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Title: BBC and Establishment Vindication of 9/11-Truth as Fantasy validates Criminals
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on June 20, 2012, 03:51:30 pm
  The Entire establishment, it's stooges and Stoolpigeons, it's gullible public annonciators, and it's deliberate, at times concerted upholding of the so-called 'Myth' of 9/11-Truths ascertions, serve to vindicate the actions of other criminals, their mindset and allegiances across the board.

 By continuing with such efforts and others such as the the New 2012 - 'July 7 Roadshow' which the BBC take on the road, in some anti-typical Radio-Two Pop Bandwagon style in a months time, intention according to one participant, approached by BBC stalwarts, producers, to get people to 'recant their faith' in 9/11-Truth held affirmations, blows the gaff entirely wide-open for any thinking, cognisent individual or group.

This is both an open breach of BBC's alleged, but long forgotten in practice "Impartiality" and 'Unbiased Political Stances' and a vindication as I keep repeating of OTHER SUCCESSFUL COVERUPS from the extended network of rogue activity long documented in this country, always brewing up something in the cauldron, to burst forth at a later date. Always handy too that breaking of some news, so often coincidentally on the timeline, that it can be used as successful distraction.

Nice long paragraph, because, without even really being in the frame-of-mind necessary, I can think without interuption, or without having to question my own continuity, clarity or indefatigable logic.

And I don't have to like so many morons do, get upset at my ability to communicate a lot of info in a short space of time. I guess that comes from a training in radio-telegraphy, where continuity is inherent and co-existant necessarily to comprehensibility.

Judgement, BBC, will as promised, eventually come to all criminal cover-ups and organisations, as 'a thief in the night'.

Title: Re: BBC and Establishment Vindication of 9/11-Truth as Fantasy validates Criminals
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on June 20, 2012, 06:35:52 pm
 Just a little extrapolation on this, is necessary, to ram home the message:

 Imagine if you will, an old rivalry, based entirely upon slander, lies, not even embellishment, but just plain fabrication: - was the source of a mass-deception, for which the perpetrator presumes, from their subsequent popularity, that vilification of an entirely innocent party has paid off generously but knows probably, due to the nature of 'Sport' of this type, that the truth will one day - OUT.

How does he behave?

He has put in a lot of effort, possibly years of effort: including the slandering of some poor soul, who has suffered greatly, allegedly, because of this vilification. Will the Perpetrator not simply out of habit alone, but for need to protect their public image, as it's been moulded, not attempt to perpetuate the deception, even when its course is run and its time is up?

Yes, most likely, otherwise they are conceding easily their error, and to a watchful and often obstinately cruel or indifferent public who need their minds making up for them!

We don't care if in the "New-Normal" standards of society, inclusive of all behaviour however obverse to accepted standards, shall by many in authority, be considered just another behaviour on 'a wide-spectrum of behaviours'. This is being manufactured and applied by Police and Social Engineering groups like Social-Services, all the time, - by the way.

The fact is, IN THE REAL world, (a reality long forgotten apparently by certain desparate factions within the BBC and other dealers), there are CONSEQUENCES to the application of LIES to explain an otherwise unsatisfactorily explained-away event or series of events.

Consequences! This is the Real world. You don't get off Scot Free.

Like the Common slanderer, and his cliquey hanger-on band of chronies; similarly an organisation which is building reputation by diverting attention from true facts to orchestrated, cover-ups, is by manner of their actions, and they should expect so too, one day going to be found out.

Otherwise, BBC, you are indeed, like little-children arrogantly hiding behind 'Daddy's bigger than you' excuses. You did go to school didn't you? Perhaps not!

Actually the first thing the Hitler's National Socialists did to new initiates or internees to the Labour/Concentration camps/Death-Camps, was to confront people of religious faith, with an option for lenience if they were to recant that religious faith, then and there. Certain groups refused. Like the Jehovah's Witnesses for instance. There's more propaganda around that implication for you to sweet-talk yourself into believing if you so choose, I suppose, too.

History is an open book remember, for you to try and revise if you work in the Media; - revise to your own agenda. Many suspicious agendae are driven by pure feer, a fear and loathing.

As for the Mainstream and or BBC: as I said earlier. That moment of decision will come not as their vanity decides, but at a time not of their knowing ....

I look forward very much, indeed, to seeing the frosty outcomes to this current wave of slander and vilification. Because I'm sure, the BBC are so full of their own soporification and self-importance, that anything other than pure intrigue and fascination for increased viewing figures, will be quickly sidelined as 'not seeming to have any weight of importance attached to it'. Almost word for word from the mouth of a Senior Foreign Affairs Producer type, still in office at the Beeb.

That's how the senior Producers at the BBC excuse their well documented Blind-Spots for well investigated factual Truth.

Do you read me?