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Title: Tyranny Response Team Exposes Mobile Guard Tower in Small NJ Town
Post by: Optimus on December 22, 2010, 12:43:28 pm
Set up next to a small train station and across from a city park.

Tyranny Response Team Exposes Mobile Guard Tower

SouthNewJerseyTRT | December 18, 2010 | 27 likes, 0 dislikes

Recently members of the South New Jersey Tyranny Response Team while driving down a slow backstreet in a small New Jersey town found this, a mobile guard tower!

With tinted windows hiding the "authorities" from the public, a hydraulic lift system and cameras on each side, the tower was an intimidating structure. This is a small town with low crime and the tower was placed next to a clean and well maintained city park.

What could the reason behind this be? Conditioning? Perhaps a trial run to see reaction of the people? As we watched, we saw others slow down and stare in wonderment. No one approached the Guard Tower. It seems no one complained either because the Prison Guard Tower was later brought back again for a few days.

We thought that it could be for the train station. But then why wouldn't they just put an officer in the station? Why the blacked out windows? Why is it positioned in the middle of the park and not closer to the train station?

This is clearly meant to condition all the local citizens to accept the police state that is now America. Our nation is supposed to be based on liberty and freedom, now it has been turned into a virtual prison with literal guard towers on small streets, cameras at intersections and body scanners at our airports. This is all meant to show you that you are no better to those with the power than any common criminal. It is about conditioning, not safety.

Please, stop accepting this sort of conditioning and start working to prevent the growing police state that is now choking our once free nation.