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Title: Anything to make you Better slaves! FEMALE Chinese Politburo Rep in N. IRELAND.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on April 12, 2012, 06:23:49 am
Politburo Female Visits Northern Ireland remembering the Feb 18th visit of a 150-Strong Delegation 'State-Visit'.

In what could be interpreted as a hardly cunning attempt to win over the hard-done women of 'The Province' of northern Ireland which is still fiercely though now generally non-violentally divided around a 'Union' with the United Kingdom or British Isles, depending on your viewpoint.

Reflecting the situation back on 'the mainland' Britain, Northern Ireland unlike Eire "Up North" (It's actually down south - a provincial joke) still use the Pound Sterling.

The Chinese no doubt need to be seen on the Global Stage, in chaotic politique, (sic) as trying to annex 'The Province' to communist Europe by Proxy, in similar vein as the Scottish National Party want Scotland to Leave 'The Union' and without any of the gormless public noticing (and they won't) slip seamlessly into total EURO-ZONE annexation and sub-state status. Many twerps up here will believe they are being liberated into a promised future of 'Socialist Wealth Distribution' once the Union is Broken up, for good. All council workers, social workers, all godless feckwits believe this, I speak to some of them and it's pretty much accepted dogma - already mimicking CHINESE POLITBURO standards of Conformity and Regulation. There isn't even any kind of a struggle going on. It's quite bizarre.

But it's what we need. I personally need good People-Managers to procure a band of cheap labourers for a Uranium Mining Project I have in mind. (¿sic?)

But not to be unexpected of the average Clueless Celt. I'm one by the way. Not clueless though, I hope!

But here's what the Gormless BBC have to say on the subject, for its' pennies' worth.

Top Chinese politician Liu Yand·o·n·g visits Northern Ireland
"Ms Liu is a member of the Chinese Communist Party's politburo

The highest ranking female politician in China's Communist Party is to begin an official visit to Northern Ireland later

Liu Yan**** is the only woman to occupy one of the 25 seats on the Chinese Communist Party's politburo.


She will meet with First Minister Peter Robinson and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness during the visit.

Ms Yan**** will also visit Stormont during her three-day stay in Northern Ireland.

Ms Liu is a state councillor, one of the few women in a senior position in the government.

This autumn Mr Robinson and Mr McGuinness hope to travel to Beijing and they will use this visit to discuss their own trip.

Title: Anything to make you Better slaves! FEMALE Chinese Politburo Rep in N. IRELAND.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on April 12, 2012, 06:39:17 am
Back in February, 2012 the 150-strong delegation to the South, Eire, or 'The Republic' had this to say about their perceived role and purpose of the visit ...

“China takes its relationship with Europe as one of the strategic priorities of its diplomacy, and supports the process of European integration and the efforts of EU members, Ireland included, to overcome difficulties and achieve economic recovery,” Mr Xi said.