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Title: When in Doubt burn the Whitehouse to the Ground: Brits did during the 1812 War.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on June 19, 2012, 02:08:09 pm
     But then they paid the price two years or so later at 'the battle of New-Orleans' where future president Andrew Jackson killed in just 30-Minutes, - 2000 British Redcoats to a total loss of 13 'Muricans.

- (He didn't do it single-handedly, he apparently had a few bro's in arms with him).

 This decisive battle of 'The 2nd Civil War' as the period of warfighting was known, came two-weeks after the Peace-Treaty was signed on Xmas Eve 1814.

   Way your forlorn and God-Forsaken Nation of losers is going, it'd be better if you imolated your leader than continue bragging about the terrible things you're going to do, in his Satanic Name, N'est-pas!

     Feel Free, give it a spin to win! Worth a Punt, isn't it? Better than sitting on yer hands!