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Title: ARE ALL NHS DOCTORS modelled in the mode of H.Shipman or are they Sick Preverts?
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on April 29, 2012, 08:54:46 am
I went to see my local doctor, for a 2nd opinion. A clerk maxwell of the clinic, DG5 4EE.

He let me know that he had a young medical student with him, and asked if I was ok with this.

The student turned out to be a palid, weak looking Scots Wastrel, clearly being subjected to the worst rigours a 5yr Medical school education can offer. I was very friendly and asked her what year she was in. It was year 3.

During the discussion on my neck arthritis and a possible trapped nerve up there, he made a jesture between his legs of masturbation. The student would have seen it, quite possibly, but it was made in my direction.

I made him know that I'd seen it, by averting my gaze and spurting of "Look I'm not ...". And quickly got the discussion back to round where it ought be, with this so-called 'professional'.

It wouldn't have been worth my while making a complaint, tho' looking back I could have it was not on my list.

That's it. That's all. Sick. How sick. How fecking despicably low and vile all these useless eaters are! Is this the common disregard and blatent lack of respect acquired by all student medics?
It's the attitude they pass on to the dharma?