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Title: Why is Infowars/PrisonPlanet/Natural News Profiling Autistics as Psychokillers?
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on December 19, 2012, 07:24:33 am
 And another Stooge in the current Dbacle is Mike Adams who wants to get in on the Big Xmas-Season Joke!!

 You want a joke? Here's one:
 - Come to my door, and you can spend this Nol listening to how your Joke Sounds from a Hospital Bed!

 So the Dream-agenda of becoming the Predominant News Scavenger, would imply all others; namely FOX, MSNBC, all the other pin-heads with the American Talk-Shoes and the other American Idiots would be kow-towing to his extremely faile and limited Political agenda.

 How best to do it?
 None better surely, than to inflate a viewpoint widely held already that autistics, because they are always getting the short straw must be close to breaking point by now? And all the Medication!

 Aren't Asperger's folk up to their eyeballs in anti-depressants!?  No!
 Why would YOU suggest they have to be?

 I've been cracking up for decades. I'm starting to understand why! And just what the solution will be!

 And it's got nothing to do with you or your backward Gung-ho crazy RIP-OFF Power-Trip Plans for making a Mint.

 Oh, and here's one for you. Think I'm dangerous? Why sure! Case in Question:
 - When Three-White youths took to attacking JG with Heavy Zinc Iron Bars way back in the 1980's, (they did plan on finishing a young JG off, I believe); - I got rid of all three of them without having to raise a finger ... They ran off in fear when I just made eye contact with them, raised my voice and called upon the name of God.

I think some of you people need to go watch Steve Speilberg's 'Taken' this Xmas. As a fable at least, it's a very good metaphor for what a lot of people will perceive as their own 'alternate reality' during this lifetime.

Or take a few bottles into a quiet room, then flush your head down the khazi later on, it's up to you.