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Title: The Rhetorical Question Arises: What Sinister Deeds are The Banksters Financing?
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on April 04, 2012, 11:41:54 am
I've not heard of anything for a while. But oh, come on now, don't play with me.

For in the Real World, There is always the real predator and the real prey.
Not the Pseudo and the proxy, stereotypical newspaper stand bogey-men.
They're just paid for to keep the little-darlings and gormless cattle content.

The Public are, unquestionably to themselves, largely, and the establishement (sic!), no more, no less than a Virus. And you have to admit, as far as method acting goes, and role-playing go, a better choice of ACTOR could not be suggested.  Like the Scots and their Afghani HEROIN, The Cattle Ingest Stupidity as a Pastime.

The Beloved Bankster Class will finance the final solution to this viral infection. Let them have their cake!

Now, let's have the skinny!


 I'm sick of looking at the unhelpful, twisted faces of the lovely workers down at my local bank.
They've gotten something rattling around between their conscience compartment and the customer relations department that they're not telling me.

What could YOU be thinking?
Let's get you in the Petri-dish, use a microscope, publish the results and be damned.

Title: Re: The Rhetorical Question Arises: What Sinister Deeds are The Banksters Financing?
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on April 10, 2012, 06:14:21 am
 HERE'S ONE Possible ANSWER. Since something at this point is better than nothing.

  His Political Philosophical 'Debates' are described by BBC Stoolpigeons as "An exilerating voyage".

    This is actually Scary. A harvard professor of Political Foolosophy shows how to attempt a media hosted - London School of Enonomics hosted audience identifying of 'wrong-thinking' and by what are deemed no doubt as clever prompts, a re-think of opinion of the part of the British Audience who are normally and otherwise clearly in a generally disenchanted-off mood with the Banksters. But there are nutters in the audience who attribute the 'personal success' of Banksters down to 'Justice of the Universe' or plain luck in other words. In the end, conveniently, the Prof from Harvard, concludes that this well spoken, Oxford/Cambridge sounding individual with his 'Justice of the Universe' Theorum is one of the few 'valid' prospective conclusions of the debate.

PS. The show is Produced by Carbon-Sinner, (back from Maternity Leave holiday at BBC) Adele Armstrong, arch and ex-World -Affairs producer who personally edited the phrase 'an explosion and' from Beverly Eckert (deceased)'s World-Trade-Centre and 9/11 testimony; an act in my opinion done personally for Experimental Propagandist & Physchological reasons.

But I'm brave so I would have dangerous independant thoughts, like mistrusting the MSM, wouldn't I!