitimise his independant thought ...

'The Military ARE on OUR SIDE! THEY ARE going to help us RESTORE LIBERTY'

God! Please somebody get me off this Godforsaken Rock. There must be more



No wait a minute let me TRY:

DON'T Hesitate Just DONATE!
- 'Give me a million bucks and I'll be your hero tonight'

legal note: These funds are much needed now for ...
 ... As I write I am with my Right-Hand Designing in HB (HyperBlast) pencil the plans for my 'Anti-Spiral, Gammon-Splitting, Spectaculator' which will devastate the armies of Tyranny when I send it back to 1984 with The JB Customised Time©-Deflagulator.™

And just in case you had any doubts about my SINCERE intention to SAVE THE WORLD I LOVE SO MUCH,
 - JB assures me He shall also be buying a BULLHORN!
Which will also be sent back in time after its use in the Battle of the Liberation of The City of London, ('Reclaim the Banks'), - to the Battle-of The Little Big-Horn where it will play a crucial part in changing the destiny of The Native American Woola Woolas ......
77  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / Re: Is a pandemic of Mass-IP bans & Comment Blocking at 'Infowars' a positive Thing? on: October 21, 2012, 12:34:34 pm

 Yeah, Get off yer Feckin' Knees, before someone kicks your feckin' Teeth out.
78  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / Re: Is a pandemic of Mass-IP bans & Comment Blocking at 'Infowars' a positive Thing? on: October 20, 2012, 02:59:37 pm
 Don't any machine or person get me wrong - There's nothing I'd like more than the so-called 'British-People' if they should just so-called 'Wake-up'.

 I just don't see an American Propaganda-and Embellishment/Exaggeration based site aimed at waking up a seriously decadent and FLUORIDATED american public; - being the tool necessary to WAKE-UP the BRITISH PEOPLE.

 I can assure you that there is a CULTURAL DIVIDE, which comes into play once actual members of the two member-states of the 'essential-relationship' (formerly under Thatcher the 'Special-Relationship') try to 'get-it-on'.

 The outcome of this Cultural Divide is, sadly though rather inevitably (and this is all from long-personal experience of living with Americans) that the Americans have to salute to their superior values and valour and the Brits/Europeans have to be happy with their stultified 'good-ol days' view of the world.

But you see how it works. Once the 'Good-Old-Days' of Britains' heritage are gone, then what takes over is the suicide urge of the wasted mob. They're on every street you know, leeching out the malaise and Miasma of the Totally Useful Idiots Grin ...

I hope somebody can do the job of rescuing this country from the EUROpean Federalist nightmare, if that is the nightmare, or maybe the inevitable EURO-excuse now being pandered by the MSM, subtly on a day-to-day basis, as like a sick-little-reminder, - that what the EUROZONE is REALLY DOING (and hence the EUROZONE's Award of the NOBEL PRIZE this year ... despite it not being the required person as stipulted by Nobel himself), is preventing a THIRD (actually 4th-or later) World War, which as usual MUST start in EUROPE and Soon, like a bout 2014.

Let's assume for clarity's sake, that the definition of A WORLD-WAR, is one which is mastered and begins in europe.

2014 would be a good year for the break-out of hostilities in Europe. A Centennial Reminder-Cataclysm of this nature would satisfy the EUROBANKERS on all fronts, finalising Austerity and succeeding in A CULL of EUROPEANS on a scale, inevitably mostly citizens (to 95%); - and a total body-count which only Satan himself can otherwise dream of ...

Who will save Britain? One more grand Military Figure like Churchill ... the same routine, repeating the past?

I don't think anyone has come along yet, from this earth, from this rhealm of oh, so limited, cynical and hypocritically oriented humankind, who has the slightest of the offing to be the one who could wake up the British. Icke maybe!

Popular People's figure? Goal-keeper! Quick on his feet, catching all the attacks, the final line in the defence!

But he's not a christian expousing the Saving Power of Redemption from inherited sin as the solution. This may be the only real hope for this beleagured mankind. And that's why it's always on the back-burner looking wasted and useless.

Maybe that 80% figure the so-called Elite 'know' to be true; that 80% who CANNOT be brought into Social-Conscience, or awareness beyond 'their selfish struggle for procreation' alone, since their struggle with inherited Sin and Aeons of problems of their own making, means that their majority influence, the majority concensus will always be that: THERE IS NO HOPE, apparently.

There is no question to be asked about ...
"A great Shadow has come down in the west, how did it come to this?"
Or something like that from Lord of the Rings, The-Two-Towers.

It's always been this way and as long as there is sinfully inherited, flawed mankind leading himself further into darkness .. gleefully, then can be no redemption from it ... no political solution and certainly not war.

All these things are perpetuating the dillusion that big-bad-old humankind can determine it's own future.

But whoever leads us, we will always Need the Best of our Science; - our fields of Astrophysics and Space-Research, our Bio-Chemists and Medicine, and the better side of our Religious faith, not the one which is popularly claimed to be the catalyst to all wars.


"But there are NO TRUTHS outside the GATES of EDEN"
The Gates of Eden.
- Bob Dylan - 196×
79  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / Re: Is a pandemic of Mass-IP bans & Comment Blocking at 'Infowars' a positive Thing? on: October 19, 2012, 01:21:12 pm
 NO! None of the above!

— It's all distraction, brain-dead distraction, which the gospel preachers of the Internet know is the heady unction that keeps your Half-Absent Brain from pondering the real questions.

So, what is there, above or beyond:
"Is there a God, and if so where the Heck is he?" or "Did my primary school teacher bugger me, when I was asleep in class"?

You need answers, Then You stay tuned my little friends because the big answers are won by big-deeds by bigger than life personalities, not by brain-numbing emptinesses spurting forth from the mouths of Hollywood's Best .... And Hollywood did once foster some decent character actors with real takes on the role of humankind in the Bigger-Picture and in The Universe ... so to speak.

"Keep watching the Skies" but Turn off the Boob-Tube, for heavens' sakes ...
80  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / Re: Is a pandemic of Mass-IP bans & Comment Blocking at 'Infowars' a positive Thing? on: October 19, 2012, 01:02:39 pm
 Besides, PrisonPlanet is so desparate for headlines it has to float the idea that Ben Affleck (whoever the Feck he is) saying "So, what if the TSA grab your d·i·c·k a bit ...  " during some farce of a talk-show can be used as propaganda?

Do you think anyone on the show illustrated cares ... what anyone else thinks about anything ... they are all as dumb-as-dogs·h·i·t and getting dumber by the second. Do people really believe that the female actor is a FEMINIST?

Because she has a low-cut top and can make a critique of a single-issue makes her a modern day Female Eunuch?

And do PP/Infoworriers really expect him to demonstrate that PP/Infowars have real power by making a public apology?

Do you not realize: That by his own admission he is publicly shaming himself ... obviously ... but if you expect him to then react to Infowars Bad-Publicity by coming squeeling ... "Please Please forgive me Oh Mighty Gods of the Infoworrier ..., I have sinned ... Please take me back under your umbrella of protection again"...
 ...Then I am afraid I shall have to ask the audience, whoever the feck they are, to all join in as JB announces:

"Good-Bye PrisonPlanet, Good-Riddance".
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