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Title: Ship of Spies
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on January 15, 2011, 07:01:43 am
Ship of Spies
Sat, 15 Jan 2011
Tom Mangold joins a spy-themed cruise of the Caribbean, speaking to two former CIA chiefs.  30 mins.

(America's most psychotic CIA Agents, current and past, enjoy a Carribean Luxury cruise accompanied by the Press and other fans to float their beautiful and enlightened visions and roles of mass-killing, genocide and torture in a 100-year venture of their own making. A one Porter Goss ex-of the CIA, even legitimises Rogue Militarism, 'XE' Blackwater Mercinary type ops, by inference, illegal rendition, water-boarding and suggests there should be a fork in the road in the next 3 years that will call for a renewing of the post 9/11 Security Nexus. God, Guns and Guts all the way, yeehaw. A one Senator Porter Goss, (Rep) an ex CIA spook himself speaks openly to illustrate how the CIA's paranoid world mind-set even drives him to close the docu on mic with his analysis of why things have cooled off towards blatant interventionist US foreign policy, torture and illegal invasions with the statement: "Unfortunately, I think the appeasers are back")

On the upside, this show will do little for America's image abroad, and the old axiomic metaphor of 'sort your own backyard out first before complaining about your neighbour', still holds.

Now you'll understand why the Vulcans are so necessary: to keep Americans out of Deep Space for as long as possible!