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Title: Edgar Mitchell Astronaut, and the Chronicles of Transformation.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on November 06, 2010, 07:04:37 am
I just ran into this stuff and spent the morning reading and listening to audiobooks. So, I get the PR.

When Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell returned to earth he said he went through what could be described as a 'transfomative experience', seeing that our planet was truly an evolving organism and it's people a vital part of that transformation. In 1973 he went on to create the Institute Of Noetic Research, or IONS. (not actaully similiar I think to Scientology since it claims to be a network dedicated to the scientific research of human consciousness and collective action rather than a quasi-religion or cult.) PR states that they're mostly a broad-minded church (sic) that seeks to foster positive outcomes for humanity as we go through what Alex Jones has described as the 'You ain't seen nothing yet' type changes.
Is the Keyword of 'transformation' as IONS deploy it, used in the same way by PNAC in "the great transformation that would require a New Pearl harbour ...". Same sense of transformation?

Probably not, and what they do propose is that predatorial leaders put into a situation such as a new world order, will by definition posture and take to it like fish to water exploiting the game for all it's worth.
I'd add that we all have something to contribute, even the little fish that get swallowed, and rationalising what these NWO political leaders have done in the last 10 years is no excuse for letting them get away with it.

IONS have been helped by Fiction writer and downright liar Dan Brown, of da vince code with this book "The Lost Symbol" that appeared in late 2009. It's all fiction again but mentions Noetic Sciences in it's storyline, thus bringing millions of new aspirants into prospective membership.

More insecure human souls seeking assurance through obscure suggestion, pseudo-research and zeitgeist column gossip, or are they onto something perfectly acceptable?

Who is co-opting who, and is anyone out there? You make your own mind up and keep it to yourself is my advice!

Audio book extract:


Specifically mentions the focussed mentality and creation of a common purpose in civilised society or on a global level perhaps, that allegedly occured immediately following 9/11.