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Title: Gun-Wielding Platinum Miners take on Police: 30 Shot Dead and 3000 stand ready
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on August 20, 2012, 07:20:17 am
It's pretty much reminiscent of the 1970's when Rio-Tinto Mines treated workers in neighbouring Namibia with disdain. This is going nowhere, human race. Your 'Great liberations' under so called 'Great Liberation Struggle Leaders', are just indicative of making it through one more day.

Let's march in the streets. "Those with ALL the guns, hold ALL THE POWER." Chant it with me.

 As Lonmin yesterday re-issued its ultimatum to about 3000 striking rock-drillers at its Marikana mine to return to work or be fired, the miners insisted that they would "rather die" than return to "slavery".

Thirty-four striking miners were shot and killed at the mine, near Rustenburg, in North West, on Thursday when they stormed a police line.

"People have died already so we have nothing more to lose ... we are going to continue fighting for what we believe is a legitimate fight for living wages. We would rather die like our comrades than back down," said miner Kaizer Madiba.

But I know your heart. You thrive on Political 'Intrigues' where no policitical solution is possible. Politics is at least as lucrative as Gold, Silver, Platinum or Uranium mining and leaves on heck of a bigger legacy.