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Title: The Original Porton Down Pandemic-Flu False-Flag Documents OutBreak!
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on December 17, 2010, 01:55:42 pm
With the 2nd Anniversary, I guess it is, of the Great Swine-Flu Pandemic 'Non-event' of Winter 2008, Juntawatch has produced a reformated & nicely tidied up version of the MoD's statements that put Juntawatch as the first on the map (really) to announce on PrisonPlanet, in fact, that a Pandemic scare of some-sorts was coming. Only one report had been made before in the UK Guardian hinting, back in June/July of that year that something was 'inevitable', going again by Ministry inside information.

So here it is. Including a Super-Dupered up XML tabulated version of the MoD quotes at the Commons Select Committee of 21st Oct, 2008.

short screengrab extract.

What these document quotes require of you, is to read between the spaces in what these 'Gentlemen' are talking about during their questioning by other Civil servant bodies and before Parliamentary 'Ombudsmen'.

But beyond any reasonable conjecture, IMO one can not deny, it is little coincidence that the 3rd only Swine-Flu breakout in the last hundred years should occur just within 3-months of this Enquiry into the activities of Porton-Down (DSTL) CBRN (Chemo, Bio, Radiological & Nuke) Research Laboratory somewhere in the depths of England's Greenland. Statistics be damned, everyone knows it was a staged event for the £Billion benefits of vaccine companies working in tandem with Shadow government Resilience tests and by exploiting the non-preparedness and non-cohesiveness of NHS vaccination policy when it comes to a so-called 'Pandemic'.    

The Pandemic that Never Was! But the preparation for Dictatorship, that was, so it was!

Title: Re: The Original Porton Down Pandemic-Flu False-Flag Documents OutBreak!
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on December 21, 2010, 04:43:45 am
Having initiated, said, done and engaged, unnaturally(?) in all that exposť around the British MoD's plans, I must concede that my job is not to try and prevent any anti-typical 'Judgement Day' from occuring, but rather just to point out the corruption of scientists and that endemic in the upper military circles that would allow vain-glorious men in worn-out suits who believe in 'no-god' to be able to propound an extermination of 80+% of humanity, knowing full-well that the most of the remainder of humankind whilst perhaps not 'publically' buying into it, will accept it as it will be recorded in the historical records, - ie as a day of vengeance of God.

When really, it had, as just pointed out, nothing whatsoever to do with a god. So, if anything, I am pointing out the methodology to the ULTIMATE TERRORIST ATTACK; the ultimate state-sponsored genocide. I detest corruption, liars, deceivers and backstabbers. But I am more interested in saving my own skin, as per Deuteronomy 30:19.

"I have put life and death before you, the blessing and the malediction; and you must chose life in order that you might keep alive, you and your offspring ..."

But this is only the beginning of trouble.  "...the blessing & the malediction ... part is very tempting to people who it seems - always get their way.

To what end(?), they have no-idea, they never did, they're bred for stupidity; literally bred into it, and for it.

Fact is, the wicked must be removed from the earth and manís destructive rule over man brought to an end for 1000 yrs.

Thatís what we know. Who am I to stand in the way of progress?