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Title: DAY #3 OF MARTIAL LAW BY PROXY: "Aircrew asleep in the cabin; Send in The Goons"
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on July 15, 2012, 10:05:05 am
A lighter note, and a great bit of Classic Brit-Comedy for Sunday!

The Whole Fiasco of Group 4 Security (G4S) losing its 50M contract and the military being ready to fill the hole is but a joke to you, no doubt, as well it is intended to appear. All quite deliberate. All cards marked in advance ...

And So a Radio Comedy show Download, from a 1953, 'The Goon Show' as illustration I have decided might be more helpful in explaining how well the British Establishment truly do enjoy being recorded as 'Being as dumb-as-dog-shit, and-getting-dumber'. The Goons were of course, if you pay any attention at all, renowned for their love of mocking the British Establishment in a post WW2, Post Brit-Empire world.

See Bottom of Page for A Full Goon Show Download.

But before that two little points:

The House of COMMONS MINUTES OF EVIDENCE TAKEN BEFORE DEFENCE COMMITTEE UK NATIONAL SECURITY AND RESILIENCE, regarding the National Security Strategy have recorded as early as 2008 (when I first ran into them), that the MoD was already at the highest levels of 'The Ministry' preparing to take control (as if) of arrangements for Security at the 2012 Olympics long before G4S were contacted.

The below is from Commons Select Defence Committee Hearings transcripts of Jan, 2009.


Q230 Mrs Moon: I was wondering about your comment that something that keeps you awake at night is 2012 and, in terms of the new technology and equipment that you are using in Iraq and Afghanistan, do you think that new equipment has any potential for homeland security, for resilience and indeed for use in 2012? Obviously, I do not expect you to go into details, but is there new equipment that you are using now that actually you can see being useful in assisting the security and defence issues of 2012?

General Sir David Richards: I do not think I could go into details, as you have kindly suggested, but undoubtedly there are things that, in certain of the scenarios, are being looked at rightly, and you would expect it, that that sort of equipment particularly that gives an intelligence and understanding of what is going on would be very usefully used over here.

Brigadier Everard: In relation to that question, again I have brought something else which I think speaks for itself. This is a secret document which is signed out to me for the day, but this is the database of those sorts of capabilities that exist within the military which could be used by civil authorities in the UK, and again I will pass it round because it gives you a flavour of those things that we flag up to the Office of Security and Counter-Terrorism, for example, to say, "You can think about using these because we have them".

Q231 Chairman: Well, if it is secret, make sure you get it back!

Brigadier Everard: I will, sir.

The colorfully named 'secret document' mentioned above, is no doubt 'The Compendium', as developed between the MoD and it's technical, scientific research wing DSTL, - formerly known as 'Porton-Down Biowarfare Lab'.

And for 2nd Goons Prelude Try:

Q147 Chairman
Mr Jenkins: Can I get back to air defence please. There was a well-recorded incident recently about a civilian aircraft flying into British airspace and our fighters went up to intercept it. They could not contact it because the blinds were all drawn on the flight deck and it took them nearly half an hour to raise the crew who were asleep. It is true, is it not?

Mr Havard: It was in The Sun, so it must be true!

Chairman: I am not sure where we are going with this though ...

And so to 'The Goons' Episode: "The Burning Embassy" from ~1953; this one re-recorded in ~1957.

Spike Milligan the Author, of course served in the UK military, and was retired with PTSD, shell-shock, the lot, and spent much time locked up in a padded-cell, he'd have us believe, before he died a decade ago.
 In this episode The Brit/Chinese false-flag is to record that the British embassy has been set on fire, but that the Brits must send the Fire Engines all the way to Beijing. A compromise is made after the Water to put out the fire turns out to be petrol, as mysteriously swapped at customs, and The Evil Plot to Sustain the Conspiracy is foiled.
[The Compromise]
And so the Embassy is loaded onto a flat-bed truck, and the 'Too Hot, Too Cold' fire-tender crew of Goons encounter the Mobile Embassy head-on in a Giant Road-Crash just outside Addis Adhaba. (Another forsook and forgotten Brit Empire outpost).

But note here, the References to  'The Government Ministry of Psychological' (Psy-ops), who are "Testing the Public's reactions to sudden Disaster", which is the official definition of 'Resilience/resilience', as used 60yrs later in the docs cited above.

Note too, 'The Feelgood', Moral-boosting song and the countering, -'Too Hot, Too Cold' musical farce reference to the lads 'Resilience'- whilst delivering the water through varying and unfriendly climates.

All this, whilst they try to foil the Evil Master Mind at work behind it all, after travelling half-way across the globe with a fire-tender.

It's all scripted by a fellow who clearly knew, SIXTY-YRS AGO, just how to Parody and Burlesgue, the 'Create a Problem, then Perpetuate the Myth, and finally Provide The Solution' methodology of Western Government, Ministries and their Surfs in Action, - The Military.

Milligan, Seacombe & Sellers.
Blue Bottle (Sellers) & Eccles (Milligan)

  From the Brilliant puppetry TV series of the Show.

The Goons - 'The Burning Embassy' (1957, BBC re-record) (

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