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Title: GO TO BRITAIN FOR BENEFITS SAYS EU. As Self-Defence-expert Tim Larkin is banned.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on May 14, 2012, 12:36:05 pm
The Future Face of The Innocent Survivor:
ó Fearful, Predated & Unprotected

Since Britishers will never vote to join the EURO either monetarily or politically or ethically now, - This is one of the many facetted ways which the Unelected, Unaccountable European Brussels Parliament is intending to bring Britain to its' knees. Remember, the UK economy has to be imploded, then true Frugalism can be invoked and other denialist solutions be imposed. But just make the differentiation between people who might want to come to the UK during times of boom, and those who might see the distinct advantages of coming here during 'the Bust'. Violent Eastern European/Ukrainian (Europe too) Gangs be warned. Well I'm sure they will be - as they are escorted safely across the channel by the UK Borders Agency.

MEDDLING Euro MPs have provoked fury by heralding a £4million scheme to publicise Britainís lucrative benefits and health care system to people from across the Continent.
Monday May 14,2012


The money will be squandered on a campaign highlighting every citizenís right to move from country to country within the EU.

But commentators pointed out last night that the plan was an easy way of advertising Britainís soft-touch welfare system and could encourage millions of people to travel to the UK for access to it.

The publicity programme, contained in a report put forward by a Greek MEP, prompted howls of outrage among campaigners and raised fears of a fresh flood of benefit tourists descending on the UK.

Britain is already the destination of choice for tens of thousands of eastern Europeans every year because of our generous state handouts compared with their home countries.

Those from Romania, Bulgaria and other poorer countries in eastern Europe need only sell the Big Issue for a few weeks before they are entitled to claim thousands of pounds each month in child, housing and council tax benefits, tax credits and even disability living allowance and carerís payments.
We know that many will come to Britain because of our generous benefits system
In contrast, some 73,000 Romanians were kicked off their countryís social assistance scheme in February this year in a bid to get its ballooning welfare bill under control.

Child benefits in Romania are a fraction of those in Britain. The state pays just £40 a month for children up to two years old when the benefit drops to only £8. In the UK, parents get more than £20 a week for their first child and an additional £13 for each one after that. And Britainís free health services are also very attractive to visitors.

The impending end of the work restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians will fuel fears of a new wave of migration to the UK and revive memories of the flood of eastern Europeans that arrived when eight former Soviet bloc countries joined the EU in 2004.

Title: Re: GO TO BRITAIN FOR BENEFITS SAYS EU. As Self-Defence-expert Tim Larkin is banned.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on May 15, 2012, 07:20:57 am
Bear in mind that listening to Tim Larkin's own self-explanitive diatribe - he is just another american-psycho, pain-in-the-neck, probably FLUORIDATED IDIOT promoting aggression as the ultimately inevitable and FIRST-RESPONSE to every INSULT - No matter how small - viz; his example of HIS WANTING TO DOWN A GUY for Road-Raging, then seeing at the last moment the assailant's little daughter crying fitfully, - "don't hurt daddy, don't hurt daddy" - an event of course which held Larking Back.

Just stop for a moment. Have you ever taken a beating or worse, - even a knife attack - and not responded violently. Does that sound like the response, by any-chance of the ubiquitous AJ stereotype of 'MENTALLY ILL PERSON'?.

Well Punk, did you?
ó Well I DID and so did some of the most TOLERANT, Expansively-minded, considerately mannered, and BEST HUMAN-BEINGS I have ever LIVED WITH, (not just met in the street, and immediately thought I fully understood all about them from their demeanour). ON the OTHER_HAND, the people who were clearly the most dista****l, ignorant, pin-heades types who have got to where they were (usually threatening somebody) had arrived at that vain-glorious position by ongoing and virutally continuous threats of or actual bodily violence, but never less than vernal, or suggested and mental VIOLENCE.

Shake a freaking leg you MORONS. You can't have your cake and eat it. We can't admire Ghandi's principals of NVDA (Non-Violent Direct Action) on the one-hand whilst investing a passionate admiration and almost blood-lu****lness for messages promoting self-defence that verges on the criminally unstable viz: Violence for Violences' sake, in the name of Self-Preservation.

Then we become no better than our enemies, and BELIEVE ME, as AN AMERICAN, that IS YOUR PRIMARY OBSTACLE to ascending up the ladder of human development and improvement.

YOU'RE IN a MATRIX, - remember? Because a Road-rage incident is a VERY LONG WAY From being rounded up from the Ghetto for transport to the I/R camps, I would suggest prudence  ...

Don't you see the problem with the 'murican Mindset. The idiot who designed the protocols for this Forum has somehow managed to list **** as a banned consecutive series of letters. So my 'dis∑t∑a∑s∑t∑f∑u∑l' and 'lu∑s∑t∑f∑u∑l∑ness', both get edited down to incomprehensibility.

Usually, I use my Tongue where others Use the Iron-Bar, because it's stronger.