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Title: JB explains the 'Attack Iran' VIDEO by Patrick Clawson of the Neo-con WINES Inst
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on September 29, 2012, 05:43:13 am

They didn't wait for Pearl-Harbour ... that was a LIHOP. Radar stood down, on orders.

What this guy is outlining is making the Iranians the JEWS of tomorrow.

It's just dawned on me, no-thanks to the fact that no-one has spoken of the huge Iranian Presence in for example in Tehrangeles, that's the Los-Angeles which Iranians have made partly their own. (Which is a term from antiquity meaning to become personally involved with something; and does not in this case refer to a literal appropriation).

Go search: Tehrangeles

Their presence in Los-Angeles and the 'Persian' presence in America is highly successful, though they, like the Jews in Hitlers' Germany, whilst being HIGHLY successful financially, and property wise,  still don't feel like they are WELCOME,

NASA's recent Mars 'Curiosity' Flight Director is an Iranian immigrant called Berbok Ferdowski, who sports a slightly unfashionable Mohawk Haircut. Very Post-Modern 1980's revivalist, that I think is absolutely a brilliant idea, ....



Listen to today's BBC interview with US Iranian Comedian Maz Jobrani, he makes it easy.

hĚtĚtĚp:// (available later today in a listen again facility).

I didn't know any of this. And this information explains why the slightly fearful sounding LUNATIC WAR-THINKER, in the video, went public with Foreign Policy threats and promises, - to wind up tension perhaps FEAR and resultantly possibly some Anger, amongst US Immigrant Iranians. And to test the publics' ability to cope.

But that way, a FALSE_FLAG involving a Patsy Iranian immigrant, like the 9/11 Hijackers could be setup. Then the US rednecks and all, would have their excuse for invasion of Iran.

In WW2, Japs went to Camps, even in Britain, Italians went to Concentration camps.

That's why Patrick Clawson has been motivated by his influential and fearful peers to 'Boast so confidently' about a "UNITED STATES" (Military Industrialist) False-Flag Iranian plan, to open a new front in the Neo-Con Globalist Agenda, which actually equates to 100-yrs of warfighting according to the generals in charge of the US response to 9/11.

But anyway, the next real enemy, believe it or not, should be RUSSIA.
It might as well be.