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Title: EU Parliament's Schizophrenic Policy: Approving of DRONES but thumbs-down to GM!
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on September 24, 2012, 08:02:24 am
Jonnie Goodboy is no expert on GM-Foods, he only knows that he don't touch them ... at least not to his best knowledge ... but what about labelling of foods ...? Fingers crossed? He hopes not!

But he does know that MONSANTO are constantly lobbying parliament and paying UK farmers to run trials, despite the documented 'Transgenic' risks, where GM DNA is pollinated into non-GM, less frequently organic crops producing hybrids.
(Organic farmers in the UK are leaving the business in droves because of high production prices and returning to non-organic methods)

Quick FLASHBACK to last years GM news:

GM crops: EU parliament backs national bans


'Euro MPs have voted to give EU member states more flexibility to restrict or ban genetically modified crops on environmental or health grounds.

The draft legislation, still to be discussed by EU governments, would enable countries to go beyond the EU-wide mechanism for regulating GM crops.

Arguments about the safety of GM foods continue in many of the EU's 27 states.

The EU Commission had proposed that the EU should decide on approvals or bans on environmental or health grounds.

Currently a type of maize called MON 810 is the only GM food cultivated commercially in the EU'

read the original full ...