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Title: TOULOUSE żAL-CUCKOO ATTACKER LATEST! He has 'Jihadist contacts' in Afghanistan,
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on March 21, 2012, 06:47:11 am
French Minister of the Interia on Toulouse Gunman who has shot 3-French combattants and 4 civvies:
 — 'Toulouse Gunman has 'Jihadist contacts' and has been to Pakistan and Afghanistan.'

The alleged attacker is a resident of Toulouse, and is North African - A Muslim.

There is a large 'Maghreban' or NORTH AFRICAN (Tuninsian, ALGERIAN Moroccon, MUSLIM etc), immigrant population in the Languedoc thru Midi Pyrenees right down to the Spanish Border.

Toulouse is the Capitol City of the Languedoc, - a fiercely independant part of France, which in the rural districts remains mostly Peasant indigenous or resettled 'young-farmers' from the Big Cities of the North. However the CITY of TOULOUSE has had for years, an extensive HI-TECH electronics and other sectors industry and it's from where FRENCH AIROSPACIALE who lauch the ARIANNE space probes and rocket launchers from French Guyana in S.AMERICA are based. It's where the French contingent of the old CONCORDE project would have been primarily based and it's a hub like hive intersection between the 3rd World and Meditteranean culture to the South in Languedoc and that of the Metropolitan Cultured and generally perceived decadent French culture to The North.

Jean Marie Le Pen's Far Right party & primarily Racist Thug gang hail from Marseille, probably the focal point for these french second/third generation in many cases Muslim Immigrants from N.A. They (Le Front Nationale) or French National Front, have seen a massive turndown in most elections since the beginning of the new century. This is perhaps what might bring new 'Spring-Fever' to their cause amongst the lesser educated and more stupid French populus who openly admit that the average daily vocabulary consists of about 100-words only.

Personally he sounds more like an adherent to żAl'CUCKOO than Al'Qa'eda?
—  (I just coined that, first time ever used I believe you'll find). The inverted ? in grammar infers 'is this phrase even possible'?

Title: Re: TOULOUSE żAL-CUCKOO ATTACKER LATEST! Mr Jihadist jumps from bathroom window.
Post by: Jonnie Goodboy on March 22, 2012, 08:43:39 am
After 300 Gunshot rounds in total are fired Mohamed Mihra the Toulouse Al'Cuckoo member has decided to leave it all behind by jumping from the Bathroom window.


Notice the Three Hoodies, wearing Red Arm Bandanas, and 'POLICE' stickers. I always find such behaviour rather disconcerting although I suppose the excuse would be disguise the identity of the Police involved in ending this Muslim's shenaneegans. Either way, I think it sends out a body language message that is not immediately obvious to the unskilled or untrained eye - like mine. And who wouldn't like to know why some of the Emergency Services involved in so-called 'terrorist' hits see it necessary to dress like Boyz-in-Da-Hood on such occasions.

I wonder if this WILL be used to clamp down on the availibility of guns in France. Thing is, the legal Availibility of guns to Coloured people in France has always been a favourite for the gun-shop owners, one of whom I had contact with once, and who told me that whites will always be catered for, but as for a 'blackman' getting a legal firearm, -you can forget it.