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Title: BREAKING NEWS: DENVER SHOOTER WAS PhD NeuroScience Uni Student, Leaving Course.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on July 20, 2012, 01:26:21 pm
 He was in the process of dis-enrolling from his Colorado University course according to this live feed from KMGH Live: The same is confirmed in today's Daily Mail.

All UK press are running this Colorado Shooting Headline. It was obviously an ideal opportunity to runup against my floating of the idea for BRITS to be allowed the right to Campaign For the Right to Bear Arms for Self-Defence in this God-Forsaken Island of inneffficient, distracted and often backscratching Police Force which is in the process of handing power over to military Government. That's what the Militarisation of The Olympic Games are all about.

Yes, I know, Al'Qa'eda are under every bed. But they're not under mine. I Check before I go to bed eachnight

This will segway into the subject of my up and coming item on the dismissal from court by decision of 'not-guilty' in the High-Court case of murder of Street Vendor Ian Tomlinson by Extra-Judicious and one-time 'Territorial Support Group' (formerly-SPG) cop, PC Ian Harwood at the G20 in London. The case outcome conflicts and fits unusually snugly with a concurrent civil-case decision of GUILTY for the same officer and the same incident, recently concluded!

Indeed The British Law is not an Ass, ...
... Rather, it is a PUSH ME PULL YOU.

Even the BBC radio 2 ran a 30+ minutes 'hit-piece' (possibly their first) on the Self-Evident Cover-Up of PC Ian Harwood's 7 Previous allegations of Violent assault against the Public. It was a good piece, especially for a BBC who are normally entirely asleep at the wheel.

PC Harwood is obviously a running Rogue Cop with TSG/SPG & probably other Clearances...
... (to do as he will with no risk of permanent removal from the Met Police or other Forces).
As the Jeremy Vine Midday Radio Two show pretty well wrapped up and delivered for us.
Scroll Forward to 1hr 10mins of the 2hr 05mins programme.
Well Done You! Now return to Bed.

Title: Re: BREAKING NEWS: DENVER SHOOTER WAS PhD NeuroScience Uni Student, Leaving Course.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on July 21, 2012, 12:26:16 pm
The DHS/FBI 'Forewarning of Theatre Attacks' document. May 2012.

'The Bible says: 'The end will come at a time, not of your knowing'. In other words we can never divine the specifics of the future ie, when they occur, in a manner that would allow us to intervene or determine the outcome, unless we understand fully what is going on. and this however hard our elitist megalomaniacs predict to be able to do so.

"With an uncertain future, it is necessary to create it". - G.W Bush Jnr or Snr.
Same problem I believe.

This shrunken head wishfulness is no better than magical thinking, wherein the importance of your own acts become massively exaggerated by your ego and the superego of the establishment, to a point of inducing a totally fantasaical self-importance in a greater world view.

And if you can't get your world-view into perspective, then what chance have you of seeing the immensity of our Galaxy's 400 Billion Stars, alone, and it's potential, with any sense of proportion whatsoever'