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Title: I have been to the Top of The Mountain, and I have seen The Promised-Land.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on July 06, 2012, 06:57:15 am
I was once aboard a Coach, actually Magic Bus, the real Magic Bus company on route to Greece. I would be about the age of the girl interviewed on a different accompanying commentary to the YouTube Video Below.

Magic Bus, Magic Bus,....

Whilst passing through the Old Yugoslavia, we were stopped at a checkpoint, and Machine Gun toting Military Chamo-Sporting, Fully-Fledged Serving Soldiers accompanied by a Burocrat, came onboard to check our passports, and Ask Questions in one or two Cases.
That was the year General TITO fell from power, and the ground was set for the MASSIVE CIVIL WAR that came during 1992 - 1995, some 14 years Later.

So as not to paraphrase the Media, Straight and Alternate, Let's avoid - "the degree of severity of treatment, of paranoia, of exaggerated SECURITY", being applied to the example of the Preston-London Megabus ride of Yesterday. That's the terminology the BBC are encouraging the Deluded, assumedly uppetty Public Masses to think in terms of, on Radio Phone-ins today.
You don't think for one minute, that the degree of over-reaction can be re-negotiated, for YOU?

NO! Let's call it what it is: A well Prepared for Martial-Law Exercise. Call a spade a Spade AND BE DONE.


Just get a grip on where you are, and what's been happening to you ...
... and if you want to survive, stop rationalising it away.

Whilst in my real, not metaphorical dream of just a week ago, or less:

  The Above Lot, were wearing desert-issue khaki, Ankle-Bracelets, and were Chain-Ganged; trudging as one, but alone.

Nonetheless, it has been pointed out to me, that this process is INCREMENTAL.
  It's slow, like biting off bits of your old freedoms in small bites.
Militarisation understands, that YOU WANT TO FORGET what's happing to YOU