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Title: DAY #12 OF MARTIAL LAW BY PROXY. OLYMPIC Illuminatus MASCOT & Passion for Sport
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on July 24, 2012, 06:46:06 am
 Three-Days to the Opening-Ceremony: And you're being prepared for IR camp!
 But you're volunteering that this is 'SPORT' ! Boy, are you people in for one wake-up call, - soon!

Even the Guardian Newspaper is waking up to the warnings, (are they mine - am I the one that brought out the Commons Select Committee NSS Minutes from 2008(?))

 Olympics 2012 security: welcome to lockdown London
London 2012 will see the UK's biggest mobilisation of military and security forces since the second world-war.

And also: I've only just found out the DIRECT ILLUMINATUS symbolism of the Security Clampdown.
And no, it's not hidden under the seats or over an archway. It's the actual London Olympics 2012 MASCOT:

[The Guardian]
"The much-derided "Wenlock" Olympic mascot is now available in London Olympic stores dressed as a Metropolitan police officer. For 10.25 you, too, can own the ultimate symbol of the Games: a member of by far the biggest and most expensive security operation in recent British history packaged as tourist commodity. Eerily, his single panoptic-style eye, peering out from beneath the police helmet, is reminiscent of the all-seeing eye of God so commonly depicted at the top of Enlightenment paintings

Olympic Mascot 'Wenlock'. Please Notice the Little Pyramid 'hat'. Or are you blind?

There's even a little bit of 'Paedophilic element' in there for ASBO pot-bellies and Social Services Busybodies to infatuate about.
Q: How did that get approval from the Greater London metroplitan Council & Olympic Committees?
A: Easy! The Useless eater Public paid for it. They wanted it; and they got it. Right between the eyes.

'Remember children, It's only A Game; Not a War'

[JB & Psychlo Comment:]
 And I will be right. And I'm glad I will be, because it's what you as a gormless population are worth to any Godlike Overlord. This Martial Law role-out is a preparing of our soldiers, and foreign troops, estimated at 20K by some reports, to literally 'martial' a stupid witless population as they VOLUNTEER, and actually PAY FOR THEIR INTERNMENT and RESETTLEMENT in EUROZONE Backdoor funded camps.

'To get rid of Jehovah's Witnesses and Politicals and the unemployed and the Illegal Immigrants?' - Oh please Daddy!
"No Sorry! Can't ablige.  That was Hitler. We are Gaia-Theory, Cancer Inducing GM Crops financed, Keen Eugenicists."

'Our prey, is the greater Television Viewing and Sports Loving, Type Public. They are the masses, the great unawake who are by definition a burdon on our aspirations. They are fat, muscular and promise eventually as you will, to put up a good fight, a good resistance, meaning 'A worthwhile Hunt'. We are assured!'

And these proposed camps are, the plans of these are, I assure you, being looked at and into, in darkened boardrooms not far from Westminster, this very week. Let's call it instinct, as if I was in want of reasons to be ridiculed.

It is really going to happen.  That's the clarity, and for many the very beauty of it. It's IN PLAIN VIEW.

PERFECT. BEAUTIFUL! 15 months left, that's all you have of so-called "freedom in Europe".

 - There is a deadline to stick to, in serving the father ... The father of light ... Lucifer, and it's going to be adhered to if it kills you .... And I can assure you that it's going to go exactly as the Illuminatus have planned.
They have created the Paradigm of credulity and you are going to the Killing Fields, You will volunteer, You will actually Finance your One-Way Trip there. .... it's as simple as that.

But you see!!! You're loving it already. You know what it probably is all about now. But you still Love it.
That's you all over, that is! USEFUL IDIOTS

No questions: Means No Answers. It's just how it is, for you People. Moreover, you're going to stare at eachother, in little entranched huddled groups, from across the battlefield, inside the Compound, on the Killing-Fields UK Plc.

And you are going to relish in it. I am an optimist. But so far, This is 'No Worthwhile Hunt' whatsoever!