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Title: Chatroom bloopers
Post by: ghostmaster on December 30, 2010, 06:41:19 pm
[07:30:34] <@David40> did ya see the news?
[07:30:41] <@Route24> yup
[07:31:05] <@Route24> Been following that boner thread
[07:31:14] <@Route24> *stoner
[07:31:18] <@Route24> LOL
[07:31:35] <@David40> .......ooooooopsy ;)
[07:31:37] <+gh0stmaster> um no comment
[07:31:42] <+gh0stmaster> lol
[07:32:01] <@Route24> *stoned bonehead?
[07:32:09] <+gh0stmaster> uh
[07:32:26] <+gh0stmaster> I dont know if that will save your ass or not
[07:32:34] <+gh0stmaster> lol
[07:32:39] <@Route24> *hides
[07:32:42] <@David40> >.>
[07:32:43] <@David40> <.<
[07:32:56] * +gh0stmaster points at David40
[07:33:02] <@David40> hi '-'
[07:33:19] <+gh0stmaster> you see the post i know you do
[07:33:21] <@David40> `-`


[07:33:54] <+gh0stmaster> oh we should have a place on the forum for posting the bloopers
[07:34:01] * @Route24 is hiding, can't see it
[07:34:28] <+gh0stmaster> im sure everyone would enjoy Route24's blunder
[07:34:47] <+gh0stmaster> lol
[07:34:51] <@Route24> uh
[07:34:58] <+gh0stmaster> heehee
[07:35:34] * +gh0stmaster runs to forum
[07:35:49] * @Route24 sticks foot out
[07:36:04] <@Route24> *trips gh0stmaster
[07:36:26] * +gh0stmaster flys off
[07:36:40] <+gh0stmaster> shall i start it under "Satire/Cartoons/Parodies"
[07:36:47] <+gh0stmaster> ???
[07:37:07] <+gh0stmaster> Or chat rooms?
[07:37:37] <+gh0stmaster> Caht rooms it shall be
[07:38:04] <@David40> ...there's a chat rooms board?
[07:38:17] <+gh0stmaster> uh huh

thus we have this place to post the bloopers.  :)

Title: Re: Chatroom bloopers
Post by: Amazon on January 13, 2011, 01:28:30 pm
Thank you  GhOstMaster,

For providing us a space where we can have a bit of a laugh.

I do not know about you,
but I will be watching my spelling...

What often happens that is funny,
is when several conversations
are going on at the same time.
Then the flow of responses/comments
gets out of synch
and mass confusion
and laughter
descends on us all.

MS E is an ace at this !

I, myself, am known for talking to 4 individuals at the same time,
thus a perpetrator of mass confusion.

I will keep
not just my eyes,
but my ears open.
Sometimes things just sound funny,
despite the absence of internet sound.


I just remembered something!
I suspect this should be checked out with captain Route,
as to reveal chat text without the chatter's permission
may be a violation of privacy.

What do others think about this ?