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1  General / The Right To Bear Arms / BBC Prepping to Suppress any News of 2nd American Civil War to Deter Volunteers? on: January 05, 2013, 06:42:44 am
 Well surely!
 During the Pre-WWII Spanish Civil-war some 20,000 Scotsmen signed up for volunteer duty against Franco's Nationalists. And they went there to do their duty too. What with the former 'Special' and now 'Essential-Relationship' between the UK's Separatist states and The United States of America, it's almost certain that a large volunteer contingent would appear to fight against Government Forces and the Shadow Agencies such as FEMA.

 Some will say it's imminent, others will say a forgone conclusion, others that it will never happen and that Americans will give up their guns and roll-over with a whimper rather than die with a bang. JG tends to the latter.

 Nonetheless, - even the French Students and Unions' Up-Rising of 1968 managed to be not given a mention that JG can remember one jot of ... and he was already 12 years of age.
 I think you'll find that once the round-ups and sporadic firefights over gun-seizure break-out across the 'New-World'; - the BBC and most other Organs of Sedate Propaganda will 'Go Very Dark' indeed on the issue.

 Like it never happened, that's if it ever does.

Personally speaking, JG will be volunteering to help at one of the Recruitment Centres UK-side, and adds ...
"Let's get these Small Gene-Pool Provincial Charlies out on the front, and as soon as possible."
2  General / The Right To Bear Arms / Re: Jonnie Goodboy is 110% Pro-Legal-Gun-Ownership. Yet I am not in 1860's Nebraska on: January 05, 2013, 06:41:37 am

 Except when they're owned and deployed by fecking idiots. And unfortunately the only three Occassions JG has encountered guns being used outside of the Hunting in Rural France scene; on those three occassions the guns were being used to threaten either JG or others in the immediate vicinity. Like er Hippies and New Age Travellers Man! Dig it Man?

So actually, in Europe, I'd say the number of guns held legally by anti-social, paranoid and probably sociopathic types is likely quite high.

Not definitive proof of anything, of course; - just a series of observations involving just three gun encounters over ten-years or so.
3  General / General Discussion / The BBC Audio for: A&E TO notify SOCIAL SERVICES of hospital visits WITH KIDS. on: December 29, 2012, 10:38:16 am
 JG downloaded and then uploaded from the BBC News, for the A&E Scrutiny, Snooping Headline & Story.

Thu Dec 27, 2012  TODAY- 6am News insert
 A&E Scrutiny
              Right Click » Save As:
 Thu Dec 27, 2012  TODAY- 8am News insert
 Big-Brother Watch interview.
              Right Click » Save As:

Thu Dec 27, 2012  TODAY- 8.30am News extension
 Dr Simon Eccles scheme Inventor Interview.
              Right Click » Save As:

 Is this all about me? No! JG of course has never had any kids and at age 56, things don't look too god do they, short of an UNEXPECTED turn-around in GLOBAL priorities?! Besides, if you're not some Lancashire Twat on a bicycle with the new-year's honours OBE, I don't expect you're considered as much 'of a catch' by this generation of drunks that pass for young-women ... And JG don't do charm for people he's never met or can't see.
4  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Mind Control / The Prima-Façie! — Maroney ex-STRATFOR intern now Editor-in-Chief at INFOWARS ! on: December 29, 2012, 01:29:48 am
The Prima-Façie! Which means primary evidence to be presented in a law-courts sense!
Deal with the Devil secures ex-STRATFOR intern the Editor-in-Chief job at INFOWARS?
JG thinks he may be closer to the bulls-eye with this, than you might at first scope-it!

For a Kick-off; - JG (the 3rd Person) thinks there's a reasonably good chance Jones has been diagnosed at some point in his life as 'Borderline' Something or other, Autistic, Certainly Obsessive Compulsive and probably as a child; - and this is the Bargain with the Devil to keep it quiet, and to allow Jones to keep his guns if the law toughens up on others with a Diagnosis.

The Prima-Façie Evidence states that in the 'Deal-with-the-Devil' a Stratfor CIA sponsored Intel Source gets the CHIEF JOB at INFOWARS hence also PRISONPLANET and PROPAGANDAMATRIX by extension.

This gives the Infowars/Prisonplanet World Domination Enterprise the opportunity required to take the high-ground in so-called Conventional Political Events Interpretation & then respond in kind with their own version of Strategic Global Think. Or whatever it is they can conjur from up inside their sleeves!

Jones still gets to run his AUTISTIC prejudice storylines as explanation for Mass-Shootings and w.h.y, as normal and as part of the deal, whilst people like JG get to remain a target of that prejudice & their voices marginalised. Mr Jones may even have a little insight into his condition, which helps him sound officious on the subject of 'It's got to be Mentally Ill People on Medication'.
He knows what it's like to be more than a bit cranky with a gun; - remember the waving the hand-gun around in the Studio ....
It's a WIN or LOSE situation, and Jones on prinicipal would have had absolutely no other possible choice!!!

As for the rest of you! No change! You don't think his Audience are smart enough to figure out that they're just beginning to be not able to cope with this Grandest of all Dissonances? They'll just carry-on towing the line until they can no longer cope living a double life! Then they'll either walk away from the Bomb site or start seeking a shrink's help.

Infowars still gets to run the 'Drugged Autistics behind Bombings' headlines because that's not being in denial of your own personal condition. One person's diagnosis has absolutely NOTHING to do with anyone else's diagnosis in the Professional Psychiatric World. It's ALL ABOUT YOU, and how well you're coping with the pressure.

You get a diagnosis when YOU'RE IN DENIAL; when you're not dealing with it or not having the opportunity to.

Remember it's all about Jones and his show. That's what people in MEDIA are about. It's all about themselves.
And the subject is: Who is to blame & who is not to blame; who is 'The Good-guy' & who is the alleged Shooter.

To Boot! It's not a very popular PR/MEDIA image for a Political-Talk Radio-Jock to have a Diagnosis!!

From SourceWatch:

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Stratfor -- also known as Strategic Forecasting, Inc. -- is a private company that provides strategic and issues management intelligence analysis to corporations and governments.

The company, founded in 1996, is based in Austin, Texas and boasts that it has "an intelligence network located throughout the world."

"Stratfor is the world's leading private intelligence firm providing corporations, governments and individuals with geopolitical analysis and forecasts that enable them to manage risk and to anticipate political, economic and security issues vital to their interests
," it states on its website. [1]

The particular individual cited as the Stratfor informant/Mole though actually now Editor-in-Chief at infoWARS is a M.Maroney whose CV was on until this whole business hit the fan. Now that content at Scribd has been removed by none less than a one: M.MARONEY.

Screengrab from

"This content was removed at the request of M. Maroney."

Comedy Logo built on the Infowars/Stratfor inferred links from
5  General / General Discussion / NHS Survey & Inform: A&E TO notify SOCIAL SERVICES of hospital visits WITH KIDS. on: December 28, 2012, 02:07:00 pm
Hospitals in ENGLAND & WALES have been empowered by Laws proposed and passed solely it seems by Nick Clegg of the 'LIBERAL DEMOCRATS' according to THURSDAY 27 Dec's BBC RADIO 4 FM NEWS in which the NHS WILL NOW INFORM LOCAL SOCIAL SERVICES if you turn up at ACCIDENT and EMERGENCY with your children who have suffered ANY KIND OF INJURY.


The Radio News Item went on to describe that the purpose of sniffing around, snooping, surveilling and then reporting ANY and ALL kiddy's injuries to SOCIAL-SERVICES is so that the SS can determine (No doubt with the Police's Help - So there's a statistically very small chance of it being a fair assessment) whether or not you've beaten up your own child.

The news item blatantly and rather mercilessly inferred that the purpose ultimately of having SOCIAL-SERVICES present would be to evaluate the Parent's Suitability to continue to be allowed to be in custody of their own CHILD. Presumably and by inference from previous behaviour of the SS viz the Independance Party Kid Grabs just before Xmas, the Possibliity of having your Child TAKEN IMMEDIATELY AWAY FROM YOU and INTO CARE is a very real possibliity based upon the CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE gathered by the Police and SS or whoever is attending.

HOW VERY RE-ASSURING FOR EVERYONE CONCERNED. I Hope you'll all be very happy together wherever you go!

Already turning up at A&E anytime is an open invitation to ABUSE by IMMIGRANT Staff who will no matter what has happened to you TREAT YOU LIKE RABID SCUM found in the gutter. When JG turned up at D&G RI in 2002 XMAS with a Broken Leg after being attacked he was treated like that by a Black Worker who accused him of having TAKEN DRUGS, when all I had in me was lungs FULL of the Nitrous-Oxide (commonly known as 'Laughing Gas') from the 13-mile Ambulance journey.
This helps kill the pain; - it's an inhaled type of Morphine substitute which doesn't require prescription or permission of anyone above a Paramedic.

Ambulance workers and Paramedics are all 'Over-Worked' haters of humanity these days. When I was attacked inside my house in 2011, the ambulance staff treated me like the perpetrator of a crime, not a victim. The Ambulance staff, both twitchy and febrile women were rude, Unhelpful, suspicious, and moaned about "how we've been at work since 6am". I slammed my house door and sent the Godmamned lot packing. They were RUDE, UNHELPUL and thier visit Purpseless.
And it only got worse from there until JG went to bed nursing a broken face and swallowhing half-a-dozen Anti-Inflamattories. I nver heard from them again. USELESS!!!!!

So! IT GOES FROM DREADFUL Treatment to even WORSE!:


THIS WAS ON BBC RADIO 4 FM News on Dec, 27th 2012. Wake up you MORONS!

But there's NO MENTION ON THE WEB! AH, a prelude to the nightmare of what will happen if the web should be SHUT DOWN TOO.


A Whole New VISTA of possibilities is OPENING UP FOR YOU; - er, Sorry For US.

Boy, are you civilians who want kids, in this Bravest of BRAVE NEW WORLDS in for a Hell of a WAKE-UP CALL IN 2013/4!

Whatever is coming, it's going to make 'The Hobbit' (an unexpected Journey) Look like a day at the Kindergartten. But remember, the Public are presumed to not care about any such Legislation.

And that's very true!

(+ Sucks Like a LEECH Smiley Face)

JG would have posted this in disgust and with a Sickness in his stomach yesterday, but He was at The Kinema watching 'The Hobit' in 3D ..... Boo Hoo

Oh but dry your eyes Dears, IT ONLY GETS A LOT WORSE; - OBVIOUSLY!

The SYSTEM MIGHT AS WELL BE BEING TUNED For the Amusement and entertainment of PREDATORS.

And that's why you won't find any of this on PRISONPLANET or INFOWARS.

They are a kind of farming operation for The Predators; - actively seeking to divide-out the masses into easy-breeding divided classified-groups and a sub-culture of differently-flavoured meats ....!

 JG lives on his own so he can raise his voice in anger, in privacy and without danger of some idiot calling the SS.

You were warned! And now soon enough I expect; - the Storm. Enjoy!
6  Health, Family & Eugenics / Eugenics / Depopulation / War On Family / Re: The True Face of the NHS. Ruthlessly Inefficient & hardly what JG considers WORK on: December 28, 2012, 11:19:44 am
 Though why not hedge your bets Doctors, since the 'Insight' JG has to hand, is that there's going to be a fecking Great-War breaking out in 2014, to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Greatest War of all Great-Wars, that was 'THE GREAT WAR' or 'Wall Ward One'. War Walled Won? (See the Goons and Spike Miligan).
Pre-Meds or Med students will know it as:
 - "Say What?   "Is this guy on psychotropics, hallucinogenics or what?"

 So, maybe you won't have to go anywhere far out of your tiny little minds to get all the Trauma & Burns 'hands-on' you could possibly ever dream of in your sweet little cotton socks ....

 Though I'd sign up now, and get the paper-work out of the way, just to be sure of getting a place in the action.
7  Health, Family & Eugenics / Eugenics / Depopulation / War On Family / The True Face of the NHS. Ruthlessly Inefficient & hardly what JG considers WORK on: December 28, 2012, 07:21:23 am
So what's it going to be for 2013/4 doc! Mutton dressed as lamb, or The Wolf Revealed?

British NHS Doctor, Dr Harold Shipman.
The World's most prolific Serial-Killer EVER; - accused of & tried for up to 500 intentional Murders.

 A long life, or no life? It's all in your incompetant yet seemingly efficient NHS hands.
  Another year at the NHS? No wonder the over-fifties folks not only prefer BUPA private Clinics but are CONSTANTLY BOMBARDED by Advertising from Private Health Care Hospitals and Insurance for Schemes.

  And good-luck with the Happy-New Year Baloney too! What of JG's new Local ROYAL-INFIRMARY (General Hospital)!? What will that £25-30 Million Overspend Under-Budgetted Fiasco turn-out to be other than a Massive CCTV, Private-Security Run Surveillance Hit-Job more interested in trying to Criminalise the In & Out-Patients, rather than being actually able to provide an EFFICIENT and RAPID-DELIVERY top-end Health-Care Provision?
— No doubt; - worst case scenarios being the DEFACTO DEFAULT position across the board today.

 — You Tangled Burocratic, Pencil Scribbling, Suspicious, Unempathetic, yet pathetically ego-inflated British National Health Service. You Doctors need a spell in the Armed forces in Afghanistan or Iraq; - in any other of the Axis of EVIL countries to give you a pointer in getting your sense of 'priority medicine' compass sorted out so you recognise what provision of 'Front-Line Services' means!

 Pick a side! Are you with the People or against them? And make your Answer Known through your Works.

 The Sadistic Autistic has spoken. The clouds are rent and the Rain; Yeah - Man it cometh!

8  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Re: Opening up the Radio-Sky. UK Man Develops Room Temperature MASER from eBay junk. on: December 26, 2012, 11:33:23 am
Whilst PrisonPlanet is Busy Banning my comments, literally just now, (Amazing, What a Great Guy!) I received this message reply from Prof Mark in reply to a general question on the development of this field !!!

I am more than happy to talk with radio/astronomy enthusiasts about hardware, experiments and practical challenges. They often understand things better than the pros! I attach a copy of the Nature letter in case you have not managed to get your hands on a copy.

There are also an “intro” to the technology and a lecture (for a general non-specialist audience) on youtube that you can watch

Please note that, at present, the pentacene maser (as reported above) only amplifiers in the L-band at near 1.45 GHz (near the 21 cm hydrogen line), with a bandwidth of a few MHz, and in pulsed mode.  I am currently doing research towards improvements that avoid these limitations: CW operation, at other frequencies (UHF to C-band) and somewhat greater bandwidth –though still nowhere as broad as what GaAs or InP HEMT-based amplifiers offer."
9  Science & Technology / ClimateGate / ARECIBO Telescope's Proprietor SRI now on Climate-Change Bandwagon with NASA on: December 26, 2012, 07:07:52 am
“Black Marble”: Stunning Views of the Earth at Night
Thu Dec 13, 2012

This composite image of the world, called the “Black Marble,” was taken with the day-night band of NASA’s Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS). The day-night band sensor in the instrument was designed and developed by SRI using the latest extended dynamic range charge-coupled device (CCD) technology that can capture the finest details, even in low-light conditions.

These stunning images allow us to study in detail the impact of global climate change. Atmospheric scientists can use this new capability to observe and catalog changes that were once lost to darkness, such as weather patterns and clouds at night. The technology can help scientists to observe active wildfires, vegetation and ocean color changes.

View more Black Marble images on NASA's website.

Is this also about viewing the Idealist DIMMING of our PLANET, as the lights of CIVILISATION GO OUT?
The scientific observation is all about a 'measurement' of infra-red heat and/or ambient heat emissions from seas, lakes, atmosphere but by simple inference also from cities, and industrialised areas.

SRI is a $585Million/yr, 2500 workforce strong Non-Profit Organisation taking just 1% of NSF funding for an Admirable(!) 90% of DoD and Federal Government financial Awards!
JG often gets a sick to his gut feeling when reading about America! I'm either jealous, or it just turns my stomach!

(JG is a Lancashire-born Electronics/Physics/Computing/Telecomms/Polymath Autodedact Nurdy Guitar-fiend & Major-League Loser, with own telescope & sandwiches.
He fell off the Earth around 1981 & was not seen again until found in his Deceased Dad's bed in April 1993

What a life they made for JG! Yippee! JG sees why some would clasify 'Science' as ELITIST. He did just now.
That's the problem!!! True science can be brilliantly satisfying as we've seen with JG's news about the MASER
discovered by a man using eBay parts and his spare parts box, albeit at our National Physical Laboratory. That, if applicable could utterly revolutionise our abilities for even amateur astronomers with small dish antennae to listen into deep space, hear the quasars, and pulsars and what-not.

Looking for signs of intelligent life in all the wrong Places? - Arecibo, Puerto-Rico.

Technology is what defines Mankinds' adaptation to his environment and advancement of technology has taken us from living under cow-hides in a field to planning settlements on other worlds. It's inevitable and it's GOD'S Gift to us.

Science has been Hi-Jacked by POWER-AND-CONTROL FREAKS, Ego-maniacs, Government & Bankers and in particular the Military who finance so-called 'civilian oriented science' whatever ... It's heart-breaking actually for JG. But JG has "the healthiest heart ever seen in this hospital" according to the Cardiac Surgeons at the Local Royal Infirmary when he went in with chest pains in 2009. And they both were from Eastern-Europe. Musculo-Skeletal pain that's all. And I believe them. There's no stopping me. I know this. I feel that. Something has got to happen. And happen pretty soon.

— He's qualifed enough and smart enough? Perhaps! "Small-steps, sparks, small-steps".

The human race truly is "capable of such beautiful visions, but such terrible nightmares".
10  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Opening up the Radio-Sky. UK Man Develops Room Temperature MASER from eBay junk. on: December 26, 2012, 04:05:34 am
Using spare chemicals, a laser bought on eBay and angst from a late-night argument, BRITISH physicists have got the world's first room-temperature microwave laser (& µwave amplifier) working.

The full paper, 'Room-temperature solid-state maser', was published in Nature on 16 August 2012.

The achievement comes nearly 60 years after the first clunky versions of such devices were built, and could revolutionize communication and space exploration. The work is published in August, 2012 in Nature.

Conventional MASER technology works by amplifying microwaves using crystals such as ruby - this process is known as 'masing'. However, the MASER has had little technological impact compared to the LASER because getting it to work has always required extreme conditions that are difficult to produce; either extremely low pressures, supplied by special vacuum chambers and pumps, or freezing conditions at temperatures close to absolute zero (-273.15 °C), supplied by special refrigerators. To make matters worse, the application of strong magnetic fields has often also been necessary, requiring large magnets.

Now, the team from NPL and Imperial have demonstrated masing in a solid-state device working in air at room temperature with no applied magnetic field. This breakthrough means that the cost to manufacture and operate MASERs could be dramatically reduced, which could lead to them becoming as widely used as LASER technology.

Oxborrow enlisted two colleagues — materials scientists Jonathan Breeze and Neil Alford from Imperial College London — and got to work on testing this suggestion. He borrowed some spare pentacene from a lab at Imperial, and cooked it with another organic molecule known as p-terphenyl. The result was a pink crystal a few centimetres long.

Mark Oxborrow shows off the homemade kit for purifying p-terphenyl

Next, the team needed a powerful laser. Oxborrow located an old medical laser on eBay and drove to a warehouse in north London to pick it up. But the researchers were filled with doubts — the whole thing seemed too easy. Oxborrow admits that he was skittish about the experiment. "For about three days, I could have done it, but I didn't have the nerve to switch on that button," he says.
11  Science & Technology / Outer Space / The Movie for all to watch this Christmas. 'CONTACT' by Carl Sagan. Full Length! on: December 24, 2012, 08:54:57 pm
If I really believed in the spirit of Christmas this is the Present I'd give to all readers whether AI, PC-world, MacOS or Half-Beta release Half-Monkey. This really is the movie I'd give as a present to you any day of the Year!

A WETA digital Workshop entreé for Peter Jackson Director of 'The Hobbit' and 'Lord of The Rings'
Full length Film. Plug it into your Widescreen TV.
 - Rent it or watch it on your Satellite, whatever.

All cloned-Infoworriers must by design hate this movie.
Of course; - it's political view is all about retarded Fundamentalism, un-Patriotic Elites and Scientists.

JG has only seen this 3-times now and it just gets better. Enjoy it.
A clear vision of the budding talents too that became Peter Jackson at WETA, New-Zealand.
12  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Space! The final Neurosis! JG debunks the 'SATURNALIA + NASA image' Extravaganza on: December 24, 2012, 06:56:08 am
 For a Kick-off, I can firmly say with a great deal of confidence that it was JG using a former Avatar/Screen-Name, and then elsewhere, who brought to light the whole PAGAN history of XMAS in this particular media Arena. Because He had a passion for this subject having become suspicious of the 'true-meaning-of-christmas'.

 Jones was still ranting on about giving Infowars DVD's as Xmas presents up until 2011. I'm not blaming you!

 The Romans celebrated Saturnalia or the Pagan 'Festival of the unconquered Sun' which they inherited in the process of cultural integration as they moved West into Post-Bronze-Age, Post-Stone-Age Britain.

This is why True-Christians know that the 25th of December is based around the Western Orthodox Church's Inheritance, in-turn, of the Roman Tradition, and has nothing to do with Christ.
The Bible Timeline proves by simple mathematical subtraction that Christ was born in Late-September or October.

 However, SATURNALIA is not as such celebrated today! We don't celebrate Saturnalia. Perhaps NASA do!?
 If NASA are carrying out Covert SATURNALIEN Celebrations around the back of the Bike-Sheds perhaps we shouldn't be relying too much on NASA for promoting our PR as an advanced & evolved, empathetic, adapted & clear-thinking civilisation if we should ever find ourselves "Going Forth, where Non have trodden Before "?

Perhaps NASA too wanted to try and be clever? It's called 'taking-the-p·i·s·s' in english Slang.

Anyway ALL the political forces on our planet are Clearly going Hell-for-Leather to make sure that YOU never attain that glorious status.

If that's the case, then you need in order to prevent having your 'head-copped', develop a sense of humour. However warfare is a bitter and unforgiving, HIGHLY ILLOGICAL business as much invested in creating Grievances or 'chips-on-the-shoulder' for the future exploitation of, as it is for the winning of turf in the present.
 My exposé was done on PROPAGANDAMATRIX.COM's own Forum pages, owned by PJW of Infowars/PrisonPlanet. The site was later infiltrated by a Infowars frequent poster 'Femacamper' who had won over administrative Moderator Privileges from PJW, (the passwords etc) and the forum was PULLED a few short months later, never to re-appear.

 At's forum, in great length I outlined the history of the 'Festival of the Unconquered Sun'. I learned it because I was frequenting the Bible-Study Group Jehovah Witnesses, who I believe, giving CREDIT WHERE it's DUE, were the first to make the whole subject PUBLIC DOMAIN knowledge. I was just regurgatating in my own words what I had learnt from their magazines and so forth ...

 However, Icke&Jones© are still getting it wrong! Icke on his 21 Dec Appearance on the show is brought on to explain to the Plebs and 'expose all' about the Occult Symbolism of a 'new' NASA IMAGE.

Cassini Mission Image with Shadow applied to Reveal unhitherto seen detail in The 'Cassini-Rings'.

(JG is a New Budding Astronomer, with a Restored Meade 900mm Refracting Telescope in the shack.)

Icke refers in that day's show as Saturn being 'A dead sun', a gas GIANT. Ahah! And in his discourse 'The Unconquered Sun' becomes SATURN. He doesn't understand because he has no interest in a humbling true RELIGIOUS faith to guide his clear thinking. He's just a GURU, leaning on Jones' shoulder for a cash-handout.

'Todays' guest ... is David Icke'. Let me finish!

 'The Unconquered Sun', I would have nontheless thought is obviously enough OUR SUN or SOL, if you want.
 In the ancient pagan rituals which the Romans integrated and invested in, after conquering Western Europes' simple folk of the time, 'The Unconquered Sun' is our own sun's re-appearance around the measuring apparatus of the Newbury Stones, or maybe even Stonehenge. I believe it's on the 31st Dec that OUR SUN re-appears at a new measuring point on the horizon, marked by a stone appropriately placed by our Stone-Age Astronomers, and is considered RE-BORN.

  "Look People, it didn't die, celebrate, let us give thanks to the Spiritual Rebirth and honour the great Plume of Aggasoria"
 - That's a parody theme from Star-Trek enterprise Season One, 10th episode where priests travel across the galaxy to witness the once in eleven years (coincidence with Sol's Solar-Cycle) re-appearance of a kind of Coronal Mass Ejection on a Huge Scale, from a Star inside a Nebulae. There's a lot of interesting References to our own Historical past, failure to embrace difference & cultural diversity and the Dilemmas of our lives in ST!!!

 I don't personally believe NASA have been given the necessary authority to mislead millions of people into an occult workship ritual more than Jones was doing so by promoting CHRISTMAS all these years. It's just NOT important!

 They all want full spectrum dominance, we agree!?

 "This is all about Power and Control" - Alex Jones.

 In which case we all need guidance to be able to participate healthily in a Future that is yet Unwritten.

 Yes, I begin to see that this could all get JG in a lot of trouble ... I have however lived a life of trouble.

 And as it says in the bible "Glory is given him who conquers".

 So stick that in your pipe and smoke it. I'm surprised that in these days of frugality and austerity anyone has the time to waste reading misinterpretations of the Pagan Ritualistic Inheritance of Xmas.

 I think just more respect for one-another is going to be an absolute pre-requisite for the future since bully-boys and numb-nuts clearly believe they uniquelly have been given the keys to the re-interpretation of recorded history and a millenia of knowledge ...

"I've been JG; Good-Night".
13  General / The Right To Bear Arms / Jonnie Goodboy is 110% Pro-Legal-Gun-Ownership. Yet I am not in 1860's Nebraska on: December 22, 2012, 05:12:03 am
 Because in NATIONAL Socialist Party run Scotland where he has to live JG has to put up being surrounded by a Community of Alcoholic Hirelings, Shaven-Headed Local THUG PATRIOTS who think throwing Bricks through Jonnies' Bay window is a kind of anti-People with SMARTS SPORT. Well whatever it is!

 It would be exactly the same if He was living in Conservative Ruled England.

And I know by experience, that sometimes you have to lose what you BELIEVE is yours by inheritance, in order that you can get what you need through Hard Work, and a Predominance of Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Just face it! I'm smarter than you by Light-Years, and YOU and your MUG-SHOT mates wanna be Jealous!

 Following the effects of the 1990's Dunblane Shooting, which lead to total hand-gun Bans in the ENTIRE UK, the CONSERVATIVE Government of the day did nothing at all to stand in the way of removal of the vestiges of rights to own a Hand-Gun in certain circumstances, god knows what those laxed rules were - Probably Rights for people like the Dunblane School-Kiddie Shooter who had full shotgun privileges already since he was a prominent Boy-Scouts troup leader and Local Hero.

There did once exist a thing called 'Queen's Regulations' which until perhaps the same time as the aftermath of Dunblane, allowed an ex-serving SAS soldier or possibly even anyone with rank of Major or above upon leaving the armed forces, to hold possession of a Hand-Firearm, or maybe the privilege does still exist, though the pathetic Police would still deny it ever existed even when enshrined in Law.
I say pathetic because the Conservative Government just this year withdrew The Police's mandate to use TASERS in anything but the most extreme circumstances, because the Police were accused of misusing these TASER weapons and killing people ...

And (How convenient for The Conservatives who did not oppose any such moves)

 Yes the Government handed over to John Major by a TEARFUL, sentimentally and emotionally disturbed  MARGARET THATCHER DID NOT OPPOSE a MASSIVE PUSH to ban all hand Firearms after the Dunblane Shooting of 13 March 1996 (13/3/96).

 And now in BRITAIN, the POLICE & ARMY want all the guns, just in case they get called upon to put down some MASS UPRISING when the time comes to you have you wastrels put in LABOUR CAMPS upon order and mandate of the EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK.

Now the Police don't even have the right to use thier Tasers, - Which have been taken away from them because of REPETITIVE MISSUSE and ABUSE in the hands of COPS who used them repeatedly to KILL PEOPLE.

 The POLICE in the UK have been Rebuked!  Cool

 As for the rest of you! The Human race has sucked for generations ...

 You too have been rebuked!  Cheesy

 Yes, Here on the SATANIC PLANET - GUNS - LEGALLY OWNED GUNS, should be a given right for those who can SHOW, and by passing a TEST that they are fit to carry, - and give Jonnie the Right to own one too, for as sure as eggs is eggs I'd be a really good shot.

 HERE IN SCOTLAND and the UK, all we have is the right to hear of Farmers/Landowners/Gamekeepers and Legal Hunting/Sport Shotgun privileges.

 I think the 2nd Ammendment Is a fine thing.







 Or you prefer perhaps to listen to the MEDIA who are arseholes?!


- who has exerted himself, beyond what is considered normal and remember it's all for FREE. I don't get a £½Million House for doing this, though I deserve something better than what I do get. I think it's fair to say!
14  Science & Technology / Outer Space / David Icke's World —"The Universe is Holographic": I prefered the Mayan Version. on: December 21, 2012, 01:01:07 pm
 "The Best Place Mr Mulder to Hide A LIE, is BETWEEN TWO TRUTHS".
 — Remember that? The Old X-Files Season One.

 If you watch the Mayan Indian YouTube I posted on here, a week or so back, he talks of a moment of clarity during the day, which will pass. It's effect the chap said, will linger a while.
 - Icke & Jones© were quite evidently not the ones to deliver any of that Clarity this day the 21 Dec, 2012.

 Yet, even the Dumbest Son of the Working-Class who has ever taken up Bible-Study (and JG has met MANY), as an adult or at any time, understands as his primary lesson that 'A New-Heavens & A New-Earth' & 'The old Order will pass away with a Hissing Sound' MAY refer to the replacement of the so-called SPIRITUAL ('heavenly') and the POLITICAL ('earthly') order of our times with something 'different' ...
... that's all we know at this time.

One Internet Artists impression of 'A new Heavens & a New Earth'.

Listen to this snippet taken a few minutes ago on TODAY'S GCN Infowars Live.

 David Icke - GCN 21/12/12. The Grandness of the Universe is illusory - A Holographic (Projection)
 Right Click » Save As: *._mp3 (375kb mono)

 Then why do those Blow-Hard 'Brain-surgeons' Icke & Jones© want to touch on the subject of the Vastness of Creation but not to acknowledge the Grand Intelligent Design of Creation for what it is, but rather to try and re-shape, yes even limit YOUR MOST BASIC UNDERSTANDING of ANYTHING Beyond THIS PLANET and ITS SORDID HISTORY OF FRACTICIDAL POLITICS. It was going to go on forever ....
 -Tell me why?! Go on, torment me!

 Because by tomorrow, Icke & Jones™, those Wild-West salesmen will be getting you to part with your cash after having convinced you that they Love You SOooo Murch, though maybe you're not so sure about it yourself?

 The view they offer and Propound with raised voices, is actually a very Pre-Copernican, Flat-Earth, Earth-at-centre-of-Universe view, a standpoint which of course accompanied the Catholic Inquisitions of the early 1600's. The recent History of Humanity it must be remembered from any rational point of view has been extremely volatile. JG has his suspicions that we are our own worst enemy, and that there are few 'bad-guys' to be had 'out there'.

 I'll tell you this much for free. Maybe it's 'This Attitude' that Prof Brian May partly refers to when he talks of things we shouldn't take as baggage when we go off into space, exploring.

And know for sure. If JONES and his friends went, they would know one thing:

 Now, THAT rings true doesn't it!   Even IF all else I say were disputible.

 Or do they just presume that you are a whole loft dafter than even the lowest-grade education couldn't provide you? Or is it an attack on the concept of Deep Space Travel, and that whole VERY POSSIBLE physical and Scientifically Verifiable Reality?

 It's a sort of SCAVENGER News Interpretation that they are constantly Repeating and Re-Creating.
 To what purposeful end?
 I can't tune in for 3 minutes without hearing some ABYSSMAL Garbage mixed in with Half-Truths.

 This is their Political Solution to understanding the UNIVERSE and JEHOVAH GOD'S CREATION as a MATRIX ILLUSION conjured by Occultist Clowns in some hidden secret society at Yale, no doubt!
 I'm sorry I listened! I promise I won't EVER AGAIN!

It's the Dream! People may be led to think it's still got a look in ...

And you will walk away, head blown up like a balloon, thinking:
'Wow, What a Great-Guy. Amazing!'

Yes! I do know!

 And JG so wanted to get something to eat today!
— Another Illusory Concept, this time in the Front Square 2-inches of his Hippocampus or Lizard Brain, no doubt!?
15  Health, Family & Eugenics / Eugenics / Depopulation / War On Family / Yes; The End of the World! Who is JG to argue with a thousand year-old prophecy? on: December 21, 2012, 09:56:05 am
 So you see, really,TODAY was the END of the WORLD.

- Today is the end of your little world if you're looking for someone with Apparent Political Clout, to join the dots together and make it simple for you.

— Or maybe you want to hear someone (Alex Jones) when introducing a show-visitor; - saying things like:
 - "This guy dropped Napalm from Aircraft over VC territory, day-after-day. Now how Cool is that!"

I heard that myself, a few weeks ago on GCN. Yeah buster, so this is about you already?!

The Old World is Dead and Gone.
And in that particular instance two-million vietnamese men, women & children went too.

 You must surely want a very simplistic World View, if you think the way to acceptance and a million-bucks is appeasement. And IF You're still kow-towing to and carrying around the old Predjudices after you read this,
- you died with that World-view.

 I was born as any child is, with latent potential for developmental disorder and the Death of my Mum when I was 6-yrs Pushed me into a Prolonged phase of PTSD, (which any Childhood bereavement may, as according to the conclusions of the excellent 5-Year Intensive Yale University Study around 1975 and reported in the Book 'When a Child's parent Dies' by Urna Furman).
- The results of that study never reached British Shores; it was all very much hushed up. Read the book.
 JG did, as he sat in a full-leg caste, with severe leg-fracture for 9-months, after being assaulted at Xmas 2002.
I had all the time in the world to read that book from cover to cover and thoroughly digest and savour it.
 —  Two-Years full (24-months) it took before I could walk again without crutches or a stick.

The combination of Single-child status mixed with the two aboves led to a very much different character developing than if everything had gone fine ...

 ... like my parents expected it to, them both.

 Of course, that's exactly what didn't happen.

 It's no use JG having to pretend to be entirely normal, something he tried, given no choice at for 53 years ...

 The End of YOUR LITTLE WORLD VIEW and it's MEDIA-Forged Biases, and Propagated-Perceptions.

 Obviously it would be almost Blasphemy for JG to seek to re-establish an old-order or work to maintain an order which made his life an unbearable trial for a long, long time, and it's only because of the IMMENSE RESILIANCE built up as a result of things like early Childhood Bereavement (hardening of the heart), an entirely science-based education and a life pretty much 'on-the-road', and JG means very much the Kerouac type of journey; - only because of all that and much more, that JG can confidently say that those who accompany him, could and may well get to that New World. Who knows, down the line, maybe I will in my lifetime see humans living on another Physical Planet. Not just a metaphorical or metaphysically conjured up one.

I hope so. Meantime, eat lots of Protein, it's good for the maintenance of Brain, Body and Soul.

- Who is JG to deny a several thousand year-old prophecy!?
16  Health, Family & Eugenics / Eugenics / Depopulation / War On Family / The Sadistic Autistic "No-End in Sight Business as usual". Media Barons Disagree on: December 21, 2012, 02:03:25 am
It's end of the world day.

 But don't despair, it's only 7.30 AM, JG Universal GMT time.

    It might still happen ...

        Or consider this. For Aspergers's and Autistics Broad-Spectrum ...

            The World-Over, life as normal; as it should have been, ended long-ago.

                 We even it seems have a Star-Trek like planet of our own, namely: 'Aspersia' . Even Better!

Let's count down those last moments, as You Political Bankers rub away furiously at those genie-lamps ..

... And at this very same moment an Evil Autistic-Savant plans to detonate a Nuclear-Bomb somewhere in the endless spirals of the CERN Taurus, Switzerland, the explosion set to coincide with the very moment the Quantum Physicists intend to open up a miniature Black-Hole; — later today.

That's right! It's a REAL THREAT that Infoworriers world-wide needed to be woken up to.
So I did! I betrayed my people ...!

"Oh, The Judas within ..."

... All Because I love my Country and the Lady Loves Milk-Tray SOOooo Murch!

17  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Mind Control / How American Media & Mental Health Establishments Forge Perception of Autistics. on: December 19, 2012, 01:17:22 pm
JG pre-article comment: Bob Dylan said:
"There are NO TRUTHS outside the Gates of Eden".

For all the Gun-Nuts who now think Autistics are being used to 'take our guns'.
The following Official Boston News report from 2006 shows how autistic and other young people have been treated in conditions which make the much maligned 'Fema-Camp' of the 'Mad-Max' American Zeitgeist look like a BUPA camp.
 - (BUPA = American holiday camps for teens).


Judge Rotenberg Center report - the horror is hard to read

This is the report from recent visits by a professional team investigating practices at the Judge Rotenberg Center. It is truly horrific what they are doing. I am shocked that was is happening there is worse than we ever knew.

This report was made on the 6th June 2006.

Extracts -

Observations and Findings of Out-of-State Program Visitation
Judge Rotenberg Educational Center

Summary of Findings
Following is a summary of the findings1 of concern primarily relating to the behavioral interventions and related instructional practices used at JRC.

JRC employs a general use of Level III aversive behavioral interventions (electric shock devices and restraint chairs) to students with a broad range of disabilities, many without a clear history of self-injurious behaviors.
� JRC employs a general use of Level III aversive behavioral interventions to students for behaviors that are not aggressive, health dangerous or destructive, such as nagging, swearing and failing to maintain a neat appearance.
� The use of the electric skin shock conditioning devices as used at JRC raises health and safety concerns.
� The Contingent Food Program and Specialized Food Program (withholding food) may impose unnecessary risks affecting the normal growth and development and overall nutritional/health status of students subjected to this aversive behavior intervention.

JRC promotes a setting that discourages social interaction between staff and students and among students.
� Students are provided insufficient academic and special education instruction, including limited provision of related services.

Most of these students have the disability classification �Emotional Disturbance� with IQ scores that fall in the low average to average range of intelligence. There are also a number of students with the classification of Autism with cognitive abilities falling in the range of mild to profound mental retardation. Many of the students from NYS have diagnoses of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and bipolar disorder. A number of students also have histories of abuse and abandonment.

JRC�s marketing representatives provide information through presentations to staff at some NYS psychiatric facilities that in turn discuss the program with the families. JRC�s marketing representatives visit the family in their homes and as indicated in representatives� case notes, provide the family with information and gifts for the family and student (e.g., a gift bag for the family, basketball for the student).

One student�s behavior chart documenting total inappropriate behaviors showed an increase from 800 per week during the first weeks after admission to JRC to average of 12,000 per week. Clinician notes only document the number of inappropriate behaviors. They did not denote any positive behaviors or academic progress.

Level III Aversive Procedures Used by JRC Staff
Upon receipt of parental consent, JRC applies to a Massachusetts Probate Court through a substituted judgment petition to use Level III aversives in the student�s behavioral program. Level III aversives constitute a broad spectrum of punishment techniques that include movement limitation (i.e. mechanical and physical restraint), contingent food, helmet, and electric skin shock. The use of Behavior Rehearsal Lesson (BRL)3 and combined use of aversive techniques are also Level III interventions.

Electric skin shock
The most common Level III aversive procedure used at JRC is skin shock in which one or more electrical stimulations are administered to a student after he or she engages in a targeted behavior. Skin shocks are delivered through a graduated electronic deceleration (GED) device that consists of a transmitter operated by JRC staff and a receiver worn by the JRC student. The receiver delivers an electrical current to the student�s skin upon command from the transmitter. Electrodes are worn by the student on various parts of the body, notably the arms, legs and stomach area, and can range in number and placement dependent upon the students� behavior program guidelines.
Students wear the GED device for the majority of their sleeping and waking hours, and some students are required to wear it during shower/bath time. The GED receivers range in size and are placed in either �fanny� packs or knapsacks. Staff carry the GED transmitters in a plastic box. Students may have multiple GED devices (electrodes) on their bodies. For example, one NYS student�s behavior program states, �C will wear two GED devices. C will wear 3 spread, GED electrodes at all times and take a GED shower for her full self care.�
The GED is manufactured by the JRC. While JRC has information posted on their website and in written articles which represents the GED device as "approved", it has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA has cleared the device for marketing as �substantially equivalent to devices marketed or classified as �aversive conditioning devices.� FDA's clearance prohibits JRC from representing the device as FDA approved. JRC�s GED was modified from other similar devices on the market by doubling the intensity (amperage and voltage) and increasing the duration by 10 times (from .2 to 2 seconds) of the shock administered and by expanding the positions on the body where the electrodes could be placed. JRC also uses a device called the GED-4, which applies an even greater intensity shock to the student when the student fails to respond to the lower level shock.

At the time of team�s April visit there were 148 NYS students enrolled at JRC. At that time, 77 were approved to receive Level III behavioral interventions from staff at JRC. Of these 77 students, 53 were receiving skin shock through the GED that is adjustable with an average intensity of 15.25 mill amperes RMS, a duration of .2 seconds to 2 seconds, an average peak of 30.5 milliamperes, and 24 students are receiving GED (referred to as a GED-4) skin shock which has a maximum current of 45.0 milliamperes RMS, an average peak of 91 milliamperes, and a maximum duration of 2 seconds. The higher-level shock is used when it is determined that the student is not responding to the lower level shock.

Use of automated electronic devices & automatic negative reinforcement
At JRC, an additional form of electrical circuitry is used to automatically administer a series of aversives (e.g., skin shocks) as soon as a behavior is initiated. Shocks are administered at regular intervals (e.g., one every three seconds). The automatic negative reinforcement shocks terminate as soon as the behavior stops occurring. This device is not operated by JRC staff. For example, some students are made to sit on a GED cushion seat that will automatically administer a skin shock for the targeted behavior of �standing up�, while others wear waist holsters that will administer a skin shock if the student pulls his/her hands out of the holster. NYSED could not find evidence, nor did JRC provide the evidence as requested, that this automated electric shock device has been cleared for marketing by FDA or approved by FDA. FDA regulations prohibit the use of an aversive conditioning device that has not been approved or cleared by FDA.

Movement limitation
Movement limitation is another commonly used Level III intervention that may be applied manually or mechanically. When applied manually, staff members physically hold the student. With mechanical movement limitation the student is strapped into/onto some form of physical apparatus. For example, a four-point platform board designed specifically for this purpose; or a helmet with thick padding and narrow facial grid that reduces sensory stimuli to the ears and eyes. Another form of mechanical restraint occurs when the student is in a five-point restraint in a chair. Students may be restrained for extensive periods of time (e.g., hours or intermittently for days) when restraint is used as a punishing consequence. Many students are required to carry their own �restraint bag� in which the restraint straps are contained.
Under the terms of the Court Order, JRC must notify the Court Monitor if a student requires more than eight continuous hours of movement limitation procedures in a 24-hour period. In addition, the Court must also be notified if the student spends five or more days in movement limitation in a seven-day period. The school nurse stated that she is responsible to monitor any skin burns caused by the GED and abrasions due to restraints. She also advises staff on the positioning of restraints and potential complications for each student. Based upon the nurse�s recommendation, a student may be restrained in a prone, seated, or upright position.

JG Post article comment:

(It's been hard work coming on this Darned forum every day for forever.
 JG doesn't do it because he's autistic, no, he does it because of the concept of Truth telling.
 And Because that's always been a dying art. Especially when the people in charge of telling us how it is, are a band  of overpaid cronies who have little or no idea of how insulting I'd like to be right now ....)

18  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / Why is Infowars/PrisonPlanet/Natural News Profiling Autistics as Psychokillers? on: December 19, 2012, 07:24:33 am
 And another Stooge in the current Débacle is Mike Adams who wants to get in on the Big Xmas-Season Joke!!

 You want a joke? Here's one:
 - Come to my door, and you can spend this Noël listening to how your Joke Sounds from a Hospital Bed!

 So the Dream-agenda of becoming the Predominant News Scavenger, would imply all others; namely FOX, MSNBC, all the other pin-heads with the American Talk-Shoes and the other American Idiots would be kow-towing to his extremely façile and limited Political agenda.

 How best to do it?
 None better surely, than to inflate a viewpoint widely held already that autistics, because they are always getting the short straw must be close to breaking point by now? And all the Medication!

 Aren't Asperger's folk up to their eyeballs in anti-depressants!?  No!
 Why would YOU suggest they have to be?

 I've been c·r·a·c·k·i·n·g up for decades. I'm starting to understand why! And just what the solution will be!

 And it's got nothing to do with you or your backward Gung-ho crazy RIP-OFF Power-Trip Plans for making a Mint.

 Oh, and here's one for you. Think I'm dangerous? Why sure! Case in Question:
 - When Three-White youths took to attacking JG with Heavy Zinc Iron Bars way back in the 1980's, (they did plan on finishing a young JG off, I believe); - I got rid of all three of them without having to raise a finger ... They ran off in fear when I just made eye contact with them, raised my voice and called upon the name of God.

I think some of you people need to go watch Steve Speilberg's 'Taken' this Xmas. As a fable at least, it's a very good metaphor for what a lot of people will perceive as their own 'alternate reality' during this lifetime.

Or take a few bottles into a quiet room, then flush your head down the khazi later on, it's up to you.
19  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Corporate "News" Media / What Happens when Infowars/Prisonplanet Tyrants start to loose The Grip on Power on: December 19, 2012, 04:35:39 am
 Like any ignorant Band of Self-Appointed Toss Pots, they Try to Refocus the attention of their CAPTIVE AUDIENCE on a conveniently Created Vulnerable Group.

 And anyone who challenges them, just like a stereotypical Tyrannt, is labelled as 'Mentally Ill'.
 How very convenient! It's a self-fulfilling circular argument.

 Watch-out Infoworriers! Another Mentally Ill Resistance Movement Member on Prozac threatening to raise a rebel army with baseball bats against you!

 I don't enjoy having to point this out, or do this, since I also feel a vain sense of relief in doing so, thus mimicking their behaviour a little. Though the Infowar/Prisonplanet crowd have never been truly trodden down.
 None of them, most probably, certainly none of their presenters or editors in chief have ever Truly BEEN DOWN AT HEEL.

 I bet none of them has ever had to dig huge rocks and stones out of an acre field by hand, for a day's £20 wage.

 JG has. And a lot more like that besides.

 Yes, I know, they're american and by definition they are going to save mankind from the Bad-Guys.

 They don't know what it's like to be in a groupment of people who for decades have been on the losing side.

 They are just another bunch of Arseholes who rely on advertising from 'Gun-Nut-Safaris' and the like to finance their luxurious "DECADENT" lifestyles. And it's going to get worse.

 And there's a point of note. It's a SPORT to them. Just as in the Bible.
 Humankinds' GODLESS behaviour becomes AKIN TO SPORT. It's a SPORT to these creatures.
 JG has had enough of these Infowars/PrisonPlanet self-aggrandising Bully Boys but this will NOT serve to detract from the accuracy and quality of the Website he will be setting up next year, 2013.

 Infact JG is tired of the proliferation of vacuous websites focussed on nothing except polarisation of public views and perceptions. These are just appealing to, and appeasing the gullible ways of a VERY LOST MANKIND.
 It's too late for these people. They've had their day, they've had their chance to make a million bucks ...

 They now realise they haven't changed things through THEIR CURRENT POLITICAL approach?
— Oh, HOW CONVENIENT For them!

 Don't work out other people's Subconscious.

 I can hear the Shiny-New Fecking Cash Tills Jingling away there Moriarty!

20  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Mind Control / Re: Asperger's, Autism Not Linked to Violence. Media GravyTrain Targetting Disabled! on: December 18, 2012, 09:21:28 am
Connecticut Shooting Raises Questions About Autism
By Michelle Diament
December 17, 2012

While the majority of statistics prove that we are infinitely more prone to be the victims of violence than the perpetrators of violence, we are not immune from becoming people capable of making terrible, horrible choices. No one is,” said Michael John Carley, executive director of the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership."

[JG running-commentary]

You need 'a balanced viewpoint'?
— Then how about try standing on a window-ledge 75' above-ground whilst writing a piece ...?¬!

Or, why not go pick on someone with your own Insidious Violence Oriented Mental Attitude!?
 - There are whole massed batallions out there waiting to reward risk with a pittance ...

21  Mass Mind Control / Social Engineering / Mind Control / Asperger's, Autism Not Linked to Violence. Media GravyTrain Targetting Disabled! on: December 18, 2012, 09:13:47 am
Asperger's, Autism Not Linked to Violence:  Experts

SUNDAY, Dec. 16 (HealthDay News) -- Despite media reports alleging that the gunman involved in the Connecticut school shootings had Asperger's syndrome, experts were quick to assert Sunday that there is no link between the condition -- a mild form of autism -- and violence.

"There really is no evidence that links autism or Asperger's to violence," said Geraldine Dawson, chief science officer at the nonprofit advocacy group Autism Speaks and a professor of psychiatry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

There has been speculation that 20-year-old Adam Lanza, the gunman who perpetrated Friday's senseless massacre at an elementary school in Newton, Conn., had Asperger's, which is considered a high-functioning form of autism.

Lanza fatally shot his mother at her home before forcing his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School and killing 20 children, aged 6 and 7, as well as six adults and then himself. It is one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history.

A law enforcement official involved in the case, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Associated Press that Lanza had been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome.

Asperger's has its own designation in the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-4), considered the Bible of psychiatry, which has been in use since 1994. However, as of the spring of 2013, when the new DSM-5 comes out, "autistic disorder" will be known as "autism spectrum disorder" and Asperger's will be folded within that larger category.

Certain characteristics are common across the autism spectrum, experts said.

"Two features that characterize autism spectrum disorders are difficulties in the area of social interactions and also a tendency to engage in repetitive behavior, whether this is a high-functioning person or one who's severely affected," Dawson explained. "Those are the two common features."

However, in the DSM, "there is no linking of this syndrome with violence in any way," she added.

Former classmates said Lanza was painfully shy, reserved and socially awkward, according to news reports. Those characteristics can be typical of Asperger's, experts said.

People with autism spectrum disorders, including those with Asperger's, may exhibit aggressive behavior when compared with peers, but it is a completely different type of aggression than that witnessed Friday, said Eric Butter, assistant professor of pediatrics and psychology at Ohio State University.

"Research suggests that aggression among people with autism spectrum conditions can occur 20 percent to 30 percent more often than compared to the general population," he said. "But, we are not talking about the kind of planned and intentional type of violence we have seen at Newtown.

"Aggression that we see in autism can best be described as disruptive and irritable behavior and is often consistent with the communication and social difficulties that are the hallmarks of autism spectrum disorders," he added. "It is a very human experience that when you cannot explain how you are feeling, that you will then act out in frustration, anger, and aggression. But, it is not consistent with the diagnosis that you would plan and execute a crime like we saw here."

Aggression in people with Asperger's and autism tends to be more reactive, such as "impulsive outbursts, being quick to anger, shoving or pushing, shouting in anger, and being slow to cool off when angry," said Butter, who is also associate director of the Child Development Center at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Westerville, Ohio.

The types of violence seen in Connecticut and elsewhere "have occurred at the hands of individuals with a range of psychological profiles, and the underlying and connected theme is that we have not done enough in our schools and mental health services systems to identify, assist, and de-stigmatize those people suffering from the illnesses of the brain," Butter said.

Added Dawson: "Whenever there is a horrible tragedy like this one, people want to make sense out of it and they're trying to look for answers. I think it's important that we be very clear that if this individual did have Asperger's or autism, which we don't know [for sure] that he did, this is not going to help us understand what happened. Because there really is no link between the two."

SOURCES: Geraldine Dawson, Ph.D., chief science officer, Autism Speaks, and professor of psychiatry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Eric Butter, Ph.D., associate professor of pediatrics and psychology, Ohio State University, and associate director and director of research and training, Child Development Center, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Westerville, Ohio; Associated Press

Et-Voilà: Your latest Witch-hunt! Courtesy of the Media, for the benefit of the Media ...
and Misinformation ...
22  General / Ridiculous News / Oddball Stuff / The XMAS Festival of Capitalism; Invoking Childhood's Zombie-Religion Observance on: December 18, 2012, 07:18:50 am
You can't be serious, I mean how old are you now?


 Moreover, at your age, shouldn't you be embracing logical thought, or perhaps isn't it time already that you caste-away the childish observance of Moderation and went out and get laid by some stranger ...

Noté Bièno! The previous comment was not meant as serious Advice! Look what you've done now. By taking part in a two-some with complete Strangers you met in Downtown Nowhere You've doubled your risk of Contracting HIV/AIDS.

You Bloody-Feckin' Morons!

More than the above: -

Don't you think that there might be a bit more than a dot of evidence to suggest that the Spiritistic/Child-Sacrifice (Yule-Log) origins of Xmas Pagan Festivities & VIOLENT DRUNKENNESS might be leading to a noticeable rise in EMOTIONAL DISTURBANCE around the 'Solstice'?!!!! Not with JG, He Don't do XMAS!

 JG thinks; "Get over yourselves":


Also see:
Five Valid Documented Reasons to see Xmas for the Empty Pagan Festival it is.,1681.msg4915.html#new

JG doesn't mean to mock you. Apparently he's just a bit long in the tooth for Emotional Blackmail Pagan Ceremonies, steeped in ever deeper credit-card debt & toted as Fake Christian Observance in the Middle-of-Wintertime ...

23  Health, Family & Eugenics / Fluoride / Brazilian Morons! You need to remember that you have 40% » 60% Fluoridated Water on: December 15, 2012, 06:48:58 am
Global Fluoridation of Public Water-Supply Map. Fags, Alcohol and Fluoride.

Or live in DENIAL, - until the gnawing effects of Fluoridation set in and turn your nervous system to jelly.
24  General / Acknowledge Defenders / Expose Enemies / Beware of Fake Patriots toting Head-Shrunk Racism fuelled by Alcohol & Tobacco ! on: December 13, 2012, 03:34:28 pm
 NB: ( - The following piece is intended to apply to Brits, primarily, but equally any of the human species with a strong leaning, yeah tendency towards bigottry and blind dogpack like fear and loathing ... In the case of Fluoridated Americans, we can safely assume that these are all what has been described as 'Psychic-Amputees'*, lacking any residual or native ability to display Empathy or other Higher Brain Function  ... This also applies to people from Birmingham and Solihull England who are forced against what was once their will, to imbibe Fluoride through the Public water supply which is 100% affected in these areas).
* - Where 'Psychic'* refers to innate Mental activity, not some magical telepathy.*
For those of you who wish to be assured of a possibility for the personal development of empathetic abilities, JG suggests you seek to locate an alternate source to your current water supply, thus avoiding the Fluoride Carrying H2O you would presently pretend to enjoy.

Your GLOBAL 'undemocratic' fluoridation Quota.

  - Fluoride being of course a well documented NeuroToxin and Carcinogen ...
NB (There are other color tone versions of the same map which don't differentiate between the Dark Red of N.America and the Pink of Brazil). Infowars' Map is the only one JG could find that makes the difference clear.)

Now, those lucky non-fluoridated ones amongst you readers, pray continue:

 JG for one only had to tolerate these Puffed Up with Ignorance and Hatred "Patriotic Bigots" once in his life. Remember he is old as you need to be to be qualified to be able to make such statements based on personal experience.


 1) So many of these feckers haven't worked in 30 years or more that they hardly have a leg to stand on in the way of an argument as they're picking out the 'PaKKies and HiPPies'  ...

 2) You really shouldn't try to repeat history ,,,, Because this is what happens on a huge Scale when you do ....

 A) Of course any one claiming Patriotism is instantly tarnished with the Broad Stroke of the Fabianist's Two-tones only Pallet of Black and Red ...

 B) Fake and Capricious Bigottry posing as 'Patriotism' means sometimes more work for those who are clearly interested in rescuing their country from the International Banker and Globalist Stooges.

 JG doesn't get to go through it twice.
"Once bitten, Twice shy" goes the old adage.

Having said that I don't want this country seething with SHariah-Law, Macheté wielding Muslim Psychopaths .... The Problem being is that even this simple thought message is distorted by the Bigots as an excuse to NOT DIFFERENTIATE between people who have been here for Generations, even since the 1950's, or earlier, and those former mentioned Muslim Psychos' we do occasionally now run into in this country who have been brought here specifically because of the likely size of the Chip on their shoulders since 2001/3, The WTC and Irag War II.

 Is there any point in this, JG posting this? Because you either tolerate bigottry and find it an amusing sport or you find it abhorent but either way you don't have to work out other people's problems for them.

 Remember self-destruction is a whole Lifestyle Choice .... and has always been highly encouraged financially and in a legality sense by the Establishment ...

 Let them pay the price together and separate your-selves out of Babylon my people, unless YOU WISH to suffer in her Woes that is ... Then feel free to fully indulge yourselves in what is inevitably to come upon a band of twats all in a sticky mess, who don't understand even where they are, let alone what they do ... ...
25  General / General Discussion / Dutch Right Wing Party Gets Tough on Anti-Social Behaviour with 'Scum-Villages'. on: December 12, 2012, 08:26:53 am

Amsterdam to create 'scum villages'
- 03 Dec 2012

Amsterdam is to create "Scum villages" where nuisance neighbours and anti-social tenants will be exiled from the city and rehoused in caravans or containers with "minimal services" under constant police supervision.

The plan echoes a proposal from Geert Wilders, the leader of a populist Dutch Right-wing party

Holland's capital already has a special hit squad of municipal officials to identify the worst offenders for a compulsory six month course in how to behave.

Social housing problem families or tenants who do not show an improvement or refuse to go to the special units face eviction and homelessness.

Eberhard van der Laan, Amsterdam's Labour mayor, has tabled the £810,000 plan to tackle 13,000 complaints of anti-social behaviour every year. He complained that long-term harassment often leads to law abiding tenants, rather than their nuisance neighbours, being driven out.

"This is the world turned upside down," the mayor said at the weekend.

The project also involves setting up a special hotline and system for victims to report their problems to the authorities.

"The new punishment housing camps have been dubbed "scum villages" because the plan echoes a proposal from Geert Wilders, the leader of a populist Dutch Right-wing party, for special units to deal with persistent troublemakers.

"Repeat offenders should be forcibly removed from their neighbourhood and sent to a village for scum," he suggested last year. "Put all the trash together."

Whilst denying that the new projects would be punishment camps for "scum", a spokesman for the city mayor stressed that the special residential units would aim to enforce good behaviour.

"The aim is not to reward people who behave badly with a new five-room home with a south-facing garden. This is supposed to be a deterrent," he said.

The tough approach taken by Mr van der Laan appears to jar with Amsterdam's famous tolerance for prostitution and soft drugs but reflects hardening attitudes to routine anti-social behaviour that falls short of criminality.

There are already several small-scale trial projects in the Netherlands, including in Amsterdam, where 10 shipping container homes have been set aside for persistent offenders, living under 24-hour supervision from social workers and police.

Under the new policy, from January next year, victims will no longer have to move to escape their tormentors, who will be moved to the new units.

A team of district "harassment directors" have already been appointed to spot signals of problems and to gather reports of nuisance tenants.

The Dutch Parool newspaper observed that the policy was not a new one. In the 19th century, troublemakers were moved to special villages in Drenthe and Overijssel outside Amsterdam. The villages were rarely successful, becoming sink estates for the lawless.

"We have learned from the past," said the mayor's spokesman. "A neighbourhood can deal with one problem family but if there are more the situation escalates

JG's life has been made a living Hell for nigh Ten Years with Orchestrated Abuse, at the hands of witless cretins controlled by alcoholics and general Scottish Clan Mentality thugism, and of course Police Cleverness.

  - Notice how this News item hides the fact that the Anti-Social Reactionist plan, originates from a European Right-Wing Party. Not exactly a Prominent or Perceived influential group in the majority SOCIALIST, FABIANIST & Frequently Ex-Communist East European League of Commissars Running Your Brussels Commune.

 NB. The Idea of Isolated 'Villages-of-The-Damned' , devoted entirely to the housing of anti-social elements is NOT A NEW IDEA.
 It was Practiced in the British Isles way back in the 1950's through early to mid '60's.

 As the Telegraph Article below reports, it was also used in Holland Back in the Day too.
26  General / From Freedom to Fascism / Re: Obama Backed Syrian Rebels Film a Muslim Child Hacking off The Head of Kidnapped on: December 10, 2012, 10:37:58 am
 Oh yes, and this is closer to home for me than you might think and yet eerily my tale has nothing to do with my being attacked at the Christmas Dining Table two Xmas's ago by a Chair Wielding Muslim mimicking the required behaviour of his Beloved Shariah ... Beheadings by Muslim Rebels are everywhere if you check out the News.

 - Tuesday May 1,2012

Ken Dale

"FRIENDS and the family of murdered humanitarian worker Khalil Dale faced new agony last night after Islamic extremists threatened to release a video of his horrific death.
Mr Dale’s beheaded body was discovered in the Pakistani town of Quetta on Sunday. The health programme manager for the Red Cross was kidnapped in January."

 No, a guy who had stayed just 6 MILES from JG's home, upto Six-weeks before his final return to Pakistan to do a last stint of relief work for the Red-Cross. Mr Ken Dale, had renamed Khalil Dale after he became a Muslim.  One wonders why exactly he was beheaded by those proclaiming to be representatives of his religion?

 Mr Dale had stayed no more than 6 miles away before his Red-Cross call came in, at the home of an English woman, a charity shop volunteer here in JG's home town, and in whose house extension he had been staying. Mr Dale had just become engaged to his Fiancée who was living in Australia at this time.

This personal encounter story, brings the nightmare reality of Taliban and Shariah-Law Pyschosis into very close focus. Who wants this Lawless, Godless Schizophrenic Fake Religion spreading across the Globe? And unlike looking at Mars through a telescope, for instance, the distance of the terrible events is not actually present, JG actually senses through association the reality of beheadings and the effect it has on others ... even if they don't seem to be showing it when you meet them ...
— JG remembers how he felt as he listened intently to the story told by the Lady at whose home Mr Dale had been living as a boarder directly preceeding his return to Pakistan ...

 References see also:

27  General / From Freedom to Fascism / Obama Backed Syrian Rebels Film a Muslim Child Hacking off The Head of Kidnapped on: December 10, 2012, 09:42:25 am
 All the proof you need ...

 And if you're still in denial that Shariah-Law Type Violence isn't coming here, just continue what you're doing now, ....

 "It's extremists; - They're NOT all like that SILLY MAN. These are God's Good People bringing Peace and an Independant Homeland ...."

 Season's Greetings Fools! So wake up Christians! Wake yourselves up and find out what your CHRISTIAN HERITAGE is all about. Because otherwise, this Barbarity may well be your Future!
28  The Wall / Personal Beliefs / Bible Thumping / Atheism / Five Valid & Documented Reasons to see Xmas for the Empty Pagan Festival it is. on: December 08, 2012, 08:25:17 pm
(1) Give XMAS up! Become a happier individual; able to give freely when you want rather than when you’re told.
Do you need your parents who are the Church & State to tell you when to ‘be nice’ to other people? But if it’s ‘the thought that counts’ so much, then why do you only think when told to by the waning Authority of your peer overseers?

(2)  Christmas is the result of the Christian Church's integration of age old pagan, yes heathen beliefs, that have nothing whatsoever to do with a Christ figure. from WIDE cultural diversity into a festival identified as " the Mass of Christ".
It's a Pagan. Shamanistic, Ritualistic animal sacrifice to an unknown God, all dressed up as legitimate Religious festival! And a load of old Phooey!
Plus, there is hard evidence that discredits the annual 'yule-tide' log burning tradition as nothing more than a Remembrance of ancient Pagan Mid-Winter festival highlights, when a human baby was thrown (undoubtedly by a contemporay priest of the time) onto a bonfire, again as a sacrifice to some unnamed 'god'. Strewth!

(3)  Despite virtually all Historians freely admitting that the Birthday of Christ is an unknown and that by the 18th Century every month of the year has at some time been associated with it, we are frog-marched by Church & State, you radical, into this: - A great way of wasting on Tit & Tat, all that money you so urgently need to keep you & your beleagered family warm this Winter.
It's totally eroneous to quote DEC 25 as The Christ's birthday since if you substract his age at death of 33 1/3rd yrs from the time of year he was impaled (so-called crucifixion was not a Roman tradition) both being facts available in historic texts, you conclude that he must have been born in either late September or in October.
'When shepherds guard their flocks at night'?
Israel's weather in December has always & historically been extremely cold. These same flocks would have already been taken 'in-doors' (barn or other shelter not requiring stewardship), before the onset of these annual extreme temperature lows.

(4)  It is common knowledge that Santa Claus is a Mythical character based on traditions associated with a 4th Century Bishop of Turkey. The 4th century is interestingly when the Churches of 'Christendom' first became seriously apostate, meaning they diverted from the original teachings of Christ.  This 'religious' Festival is also a derivative of Northern Scandinavian traditions, whereby an intoxicated Shaman interpreted his halucinations as flying. His dreams also included the ritualistic Scandinavian Reindeer and this led to a cult surrounding these Shamanistic icons & practices, that haunt us down to the present day.

(5)  Many people who for the rest of the year clearly have no 'religious' motivation to their personal lives, apparently undergo a 'miraculous' change when they are driven hypnotically en-masse to photograph their behinds on the office photo-copier. They may also adorn their houses with wreathes of holly & neon Santas. The Romans adorned their religious temples with such wreathes during the festival of 'Saturnalia', a festival of the equinox held around Dec 20 & known by European Pagans as 'the festival of the unconquered Sun'. This celebrated the apparent rebirth of The Sun.

etc, etc, etc, .... These are all FACTS, None of this was ever made up. Go verify! ....
29  The Wall / Personal Beliefs / Bible Thumping / Atheism / Science Should Not Be An Unappealing Matrix Applied To Our Canvas Like Manure! on: December 08, 2012, 04:13:45 am
First of all, this will be the Last Post, this year, JG Hopes, very much.

My Advice for people who mistakenly believe that at this time of the year they are about due to frog-marched into celebrating the Miraculous Virgin Birth of Christ are not to be forgiven for their ignorance, since it has been widely accepted as truth for a significant number of years now, particularly amongst Theologians, that christ was born in Sept/Oct. What you are about to be frog-marched into, has been labelled by the French amongst others, as 'The Festival of Capitalism'. Not the place here to Create a Diatribe on that subject so Go look at my latest post:

"12 Legitimate Reasons to Drop/Hate Xmas".

 And so, whilst the Lost and Lonely, The Shaven-Headed, The Freezing-half-to-Death and The Early End-of-Season Femacamp Goers are all out Painting the The Town-Hall in This Season's Whitewash; - Let's take a quiet moment to reflect on something fundamentally important to the Human-Species' Development and its' Continuation ...

 ... Or is the appreciation or understanding of Science applied in Society like so much wattle & Daub using a method so unimaginative that it is bound to insult the delicate, supercilious systems of the 'FLOWER TENDING AGGRARIAN GENERATION ...' who inevitably make up the greater part of the EcoSphere as we stumble onwards half-sober, half-unconscious and more than half-broke further into the Twenty-First Century.

 And how much of it, is just PURE WAFFLE. "Talk, talk and more talk.."

 Yes, it's pretty bad. JG could have written the previous paragraph at age sixteen; sadly probably not earlier. The Modern Capital-Acquiring Economies of the World, are largely interested in developing technologies which will help the non-technically savvy of their populations, appreciate new means of helping their Peers part with, or lose permanently their rightful inheritance of wealth and money, - obviously.

It's no coincidence that the Proponents of the Levying of Carbon-Taxes are often Self-confessed TechnoPhobes.

The Appearance simultaneously, during this last half-century, of Myriads of Scientific Luddites who understand not even how an electric toaster works but who are non-the-less confident enough in their loathing of advancement to be self-appointed as arbitrators of Carbon Laws and collectors of Carbon-Taxes should come as no great surprise but is non the less heart-breaking ....

 It's a dangerous return to the DARK_AGES.

 JG heard a certain Well known Blowhard 'Leader of American Political Talk' refer two-days ago to the Prism as:
- "a thing which distorts and messes up the pure light that enters it."

 As if the Prism was something Truly evil.

 No doubt that american 'Talk-Radio' host, would have little problem with the fact that JG finds it hugely funny that someone is trying to Accrue New Friends & their Money based on his feigned appeal as Luddite Compatriot.


 In reality the Science of The Prism was first revealed in Sir Isaac Newton's Teenage Experiment conducted in his Attic; - one which came to him intuitively, whereby he of course split light into its beautiful component spectrum. And after trying then to further split up one individual colour of that newly revealed spectrum, using another prism, Newton concluded that light-spectra cannot be broken down further beyond its component Violet to Red.
— (Extending out to Ultra-Violet & Infra-Red beyond the ranges of our mortal vision)
— An analogy for political wanna-be's might be that a Prism 'decompartmentalises' light into its discrete components.

 Many People are genuinely afraid of Science and prefer it so. Actually JG believes they're afraid of anything that might just lead to technological advancement of the human species, which would be something de-facto beyond their control already. You want control, and you'll do anything to prevent advancement without your blessing. Imagine that!

- However, regarding Science & the well-trained and obeisant masses; - they do see though the opportunity for TAXES at every-step-of-the-way. And humans as a pretentious, yet witless, out manœvered Predator species, for a large part, doomed either by Luditeness or Genetic Inbreeding, prefer to play the game of supporting the Status-Quo, and accordingly they have chosen to align themselves with it for the last 50-years.

 Hence, the cancelling of a Human-Space-Exploration Program, back in the 1970's was not widely noticed or appreciated for what it truly represented. Neither still will it be today.

 What happens when you mix a Humble Faithful Religious Attitude with a Sincere Desire for Scientific Achievement?
— And even with Space-Exploration!?

Now; - how about we stop having our Supposed Solitary Moments of Insight, and go do something about it!!?

  "Our Science is Your Friend".
— (This last Phrase, - Americans no doubt won't fail to spot, is seething with Irony)

[Research for this]: Don't ever take yourself too seriously.
 The Space Age.mp3 - The Goon Show
 Right Click » Save As: *._Mp3   (13.4Mb, Mono, 64kb)
30  Health, Family & Eugenics / Eugenics / Depopulation / War On Family / The CORE Message of The Brave New World Order is:—'HUMANITY IS A FAILED SPECIES' on: December 05, 2012, 03:00:54 pm
 JG means, that he doesn't have to spell it out for you.
 Unless you enjoy being told about Reality by Men ....
 JG when a teenager knew a budding University type Feminist who once said whilst we were having a little picnic
 down by a lake just out of East London, with the Tol of Church Bells from a nearby Steeple, some Sunday Morning...

"Everything Is Political".

 Some 35 Years Later, JG is still very occasionally Wondering about what that really meant. Was it Just over-simplification posing as Feminist Wisdom or a blatant Under-Statement he should have understood Immediately?

Don't know & Don't Care.
— But it confirms the idea, in hindsight, that no vestige of the life we should have, remains in this Satanic Planet.

The Georgia Guidestones.
-[source] Wikipædia.

 And, the Ultimate Objective of Turning Mankind's Disgust of itself, (much fake) into a truly venomous reason for Reducing The Planets' Population to 500 Million as clearly Declared on The Georgia Guidestones, - The 2001 Monoliths of this Brave New World; - surely speaks for itself, doesn't it.

 It's not about Womens' Values as being about Equality. Just as Human Rights is not about Making Mankinds' Rights on a par and of equal Importance to Gods' Priviledges and Rights. That's a lost cause!
 it's just another game to play under the stars. Just more games to play for the Unquenchable Amusement of ....

  ..... The New Gods of this World.
 The New Nephilim....

 And therefore, we know that there will be a huge 'see to'; - an immense Cataclysm of unequalled proportions ...
 Failed Mayan Prophecies aside, (Oh, How Convenient), doesn't mean that Catastrophies will not befall False Gods.

 Problem, Reaction, Solution ..... "Everything Is Political" ?
- Damned Right!
— And Perhaps God is the Master Politician of All

 NEWSFLASH: 'Global Peace' is Over. And a Cessation of Hostilities, or Amnesty for Xmas Festival, as occured on the Fields of the Somme in 1914-18, is nothing more than it was then; - Just empty Sentiment.
31  General / Survivalist Forum / Amsterdam Leads EUROPE in assault on Anti-Social Behaviour with 'Scum-Villages'. on: December 04, 2012, 01:46:54 am
 NB. The Idea of Isolated 'Villages-of-The-Damned' , devoted entirely to the housing of anti-social elements is NOT A NEW IDEA.
 It was Practiced in the British Isles way back in the 1950's through early to mid '60's.

 As the Telegraph Article below reports, it was also used in Holland Back in the Day too.

 And in JG's opinion, the option needs to be investigated once again, and sooner rather than later !!!!
 Because if the Chancellor's Words as today reported on BBC have any truth in them, namely that:

 — "The austerity is going to be biting hard until 2018, and this is only the beginning of Hard Times." 
 That's what a Conservative MP said publicly today; - We can't afford to have Scum ruling the street!

Amsterdam to create 'scum villages'
- 03 Dec 2012

Amsterdam is to create "Scum villages" where nuisance neighbours and anti-social tenants will be exiled from the city and rehoused in caravans or containers with "minimal services" under constant police supervision.

Holland's capital already has a special hit squad of municipal officials to identify the worst offenders for a compulsory six month course in how to behave.

Social housing problem families or tenants who do not show an improvement or refuse to go to the special units face eviction and homelessness.

Eberhard van der Laan, Amsterdam's Labour mayor, has tabled the £810,000 plan to tackle 13,000 complaints of anti-social behaviour every year. He complained that long-term harassment often leads to law abiding tenants, rather than their nuisance neighbours, being driven out.

"This is the world turned upside down," the mayor said at the weekend.

The project also involves setting up a special hotline and system for victims to report their problems to the authorities.

"The new punishment housing camps have been dubbed "scum villages" because the plan echoes a proposal from Geert Wilders, the leader of a populist Dutch Right-wing party, for special units to deal with persistent troublemakers.

"Repeat offenders should be forcibly removed from their neighbourhood and sent to a village for scum," he suggested last year. "Put all the trash together."

Whilst denying that the new projects would be punishment camps for "scum", a spokesman for the city mayor stressed that the special residential units would aim to enforce good behaviour.

"The aim is not to reward people who behave badly with a new five-room home with a south-facing garden. This is supposed to be a deterrent," he said.

The tough approach taken by Mr van der Laan appears to jar with Amsterdam's famous tolerance for prostitution and soft drugs but reflects hardening attitudes to routine anti-social behaviour that falls short of criminality.

There are already several small-scale trial projects in the Netherlands, including in Amsterdam, where 10 shipping container homes have been set aside for persistent offenders, living under 24-hour supervision from social workers and police.

Under the new policy, from January next year, victims will no longer have to move to escape their tormentors, who will be moved to the new units.

A team of district "harassment directors" have already been appointed to spot signals of problems and to gather reports of nuisance tenants.

The Dutch Parool newspaper observed that the policy was not a new one. In the 19th century, troublemakers were moved to special villages in Drenthe and Overijssel outside Amsterdam. The villages were rarely successful, becoming sink estates for the lawless.

"We have learned from the past," said the mayor's spokesman. "A neighbourhood can deal with one problem family but if there are more the situation escalates


 In the 1950's Yorkshire, England had villages, which still exist today, near Driffield, and Wansford, en-route to York, which were set aside entirely for anti-social families. I can speak honestly, because I've been out there to see them, accompanied by a former SAS man.

 The residents were picked out of the communities in which they already had residence and placed in these semi-detached former army-base type housing for prolonged periods.

 Well, the Mayor of Amsterdam is going one big-step further and designating converted Shipping Containers for anti-social individuals or groups ....

 So, not all our EuroXone MP's are completely without insight, Vision or Masterplan?!
— And Oh no, we're not leaving ALL good aspects of our glorious Empiric Pasts behind, ...
 - I fully support the idea you Fecking Bastards!

But sadly this all goes hand in hand with the parallel fascistic like moves to ban the **** cafés of Amsterdam. A harmless enough, psycho-stimulant that has numerous Recognized Medical properties.
And of course, if it has such 'useful health promoting properties' (sic) then it's got to be regulated and handed out on prescription only ....

The rest you ban. Whilst er, yup, you got it.
I would LOVE A WAR on ALCOHOL to be initiated in the WHOLE OF EUROPE. Imagine the reaction at the Munich Beer Festival ... Picture it! SHARIAH-LAW Muslim Immigrants Smashing Bottles and Chairs over Inebriated Teutonic Twat heads all in the name of Allah and New World Social-Order ... Beautiful!
 - You've Gotta Love it!

Moreover, the SAS companion, mentioned at top of this piece, in the Yorkshire village of The Damned, also suggested over a pint that the plan He Had in Mind (in other words as common an idea amongst the working-people as dog-****e) is that all these generic anti-social types should be put on a boat, floated out into the North-Sea and the craft subsequently sunk. Just a short step on from the Shipping Containers for Scum Model.

And now in retrospect, a logical Step, I think!

So all you feckers who think it was real good entertainment putting those bricks through my window.
I can safely say that I've had enough of you SCUM.
32  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Re: Destiny & Dream in Synchronous Orbit once more, as Mankind Looks toward The Moon on: December 03, 2012, 02:49:30 pm

 The FoxNews As it Happens, Two years ago.
33  The Economy / Financial Crisis Forum / Tax-Avoidance Scam: A setup to Bolster EUROPEAN FISCAL COMPACT !? on: December 03, 2012, 06:33:00 am
 The British Government wants to TRY and Make Perfectly Law-Abiding companies like Amazon's UK based branch pay more Tax, allegedly 'proportional to the profit they are making'.

 IT'S A SCAM that gives EUROPE a chance to show it is an organisation representing FREE MARKETS.
 Oh, How convenient!

 Amazon is not breaking the law, as it stands in any way. They are paying the tax they are supposed to, only using 'loopholes' to avoid unnecessarily high-taxes, most probably loop holes which were created before 2008 to try and shake-up and liven up the free-enterprise INTERNET market-place.


 Testing it for its 'weaknesses' in this case?

 If the UK government then attempts to capture AMAZON and the other big companies affected, by re-writing the Law, then an appeal to the EUROPEAN Courts will result in the EUROPE (Currently getting VERY BAD PRESS via UKIP's & numerous other ISSUES) being seen as coming to the rescue of The Big Online Market Place .... and of the other companies affected. Eh voilà, one more keystone laid in getting big-Business to be PRO-EUROZONE.

 It's easy ... too easy!

 Oh, one PS »
The Euro is Dead in the Water. You'll stay though, you EUROzone Zombie-Sub-States, because once things are rigged to look good again, You're Boiled Rabbit .... Useless ... Only the President of the EU would eat that ...
... And Yes, after he's led you all up Mount Doom; - Von Rumpey Pump will be wanting his Pound of Flesh.

 JG is sure you will agree, with the Precious ....
34  The War Room / 9/11 Material & Research / Ending 2012 with a Bang: — "The World is a Fine Place & Worth Fighting For!" on: December 02, 2012, 03:50:36 pm
Pitt & Freeman in 'Se7en'.

... and Natural Self-Doubt.

See the end of the Movie too ...
35  General / Ridiculous News / Oddball Stuff / CERN, Pyramids, Eco-Lamps, Proton+Proton Reaction & The Mayan End of World 2012. on: December 01, 2012, 10:25:38 am
In the Search to uncover or discover, Anti-Matter, Scientists at CERN are on the 21st Dec, 2012 due to exploit planetary alignment and cosmic-rays issuing from the centre of our Galaxy to 'accelerate' their search at CERN ...

Some still existent Mayans predict that this 'Scientific Research' is what brings about the 'End of The World'!

But Miraculously, Ac Tah and his Co-Patriots are building Powerful Pyramids and Human Magnets to intervene at the Last moment .... To 'Save The world & The Planet'

"It's a good strategy ... and it works"
— Ac Tah.


Phew .... I guess the old Mescaline & Peyoté Cactus are still working their magic under the Full-Moon out on the Mexican plains

Big up to Carlos Castenada, wherever you are out there Buddy ...

Ah well, JG has been up two hours and it's dark again ... time for bed ...

PS. Anti-Matter in useful quantities is unlikely to ever be created in Particle-Collision experiments.
It most likely will be mined, from hither-to unknown, and exotic locations
36  Science & Technology / Internet / Internet II / Welcome to the Cloud! Your Software License & all your Data have been vapourised on: November 29, 2012, 01:19:17 pm
THE CLOUD! Total Management of Your Corporate Software & its Licence Activation.
by JG
29 Nov, 2012.

 In the early 2×××'s the Exemplary and Innovative Design for Web company Macromedia started incorporating License Activation for it's products online, and which applied to all or most of it's later MX range of Products. They had also used this in an early form for Dreamweaver 1.0 but it did not appear again until after version 6 of DW.
And a whole Suite of MM's top-ranking Web-Design Products were incorporated and released between 2002 to 2003 under the Title 'Studio MX'.

They concluded a range of new-era MX products in about 2004/5, all of which required online Activation using a dedicated remote server, a service on your computer and a serial number. Sophisticated encryption at the activation server presumably made a workaround quite difficult indeed except perhaps for the devout ex Bletchley-Park employee.

 Macromedia; - known for their innovative, user-friendly 'Intuitive' Front-Ends were bought out by in 2005.

 Since the former MM mainline products of Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and Director were integrated into the new Adobe Creative Suite (CS), currently at v 6.0, the Licence Activation idea which MM like Microsoft back in the early noughties had both either toyed with or blatantly pushed, has become linked in with Freelance CLOUD-BASED Authentication and Activation Services such as, a quick search reveals ...

 A service which hosts licence issues for Software Development Companies, saving them having to create their own activation centres ...

The Licence Activation issue has and continues to cause fuss, amongst those who in similar manner might think twice before jumping into water without checking to see if it's either hot, cold, Clean or Polluted.

License Activation imposes New Limits on your Ownership of Commercial Software. It means that even after you've paid your £699 you will not be the definitive 'till end of time' owner/user of the product.

It imposes a new clause in the whole concept of OWNERSHIP. MM's case is perfect an example of where after the SHARES BUYOUT by ADOBE, in many cases the Licence Authentication and Activation Servers were taken off-line almost immediately in some geographic areas, others may have daudled a bit longer.

The issues that followed were somewhat documented online as a search for 'Studio MX activation problems' revealed:

There are several stories to be read online of legit owners of legacy MM software being unable to re-activate their product after a certain date, even though they were IN A FULL LEGAL SENSE - the proprietary owner of that Product. There should have been a Legal Precedent investigated, but NO-ONE could be bothered. No individual nor Corporation questioned the MM/Adobe Changeover's clever little license management cheat, and so it just rolled on over ....

Until finally just late last Year, 2011, Adobe officially announced that its LEGACY MM products Re-Activation Servers were Down ... Although according to many reports these same servers had been down since not long after the Adobe Sell-out ...

... However, Adobe did take that same announcement as opportunity to ENCOURAGE previous MM product owners to UPGRADE to the traditionally far more expensive Adobe Line of Hi-End WebDesign Development Software ...

 So, the CLOUD is developing into THE CENTRAL DATABASE for all your Companies Data, Licence and 'Automatic' Software Renewal/Upgrading carrying-ons and a whole lotta else to boot.

 That's WEB II without the Ubiquitously Spy-Oriented sounding "Internet II" handle attached.

 Welcome to the Cloud. Your Inspiration and your Cash have all been Vapourised Uploaded.

NONONONO et NON! Only joking! Of course THE CLOUD does actually as 'it says on The Tin'.
 - It solves all these above issues ... Right!? Expired licenses from defunct companies will just ... passover... right!




All work and no play makes Jack a Dull Boy.
,,,, etc.

So good luck with it all anyway!
37  Science & Technology / Outer Space / Destiny & Dream in Synchronous Orbit once more, as Mankind Looks toward The Moon on: November 28, 2012, 12:03:49 pm
 NO'bama, since his initial inauguration as God of TSA Stalkers, has declined any chance of us mere mortals re-visiting the Moon ...

Gene Cercon, the last MoonStalker, during the Run-up to The Festival of Capitalism in Dec, 1971.
(Christ was born in Sept/Oct folks, ask any Theologian)

... but it seems NASA/JAXA, and indeed if he had his way, JG too are consciously co-operating on turning our attention towards the Moon, pending some kind of visit, in the next few years.

From New Scientist:

Humans head for moon's orbit – and beyond.
28 Nov, 2012.

 "I JUST have to say pretty bluntly here: we've been there before." So said President Obama in 2010 as he ruled out a return to the moon. But there are signs on the NASA grapevine and from the world of commercial space flight that humans are once more headed that way.

A NASA crewed mission to lunar orbit could focus on exploring the moon's dark side and testing technologies to speed up exploration of Mars and other planets. Unfettered by the demands of state funding, a private mission may attempt something even more novel.

Since Obama's speech, there have been hints that NASA might be changing its tune. Rumour has it that the agency plans to build a hovering moon base about 60,000 kilometres above the moon's far side at a Lagrange point, where the pull of Earth's gravity cancels out the moon's. From this point – called L2 – astronauts would steer rovers round the surface in close to real time, much cheaper than actually landing on the moon.

NASA hasn't commented on the rumour, but the European Space Agency says it is collaborating with NASA on two lunar missions, one crewed and scheduled for 2019 (see "Europe has right stuff to take NASA back to moon").

And JG firmly believes that you need to take a look around before you decide to settle down so Quickly, being so at ease with yourselves, and the influence of your Family Ties.
 - There's Planets rich of Gold and Platinum out there, to name but a couple of precious Metals. 
 - And what of the Gem-Stone Oluvine Abundant on Mars?
— And the Titanium-'Fields' on the Moon?!

 - And who knows what else you might run into! !

 "Where the Flesh meets the Spiritual and The Traffic is Thin".
— David Bowie.

38  Science & Technology / Tech Talk / John McAfee, Entrepreneur Founder of McAfee Anti-Virus: Murder frameup in Belize on: November 27, 2012, 01:50:07 pm

Listen to the Interview with the Tyrannosaur of Information Scavenging - Alex Jones on Infowars ..
39  General / Free Speech / Censorship / Re: RACIST SOCIAL SERVICES BIGOTRY is HERE. UKIP Voting Parents Kids taken into Care on: November 26, 2012, 04:43:12 pm
 And so you conclude, as many might, that Muslims are therefore given a mandate by their religion for Wanton  Promiscuity Masquerading as Pious & Veiled Chasteness under some Theocratic Banner.

 Well you're right, as far as Shariah-Law goes and for a lot of Muslims, well that's the Be All and End All of their Religion.

 Populate and Conquer the Caucasian Western Occidental. Simple and Straightforward, for those Immoral 'Disgusting' and Fornicating White Trash they condemn so much are and have become fair prey for the Muslim Males' Pernicious drive to Populate the Earth with his Sordid Progeny ...

As many Wives as you Want! Gotten Bored with No2? Hey, move on to new Grazing Pastures.
— It's so easy!

 But you think that's rough!? You should check out Social-Services, they're in and out of bed with one-another like kittens in the Cats' Nest ... exchanging Diseases and Sickness like there's NO TOMORROW..

Oh no, JG is not joking. They're in and out of Bed with eachother's Partners. This is OFFICIAL.
— People who do not adopt the promiscuous are described as having made " ... Lifestyle Choices" !

That's from The Horses' Mouth.

40  General / Free Speech / Censorship / RACIST SOCIAL SERVICES BIGOTRY is HERE. UKIP Voting Parents Kids taken into Care on: November 24, 2012, 12:04:37 pm
Investigation launched into why couple's foster children were taken from them 'after they joined Ukip'

'Exemplary' foster parents cared for three children from ethnic minorities
Staff from Rotherham council told couple that Ukip had 'racist' policies and their membership of it made them unsuitable carers
Couple left 'bereft' when the children were removed within a week
Education secretary says social workers at the council made 'the wrong decision in the wrong way for the wrong reasons'

By Chris Brooke

PUBLISHED: 01:29, 24 November 2012 |

Independence Party (Ukip) was strongly criticised by the Education Secretary today for its 'indefensible' decision.

Education Secretary Michael Gove said social workers at the council had made 'the wrong decision in the wrong way for the wrong reasons' and that he would be personally investigating and exploring steps to 'deal with' the situation.

The married couple claimed they had their foster children taken away from them for joining the political party by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

By the council's own admission the youngsters were happy and there was no question mark over the foster parents' provision of care.

The council has also launched an investigation into why the three youngsters were removed.

Mr Gove, who heads the Government department responsible for children's services and who was himself adopted as a child, accused Rotherham of sending out a 'dreadful signal'.

'Rotherham council have made the wrong decision in the wrong way for the wrong reasons,' he said.

'Rotherham's reasons for denying this family the chance to foster are indefensible.

'The ideology behind their decision is actively harmful to children. We should not allow considerations of ethnic or cultural background to prevent children being placed with loving and stable families. We need more parents to foster, and many more to adopt.

'Any council which decides that supporting a mainstream UK political party disbars an individual from looking after children in care is sending a dreadful signal that will only decrease the number of loving homes available to children in need.

'I will be investigating just how this decision came to be made and what steps we need to take to deal with this situation.'


See also same story:

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UKIP children taken into care
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